2237-05-27 - The Shaft

The marines take out a Cylon-held mine.

Date: 2237-05-27

Location: Kannur Province, Canceron

Related Scenes: None

Plot: Operation: Mission of Mercy

Scene Number: 776

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Loret Valley. The Cylons on Canceron have made their last stand here, their forces spread out over the region with all their anti-air defenses concentrated there. They've taken over a mine in the region, and intel believes this mine is critical to their efforts. Without the mine, they lose their capability to repair and manufacture more Cylons in the region. The squad's job today is to take it out.

The plan: Rappel down a ventilation shaft and disable the ventilation system so the methane gas will build up in the mine. On their way out, plant a bomb that will destroy it. Get out before it blows.

But, of course, first they have to get there. It's a mission behind enemy lines and stealth is of the essence. The Raptor deposited them close to the front, and they've been walking for over an hour already through the jungle. Staff Sgt Haney is in the lead this time out.

Kahena trudges along somewhere near the front of the party, rifle in a sling across her shoulder, and a small assortment of scopes in her pack. She's brought out her boot knife, and is using it to cut away vines thick enough to impede passage through the jungle.

An hour in the jungle carrying full gear plus rappelling ropes is no easy task even for a very large Scorpian. He takes a pull from his canteen, mopping at his brow with his sleeve, and then tucking the canteen away to clasp the pistol grip of his SAW once more, his eyes never leaving his assigned side. Given that he's carrying the SAW, several extra mags, and a long coil of rope, he hasn't done a turn with the short machete on his left thigh, just worrying about keeping up with the group without getting worn out for now.

Evan steps lively through the jungle, the terrain being pretty damn close to home for him not to be to perturbed by it. Sure he's got a sheen of sweat over his brown and certainly beneath the collar of his fatigues, but that is barely worth worrying over. A glance is given behind him to check on the progress of others before his eyes go to Sgt. Honey to see just what is on the horizon.

Aldrich is somewhere near the center of the group, probably next to Cate, and carrying a medkit along with the usual supplies. It's been a long trek, and he has kept up without complaint, but he's starting to look a little worn around the edges at this point. Still, he keeps trudging along in silence.

Though she has her rifle and gear for any potential sniper needs, it's not currently in that arrangement. Charlie's rifle rests in a more standard arrangement on a sling at chest-height like many of the others; just a different model. She's a bit weighed down under her gear, but after a long hike in this environment... well, the Piconese woman would be. She's drenched in sweat and her helmet's been tipped back slightly to provide some relief beneath. She's towards the back of the team, casting attention to the rear on a regular basis to watch their six.

Who's the leader of the club that's made for you and me? G-R-A-H-A-M, Corporal Graham Price. The bearded Marine, dressed like Arnie from Commando got lost in a camping supply store, hefts his fully automatic Get Ye T'Hell weapon in his gloved hands. If the silent Grunt has even noticed that he's actually in a jungle it doesn't appear to have phased him, stepping over fallen trees and winding his way through vines and awful smelling, rotting vegetation as easily as one might walk through the bunks on the Vanguard. With a similar smell profile.

Staff Sergeant Rothschild is moving quietly through the terrain. Her gear is worn on her back with her SAW held in her hands rather than shoulder slung. She has reduced the quantity of gear she is carrying a bit to make the hike through the jungle easier. A gunner she may be, but she lacks the physique of her counterparts. She respects the silence, though she does glance toward Tavo with a silent brow arch and quirked smile.

To be entirely fair, these stealthy missions aren't really Chance's forte. He's more of a...run in, guns blazing, blowing shit up sort of guy. Still, these are the orders, so trudge along through the frakking jungle he does. He's got his machine gun and gear on his person, along with a now very damp bandana he uses to mop at his head. He's kept pace with Gustavo for the most part of this trek, since they both have similar issues with size, and quantity of gear.

Cate walks near Aldrich, sweating buckets like everyone else. She's got her medic backpack and some climbing gear, which is probably why she's opted for an SMG instead of the bigger rifle. "Man I'm glad I don't have to carry one of those," she says off-hand to Rothschild.

The cluster of gunners near the middle of the pack ensures that they are prepped to focus some heavy firepower on either side of the squad if they hit trouble, which is especially important when they're looking for trouble. Tavo shrugs slightly at Rothschild's silent query, "Still hotter back home." The words are a quiet murmur, and he looks over to Chance, "Think so?"

Kahena's dark hair clings to a forehead gleaming with sweat, and she's elected to forego the long sleeved gear she might normally wear, in favour of armour strapped on directly atop her tanks. She's silent for the most part; still a relatively new face on the Vanguard, she's tended to keep to herself, on duty or off.

Rothschild casts Cate an easy smile. "It isn't so bad. You get used to its weight pretty quick. Though, I would certainly prefer it to be a nudge lighter at this moment." She continues along with the others, and her gaze cuts toward Chance.

Evan rolls Stealth: Success (8 7 5 5 4 4 4 2 2 1)

Graham rolls Stealth: Failure (4 4 3 1 1)

Aldrich rolls Stealth: Success (7 6 5 4 3 3 2)

Rothschild rolls Stealth: Good Success (8 7 7 6 5 3 2)

Chance rolls Stealth: Success (8 8 4 3 2 1)

Charlie rolls Stealth: Good Success (7 7 6 5 5 4 4 3 2 2 1)

Graham rolls Stealth: Failure (5 5 4 4 1)

Cate rolls Stealth: Good Success (8 6 6 5 3 1 1)

Gustavo rolls Stealth: Good Success (7 7 6 6 5 4 3 1)

Kahena rolls Stealth: Success (7 6 5 4 4 4 2 2 1)

Moving a few paces up towards one of the other members of the 'rear guard,' Charlie murmurs something under her breath to Evan before settling back more in her prior position. She's definitely going to want a long shower after this. But that's been pretty standard after any mission on Canceron. She's not a fan of the jungle. There's a brief smack to the side of her neck and she comes away with a bug. Ew.

Evan's rifle bounces on his shoulder, his head tilting some to listen to Charlie's words before he chuckles very softly under his breath and shakes his head. A bemused expression is on his face as he keeps moving onward, eyes taking a quick glance to their left flank to see if anything may be encroaching on them before settling back in ahead.

"Heads on a swivel," Graham says in a stage-whisper kind of way as they trudge their way through the undergrowth, "We're getting close enough. Might have mines, or wire. Or cheerleaders." He trods his way through the muck and the ick, seemingly impervious to the swarm of insects that have gathered around the squad, though he still frowns, "Doubt they have cheerleaders."

Cate smirks at Rothschild. "I'll bet." She nods over to Graham. "That'd be a pretty interesting defense though." She keeps her voice quiet though, in case any robot ears are in the area.

Sgt Haney glances back at Graham. "Price, do you think you could walk any louder? They might not have heard you yet," he grumbles.

Aldrich swats a mosquito here and there, glancing over to Cate and Rothschild and their conversation, though he doesn't participate. Now and then he glances to the jungle with a faintly worried look.

"How depressing. Everyone needs a good cheerleader." Rothschild manages to stay quiet, carefully placing her feet in the jungle terrain. The grunt from Haney draws a wry smile over to Graham, but she says nothing as she continues along. She glances to Aldrich, and offers the chaplain a small nod of her head. "Many candles were lit for Ares last night. Let's hope he welcomes such honor."

"Sorry Sarge," Graham mutters over his shoulder, "Just keepin' the pilots aware of which bit of jungle not to carpet bomb." He chuckles softly and shrugs, "Heard they have a problem not shooting at friendlies, lately." He continues walking, making a mental note not to wear bells and windchimes next time he goes out, all the while keeping his eyes peeled for black sniper cylons... in the dark...

"We should've programmed that in, Price." Tavo manages a smile. "I don't think the sweaters and skirts would go with chrome though." He reaches up to slowly press a hand to the side of his neck, squishing a bug that had landed there, his voice quiet in the oppressive humidity. "Cheerleaders, that is. Instead of sniping."

There's a flash of a grin from Charlie, but she doesn't say anything further. Not for the moment, at least. Just keeps watching over their shoulders. She does, however, offer ahead to the others: "Who says we aren't cheerleaders here? I don't want some random jungle cheerleader." They'd be all bug-infested, her luck. There's a look off into the trees to the left and right. Likely looking for those SniperBots herself.

"Nothing wrong with jungle cheerleaders," Evan comments back behind him softly before glancing up ahead. "This is going to get me some shit from you lot. But I was actually a cheerleader for a couple weeks. Lost a bet."

Aldrich gives Rothschild a faint smile. "Your lips to his ears," he replies, gently. "I'm only worried that we're making his job a little more difficult, if we're not trying to be quiet... That's all."

