2237-05-27 - Going Soft

Mikolas practices his bedside manner on the unexpecting Geoff.

Date: 2237-05-27

Location: Sickbay

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Scene Number: 1061

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Geoff had been doing all right, it seemed, but last night he must have gotten caught in a nightmare that caused some of his vitals to go wacky. He cried out, too. It's not the most unusual for a patient in the sickbay, but most of the medical staff are probably aware. So he's probably in a less jocular mood today, and he's a bit sweaty even now.

Subdued Miko is subdued as he enters Geoff's bay, sliding aside the curtain to wheel in a metal cart of supplies. There is no usual jocular fanfare to his arrival, just a quiet, "How are we doing today?" That seems a rather generic greeting given to any of the patients he intrudes upon. He opens the drawers to the crash cart, starting to restock the contents with his head bowed.

"Yeah, fine," Geoff says, looking up at Miko. "I'm starting to feel it, I guess." His gaze travels over Miko's face. "How are /we/ doing today?"

Miko flashes a wane little smile in Geoff's direction at that, "Tired." Is the simple response, which might explain the dark circles under his eyes. He counts out syringes of different sizes, pre-filled with emergent medication before he closes the drawer with his knee. It's then that he moves to the edge of Geoff's bed, starting to fold the blanket back from his feet. "Time to get you moving."

"What's the matter, I take your bed?" Geoff asks jokingly, but he seems worried when he's told it's time to move. "Won't I pop all my stitches?" he asks.

"This does happen to be one of my favorite napping spots. What can I say, the melodic beeping of a heart monitor soothes me." Miko keeps folding the blanket up until it's across Geoff's hips, tugging down the man's gown and rearranging it too. "Muscles that we don't use start to atrophy. We don't want you to fall when you finally get up out of this bed because your legs have become noodles."

Geoff tries not to look nervous about the simple idea of standing up out of his bed, but there's a certain tension in his expression. "Yeah, they tell me they're trying to get a regular Pyramid game together, so...I better get in shape in case they want to recruit me."

Miko slants another slight smile that's not unkind, "Do you even play?" He asks as he sits at the end of Geoff's bed, the mattress depressing with his weight. "I'm going to lift your ankle and support the back of your leg at the knee." He warns, "We're just going to lift and bend together, alright?"

"I don't even know the rules," Geoff says with a tilted smile. He takes the deepest breath his chest wounds allow. "Alright," he says. "Lift and bend..."

"Nice and easy, and I'm right here to help." Miko gingerly assists Geoff in lifting his leg from the bed, enough to bend it slightly until his heel touches back down again before they straighten. "If it hurts, we stop, but don't wuss out on me."

"I'm no wuss," Geoff retorts, though not snappishly. He trusts Miko to move his legs, but makes a bit of a face as the movement of his leg pulls on his abdominal muscles just a bit.

"Any man who lives to tell the tale of that many bullet holes in him in one go tends to not be." Miko straightens the leg back to the mattress and then lifts it again to repeat in this exercise. "Nice and easy." He practically coos in that annoying tone of a physical therapist. Then, quieter. "I'm glad you made it."

Geoff grits his teeth against any pain, not wanting to wuss out, now. New beads of sweat do pop forth. "Nn, why?" he asks. "So you have somebody to beat in racing games?"

"Two more, then we'll take a break before we work the other leg." Miko says encouragingly before answering his actual question. "Because you're the only person who'll stand up to me and tell me I'm being a dick. I'd be insufferable without you around."

"Yeah, okay," Geoff says, with a little puff of breath. "Damn right," he agrees with Miko's assessment of his usefulness. "But you're all right." His next breath comes out in almost a laugh. Almost. "Never woulda thought letting somebody move my leg would be this hard."

"C'mon, kid." Kid, like there's any age difference, "Don't go soft on me now." And it doesn't sound like Miko means about the exercises either. Finally he lays that leg down and gives it a little pat. "You sounded like you spoke from experience the other day in the lounge." He gets to his feet awkwardly, like he's suddenly unsure of what to do with himself. Finally he busies himself with pouring a glass of water for Geoff.

"The other..." Geoff has to take a moment to remember that there actually was a time before he lived in sickbay, all those hours ago. "Oh. Well. I told you. I know your type," he says, but his tone of voice is much less harsh than it might have been the other times he's said that.

Miko bends the straw down to Geoff instead of making him sit up further to drink from it. "Mm." Comes the noncommittal sound. "Well, then you know we don't get happy endings." The corner of his eyes crease momentarily with some inward pain. "Nurses said you had a rough night?"

"I don't remember," Geoff claims about the night. "I guess I musta had a bad dream." He drinks from the water. "Happy endings," he repeats. "Who gets happy endings? Rich people?"

