2237-05-25 - Wash It Out

Jonas runs into Lyn in the showers. She needs help with her hair. He gives her more than that. (Warning: Adult Situations)

Date: 2237-05-25

Location: Head, //Vanguard//

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Lyn Arda is damned determined tonight, to get a shower in. She did some digging in Sick Bay when she went back to visit poor, obliterated Geoff this afternoon, and she dug up some waterproof bandage covers. So, getting all the stitches wet is no longer an issue. Getting things clean while only having real use of her off hand? Might be more difficult. Rather than risk being completely embarrassed by her awkward attempt at washing, she waits until it's between regular shifts so there isn't really anyone in the showers.

It takes her a good five minutes of cursing and spinning around to get her tank top off and over her head, before she remembers to undo the damned sling. Pain killers are great, but they make puzzling out problems a bit fuzzy. Finally, she manages to get out of her things, puts them on a bench, and heads into the shower proper. Her right arm looks terrible, bruised, swollen, and stitched up in two places, and she clutches it across her abdomen where the sling was keeping it as she turns on the water with her good hand.

Arriving in the showers soon after Lyn, Jonas Ignvar was looking forward to some privacy, considering the late evening. Peeling off his loose sweats, his chest is bandaged, that he's starting to remove with his left arm, fortunately he's a southpaw, because his right arm's pretty dinged up. Once he has his clothes are set aside, he notices the other set, but not recognizing them immediately, he just assumes the shower's going to have company. "Decided to take advantage of the pilots being out on a mission and not hoarding all the hot water?" he asks the figure that he can only see from behind as he steps in.

But really, there's something more than familiar about the shape of her, a figure he's seen from behind on more than one occassion, and as it dawns on him, he turns his attention to his own shower. "Oh, hey Lyn. Good to see you up and about. Though you should have just asked for a sponge bath, huh? Are you cleared to be about?"

That curvaceous back bears many more scars than he may remember. She clearly threw herself fully into missions after Aquaria fell. Her hide is striped by raised lines and the unpleasant pucker of bullet wounds. She straightens up from where she was dunking her head under the spray at the sound of Jonas' voice. Her head turns a little, and the bruising around the bandage at her temple is turning yellow at least, indicating some healing.

"Have you met Kovac? Do you think he'd make it through giving me a sponge bath without me breaking his jaw?" the Ghost replies with a small snort, and a wince because that hurts. She got stabbed twice in the chest THEN shot in it to boot. "I checked out of the Sick Bay last evening." Oh hell, while he was probably curled up in Abigail's bay. She reaches for a small bottle of shampoo and looks at it, perplexed for a moment, before using her damned teeth to try and get the cap off.

"To be honest, I think he does it to get a rise out of others. You need to get a thicker skin about those things, Lyn." Jonas offers as he shrugs. "We're nude around each other all the time in the service. Even when we were in the Aquarian Military that was common." He has his own scars and stories to tell, as he turns his attention to her, watching with a small smirk as he considers if he should let her handle this herself, or...

Stepping up beside her, he's got nothing to hide from her, she's seen him bare enough before as he holds out his hand. "Here." he says finally, giving her the option of letting him wash her hair, or trying to fumble through it herself.

"Being naked and letting a complete stranger touch my naked ass are two different things, Jonas," Lyn points out. "And a smarmy flirty stranger touching me would just piss me off." Then there would be punching, and screaming. "Like when that asshat scientist from Caprica grabbed my ass in the kitchen at the base that time." Fun times.

She looks at the offered hand, and at the still capped shampoo bottle now bearing her teeth marks, and she hesitates. This might be bad. But her hair is frakking gross right now and she cannot stand it. Stupid sweaty nasty damned jungle. She misses the snow. With a sigh, she gives him the bottle.

"He's a medic, it's his job to tend to you, Arda. One thing for an asshat to grab a handful, another for a medic that wants to help - but there were plenty of other nurses on duty." Jonas gently responds as he moves to accept the bottle. Turning it over, he flicks off the cap, applying a glob of it in his hand as he closes it and hands it back to her.