Kahena presses on, faintly amused at the talk of chrome cheerleaders, though she doesn't chime in. A couple of bugs are slapped off her neck and flicked away, and she pulls her canteen out for a long slug of water as she trudges.

Chuckling again, Graham shrugs his shoulders, "Nothing wrong with cheerleading. It's hard work, that." He does pause though, when Aldrich makes a point. He shrugs, however, and grunts, "Chrome cheerleaders... that'd be a sight. Weird-ass psychological warfare." He sniffs at the air as he trudges through, instantly regretting his decision to try and smell his way through the impassable jungle.

The Leonese woman offers a gentle nod of agreement to Aldrich's words, and she reflects on it enough to quiet down herself. Rothschild casts a glance toward Tavo, and she offers a small chuckle at the vision he offers.

"Let's not knock jungle cheerleaders until we've seen jungle cheerlearders..." Chance offers helpfully, hoisting a coil of rope over his shoulder. He pauses and looks at Tavo with a raised brow, "Bro...that's just weird."

"Really, now-" Charlie looks back towards Evan, her grin broadening. "You're gonna have to tell me more about that when we get back to the Vanguard." Cheerleading stories are gonna be a must now. A must. She's not even gonna comment on chrome cheerleaders.

Tavo shifts the sling of his SAW, grimacing a little as he does, and then he just shrugs a little at the murmured conversation, "No shit," that's for Evan, "As long as there are pics. Pics are plenty of shit forever." He shrugs his broad shoulders at Chance, "Anything's better than snipers." There's a pause as he remembers that there are snipers in the column, "On the other side."

They make their way through the jungle, closer and closer to the target. No sign of Cylons - so that's good. In the distance echoing off the valley walls there's occasionally some quiet booms of far-away explosions. Probably miles away though. As they get closer, Haney says, "All right, we're coming up on the target. Let's cut the chatter. Wagner, Fortune, fan ahead a bit, see if there's any enemy forces. Everyone stay sharp for sensors and tripwirse." Yeah Graham said as much earlier but it never hurts to be reminded.

Graham rolls Stealth: Success (8 8 5 3 2)

Rothschild rolls Stealth: Good Success (7 7 6 5 4 3 1)

Evan rolls Stealth: Good Success (7 7 6 6 5 5 3 2 2 1)

Aldrich rolls Stealth: Success (8 5 5 4 4 4 1)

Gustavo rolls Stealth: Good Success (7 7 6 6 5 5 3 2)

Cate rolls Stealth: Success (6 4 4 3 3 2 1)

Charlie rolls Stealth: Good Success (8 6 6 6 4 4 3 2 2 1 1)

Chance rolls Stealth: Good Success (8 8 6 3 3 2)

Kahena rolls Stealth: Success (8 6 5 5 5 4 3 3 1)

There's a lift of hand in a sort of salute and Charlie adjusts her helmet back into place before she tightens up her gear and cuts ahead through the group. The woman breaks into a light jog once she's free of the pack. And then it's out and ahead, to scout out and see what they're coming up on.

At the command Graham's body posture changes from 'walking' mode to 'prepare to shoot everything' mode. His knees bend slightly and his weapon comes up to point in front of him and his walking motion becomes less about forward progression and more about stability and reflexes. It all happens in a matter of microseconds, relying almost entirely on combat-hardened muscle memory to force his limbs into action.

Kahena cuts a brisk nod to Haney, slides her combat knife back into her boot, and slips on ahead with Charlie. Eyes sharp, and not a word in comraderie, she picks through the undergrowth with light steps, one hand briefly brushing her sidearm to double check its placement.

While Kahena and Charlie rush ahead, rather than going into battle mode with all the others, Aldrich takes a brief moment to pause with his lips moving in what is probably a silent prayer for the mission. Never hurts to overdo it.

Tavo subsides at Haney's warning, drawing the butt of his SAW up to his shoulder, smacking the base of his magazine to make sure it's seated, and catching the heavy weapon up by the bipod as well, keeping it pointed down for now but ready to bring it up and fire. He glances aside to the other gunners, giving Chance and Graham sharp nods. Rothschild gets the same sharp nod, and then a heartbeat later, a faint smile as well. Then his eyes turn outwards, his face setting as he ducks under a dangling liana, scanning his flank.

The warning also draws Rothschild a bit more sober as she tucks in her weapon and drops her stance a bit to lower her center of gravity. When Tavo nods her way, she returns the nod. The smile has her looking away a bit as she falls into stride near Cate and Aldrich. She is careful to step wide over a bit of fallen tree debris.

Cate falls quiet when the sergeant tells everyone to hush. She glances over at Aldrich, offering a little nod if she catches his eye. She shoos away a mosquito nagging near her face and keeps her eyes peeled ahead.

They find the mine all right. The jungle thins out to more of a cleared area. It stretches out for a ways, and slopes down over a hill towards where they know from the briefing that the main entrance is. They can't see the entrance from here but they can see the ventilation shaft - their target - up ahead. A metal shape jutting up above the ground. No sign of Cylons guarding it. Maybe Aldrich's prayer caught them a break? Or maybe it's a trap. Time will tell.

Haney says, "Price, Doc, Tavo - head on up. Get the hatch open -" The maintenance access hatch. "- and secure the ropes. Rest of you, overwatch."

Overwatch. Chance unslings his machine gun from his shoulder and takes up position while the others start to work on getting the hatch open and securing the ropes. It'd probably be more fun to head up, but waiting to shoot things is fun too!

Tavo moves out to the edge of the jungle, stopping just back from where it turns to clearing and grounding down on one knee. Something squishes unpleasantly under his knee, but... that's the jungle for you. He's only down a moment when Haney calls for him to move forward, and he does, glancing over to Graham and Cate and murmuring to the latter, "Stay behind us as we go, Doc. You can plug the holes if we get hit." And then he is moving, darting forward with deceptive speed for such a big man. It's not a single straight advance, however, but rather a quick zig-zag, just enough to be slightly unpredictable.

Aldrich smiles back to Cate, then to Rothschild as well, before turning his attention back to the tasks at hand. Namely, taking his place with the group to keep an anxious eye on the surrounding jungle. And yeah, probably still praying. Poor Ares.

Kahena reports back quickly enough on the position of the mine, and the apparent lack of cylons guarding it, though she seems - as is not unwarranted - skeptical. Falling back so as to provide eyes on their six, the marine scans the undergrowth carefully while Chance and the others start securing ropes and working open the hatch.

Checking his weapon quickly to ensure he has a handful of Tracer rounds ready to go, Graham fast-steps alongside Tavo, moving in an un-Symmetra-cal fashion to throw off the Pharah-off chance of being sent to the Reaper. Mercyfully, thus far no such eventuality has presented itself as he, Tavo, and Cate look like big damn heroes heading towards the vent shaft.

Oh sure, stay behind, watch. Evan does a good job of that, as it has been his designated duty of late. Still, he props his rifle up on his shoulder and takes up a perimeter position around the mineshaft entrance.

And not far behind Kahena is Charlie, though she stays a bit further back to... yes, fall into overwatch along with the rest. Her rifle ends up at the ready an in firing position. She posts up facing out with it tucked against her shoulder. Just in case.

Rothschild glances once toward Tavo when he's singled out, and she gives him a vague nod before she settles in. She sets herself up so she can use her bipod, finding a heavy bit of boulder to brace herself behind as she waits to hear the all-clear from the rappel team.

"Hide behind the big guys? Don't have to ask me twice," Cate mumbles with a smirk. She hurries off, staying - yes, behind the two big guys. Once they reach the vent without getting shot, she takes a knee and starts getting the rope off her shoulder.

Gustavo rolls Alertness: Good Success (8 8 8 7 4 3 3 1)

Graham rolls Alertness: Success (7 6 4 4 4 4 3 2 1 1)

As he examines the hatch, Gustavo sees what looks like a sensor pad on it that'll be tripped when the door opens. Not at all clear what it's hooked up to. There's nothing on the outside. Could just be a burglar alarm. Could be a boobytrap.

"Think she's calling you fat, Staff," Graham says as the pair (with Cate in tow) make it to the maintenance hatch. Deferring to his older, more senior, somewhat-better-looking partner he drops to his knee and takes a slightly more direct overwatch position in an effort to keep Tavo covered while he works, "Whoever planned this has read too much spy fiction." He cranes his neck to eyeball the door, in between looking around in front of him like a deer trying to spot a hidden wolf.

The problem with overwatch on a mission like this is that it is boring. Chance glances to Rothschild and then up at those moving for the hatch. "You guys could pick up the pace, you know..." Unfair, but said regardless.

