2237-05-26 - Serious-Serious

Isolde and Cate talk about their guys.

Date: 2237-05-26

Location: Crew Lounge

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It's late evening, and the lounge is pretty deserted. Cate is sitting on the couch, watching the tail end of a pre-recorded pyramid game. She doesn't seem too invested in it, because even when the Canceron team scores a last-minute goal to win in overtime, she barely reacts. She has the bleary-eyed look of someone who probably should be sleeping, but instead she's got a coffee cup in her hand. She's wearing her usual off-duty getup of sweatpants, sweatshirt-hoodie and tanks.

Isolde comes buzzing into the lounge, completely hyped up on her fifth cup of coffee. She apparently figured the zombie look wasn't really her thing, and she has decided to try the hyper, frazzled look. She ends up jazzing herself all the way to Cate before she takes a seat. "I'm never going to see my bunk again," she says, tone somewhere between a whine and total acceptance.

Cate looks over when Isolde sits down, taking in the hyper with an arched eyebrow. "I'd say so. Gods, how much coffee have you had?" she wonders idly. She clicks off the pyramid game in the midst of the team running around celebrating, and switches back to the home menu. The remote is held silently in offer to Isolde.

"I don't know. Five? Six? Or some exponential value. I'm sure it can't be more than ten, but I lost patience waiting for them to refill the dispenser." Her feet bounce slightly as she tries to keep her blood flowing. Then she offers a quirking smile. The offered remote has her eyes widening, and she takes it. "Hmm... wasn't there some really awful Caprica soap opera?" She starts flipping through possible selections. She busies herself with this for a few moments before she casually notes, "How did you sleep last night?"

"Six? In a row?" Cate's brows shoot up further. But her voice is fondly teasing. "Damn, and I thought I was bad. No wonder you're bouncing off the couch." She watches Isolde browse through the shows. It's all pre-recorded stuff, given the security provisions preventing live streaming to the ship. "You mean that one with the hot mobster guy?" she wonders, which is about the extent of her soap opera knowledge. The question about last night gets an almost shy little smile. "Good, actually." Better than her usual restless nights. She often doesn't sleep well. "Comfy." She takes a sip of her coffee, a flush creeping into her cheeks.

"Yeah... didn't that actor play like eight different characters at some point?" Isolde finds that awful Caprica soap opera -- The Languishing Days. She puts down the remote before she starts using it as a drumstick. She chuckles slightly at Cate's response. "Van's been doin' that, too." She casts her a knowing look. "I think you were on duty somewhere. Snuck in and I didn't let him leave." She shrugs a shoulder, grinning at her friend's blush.

"I dunno, I don't really follow it. Just catch it sometimes when it's on here." The knowing look gets an embarrassed smile back. "Oh, has he? I hadn't noticed. But hey, I don't see anything wrong with it. Should spend time when you can." The way her lips thin there leaves the 'because we all could die tomorrow' part unspoken. "I find the idea of getting busy in the berthings pretty mortifying, myself, but... I like falling asleep with him." The coffee is sipped again, her brow creasing with a thought before she asks with tentative curiosity. "So you and Newton - are you guys serious-serious? Or you still figuring things out."

"Those bunks are not very comfortable for sex," Isolde says bluntly, perhaps to get a blush from Cate or perhaps speaking from experience. She watches a bit of the soap opera before she shrugs a shoulder at Cate's question, looking abruptly bashful. "I think we're pretty serious now. He said he loved me a few nights ago, and I feel the same way about him." There is some strange hesitance there though, like an almost not-sure-ness conveyed in her tone.

She succeeds in getting a blush from Cate. "Well, at least you can fit two people in them. The racks we had back on Galactica were so small I couldn't even sit up in them properly. I mean, I can kinda see why the navy doesn't exactly want to encourage people to hook up, but still. Annoying sometimes." The bashful admission causes Cate to tilt her head curiously. "You don't sound sure about that."

"I know. Makes you have to find other places to hook-up, because they are stupid if they think people aren't doing it." Isolde offers a wry grin before she starts picking a bit at her fingers, attention back on the screen. She hesitates a moment, then shrugs. "I dunno, Cate. There's... things. Like, I hate that he smokes those gods-awful cigarettes. And he still seems a bit... rattled at times. He's at least loosened up a bit with regulations, but I know that bugs him." She quickly adds. "I do love him though. Really. But, I dunno... I mean, look at what happened to Tamlin and Beckham. Engaged, happy, and then..." She waves her hand slightly. "I'm... I'm starting to feel... nervous." Though the word doesn't really fit how her tone shrinks a bit.

"Yeah, but there's something decidedly un-romantic about sneaking off to a supply closet." The bashful smirk probably attests that she's not just speaking hypothetically there. Cate falls quiet, then, listening to her friend. "There's always 'things', Iz," she points out gently. "I thought the whole point of love was to look past that stuff?" The mention of Beckham and Tamlin gets a sad frown, then she prompts. "Nervous 'cause you think it's a mistake or nervous 'cause you're worried about something happening?"

"I dunno... lay out a blanket, steal some pillows... you could probably swing it." Though Isolde doesn't linger on the topic of how to orchestrate romance onboard a warship as Cate offers a pointed response. "Well, I know... I know there's things." The Tauron sighs, sinking a bit more in her seat. The prompt draws her dark eyes up, and her brows knot together. "The latter... definitely the latter... I don't think it's a mistake, but. There's no guarantee any of us are going to actually live through this." The sentence is delivered with a stone-cold quality, bringing to words all the things that most people worry and toil over.

