2237-05-28 - Budge Over

After action, Eva comes to visit Finn in sickbay.

Date: 2237-05-28

Location: Sickbay, //Vanguard//

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Eva stayed, for as long as her fuel, and her ship held out. Once she was sure that the downed raptor team would make it back, she headed to the naval base. From there, it was an impossibly long (seemingly) wait, for a transport back to the ship. And then, an even longer wait to be cleared to see Finn. With no other option but to wait, she took the time to shower, change, to put together a few things for him, and then finally, managing to do so without knocking anyone over, she headed back to where he's been settled in, looking around the corner to see if he's awake yet. But she'll sit with him whether or no.

Finn, like the stubborn ass he is, stayed in the fight way too long. His ship barely made it back to the Vanguard and it took them endless minutes to cut through the cockpit seals to get him out, since the canopy wouldn't open. He was rushed to sickbay where he was tended with other wounded marines and pilots. He was less injured than some, more so than quite a few others. Really, the biggest issue was the head wound. He has a concussion, and a deep cut on his scalp. A few stitches later though and he's mostly okay.

He is awake.

Eva, usually the one that's supposed to be unflappable, couldn't bring herself to look at Finn's viper, as she was walking through the hangar deck, so it will have to, perhaps, be a story he will tell her, once he's healed. For now, she'll content herself with just stepping in, studying him, so out of place in this place, "Hey, Finn." She waits, at the edge, for a moment, before she steps towards the bed, coming to rest just beside it.

"What's cookin' good lookin'" Finn replies somewhat groggily, his voice dragging out just a touch longer than usual. Also, his Aerilonean accent is a bit thicker than usual. "What's shakin..." he pauses and then frowns, "It'd be weird to call you bacon..." he moves his arm to scratch at his head and then winces at the motion. "You'd think these pain killers would kill more pain." he blinks a few times to focus his eyes.

Eva's laughter is genuine, no doubt, but tempered by her desire not to let the sound become so loud that it's like an icepick in Finn's skull. She perches, on the edge of the bed, a hand reaching out to touch his temple, his right cheekbone, down to his jaw. The smile she offers is familiar, filled with the warmth and affection Eva usually displays, but it's brittle, and she has trouble keeping it bright, keeping it on her lips, keeping it from breaking down and showing the fear beneath, "I'll see if I can get them to up your dosage." And then, more quietly, "You know me..same as ever. How're you? Enjoying the most comfortable beds on the ship?"

"Just tell them I'm a pilot, not a marine...I should get the good drugs..." Finn says adjusting in the bed some. He winces again, but it seems rather mild as far as discomfort goes. "I dunno, it's too comfy. I've been sleeping in berthings for so long I don't like all this fluff." Yes, fluff. From a sickbay bed. He pauses then, eyeing Eva. "I do know you, bacon...You really ok? Cause I'm fine. Just a bit of bad luck is all." In that he got blown the hell up by three raiders at once.

Eva remains perched, studying Finn's face, what she can see of him where the sheets are pulled low enough, the not quite coherent train of his thoughts, at least the ones that he's sharing with her. "A pilot...and a Captain, right?" Again, that slightly wobbly smile, as he asks after her health. Her hand, still on his jaw, curves, cupping his cheek, holding him, momentarily, in place, and rather than answer him, she leans down, dipping down far enough to kiss him, hard enough, and long enough to give the tears time to spill down her cheeks, adding the taste of salt to the touch of her lips.

The drugs make him slow to respond at first, but Finn nods to her after a moment, "Damn right a Captain. Got junior officers outflyin' me, but I'm still a Captain." he falls silent then as she leans in to kiss him. Once more, he finds himself just a beat off in response, but he does return the kiss a hand move to rest on her leg, which about all the range of motion he can manage comfortable. The taste of salt is his first sign that she's crying. He lets out a slow breath before breaking the kiss and frowning at Eva, "I'm fine Eva...I swear, just fine. It's just a few scratches."

She told herself she wasn't going to cry. Well, that was a complete and utter fail. So then she told herself she wasn't going to sob like a little girl. That, at least, she mostly succeeds at, as she sits up, managing not to make any sound at all, even if she needed to lift the hand from his cheek, and press it to her lips to stop their trembling. Once she can manages that, she uses the same hand to wipe her cheeks, her voice slightly wobbly, but serviceable. "I know you are. And they weren't out-flying you. They just picked the easier targets."

"Nah, I frakked up. I didn't start evasive maneuvers fast enough..." Finn mutters, chiding himself just a bit. Still, his gaze lingers on her and he seems slow to pick up the not so subtle features of her emotional state. A moment later he frowns and adds on, "Why are you cryin', darlin'?"

"That's on both of us. We both prefer to go in hard and fast." Which is usually why no one really argues about the fact that the two of them prefer to fly together. Let the two near suicidal risk takers do their own thing. "I'm just sad that you messed up your face. You know that's my second favourite part."

"I'm doped up, not dumb..." Finn replies, gaze still settled on Eva's face, "Yer not crying because I'm gonna have a little scar." Seriously, they did a good job on the stitching all things considered. It'll be an inch or two in his hairline, but he's not going to complain about that. "What's actually botherin you?"

Eva takes a few deep breaths, managing to get the wobblies under control. "I didn't say that you were." Another breath, and then she nods, "You know, I've been doing this most of my adult life. I've lost more people that I care about than I want to think about. But I've never had to face the reality of losing you." She does manage a smile, reaching out to try to claim one of his hands, "I'll be alright. I just need to learn how to get used to it." She looks back to the bag she brought with her, "I brought your quilt. Want to split it with me?"

Finn is quiet while she talks, hand still on her leg. He frowns at her just a bit, and then nods, "I ain't perfect out there..." a beat pause, "Obviously." he takes a moment to look at his chest, covered in gauze, and reflects on the fact that flight suits are in fact, not armored. It's a shame really. "You won't have to lose me. I'll put in more sim time. I'll just become perfect." He smirks at her and then nods, "Doc said I have to be watched with this concussion." He holds a hand out to her, "You volunteering?"

"You already are, Finn O'Day, don't ever let anyone tell you differently." Eva smiles, reaching down to pat the hand on her knee, slipping off of the bed long enough to retrieve the quilt she made for him so long ago, bringing it back to the bed, in time to take the hand he's offering her, "I suppose I am." Her free hand unfolds the quilt, unfolding it over his body, "Now budge over, so I can watch you."


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