Reaching the hatch, Tavo slides down onto a knee, thanking the kneepads that have been making the jungle march a little more sweaty and a little less pleasant thus far. He shifts his SAW back on its ready sling and ducks out of the coil of rope, "Doc, you're the knotty one, right?" There might even be a flash of a smile as he sets the coil down before her and turns his attention to the hatch, his head snaking from side to side slightly as he searches it for any signs of booby traps. He spots a wire running down the side, and looks back to the treeline, making the hand-signal for 'I see' and 'tripwire' and then murmurs to Cate and Graham, "Sensor pad. At the very least, they'll know if it opens. I can cut it, but I don't know if it's rigged to trigger if it loses signal."

"Could be worse. We could be scaling another wall." Charlie didn't have much fun with that one. And bored or slow it may be. Either way, she's watching the trees. In case any SniperBots try to sneak up on them.

"Knotty? I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing," Cate remarks off-hand to Gustavo. She keys her radio mic and relays the info back to the sergeant while they examine it. "No way to tell," Cate says, "Who wants to bet their ass on how paranoid the Cylons might be."

Graham rolls Technician: Success (7 7 5 4 2 1)

Aldrich rolls Alertness: Success (8 6 5 5 2 2 2 1)

Chance rolls Alertness: Good Success (8 7 7 7 3 1 1)

Evan rolls Alertness: Failure (5 3 3 3 2 1 1)

Rothschild rolls Alertness: Good Success (8 7 6 4 4 2 1)

Charlie rolls Alertness: Failure (5 5 4 3 2 2 2 1 1 1)

Kahena rolls Alertness: Success (7 5 5 3 3 2 2)

Taking a half-crouch-step backwards, Graham uses his standard issue eyeball in sequence with its companion piece to ascertain the exact nature of the sensor pad assembly. Peering at it he frowns and sucks his teeth gently, "It looks like a standard AramiSoft sensor device... it's probably not, but that's what it looks like. They didn't have redundant signal-loss alert as a built in feature." He chuckles softly and arches his eyebrows up at Tavo, "Your call, Staff. I think we can doubt they sprang for the premium package."

Tavo considers Cate's comment and Graham's input for all of a second, then nods to himself. "When dealing with ropes, good. Fall back a few paces in case it blows. I'll cut it. We'll move fast once I do, in case they're alerted." And then he digs out a multitool, getting out the wire-cutters as he notes on his comms, "Clipping the wire. Price things it won't alert them, I agree, Sergeant. We'll need to move in fast in case we're wrong." And then, assuming that Graham and Cate get to a safe-ish distance, it's snip-snip time.

As the crew messes around with the hatch, Chance and Rothschild notice some movement down in the direction of the main entrance. The hills are uneven - it's just a flash of chrome briefly visible before whatever it was dips back down below their sightline. But could be someone heading their way. This is several hundred yards away, mind, but since it's open ground anyone coming up over that final rise would be able to see the crew by the vent shaft.

Either Charlie caught Evan's eye or vice-versa or... whathaveyou because, well, for once the recon marine is not exactly looking off into the jungle and keeping an eye out for toasters. Nope, she's sort of looking off over at her current bunkbuddy. Bunk warmer? Totally-not-boyfriend? Call-it-a-relationship and she'll cut you? Because yeah, Wagner? Not seeing that flash of Chrome at all. She's too busy looking in a certain Scorpian's direction. Ahem.

"Their pace is fine. You're just impatient." Rothschild flashes Chance a wry smile from her position. But that is when she catches the flash of chrome, and her brows lift sharply. "Sergeant, I have a possible target sighted," she informs Haney. The Leonese indicates the direction of the sighting, nodding toward it as she settles herself back behind her SAW.

Even with Tavo's clarification it takes Cate a moment to figure it out. "Oh - ropes, knots. Yeah. Here I thought you were making some crack because I called you big." She smirks briefly then nods. "Got it. I've got the ropes secured." Tying some of those knots he was referring to. "Assuming the damn thing doesn't explode when you open it, we'll be able to go down quickly."

Evan doesn't get distracted, not from mission assignments that involve guarding the sixes of his team. He simply was looking in the wrong direction to notice anything. However hearing that there was a possibility of nearby chrome, his rifle lifts up and he surveys ceases observing the landscape of hills and curves, and focuses on the landscape of.. hills... and curves...

At the flash of movement, Chance frowns and stands up a bit straighter, machine gun aimed out towards the middle distance where he saw the movement, "Confirming possible targets. Requesting permission to recon."

"No, stick close Daly," Haney tells him. "We're going to have to move fast. Everyone be ready - soon as they get the hatch open, hurry over and down. Vent team, get a move on. We could have hostiles incoming."

"Well if it does," Graham adds to Cate's explosion remark, "We'll have plenty of salsa tonight. Thanks Staff." He grins up to Tavo and sucks his teeth, peering at the open ground between them and the overwatch team, "Better hope this payload isn't hot." He sniffs sharp and nods to Cate, "Ready to run like a Scorpian from committment, Sarge."

Cate does fall back a bit, as Tavo suggested. But not too far. Maybe she shares Graham's confidence about the sensor.

Aldrich tenses up when people start spotting potential hostiles, squinting out in that direction. He edges backward with Cate, but his attention is way more on the potential threat from the jungle than the sensor. Maybe he trusts the technicians to know their business.

Just as Tavo's about to cut the wipe, he looks up sharply at Graham's comment about commitment, his eyes widening slightly. And then he clears his throat, and then he shakes his head, clipping the wire, ducking his head. A second later, there's no explosion, and so he leans over and hauls the hatch open, keeping it between himself and the hole in case something else explodes. Nothing does, however, and he raises up, giving the rest of the squad a quick beckoning gesture.

Kahena doesn't catch the glint of chrome, probably because she's too busy looking in the opposite direction. But when it sounds like they're about to get moving again, she touches her rifle briefly. Reminding herself of where it is for the twentieth time, in case things suddenly go south.

When there's mention of something being spotted, Charlie does snap back to the moment. Rifle to shoulder, she looks in that direction, then back to her general 'region.' Oops. Totally paying attention!

Crouching down in the middle of an open field is not the best situation for Graham to find himself in. Crouching next to Doctor Feelgood and Chaplain Invisible Friends is less than ideal but, while Viper jocks get glory and decent supplies, a Marine makes do. The gunner shifts himself around slowly to spread his vision over a wide arc, watching for glints of sunlight and bracing himself to receive a hair-full of Staff Sergeant chutney. When the expected boom does not present itself, Graham snaps a quick look towards Tavo and the mysterious hatch of uncertain doom. "Alright. Looks like we get to live another few minutes."

Rothschild continues to stare down her iron sights, waiting to see the next flash of Chrome. She glances toward the hatch just vaguely, and then she's back to scanning the hills. Her jaw tightens slightly as the pressure builds, but that is all the Praetorian gives to onlookers of possible nerves.

Cate holds her breath for a minute when the hatch opens. But when there's no earth-shattering kaboom she's moving up to put the finishing touches on the rapelling ropes.

Sergeant Haney makes hand motions to move everyone along. Go go go!

Chance remains watching the area where he saw the movement, machine gun aimed, breath steady. "I've got rear guard, I'll head down once the rest of you have gotten down." Chance whispers out towards the others. He Will stick to that, waiting for the others to rappel down before he starts down it himself.

Grabbing one of the ropes as the rappeling begins, Evan casts a glance at the others and with a small smile begins the decline down. This was his type of fun, moving down the tunnel with a rifle, holding on to a rope in the middle of the jungle. All he needs now is the Predator to be chasing him and it'd be a perfect day.

^ ^

| |

_| |_

| |

| |

| |

| |

| |_______

| _______

| |

| |

| |

| |

____| |

____ |

| |

| |

| |

_| |______

____ _____xxx

| |

| |

Moving back from the edge of the area, Charlie catches Evan's smile and just rolls her eyes. It's good-natured, but the woman opts to be one of the last down. Going for overwatch as the others get going.

Peering over the other Marines and into the open door, that has 'love' written on it for some reason, Graham frowns and curses at himself, "Oh piss." He grunts and lets out a sharp sigh, "A'ight, I can do this. I can do this..." As he says this, however, his body seems to have other ideas as his legs shudder and he takes a step or two backwards, away from the entrance.

Aldrich moves to go down whenever he's told to, since no doubt the others have a lot more experience than he does. Probably somewhere in the middle. In any case, he elects to use the ladder because of course he does, and makes his way down in his turn.

