2237-05-26 - Past Come Around Again

Jonas and Abigail discuss where they stand, in the wake up Jonas' encounter with Lyn.

Date: 2237-05-26

Location: Crew Lounge, //Vanguard//

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Scene Number: 1054

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Sitting at one of the tables, Jonas is currently working on a report pad, writing down his thoughts. He's settled on the couch, his legs pulled up to his chest with his shoes already off as he wriggles his sock covered toes. He makes a few notes, and then stops himself to correct what he's writing, and starts over again with a sigh. From the slight bow of his body and the look of frustration, it's obvious he's been at this for a while.

Abigail has been wandering around the ship most of the day, trying to speak to this one or that one, whomever she managed to find free, gathering whatever she could onto her tablet. She hasn't spoken much about it to anyone. Actually, she hasn't spoken most of the day at all. So it might be a bit of a surprise for her to actually show back up in the lounge, still with her left arm in a sling, but with some rolled white laminated sheets under the other arm. Anything else she needs, she's put in her crossbody bag.

Glancing up when he hears footfalls, Jonas offers a grin towards Abigail when she arrives. "Want to join me? I didn't feel like just sitting in my bunk, thought the change of scenery would help me think." he says with a glance as he moves to make room for her on the seat. "What did the doctor say about your arm?"

Abigail skirts the few people at the scattered tables, heading over towards where Jonas is sitting. She does muster a smile, but it's short and quick, if genuine. The rolled sheets she sets down, followed by the bag, which she pulls over her head, "They're hopeful that I'll regain full utility. Probably end up with a ton of scars, but the Doc did his best to pretty them up for me." She won't look like some crazy science experiment, "What're you working on?"

"Someone once told me that scars are just tattoos with better stories." Jonas says simply as he considers her, and nods to the sheets. "Filling out the report that Colonel Ryan asked for. I put in for a medal for Rhodes and Hayes, and he wants me to justify it." he explains. "You?"

"Well, I don't think I'd go that far. I like my body the way it is...was. Not that I have anything against tattoos," she has two, herself, "Or scars. Just...not really my idea of a good time." Abigail settles, sitting to that she can face you, right hand cradling her left arm to relieve some of the pressure and ache that comes from being immobile. "I sent off a few thoughts earlier. I doubt that I'll see much action on it. Good call on Doc and Chilly. But you forgot yourself."

"I was trying to say I'm going to like you regardless, Gale." Jonas points out, as he sets aside the pad to pay more attention to you his hand settling on her knee as he looks up to meet her eyes and shakes his head. "I didn't do anything spectacular. I just hauled people out of the line of fire when I should have been concentrating on meeting the objective." he says simply, rubbing his thumb over her sweats covered knee and lowers his head for a moment of thought.

Abigail's lips curl into a smile, touched with just a bit of haughtiness, "But I knew that already, Jonas." The smile breaks into a playful grin, as she ducks, as best she can, anticipating the swat, "The people are the objective. Meeting the target goal at the expense of all the people is not sound practical thinking. There's always a time to push forward, and a time to know when to retreat." Spoken by the woman who got herself blown up, twice, because she refused to retreat when she should have.

"Yeah, well, I nearly lost you in that, Gale." Jonas responds. "I ran into Lyn in the showers last night." he finally decides to start. "She was trying to clean herself up because she didn't want to flag down a nurse to help her."

"And the next time, you might again, or I might lose you. I don't think about that any more than you do when we're on mission. I just try to do my best to grab every moment I have with you when I can get it. Because neither of us know when our time will be up." Abigail lowers her good right hand, which is a laugh considering that she, like, Jonas, is a southpaw, settling it on the hand he has on her knee, "I hope you helped her. It can be difficult to be that helpless with no one you know or think you can trust to help you care for yourself."

"I did. Washed her hair. She started talking about the past. I addressed it, told her I moved on, and that she needed to do the same." He lifts his eyes as Jonas meets Abigail's eyes. "There's someone else I want to consider a future with, if she's willing to do the same, and stop trying so hard to get herself blown up." he winks.