Stepping behind her, Jonas works his hands into her hair, feeling it's familiarity as he starts to massage it in, long fingers easily worked against her scalp as he starts to scrub lightly. "And I'm pretty sure, from what rumors I heard, it ain't your ass he's interested in grabbing."

Lyn really doesn't want to tell him that she hasn't really liked people touching her since she was on that final Aquaria mission and found zero survivors, buried kids and their parents, the elderly. This isn't people though, it's Jonas. She can't help but flinch at the initial touch though, before her shoulders unclench. She lets out a small sigh of relief, knowing the grime is being expunged from her locks.

"Oh? He like the guys instead? Or is my ass too big for his tastes?" she asks, trying not to think about what's attached to those hands in her hair.

"The former more than.. well, your ass has gotten a bit flatter." Jonas offers with a small smirk as he continues to work out the dirt and the grime, working his way to the top of her scalp, and then starting down the lengths of her hair. This isn't the first time he's done this with her as he shrugs his shoulders thoughtfully.

"It's me, Lyn. I'm not going to try to break your neck." he comments to the flinch. "I mean, couple of years ago, totally would have thought of it. Thought only." he manages.

"I don't blame you. I frakked up pretty bad," she admits with a small grunt as he nears where her helmet dented inward and smacked her skull from a round at that castle. "Ow. Careful there, it's one of my half million current ouches, Bubbles." She doesn't mean to use the nickname, it just comes out because of the painful familiarity of the current situation. "And my ass is only flatter because I've had two concussions in as many weeks. Hard to eat when looking at food is enough to make the nausea come on." She leans back a little into the shampooing, more to get his hands off the nasty knot on her skull than anything, because the damned thing is still throbbing.

"So you finally admit that your brains are in your ass? Mark this day down in history." Jonas responds. When she leans back, he takes a half-step back, using the motion to finish working the back of her hair, and then moves to wash out his hands. That's before he steps in front of her, his hands into the front of her scalp to work around her hairline and bangs, so that he can finish the task at hand. "And you admitted you were wrong as well. And noone around to verify. Sigh. I guess I'll just have to remember it fondly in the future."

Lyn can't help it, she glances down at his form when he gets in front of her, trying to figure out what to do with the free hand, the other still pressed tight to her abdomen. She looks a lot worse from the front, there are a lot of bandages and bruising everywhere but her left arm, from the waist up. "Yeah, sorry, I'll put out a broadcast if you want. I just want you to not look at me the way you have been anymore." Because that look was the worst thing in her life.

He's still the same as she remembers down there. Jonas shakes his head. "No need for that, Lyn. It's up here." He moves one soapy hand and taps the side of his head before he moves to finish. "We're going to be here for the next.. gods only know. We have to figure out what makes it work. Especially since we're in the same unit and will be on the same missions." he comments, though he says nothing about dragging her away from the firefight when she fell the other night. "I was honest when I said I wanted a truce. Maybe we'll figure out if we can still be friends."

That friend word again. It hurts worse than the chest wound, but it's what she has to come to terms with. "I dunno, it's hard to be around all that," she gestures at his general torso area," and just be friends. But I'll try. I meant what I said about not interfering," she reiterates. "And if we keep getting shot and stabbed to hell like we all did at that castle, pretty sure it isn't going to be all that long." She puts her free hand out against the wall behind him, just to politely maintain the gap between them. She won't interfere. She won't interfere. She won't interfere. No matter how bad she'd like to fight for her former man.

He finds himself partially pinned close to the wall, and the light brush of her skin against his torso is felt. "Yeah, that was frakked up." he says, considering her for a moment, and then smirks. "I was more than an asshole more than once, Arda. I'm sure you can remember that." he points out to her as he finishes washing her hair. "There. All done." he offers, preparing to step out of the way so that she can wash her hair out.

The brief second of skin on skin contact sends electric shocks through Lyn's already frayed nerves. She shakes it off and moves awkwardly to try to get around him to rinse her hair, possibly doing the which way dance with him for a moment.

"Yeah, you were, but you always made up for it. Except for throwing that ring in my face the other night. I'll take washing my hair as an acceptable apology for that." She's not wearing it anymore at least. It's packed away with the letters, and his t-shirt she'd been sleeping in for the last couple years, waiting for a proper burial when they take back Aquaria and she can toss everything into the caldera of Mt. Thula.