Tavo brings up his SAW again as Cate rushes back to the hatch, the big man using the raised cover as... well... cover and watching the treeline. Once they're secure and the rest of the squad are approaching, he grabs onto one of the ropes, "Heading down." Bracing his feet against the wall, he starts to walk backwards into the darkness. In the relatively-tight quarters, he doesn't try to do any long leaps downward, instead moving quickly be steadily. He hops over the first break, drawing in a sharp breath as if expecting to get perforated from the hallway, and then he's descending again, dropping his boots to the ground of their target tunnel, letting out his breath and shaking out his hands, and then clamping a boot on the base of the rope to help secure it and drawing up his heavy weapon once more.

Once the ropes are secured, Kahena's one of the first to rappel down. She's wearing gloves, on the bright side, but the air's more stifling the deeper she goes. Booted feet kicked against the wall slow her descent, and then with a push, she skims down another fifteen or twenty feet. Eventually there's solid ground below her, and she swivels and jumps down, unslinging her rifle from her shoulder and scanning the gloom with quick sweeps of her eyes.

Rothschild had intended to be last to go, but Chance calls dibs. She flashes him a smirking look with a half-tilt of her head. "Don't be tardy." She then snaps back in her bipod and starts to move, slinging the SAW across her back as she heads for the hatch to prepare to rappel down with the others. She grabs her own ropes, and begins to descend quickly.

Cate lets some of the others go first. Usually doesn't pay to send your medic in headlong into the unknown. She sees Graham edging back and gives him a concerned look. "You all right, Price?"

Once Rothschild has cleared the rappel line, Chance walks his way down the rope and once his boot hits the ground, he once more snaps his machine gun back up and to the ready.

Graham rolls Composure: Good Success (8 7 7 3 3 3 2)

Casting his eyes towards the medic, Graham nods and sucks on his teeth, "Last time I did this I was at the bottom of a whiskey bottle and naked." He grunts and steps forward, tentatively but with purpose, "Not afraid of heights or anything... just the sudden stop right after you fall." He swallows hard and takes a hold of the rope, "Alright. I... Yes." He sighs and shakes his shoulders languidly, "See you down there."

"Rapelling naked - now that sounds like way more fun than going down a rope into a Cylon-controlled tunnel." Cate deadpans. She watches to make sure he gets down okay, then follows him down the rope.

Tavo reaches forward as others come down around him, flicking on a flashlight alongside the barrel of his weapon, but keeping it pointed down for now. "I should have worn thicker gloves," the big man gripes quietly. "Do we have a plan for getting out under fire?" But that's something for later, and he nods ahead, tucking himself off to the left-hand side of the tunnel to clear the right for others to advance. "On the left."

The Leonese woman hits the ground with a light thud, and is quickly detaching herself so she can join the cluster of Marines. She looks around with her weapon tucked up against her shoulder. She comes down just in time for Cate to deadpan about rapelling naked. She blinks slightly as she looks over at the pair, brow arched a bit.

"Climb fast," is Haney's ever-so-helpful response to Tavo's question about getting back out. Seriously though - that was the plan. Sneak in, disable shit, plant the bomb, climb out. There's a backup plan where they can fight their way out a different access tunnel, but since they have no clue how many cylons are down here, that'll probably suck.

"More cheerleaders doin' it my way," Graham mutters as his boots hit 'floor'. All sense of panic and fear are replaced with cold hard adrenaline-boosted tactical awareness.. so long as he adamantly refuses to look any further down. Or up. Though this is supposed to be a stealth mission, the gunner's grasp of stealth is flawed at best, and so he unslings his Space-Minimi and falls in near to Tavo, muttering to his gunner-bro, "Sure. Climb fast while getting shot at. Sounds like a blast."

Cate rappels down with ease. She waits for Graham to clear the ledge before following him off rope, unslinging her SMG and taking a knee while she waits for everyone to sort themselves out.

Cate glances over at Rothschild though when she catches that look. "What?" she asks with an innocent-not-innocent smirk.

"All I can think of is rope burn." Rothschild starts to chuckle to herself, but she keeps the response low and quiet as she keeps her rifle snug into her shoulder. She waits for Chance, as if she has now decided she will mother after the extra-large Scorpian. Like a proper Leonese noblewoman.

Haney says, "Daly, Wagner, Calhoun, you guard this position here. Rest of you, with me. Let's go find this control panel." There's some wind in the tunnel, but not the gusts that one might expect from the giant fans somewhere down below circulating air throughout the mine. Their target is not the fans itself, but the electrical control system that runs it. It's supposed to be just down this access tunnel.

Aldrich snorts faintly at Rothschild's comment, proving that he was apparently paying attention. "Well, I wasn't going to say anything," he murmurs, then glances to Haney to pay attention to the next orders.

Evan rolls Alertness: Success (8 7 4 3 2 1 1)

Charlie rolls Alertness: Great Success (8 8 8 7 6 5 5 3 2 1)

Chance rolls Alertness: Good Success (8 7 7 5 4 2 1)

Once the lead group advances past him, Tavo continues forward along the left wall, nodding to Graham, "Easy for us, we get to provide covering fire while recon climbs." At least that's what he thinks. His steps echo more than he would like in the dim light, and his breath comes a little quicker. It's... less than pleasant to be his size and working his way through a maintenance tunnel.

Evan looks around and nods towards Haney. He moves to get a better position that isn't right beneath the entrance. Rifle comes up to his shoulder as he settles in, bracing against a back wall with the weapon at the ready. "Keep alert, we're like fish in a gods damned barrel here."

"Truth," Graham says as the group moves off, "If I fall down a tunnel, no matter how funny it is, don't record it." He sucks a sharp breath in as he does his best to watch out for tripwires, mines, or cheerleaders. You never know, right? He mutters, though, and frowns, "who designs a place with a control area this close to an unsecured entrance? I mean really."

"Behave yourself," Rothschild says to Chance with a playful wag of her finger. Then she falls in with the others. She ends up at the back of the group, maintaining the rearguard as it were. She catches a bit of something from Tavo, and she very gently touches his elbow with a passing glance of fingers before she resumes her strong grip on her SAW.

"Maybe not so much a barrel," Charlie offers with a glance cast upward, then down the tunnel. "I mean, they get two directions to shoot us in." One of those chosen to hang back, she chooses a spot to post up at. Back to a wall, with an opportunity to get a good line of sight in... well, as much of a direction as she can manage.

Cate smirks at Rothschild and Aldrich in turn. "Only if you do it wrong." Then she's falling quiet and heading after the sergeant when he moves everyone out.

A brow is raised at Rothschild as she moves past him, smirking just a bit at her. "With this lot? Yeah, I'll be fine." He juts his chin out at her and remains behind to keep this position safe.

Hanley's team finds the control room. It's not that far down. The mine was built by Colonials, so it wasn't really geared towards military defense. And the Cylons haven't seen fit to defend it either.

"Someone who doesn't plan to have it be a military target, I'd bet." Tavo responds to Graham. As the advance group makes their way into the control room, he slings his SAW again, pulling a small backpack off his shoulders and getting a chunk of plastique and a detonator from within. "Just take a minute." Crouching before the control panel, he starts to work getting the explosives set in place and the detonator into them.

While the advance team is messing around in the control room, the guard team (Evan/Charlie/Chance) all hear something strange. Not the usual sounds of Cylon servos, just a weird scraping sort of noise - faint, then a pause - then again. They don't see anything though.

Evan rolls Alertness: Failure (5 4 4 3 2 2 1)

Charlie rolls Alertness: Good Success (8 7 6 5 5 4 4 2 2 1)

Chance rolls Alertness: Good Success (8 7 7 6 3 3 3)

"Neh," Graham says as he takes an overwatch position on the hatch the control room team entered through, maintaining a swivel to sweep his attention around the room, "I used to work disaster recovery, in my old life." He sucks his teeth and shakes his head, "'ability for a team to enter building and set explosives' should've been higher on my list of concerns." He flexes his fingers in their tight grip to his weapon, taking a moment to sweep the back of a gloved hand across his forehead to beat away the sweat from his brow. "This thing gonna be timed, or remote detonated?"

Kahena gets a move on when Haney gives the order. She takes up a guard position while Tavo busies himself setting the charge, and idly takes note of any additional entrances or exits to the control room.

Chance and Charlie think it might be coming from down the shaft.

Haney answers Graham, "Remote if we're clear, timed if we're all dead." Ain't he just a ray of sunshine. "We've got twenty minutes to get to safe distance."

"Setting for twenty minutes," Tavo parrots, then pushes back from the control panel, offering out the remote to Haney, "And here's the primary." And then he steps back, letting out a breath and glancing back at the charge, a little unsure, but trying to hide it. He's done a job, so it's done. The weapon comes up at his side again, and he nods, "Ready to go."