"It's always hard to move on from a good relationship. Especially when you realize that the destruction of the relationship came out of your own bad choices." Abigail does not sound angry, or petty, she just sounds...the same as she always does when she's thinking deep thoughts. Calm and steady. "You know, when you told me about how things ended, and then after, when I talked to her when she was drunk, I genuinely thought...I have to see if I can do something about this. Despite her accusation, I never went into this wanting to make things even worse, so that I would come out as the winner. You weren't something to be fought for, or won."

"I'm not asking you to take me off the shelf, Abigail. I'm asking you.. the other night, you said you were falling in love with me." Jonas considers her words, his words, their joined hands. "You're not alone in that." he finally says. "I want to see where we go. I'm going to try to be friends with her, but if she can't do that, then we'll at least work together." Lifting his eyes to meet yours, he waits.

Abigail nods, considering your hand, "Well, it was said in the heat of passion." Again, that playful smile, as Abigail turn your hand, fingers intertwining with yours, "Yes, I'd like to see where this goes as well." And then, again with that more serious tone, "But what I wanted to say was...that I'm not going to live my life afraid of hurting her feelings. Hiding, or holding back because I'm afraid of rubbing salt in her wounds. I understand you're trying to rebuild a friendship, but what happened between you and she is nothing to do with me. You know...she told me, that she went off looking for hope. But she had it all along, and she threw it away. That's not on me. I can't give her back what she threw away, but I'm also not going to give up what this is, between us, so that she can try to get back what she willfully abandoned. And, yes, I know you already said that you aren't interested, but I needed to say that. I need you to know that I'm all in."

"I let her go. She didn't give me the option on that. I could have sat around and pined and waited - but she opted to not contact me, to head off on her own without a word, and left me wondering what I did wrong. I can't let that happen again." Jonas admits as he twines his fingers within yours, as he smirks. "Well, I didn't mind building your passions, Abigail." he points out with a small smirk, then sobers. "I just don't want you thinking that I'm still carrying a torch for her - as you said, if we do this, we do it all in."

"I know you did, Jonas, I know you have, and I'm not worried about that changing. I have faith enough in this, in you, not to worry about that. I'm never going to be that girl, jealous of some old flame, and too possessive, too afraid, to give this room to breath. I'm here as long as you want me. If that chances, I only ask that you be honest with me, and I will walk away. I care about you enough to do that." Abigail shakes her head, "I never thought that. If I had, I would never have gotten involved with you. But I also know that it's going to be a strain, trying to walk the higher ground, trying to help her, when she isn't in a place where she can help herself. I will help, if I can, though I doubt she would thank me for it. But I have no hard feelings for her."

"There are times where I wonder if you're too good to be true, Abigail Walker." Jonas responds with a small smirk, and gives your palm a small pinch, just to remind himself that you are here, and you are real, and you are his. "Yeah, well, if you see me slipping and getting all down on myself about it, just make sure to poke me. You're no idle bystander, after all, in all of this."

"I'm not. I just...I don't see, I've never seen how being, well, a bitch, and a hateful one at that, which is what most people would expect me to be in this instance would do to further my own cause." A beat, "I heard someone say something once, that always stuck with me. Jealousy only comes out of two root things. Fear or guilt. I have no reason to be afraid, nor to feel guilty. And I'll do my best to help you keep the high ground."

"Then I guess it means we're a thing now." Jonas grins, "Even if you only admit to it in the throes of passion." he is clearly teasing you now as he moves to set aside the pad. "I can work on the report later. Want to get out of here for a bit?"

"Baby steps." But her amused look matches your own, as she looks over at the roll of dry erase sheets, and her bag, "I'd like that. I've been trying to work on my PT, see if I can get back into light duty." But to be fair, Abigail enjoys working out.

"Alright, if you feel you need to work out, we can head to the gym and you can try to get that arm some exercise, or whatever it is you want to do." Jonas says, releasing your hand long enough to push himself off of the couch, before turning to offer his hand to you. "Want me to carry your stuff or would that be a sign of weakness?"

"Oh." Abigail looks down at the bag, at the paper. She holds out the roll to you, though the bag she slips over her head easily enough, "Oh, I don't mind the help at all." She slips her good hand into yours, before she heads out towards the hatch, "Let's go see if we can find some trouble to get into."

Taking up the roll, Jonas settles it into place with a small squeeze of your hand. "Sure. I'm not sure if you're going to be cleared in time for the final push.. but I'll be heading out again." he offers as he moves to follow you out.


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