"Men in massage parlors?" Miko jokes right back, waiting for Geoff to take one more sip of water before returning the cup to the tray. "Well. If they pay up front." A cloth is then dipped into a cool bowl of water, wrung out so that it no longer drips before he goes to pat down the sweat from Geoff's brow that the exercise sprung up. "I don't want to have to get you prescribed a sedative, but we can't have you flailing about in your sleep, you know? No wonder you're sore today."

Geoff closes his eyes, probably grateful for that cool cloth. Not that he'd automatically admit it. He opens his eyes. "Yeah, I mean...prob'ly won't happen again," he says. Then he looks thoughtfully at Miko. "You're okay, you know? You just get...carried away."

"Sometimes I wonder if the old man didn't knock my filter loose when I was a kid." Miko's smile takes a turn towards self-deprecating, but he smoothes it away quickly. The cloth pats to the underside of Geoff's jaw and above the collar of his medical gown. Don't ask where one with duckies was found on a military ship, as it doesn't match the other patients'. "Ready for the other leg?"

Geoff takes a breath and nods. "I'm ready," he says. While Miko's getting ready to grab his leg, he says, "Listen. I thought you were like my mother but...she could never do this. She could never do this job like you're doing. Shit's hard when you're family's...whatever. Nobody gets it all right the first time."

Miko's eyes flash up to Geoff and then away, back to the task at hand. "I usually switch with the nurses when it comes to this. I'll do their scutt if they handle the bedside rounds. Helps when you hit on them too." He confesses and then says gently, "Here we go. Nice and slow."

"Because someone wise told me to grow the frak up." Miko smirks, "And I thought I should give it a try for once." He's just as slow and methodical about taking Geoff through this set of exercises as he was the first. "Besides, a friend needed me."

Geoff grunts at one of the cycles, but he's not resisting the exercise. "You're doing good," he says once he gets his breath back. "You know?"

"You're just saying that because I haven't mentioned sweater meat or man yogurt this entire conversation." He blinks owlishly. "Damn. There goes my streak." But it's clear from the cant of Miko's mouth that he was merely joking. "Five more. You'll be pretending to know how to play Pyramid in no time. Even if you and I both know it's just so you can stare at sweaty half-dressed men."

"There a rule against that?" Geoff asks, doing his best at a smile that doesn't look pained. "...I mean it, though. You got it in you to like...grow and change, right? Not everybody does. Not everybody's there when you need 'em."

"Gods, I hope not." Miko says to the existence of a rule, finally laying Geoff's leg back down with that same attaboy pat to his shin. He reaches up to the man's hips then, starting to roll the blanket back down. "I haven't always been there before, and there is no making up for lost time. And don't get me wrong, I'm going right back to being an ass as soon as you get out of this bed."

Geoff lets out a long breath when he doesn't have to do the exercises anymore. "Oh yeah?" Geoff asks. "You're doin' it backwards. Once I get up, I can chase ya. You oughta do it the other way around. I can only throw so far from this bed."

"Yeah, but I don't like to kick a man when he's down, ya know? You're already at a disadvantage because I'm so much prettier than you are." Miko leans across Geoff's legs, tenting himself there with a palm planted in the mattress. "Do you need me to stay here tonight?"

"Bitch, please, I'm gutshot, not blind," Geoff shoots back, snorting at Miko. But then the question makes him tighten the corners of his mouth. "I'll be all right. It's just...you know. Different bed and the drugs and all."

Miko turns his head slightly, eyes narrowing in a touch of disbelief before he relents. "Alright. Well, the offer is there. Wouldn't be the first time I slept in your visitor's chair. I remember what it was like, being laid up with Spiro." He straightens and stands from the bed, "By the way, nicotine patches are a vasoconstrictor. Tell the Padre if he's going to bring them to our patients, they need to go on the charts."

"It was nice of you," Geoff finally gets around to saying. Then he smiles guiltily. "Hey, keeps me from climbing the walls," he says. "That'd be bad for me, too."

"I hear you, brother. But all the same, I need to know everything that goes into or comes out of your body for the extent of your stay for you own good. Like it or not, I now have intimate knowledge of your anatomy. Nice birthmark, by the way." Miko kids, flipping open Geoff's chart and making a quick notation about PT.

Geoff flips Miko the bird, but in a friendly way. Probably. "Yeah, okay," he says. "I'm not that used to following rules, you know." Though he hasn't been bounced out of the CF yet.

"Well, do me this one solid, and I'll make sure you get the hot orderly, Daniel, to give you your sponge bath later. He's got big hands, but I hear he can be really gentle." There is a flash of a wink before Miko is asking, "You need anything else?"

Geoff lets out the faint snort that stands for laughter when he doesn't want to shake his wounds apart. "I'm okay," he says. "But listen, before you go... .../You/ okay?" he asks with a searching squint.

Miko mops the back of his neck with his hand, "I will be." He assures, then gives his best smile to seal it. "No hanky panky though. You'll bust your stitches." An accusatory pointing finger is aimed Geoff's way that's held there the extent of time it takes for Miko to vacate the bay and move onto the next patient.


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