Gustavo rolls Demolitions: Success (6 5 5 5 4 4 3)

Cate rolls Alertness: Good Success (8 8 6 4 4 2 1)

Gustavo rolls Demolitions: Good Success (8 7 6 5 5 3 3)

Cate watches Tavo set the charges, picking up on the uncertainty in his face. "You've done this before, right?" She arches an eyebrow at him.

There's a tilt of her head as Charlie listens, looking over to Chance and Evan both. "You hear that?" She lifts her rifle closer to her shoulder, tilting her head. The woman closes her eyes for a moment, trying to listen. Trying to ascertain the direction. After a few seconds, she grunts faintly and points, down. Further-like. "I think it's down there. Someone got a light?" She kneels over the edge, rifle angled downward. Because, y'know, smart. But recon curiousity... killed the cat? Hopefully not.

Hear it? Yes. Pin point it, absolutely not. Evan's brow furrows some, rifle raising in general. It's when Charlie speaks and starts looking down the tunnel that he points his rifle there. "You mean down there? Further along the shaft?" Frowning, he shakes his head. "We could throw a glow stick? See how deep the shaft goes? Find out what might be coming?"

Chance seems to have also heard the noise and nods to Charlie, "Yeah, I hear it too, down the shaft." He glances to Evan, and then to Charlie, nodding to him, "Let's toss a couple down, see what's what."

Charlie rolls Athletics-2: Good Success (8 8 7 6 5)

Charlie leans over to look down the shaft, just in time to have one of the Cython snakes launch itself over the edge at her.

"Looks like we have a lift to catch," Graham says with a nod to Tavo, his body-language clearly prepared to go as far from the thingthatgoesboom as possible. He cranes his neck forward, trying to get a better view down the tunnel through which they will be exiting and frowns, "Exit looks clear, but I can't see much given the lighting."

"Yes." Tavo responds to Cate, then pauses, "Back on Scorpia. It's been a while."

There's a sort of wordless shout of surprise from Charlie as the 'snake' launches itself at her and she lunges back out of the way. Deft enough on her feet still, even crouching, to get free and out of the way. She stumbles back and free of the tunnel, gun held tight in hand. "That's the frakkn' snakes they were talking about?!" Someone hadn't seen the damn things before.

"Ohgodsfrakthatfraknonononope." Evan babbles as he jumps back as well from the tunnel entrance, rifle up and waving around to try to keep the damn snake thing in his sights. Apparently he really doesn't roll with serpents, or cylon serpents.

The Leonese woman still holds steady at the entrance to the control room, keeping an eye on the way corridor. She glances over her shoulder to Tavo and Cate. She considers the corridor again, frowning slightly at the quiet.

There's a clatter of gunfire from down the hall where the guard team was left, as they massacre the Cythons. Lot easier to hit them when they're not wrapped around a friendly marine. But dang those things do move quick.

"Frak, Daly, report," Haney calls over the radio.

"Well," Graham says as he, and presumably the team he's with, head down the tunnelway towards the sounds of gunfire, "At least I remembered this was a stealth mission." He slips his thumb over the firing selector and switches from No Pew to Pew, ready for action.

After unloading a lot of rounds into the Cythons, Chance clears his weapon chamber once the last one goes down. He then puts a hand to his earpiece for his comm, "We just had two of those cylon snake things come at us. They are both down, Wagner got bit, I'm checking on her now. What's your ETA?" And then he moves over towards Charlie nodding to her, rifle still ready, "How's that arm, Corporal?"

The sound of gunfire from down the tunnel draws Tavo's head up quickly, and he snugs the butt of his SAW into his shoulder, heading to the left side of the doorway and settling in there to cover the hallway back, "On you, Haney." He too shifts his weapon from Safe to Fun with a careful movement of his thumb.

Evan tracks across the first Cython, letting loose a burst of shots as it closes in on him. The last bullets hitting it as it leaps forward and lands at him. He's busy untangling himself before he can get back to bring fire on the second one, only catching the aftermath. A sharp glance but he steps forward to the tunnel entrance to take up a holding position.

Well, at first, they're easy to hit. Charlie focuses on the one going after Evan. Totally not because he freaked out but because, well, it's easier to aim for one that's further from you. But then there's one right on fraking top of her and she can't aim quite as well. She does still get her rifle right up into the godsdamned thing, but not before it gets its 'teeth' into her arm and her rifle just sort of drops as her hand gives way. "FRAK!" THere's a look down to the arm and she's biting down into her lip. "It'll hold. I'll have to take the ladder up though."

"'Was' being the operative word there," Cate says dryly to Graham. Hefting her weapon, she follows with the rest down the hall. Once they get back to the others, she'll move over to help Charlie.

The sound of gunfire has her straightening up sharply, as is the call over the comms and the reply. She grimaces, looking over at Tavo before she starts to move. She heads out into the hallway, pressing up close to the hallway to use it as partial cover as she moves. She takes up a position as they return to the others, though she carefully does not peek down the shaft.

There's a nod from Chance to Charlie his gaze falling to the two cylon snakes on the ground, riddled with bullets. "Already, let's get a bandage on that bite until the Doc gets back over here." He pulls out a pack of gauze from his cargo pocket on his pants and looks towards where the rest went. "I can just carry you up the rope, it's no big deal." Because he's huge.

"Well, safe bet they know we're here now," Haney grumps at no one in particular. "All right. You guys head on up. Rest of us will cover you from here and bring up the rear." He motions to Chance, Gustavo, Cate, Rothschild and Charlie. (And Graham if he's staying too.)

"I'd really... prefer not to be carried anywhere." Because she's a marine, damnit. Charlie's too busy examining the wound because it's not every day you get bitten by a mechanical snake- oh hello, Cate! "Hey, Doc." She almost sheepishly offers her somewhat mangled arm up for tending.

Tavo moves along the left-hand wall, opposite Rothschild. When they reach the ventilation shaft, he looks to the cython corpses, grimacing, "Ugly motherfrakkers." At Haney's order, Tavo nods, slinging his SAW and gathering up the rope he kicked aside when the last people came down. "Eighteen minutes." There's a pause, and he adds, "Ish."

Gustavo rolls Athletics: Good Success (8 7 6 5 5 4 4 4 1 1)

Chance rolls Athletics: Great Success (7 7 7 6 6 6 4 4 2)

Graham rolls Athletics: Great Success (8 8 7 6 6 4 2 2)

Rothschild rolls Athletics: Good Success (8 8 6 5 4 4 4)

Cate rolls Mountaineering+2: Good Success (8 7 7 6 5 5 4 2 2 2)

Charlie rolls Athletics-1: Success (8 7 5 5 3 2)

Cate moves quickly, especially when Tavo reminds them that the clock is ticking. "You just had to get a matching scar huh?" Cate was grumping around the berthings after getting her own arm chomped a couple weeks ago. She bandages it quickly. "That'll hold till we get back. You okay to climb?" She missed the exchange with Chance.

Rothschild grips at the rope first, leaving the ladder for others. She goes about hooking into her harness so she can focus on the climb up. She manages to get a good grip and not lose it as she starts to climb up with a steady upward pull. She is very smart, and she doesn't look down. Looking down is what always makes you lose your focus as you realize how far away the ground really is.

Acknowledging the danger, and apparently slipping out of the shadows of obscurity, Graham reaches to his belt to tug his combat knife from within. He stuffs the blade, edge outwards, in his teeth and grabs a hold of the rope. "Feefoo ong she udder shiide," he says as he hefts his firearm in his right hand and grabs a hold of the rope with the other. With all the speed and effiency of someone that has, in fact, done this whole thing drunk, he walk-climbs his way up the rope. One handed. With his eyes closed.

"Oh yeah. Couldn't leave you all alone with such badassery," Charlie offers, grimacing a bit as the bandaging is put on. Quick usually means rough. "Pretty sure." She'll at least try the climb. Unlike those on the ropes, the Piconese woman is going for the ladder. Allows her to rely more on parts of her arm that aren't, y'know, rended by metal teeth.

Tavo does not worry about knives or anything fancy, climbing up the first several feet like he's in gym class, and then getting his boots onto the wall of the shaft so that he can walk up it. Halfway up, one of his boots slips, and adrenaline washes through his body as he holds for a moment, breathing hard and looking down into the blackness below. The rest of the ascent goes well enough, and he notes to Graham, "And you were bitching about climbing." At the hatch, he pauses a moment, then hauls himself up and out.