Cate shrugs a bit to the supply closet discussion, letting that one drop as well. The latter comment, though, causes her lips to press together. "Yeah, I know. I mean, if I were a cat I'd already have used up my nine lives." And she's got the scars to prove it. "You say goodbye to someone and you wonder if that's the last time you'll see them. It's rough. But..." There's a pause, a considering frown, and then she says, "Even without a war, there's no guarantees. I saw that in the ER often enough. Car wrecks, heart attacks, just stupid tragic shit. We dwell on it too much, what've we got left?"

Isolde watches as the too-handsome-for-his-own-good Mobster appears in the soap, but she's not really paying attention. She frowns toward Cate. "I just don't know if I could really... handle it. Antonie still isn't really quite herself after Kazimir died." Then she sighs before she looks back up at the show. "I'm being incredibly selfish. I can hear my sister say those words... 'Isolde, you are being incredibly selfish.'"

Cate leans over to nudge Isolde with an elbow gently. "Hey, don't be so hard on yourself. I think everyone in a relationship in wartime has those doubts. But gods forbid, if something did happen to him, you'd handle it. You're not some delicate flower, Iz. I've seen you in a firefight, remember?" Her lips thin sadly. "It would suck. You wouldn't be yourself for awhile. But life goes on. Better to have loved and lost... should I go on quoting stupid proverbs or have I made my point?" She tries to smirk, doesn't quite succeed.

The nudge seems to dislodge Isolde from her mope, and she breathes out a heavy exhale that draws her shoulders up. She glances over toward Cate with a small smile. "No, no... we can spare each other the proverbs." She then leans back a bit more, this time without the woeful slump. "I still want him to stop with those stupid cigarettes." She flicks her eyes to Cate. "You should tell him that they are slowly killing him."

Cate seems pleased by the smile, even if it's small, but then gives Isolde the arched eyebrows of an 'oh please' look. "Seriously, after all the shit at Triton and everything we go through around here, you think me suggesting that cigarettes are bad for him is gonna make a dent?" There's a brief smirk. "Just tell him the truth - it's a nasty habit and you don't like it. Maybe he'll quit. I dunno if we've got any of those patches up in sickbay but if not we could get some." She shrugs a little, even as the soap opera continues to be ignored in the background. "You're lucky Iz. Don't let the war frak up a good thing."

"I don't know... maybe phrase it that he could drop dead from a cigarette before the Cylon shoots him down might work." Then Isolde sighs at the simplicity that Cate offers. "I don't possibly see how that could work." Even if she knows it will. She flicks her eyes over to her friend, and then offers a small smile of unspoken thanks. She tilts her head slightly. "I feel dumb... did I always know you used to work in the ER?"

Cate smirks. "I'll be your backup plan." The latter question causes her to frown in surprise. "I never told you? I guess... maybe since I knew Newton knew, just never occurred to me you didn't. But anyway, yeah... I was an ER doctor. Before I enlisted. They wouldn't let me just be a doctor on the front like I was at Triton, so... had to pick one or the other." She shrugs a little. It's obvious which one she picked. "I miss it sometimes." There's a touch of sadness in her voice there, and she falls quiet for a moment before abruptly shifting the subject. "Tucker said he loved me. I think it hurt him that I couldn't say it back." She frowns.

"I think you chose wisely." Isolde offers that with a bright smile that includes those dimples. Then she nods slightly at the longing Cate shares. "I miss it too... I mean, not doctoring, I was never a doctor... but I miss Tauron... and my computers... and the V-World." Her brows knit together, but she can't linger in those memories as Cate drops that bomb on her. She would have choked if she had anything to choke on. She checks her imaginary watch. "Uh... you've known each other for like 45 seconds." She looks at Cate in surprise.

"Yeah, I miss that too. I mean, not V-World, but -- you know. Our old lives. Not just the things, but... the person I was before." Cate winces at Isolde's reaction. "Not a big believer in the whole 'love at first sight' thing, I'm gathering," she says dryly. "More like a month, but yeah, I know... it's kinda crazy. But... also kinda sweet. And I dunno... I fell pretty hard and fast for Evan back at Triton. Though that was such a clusterfrak it's maybe not the best example." And all that rambling causes her to frown, chewing on her lower lip.

"I believe in lust at first sight, and stupidity at first sight, but not really love. That's like a big emotion." Isolde narrows her eyes thoughtfully. "You like him?" She asks, looking up at Cate now. "I mean, doesn't liking him and caring about him, and letting him sleep in your bunk... that's something, right?"

Cate slants Isolde a look, lips quirking up briefly in a distant, sad smile. "I don't know. Evan used to talk about his wife. He said he just knew... the very first moment he saw her. Call it fate, love at first sight, whatever. Anyway...he believed it. Me, I'm not so sure. There was only one guy I really truly loved, and he wasn't even who I thought he was, so... what the frak do I know." A bit of self-deprecating bitterness creeps into her voice there before she actually answers Isolde's question. "But yeah. I like him a lot. But love takes trust, and trust is hard when you've had your heart shredded."

"If he actually loves you, he'll give you all the time you need to actually decide if you love him too." Isolde looks over at Cate, smiling softer now. "And to be honest... you don't have to love him. It isn't a requirement. You could just find comfort and that'll be okay, too. I just think..." Her shoulders shrug. "That if you do love each other, you'll get there naturally without him nudging you to it. You know?" Then she sighs and starts to pull herself up to her feet. "I think the caffeine is wearing off," she half-whines.

"He didn't push me, he just - said it. But who knows. Maybe it's just stupidity talking." Hers or his, it's not really clear. Cate gives a bleak little snicker there, and reaches for the remote as Isolde gets up to vacate the couch. "Get some rest. I'll see you later." She clicks back to the home menu and starts browsing for something else to distract her.

"You should sleep, too." Isolde chides motherly before she starts to slump toward the door. "Hey... I know you love me, so we're all good." She winks to Cate before she starts to head off for the lounge hatch so she can crawl into bed.


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