"To be fair, I didn't throw it in your face." Stepping away from her, he starts to work on washing himself off, as Jonas keeps his back to Lyn as he washes, scrubbing his hands into a loofa, the faint smell of sandalwood and mint worked up. "It was closure. I could have just left it as a donation for the church, but I figured you'd at least want to know. But I can see how that would hurt." Because hurt, it did. "Same reason you gave me the letters."

"We were both kind of idiots, two years ago," Lyn points out, just sticking her head under the hot water and letting it run the soap out as she lets it seep into her scalp and neck to unknot them a bit. Sleep was hell last night in her lumpy rack. Every time she rolled over, no matter which way, she hurt something and woke back up. "But shit happens right? You're better now. It's a good thing." Note she doesn't include herself in being better.

"You moved on. It's what we do, Lyn." Jonas offers easily as he finishes scrubbing off his front and reaches around to get what he can of his back. Finally, he turns around to face her again. "We weren't idiots. We were in love. And we did things to try to prove it, and didn't try hard enough to be with each other in the grasps of trying to find ourselves. It is what it is." he shrugs, and has to duck down to get under the showerhead. "But there's not many of us left, and we have to make sure that it works for us to not take that out into the field again."

Lyn turns her head, water streaming over her face, and looks at Jonas like he's lost his mind. "You honestly think I moved on?" she asks. She moves to grab a soap bar and help him with his back, keeping up high at least. Her hands have gotten rough. They were always protected by gloves on Aquaria. These hot planets change everything. "I don't think I have. Not sure I know how. But I'll be all right."

"You could have written. Called. There's a million ways you could have reached me, Lyn. That you didn't suggests that you did move on. Did you have a new partner in that time?" he asks, which in hindsight, Jonas should have thought more about when he felt the touch to his back.

Lyn washes him gently, careful of any bruises he might have. "I was too ashamed to contact you. I failed to find your family, Jonas. How could I face you, knowing my mother and brother were safe and your brother and sisters weren't? I couldn't be the reminder of that, and see that in your eyes every time you looked at me." She shakes her head, though he can't see it, then grunts as that makes her a touch dizzy. Moving anything at more than the speed of a herd of turtles is bad for her at the moment.

"Something went sideways in my head when I was down there. Never been right since. And no, no partner. No anything really. Not even real friends." She lets out a slow breath and steps back under her own water stream. She behaved. She was good. Good girl Lyn!

"I never asked you to look for my family, Lyn." Jonas finally says it. "You did that on your own. I wanted you by my side. We could have done it together. I could have told you my sister Leonie was folded into the Libran Navy when Heim fell. I could have helped you with my other siblings. I went to you immediately when I heard about your father..." he washes himself off, and feeling the heat of his growing anger, he's going to ignore it.

"...I went to you immediately. If you only had asked, Lyn, I'd gone with you. Abigail's brother was shot down six months ago. She's looking for him now. I offered to help. It's all I ever asked for. Was to be informed." With that, he's stepping out of the shower to grab his towel and start to dry off, because it's much easier for him to wash than it is for her.

Lyn works on herself slowly, wincing with every brush of her wounds. "I don't know how many more ways I can say I'm sorry, Jonas. I admit I screwed up. I hadn't been thinking clearly after Heim, after Dad. I wanted for you to not have to get that news. I would have done anything I could to prevent it." She leans her left shoulder against the wall to proper herself up. "Good to hear about Leonie. Sorry about," pause, "Walker's brother. Hope you find him." She swallows down the lump in her throat, glad her back is to him.

"I'd rather gotten that news with you at my side, than because you discovered the body and wasn't there for me to hold." Jonas shrugs. "As I said, it is what it is. I had two years to recover. It hurts, but I'll get over it. I'll see you around, Lyn. Maybe we can keep moving on. If not.." he considers. "For what it was worth, it was a good relationship." And with that, he's slipping on his sweats to slip out, the flapping of his showershoes his only sound.

Lyn just stands there for a while longer, letting the hot water wash her clean, and camouflage any tears. Then she gets herself dressed again, and heads back to her rack.


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