Cate stuffs the supplies back in her backpack. She watches Charlie ascend for a moment to make sure the woman's doing all right with that arm, then she grabs one of the ropes and heads on up after the guys, walk-climbing back up the ventilation shaft.

Rope shmope. Chance once again will wait to rear guard, and once the others have gotten up the rope, he grabs onto it and starts to hoist himself up and out as well. Chance was one of those guys who was awesome in gym class. He scales it like ... a guy who is awesome at climbing up a rope in full tactical gear and carrying a machine gun.

"I don't bitch," Graham says once he has surfaced from the black depths, and removed the knife from his mouth with his left hand, "I comment on tactical situations. Tactically." He grins and shrugs his lean shoulders, "I just didn't wanna have to babysit recon while we're surrounded and under fire." He narrows his gaze slightly, "And knowing Recon - capital R - and her love of grenades... possibly also on fire." He eyes the ladder carefully, as if he expects Charlie to be replaced by a cybernetic snake at any moment, "No signs of clankers?"

"Frak you too, Price," Charlie offers as she slowly climbs. She's a bit breathless and there's already a bit of blood seeping through the bandages, but she caught that. "I love my gun more than grenades. You should know that." And no, she's not turning into a snake at all. That'll happen come the new moon, right?

Blowing a kiss over the way, apparently suspended mid-climb and clinging to the rope with his thighs, Graham grins to Charlie, "If you say so, but I'm not the one that ran towards a sniper holding enough munitions to split open a planet." He does pause in his 'teasing' though, to nod towards the wounded arm, "How bad did it get you? All the way through?" He peers up at the ass above him and frowns, "Lemme guess," he mutters, "hatch is closed, we're locked in, and I'm gonna die by gassing?"

"It was taking us out one by one. I wanted to stop the frakker." Charlie's not going to apologize for her actions. She also won't ever admit to the real reasons behind them. Nope. Forever it will be self-sacrifice for the good of all. "But rarely do I just 'love' grenades." Hmph! She loops her good arm through the ladder to more comfortably 'hang around' as they wait for the hatch to be opened. There's a glance down, back into 'the abyss.' "Can we get a move on?" There is a look to her arm and a grunt in the affirmative. "I think so." It'll be her turn for 'overnight observation' in the infirmary, likely.

"Technically I think you'd die from falling down before the gas got you," Cate offers to Graham. Isn't she so helpful? She hangs back, looking up at the stack of marines and down into the darkness below.

Rothschild gets to the top, pulling herself clear of her rope so she's braced at the top of the shaft. She feels the close-quarters of the top, and she takes several breathes to settle herself into it the narrowness. She hears the words below her, and she glances down toward Graham. "Only if you want those three things." She pulls herself up a bit more, trying to make it so it is not so cozy. She clears her throat and looks to Tavo.

Graham rolls Composure: Good Success (8 8 7 3 2 1 1)

Tavo tucks up close below Rothschild as they reach the top of the hatch, bracing himself, "Tactical babysitting. Got it." He draws in a breath, glancing to Rothschild from under his helmet, then pulls further up alongside the Leonese woman, clearing his throat a little as well as he crowds in closer, "Together?" His voice is a little tight, "And then out fast to clear the way?" He puts a hand on the door, bracing himself with both legs and his other hand and gathering himself, "I'll go out first." As he waits, he glances around the interior of the door, just to make sure there isn't a grenade sitting there waiting for them.

Clenching tighter with his legs, and doing a darn good job of not looking down, Graham frowns and closes his eyes, "Thanks Doc. Real comforting." He grunts and just concentrates on not looking down. Not looking down. Not. Looking. Down. He lets out a haggard breath and opens his eyes again, peering up above him. He pushes his knife back into its sheath and grabs a hold of the rope in preparation to move, "A'ight. Don't dawdle down there when we get moving. We've got like... fifteen minutes."

Unfortuantely, due to the bottleneck on getting out, Chance, who was the last one up the rope, is now sort of just stuck, hanging there while the others figure out what they are doing. "Seriously, let's move. Before one of you falls." He's not gonna fall, but someone else probably will.

"Guess my bedside manner needs some work," Cate says to Graham, feeling a tiny bit guilty at the way he starts clutching the rope tighter. But there's nothing to do but wait, sweat dampening her face.

Rothschild nods sharply to Tavo, and she offers him a wry smile toward the Scorpian. "Together." She then begins to grip onto the door as well so she can power her way through with Tavo without, hopefully, falling back down the shaft.

Gustavo rolls Alertness: Great Success (8 8 7 6 6 5 2 1)

Rothschild rolls Alertness: Good Success (8 8 6 5 4 3 1)

The hatch opens and nothing happens. Gustavo and Rothschild clear the hatch, leaving room for Charlie and Graham to follow next. The two gunners don't see any Cylons in plain sight right away, but something catches their attention in the trees - actually right about where the Colonials were set up when they were covering the team heading into the hatch earlier. Four Cylons.

Gustavo suppresses Cent1 with Lmg+Ap and succeeds.

Gustavo suppresses Cent2 with Lmg+Ap and succeeds.

Gustavo suppresses Cent3 with Lmg+Ap and succeeds.

Rothschild fires full-auto!

Rothschild attacks Cent1 with Lmg+Ap. Stopped by ARMOR on Right Arm.

Rothschild attacks Cent2 with Lmg+Ap and HITS! Incapacitated wound to Chest.

Rothschild attacks Cent3 with Lmg+Ap but MISSES!

// Cent2 has been KO'd!//

Tavo half-tumbles through the hatch, managing the transition between rope and solid ground... not horribly. It's not graceful, but at least it's quick. As he gets out the hatch and steps off to his left, he gathers up his SAW again and starts to scan the area. "Cl -- Check, check! Contact rear!" There's not 'belay' like a true Marine would say, the former soldier using Army talk as he fires from the hip, aiming to hose down the area around the chrome gleams.

Oh thank Kobol! The hatch is open. Charlie moves a bit too quickly and hisses lowly as she pulls at the bandaging Cate had so kindly put over her wounds, but it doesn't stop her. Nope, she's not staying put. Not knowing there's mechanical snakes down there and charges set to blow. Nope nope nope. She moves up an over, tumbling through the hatch and to her feet. She works to get her rifle to her shoulder as quickly as possible, having heard Tavo's call.

Rothschild breathes slowly as Tavo heads out, and the call for contacts has her sweeping after the Scorpian. Her SAW is put right into her shoulder as she compresses the trigger and lets it go wild across the chrome bodies of the Centurions. The ting against the armor is completely ignored, the blast to the chest drops the second, but the third shots go wide. She does not stop, advancing to clear space for the others to exit.

Following quickly after the, concerningly, hissing Recon Graham's left hand flies to support the foregrip of his weapon once it's clear of rope. He isn't as graceful as the wounded gazelle ahead of him as he clears the hatch and heads to meet up with Rothschild and Tavo... and naturally to fire as many rounds as he possibly can down range. Because he's a Gunner, not an accountant. Well he's that too. But. You know what I mean.

Perhaps it was not as big a surprise as we had hoped for. The Cylons were expecting to ambush the pesky humans when they came out. They need to work on their camo a bit, apparently, because they weren't expecting to be noticed quite so easily. One of them goes down, but then the others open fire.

"Shit," Cate mumbles under her breath when she hears Tavo's warning. But there's nowhere to go but up and out, so as soon as Charlie's out the hatch she's following after.

Charlie fires a burst!

Charlie attacks Cylon1 with Rifle+Ap but hits the COVER they're behind.

Charlie attacks Cylon1 with Rifle+Ap but hits the COVER they're behind.

Charlie attacks Cylon1 with Rifle+Ap but Cylon1 EVADES!

Graham fires full-auto!

Graham attacks Cent1 with Lmg+Ap but hits the COVER they're behind.

Graham attacks Cent1 with Lmg+Ap. Stopped by ARMOR on Left Leg.

Graham attacks Cent1 with Lmg+Ap but MISSES!

Graham attacks Cent3 with Lmg+Ap but MISSES!

Graham attacks Cent3 with Lmg+Ap but Cent3 EVADES!

Graham attacks Cent3 with Lmg+Ap but hits the COVER they're behind.

Rothschild fires full-auto!

Rothschild attacks Cent1 with Lmg+Ap but hits the COVER they're behind.

Rothschild attacks Cent1 with Lmg+Ap but hits the COVER they're behind.

Rothschild attacks Cent1 with Lmg+Ap but MISSES!

Rothschild attacks Cent3 with Lmg+Ap but MISSES!

Rothschild attacks Cent3 with Lmg+Ap and HITS! Flesh Wound wound to Chest. (Reduced by ARMOR)

Rothschild attacks Cent3 with Lmg+Ap but MISSES!

Cylon1 attacks Graham with Pistol+Ap and HITS! Flesh Wound wound to Chest.

Gustavo tries to suppress Cent1 with Lmg+Ap but FAILS.

Gustavo suppresses Cent3 with Lmg+Ap and succeeds.

Gustavo suppresses Cylon1 with Lmg+Ap and succeeds.

Cent3 fires full-auto!

Cent3 attacks Charlie with Lmg+Tripod but MISSES!

Cent3 attacks Charlie with Lmg+Tripod and HITS! Impaired wound to Right Arm.

Cent3 attacks Charlie with Lmg+Tripod and HITS! Impaired wound to Abdomen. (Reduced by ARMOR)

Cent3 attacks Graham with Lmg+Tripod and HITS! Graze wound to Abdomen.

Cent3 attacks Graham with Lmg+Tripod but MISSES!

Cent3 attacks Graham with Lmg+Tripod but MISSES!

Cent1 fires full-auto!

Cent1 attacks Gustavo with Lmg+Tripod and HITS! Impaired wound to Head. (Reduced by ARMOR)

Cent1 attacks Gustavo with Lmg+Tripod but Gustavo EVADES!

Cent1 attacks Gustavo with Lmg+Tripod but MISSES!

Cent1 attacks Rothschild with Lmg+Tripod but MISSES!

Cent1 attacks Rothschild with Lmg+Tripod but MISSES!

Cent1 attacks Rothschild with Lmg+Tripod but MISSES!

Tavo continues moving off to his left, trying to open up space between himself and the rest of the group. He pulls the butt of the SAW up to his shoulder and hammers out another long burst. "Three chrome-domes in the treeline." The tracers should help with that, although they slew off-target as he takes a round to the helmet, sending him spinning and staggering. His left hand comes off the weapon, bracing him to keep from falling to the ground, and he blinks, trying to clear his sudden double-vision.

As soon as the way is clear, Chance rushes the last few feet up and out of the hatch to get into the fight. He comes into the fray, having unslung his machine gun as he hoisted himself out into things and immediately takes in the various targets, flipping the switch on his machine gun from burst to full auto and bracing himself to unload on them, not taking the time to get cover frist.

Rothschild is just advancing without hesitating as shots buzz past her. The Centurions suffer only blasting wounds across their limbs, but she does not relent. It is only out of the corner of her eye does she spot Gustavo's hit. "Shit. Tavo, are you alright?" Not that she has time to really worry herself about it as she ducks from a few blasts from the Centurions, feeling the air sing around her ears as one just misses.

As soon as Cate's feet are on solid ground she's moving away from the hatch, shifting her SMG off her back and into her hands. "Sarge, we've got three toasters in the treeline up here," she reports back to Haney, while taking aim at one of them. "Tavo, you okay?" she calls over, seeing him stagger.

Grunting sharply when his chest and stomach are hit, Graham mutters, "Frak this..." He tugs up the foregrip on his Minimi to release the bipod legs and careens forwards, moving quickly to his knees and then to lay down on the job. He does what all gunners do best and presses the 'fun' button to launch five-five-six towards the toasters, "Stay frosty," he calls towards Rothschild, well aware that telling a medic to do anything is pointless.

Right out into the open, firing, and... Charlie does not fare well in the end. With her arm recently torn open by, well, a freakin' RoboSnake, she's not able to aim all that well. In the end, that's not really what does her poorly. What does her poorly is the fact that for all the Centurions didn't get the ambush they were looking for, they still technically have the upper hand. Which means the Piconese woman gets hit... and hit hard. Fortunately, the round that gets her in the midsection gets softened by her armor, but her right arm isn't looking so great either. She's probably not going to be playing overwatch sniper for a bit. Propping herself up on her elbows isn't going to be fun game for a little while. The hit to her stomach knocks the wind out of her, so it's sort of a gasp of surprise as she stumbles back, trying to recover and fire back, moving for some/ sort of cover by the mine entrance. It's not so easy. Not when, well, her hands are starting to slip with blood over her own weapon.

Graham fires full-auto!

Graham attacks Cent1 with Lmg+Ap+Bipod but hits the COVER they're behind.

Graham attacks Cent3 with Lmg+Ap+Bipod but hits the COVER they're behind.

Graham attacks Cylon1 with Lmg+Ap+Bipod but Cylon1 EVADES!

Rothschild fires full-auto!

Rothschild attacks Cent1 with Lmg+Ap but hits the COVER they're behind.

Rothschild attacks Cent1 with Lmg+Ap but hits the COVER they're behind.

Rothschild attacks Cent1 with Lmg+Ap but MISSES!

Rothschild attacks Cent3 with Lmg+Ap but MISSES!

Rothschild attacks Cent3 with Lmg+Ap but MISSES!

Rothschild attacks Cent3 with Lmg+Ap but MISSES!

Chance fires full-auto!

Chance attacks Cent1 with Lmg+Ap but hits the COVER they're behind.

Chance attacks Cent3 with Lmg+Ap. Stopped by ARMOR on Left Arm.

Chance attacks Cylon1 with Lmg+Ap but Cylon1 EVADES EASILY!

Cate fires a burst!

Cate attacks Cent3 with Smg+Ap but hits the COVER they're behind.

Cate attacks Cent3 with Smg+Ap but hits the COVER they're behind.

Cate attacks Cent3 with Smg+Ap. Stopped by ARMOR on Abdomen.

Gustavo fires full-auto!

Gustavo attacks Cent1 with Lmg+Ap but hits the COVER they're behind.

Gustavo attacks Cent1 with Lmg+Ap. Stopped by ARMOR on Left Leg.

Gustavo attacks Cent1 with Lmg+Ap but hits the COVER they're behind.

Gustavo attacks Cent1 with Lmg+Ap but MISSES!

Gustavo attacks Cent1 with Lmg+Ap but MISSES!

Gustavo attacks Cent1 with Lmg+Ap. Stopped by ARMOR on Abdomen.

Gustavo attacks Cent1 with Lmg+Ap but Cent1 EVADES!

Gustavo attacks Cent1 with Lmg+Ap but MISSES!

Cylon1 attacks Charlie with Pistol+Ap and HITS! Impaired wound to Chest.

Charlie fires a burst!

Charlie attacks Cylon1 with Rifle+Ap but hits the COVER they're behind.

Charlie attacks Cylon1 with Rifle+Ap but MISSES!

Charlie attacks Cylon1 with Rifle+Ap but MISSES!

Cent1 fires full-auto!

Cent1 attacks Cate with Lmg+Tripod and HITS! Graze wound to Chest. (Reduced by ARMOR)

Cent1 attacks Graham with Lmg+Tripod and HITS! Flesh Wound wound to Right Arm.

Cent1 attacks Gustavo with Lmg+Tripod. Stopped by ARMOR on Chest.

Cent3 fires full-auto!

Cent3 attacks Rothschild with Lmg+Tripod and HITS! Graze wound to Chest. (Reduced by ARMOR)

Cent3 attacks Chance with Lmg+Tripod and HITS! Impaired wound to Chest. (Reduced by ARMOR)

Cent3 attacks Charlie with Lmg+Tripod but MISSES!

As Charlie and Gustavo distance themselves from the others, the Centurions focus their fire on the others.

"I'm..." Tavo's fire discipline is certainly suffering, as he picks out a single target, gets his left hand on the bipod as a foregrip, and pours a long burst of let and white phosphorous into it... and the trees around it... and the dirt in front of it... and the foliage behind it. "...still here." Blood trickles down the right side of his head, from under his ruined helmet, washing over his ear and down his neck. He's just got his balance back when a round thumps into his ribs, stopped by his vest but still knocking him back a couple of staggering steps. He grunts in pain, and blows out a breath to clear a trickle of blood from his lips.

And that's her chest. Charlie's really putting her armor through the ringer today, isn't she? It's a bad sign when one of your marines gets hit and just sort of laughs. She quickly rubs a hand against her leg to try to clean it off a bit and there's a bit of shakiness in her arm when she goes back to firing. Her aim is absolute shit, but she's still in the fight. For now.

The grazing hit across her shoulder causes Rothschild to stagger a bit, but she fights through the abrupt pain that blossoms and then fades in the wash of adrenaline. She advances forward, continuing to lay down her fire, but there is not a single indication that she hits so she switches her strategy to focus on single targets.

Having taken shots at all of them, Chance finds that their armor is stopping his bullets better than he'd like. Concentrated fire it is then. Chance stays in the thick of it, even after a round slams into his chest, though his body armor keeps it from being more than a nasty bruise. So he focuses on one of the centurions to focus his fire there.

Cate fires a burst that mostly just tears up the foliage. She's shifting her attention from Gustavo to Charlie when a round strikes her vest. The medic staggers a bit and falls to one knee, catching her breath for a second before yelling over to Charlie. "Wagner, you good?" She sounds a little horase there, still winded. She fires again.

"Hey uh, Staff," Graham calls over his shoulder with a frown, "I ain't draggin' your ass back home. You stay with us!" He hooks his feet together, right over left at the ankles, to give himself as much stability against the ground as he leans on his weapon's stock to send another twenty-five dollars down range towards the clankers.

Gustavo fires full-auto!

Gustavo attacks Cent1 with Lmg+Ap and HITS! Graze wound to Left Arm. (Reduced by ARMOR)

Gustavo attacks Cent1 with Lmg+Ap but MISSES!

Gustavo attacks Cent1 with Lmg+Ap but Cent1 EVADES!

Gustavo attacks Cent3 with Lmg+Ap but MISSES!

Gustavo attacks Cent3 with Lmg+Ap but Cent3 EVADES!

Gustavo attacks Cent3 with Lmg+Ap but MISSES!

Charlie fires a burst!

Charlie attacks Cylon1 with Rifle+Ap but hits the COVER they're behind.

Charlie attacks Cylon1 with Rifle+Ap but Cylon1 EVADES!

Charlie attacks Cylon1 with Rifle+Ap but Cylon1 EVADES!

Rothschild fires a burst!

Rothschild attacks Cent1 with Lmg+Ap. Stopped by ARMOR on Left Arm.

Rothschild attacks Cent1 with Lmg+Ap. Stopped by ARMOR on Chest.

Rothschild attacks Cent1 with Lmg+Ap but MISSES!

Graham suppresses Cent1 with Lmg+Ap+Bipod and succeeds.

Graham suppresses Cent3 with Lmg+Ap+Bipod and succeeds.

Graham suppresses Cylon1 with Lmg+Ap+Bipod and succeeds.

Cylon1 attacks Charlie with Pistol+Ap. Stopped by ARMOR on Chest.

Chance fires full-auto!

Chance attacks Cent1 with Lmg+Ap but hits the COVER they're behind.

Chance attacks Cent1 with Lmg+Ap but hits the COVER they're behind.

Chance attacks Cent1 with Lmg+Ap but Cent1 EVADES!

Chance attacks Cent1 with Lmg+Ap and HITS! Incapacitated wound to Head. (Reduced by ARMOR)

Chance attacks Cent1 with Lmg+Ap but MISSES!

Chance attacks Cent1 with Lmg+Ap and HITS! Impaired wound to Chest. (Reduced by ARMOR)

Chance attacks Cent1 with Lmg+Ap but MISSES!

Chance attacks Cent1 with Lmg+Ap but MISSES!

Cate fires a burst!

Cate attacks Cent3 with Smg+Ap but hits the COVER they're behind.

Cate attacks Cent3 with Smg+Ap and HITS! Incapacitated wound to Right Arm. (Reduced by ARMOR)

Cate attacks Cent3 with Smg+Ap but MISSES!

Cent3 fires full-auto!

Cent3 attacks Rothschild with Lmg+Tripod but MISSES!

Cent3 attacks Rothschild with Lmg+Tripod but MISSES!

Cent3 attacks Rothschild with Lmg+Tripod but Rothschild EVADES!

Cent3 attacks Chance with Lmg+Tripod but MISSES!

Cent3 attacks Chance with Lmg+Tripod but MISSES!

Cent3 attacks Chance with Lmg+Tripod and HITS! Graze wound to Right Arm.

Cent1 fires full-auto!

Cent1 attacks Cate with Lmg+Tripod and HITS! Flesh Wound wound to Right Arm.

Cent1 attacks Cate with Lmg+Tripod but Cate EVADES!

Cent1 attacks Cate with Lmg+Tripod but MISSES!

Cent1 attacks Graham with Lmg+Tripod but MISSES!

Cent1 attacks Graham with Lmg+Tripod but MISSES!

Cent1 attacks Graham with Lmg+Tripod but MISSES!

// Cent1 has been KO'd!//

// Cent3 has been KO'd!//

"Just fine." Charlie says. But Charlie was not just fine. Charlie had fallen to one knee and was barely aiming in the general direction of one of the Cylons. It was sort of the direction of the Cylon. Fortunately, it wasn't doing that good of a job of hitting her- well, it hit her armor. Thankfully, it proved the Colonial-made stuff works, even when it's been shredded by LMG rounds. But the chances of the woman making the long hike back on her own two feet? Pretty slim.

Put enough bullets downrange and even the fact that the toasters are in trees can't help them. The two remaining Centurions go down, and the last Cylon turns tail. He doesn't get very far though before the marines riddle him with bullets. And then the field is quiet. Well, except for Haney demanding a status report in their earpieces.

As Tavo starts to recover from the twin impacts a bit, he gathers himself and drops down to first his knees, and then prone, flipping out the bipod and settling himself in behind it. "Won't have to, Price. I'm... mobile." He has to wipe his left forearm across his face to keep blood from running into his face, squinting to focus a more controlled burst into the fleeing Cylon, "Four toasters. They're down. Clear." Even if his head is still ringing like a bell. "What's it now, sixteen minutes?" Probably much less than that, actually.

Dodging a bullet is not exactly typical, but Rothschild manages to dodge out of the way as the Centurion continues to lay down a sweep of fire across her chosen path. She stumbles just a bit, which perhaps helps with the evasion of the shot, but it also deeply impacts her ability to actually score a hit on her own target. She ends up almost tucked against that same rock she had used to brace before they went down into the sahft, and that gives her a moment to take stock of those around her. Her gaze cuts to Tavo briefly, but then it's Charlie that has the brunt of her attention. "Then we best keep moving," she breathes heavily. The Praetorian is living up to her fame as again she has only taken the most minor of wounds, and the blood trickles vaguely from the graze across her shoulder.

"Sarge, we've got some wounded up here, but the threat has been cleared." Chance responds into his comm. He turns and looks to Cate, then the others, "Everyone good to move?" And if not? Move anyway. The adrenaline is still flowing, so despite having been grazed in the right arm, he isn't stopping to check the wound. It's not keeping his arm from working.

Cate takes down one of the Centurions, but not before the other one wings her in the arm. "Frak," she hisses. "Why is it always that frakking arm. Ow." But despite her grousing, the medic is still mobile, and heading over to Ms. "Just Fine", which she doesn't believe for a moment. "Come on," she says to Charlie, offering a hand up. "Let's get to the trees and then lemme take a look at that."

Usually, it's Charlie dodging bullets. She's run into Centurion fire an come out in the clear before. Maybe there's something in that 'snake' bite. This isn't normal for the recon marine. She hasn't been this badly injured since the Fall of Hyperion. The woman is staring at her right arm when Cate makes it to her side and just blinks at the medic before accepting the hand up. She winces as muscles in her abdomen that shouldn't be pulling have to contract and move. A deeper breath doesn't do her any favors in her chest, either. She coughs and... oh, hey, nice splatter pattern you've got, now, Cate. She'll move, but it's slow-going. At the very least, Wagner's good at keeping herself conscious.

Tavo hauls himself to his knees, bracing himself with a hand, looking around at the group, "Um... should set up... thingie." He blinks, rubbing at his forehead again and then idly noting, "Reloading." The mostly-used mag is swapped out for a fresh one, and then he remembers, "Perimeter." He blinks again, "You're hit, Roths?" It's just easier than her whole name, and then he chuckles, "I think I win though."

When a Gunner hasn't got anything to shoot at he gets easily confused and distracted. Graham, however, has other things to occupy him at present. He handles his weapon and sniffs sharply upon standing from his position, mud and muck all down the front of his armour. He sweeps his left arm down to clear the majority of it as he sidles up to Charlie and sucks his teeth, "You know," he says in an off-handed way to the smaller person, "You don't have to lean towards the bullets. Just saying." He does, however, lean down the CONSIDERABLE DISTANCE to offer his shoulders while Cate does the prep, "Lean on, Recon. You did good, rest easy."

There's a lot of grousing in Graham's direction. Or there is. In Charlie's mind. It never quite makes it to her mouth. She doesn't even have the energy for that much. She just sort of... leans and lets Cate do what field medical work can be one before they have to hoof it to the extract point.

Chance will wait for evac to arrive, keeping watch for any further tincan surprises. Quiet would be nice. Quiet is what they'll get, much deserved after the past few moments. Still, it gives the medic time to work on those who need it.

And they all lived happily, and wounded, ever after. Except Tavo, because screw that guy.


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