2237-05-28 - First Payment on a Debt

Rothschild stops by the infirmary to start paying off a debt to Tavo.

Date: 2237-05-28

Location: Infirmary, Cutter //Vanguard//

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Scene Number: 1069

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Tavo is still awake, but with the lights dim and most of the other residents of the infirmary asleep, he's removed the silly oversized sunglasses. He's still eating, or eating again, working on a sandwich that smells of pulled pork. The small light at the side of his bed is on, and he's paging through a vacation magazine that trumpets the beauties of Canceron.

Rothschild has been away from the ship since her last visit to the infirmary. She slips in quietly, in her off-duties with a light sweatshirt pulled over her layered tank. She has her hair loose, falling in light waves along her shoulders in a recently cropped bob. She casts a glance toward the other beds before she settles her attention on Tavo. She starts to smile as she approaches, stopping at his feet where she gently grips his left ankle. "Shouldn't you be asleep?" Her words are hushed as to not interrupt the sleep of others.

Tavo looks up at the motion, a smile touching his lips as he spots her smile, although the new haircut draws him up short with a blink. Setting the sandwich and magazine aside when she reaches his bedside, his smile spreads at the touch to his ankle, "Probably not. But you still owe me." Leaning forward a little, his eyes tightening as he does, he reaches out to brush at the bob, "Decided you needed a change?"

The touch to her hair draws a soft chuckle and follow-up smile. The Leonese woman looks almost apprehensive as he examines the new way her hair falls. She settles onto the edge of the bed, drawing her leg up so that she can press up against his hip lightly. She draws her fingers down across her light waves, being a little thoughtful of the shorter length. "Do you approve?" Then her smile gains a crooked edge. "Should I be seeking your approval?"

The first question causes him to nod, "It's nice. I liked the braids, but this is good too." It's already been established that Tavo knows nothing of fashion, right? The second question, however, leaves him fumbling for an answer, "Uh..." Not helping himself. "...I don't know? I'm pretty sure you get to do whatever you want." His brows furrow a moment, "How are you planning to get it out of your eyes in the field?" Honest question, no judgment there.

Rothschild's amusement dances in her dark eyes when he fumbles about for an answer, and she lifts her chin proudly. "Of course I do." Then she shrugs a shoulder, and starts to gather up the shoulder-length hair, gathering it up tightly behind her. It leaves her forelocks still daring at her cheeks. "I'll probably need a few pins to be sure." Her smile redoubles. "But I'm pretty good with pinning curls." Then she releases the hair so it falls easily back into place. Then she draws herself up a few inches so she can settle her hip against him.

Tavo watches the demonstration, and he nods, chuckling as her smile beams out, "So you didn't have a stylist then?" Now he's just teasing her, setting a hand on her knee when she leans into his hip, then glances around the darkened infirmary, "The Praetorian did her own hair? Much more and you'd think she'd do her own laundry." Rolling his shoulders a little, he adds, "So I spent the day sitting here, eating, and reading whatever they had lying around, and you spent the day getting your hair done planetside? I don't think that sounds fair. I hope you spent some time down there coming up with a good story for me to make up for it."

Rothschild draws her fingers lightly across his knuckles as his hand settles on her knee. Then she tilts her head to smile at him with that ghostly lightness that is so signature to her public demeanor. "There was much more on my agenda today than a stop at the barber." She then wrinkles her nose slightly as he reminds her of their bet, and she offers a small nod. "Yes, I do." She narrows her eyes slightly. "Are you awake enough for this?"

"Oh, I don't know how long it takes to get a haircut that doesn't involve a trimmer. So, then you bought me something to keep me entertained in here?" Tavo chuckles again, shaking his head to suggest that he wasn't serious. He snorts at her question, however, making a beckoning gesture with his free hand, "You're not getting out of it that easy. Spill. I'll stay awake." A touch of mischief flickers behind his dark eyes, and he lowers his voice a little, "Unless you find some way to wear me out."

Rothschild snorts at his chuckling question, but she does slide up a little closer at his beckoning gesture. This allows his quieter words to be easily heard, and her smile takes on a smoldering edge. "Mmm, not in an infirmary so crowded." She then tilts her head, and the bob neatly follows the motion, almost enhancing the light motion. She brushes her fingers down his arm as she speaks, keeping her eyes on the ever-familiarizing features of the Scorpian. "So, I was seventeen... my boyfriend had gone off to university, but I still had a year to go. I felt so intimidated every time I came to visit, surrounded by all these mature girls. I decided that I needed to up my game, as it were, so when he came home on Spring holiday, I had planned this elaborate evening."

Tavo nods readily enough at those smoldering words, chuckling and accepting the demurral without complaint. Even that smile is enough to run a shiver down his spine, and the fingers at his arm send a wave of gooseflesh rushing before them. Still, he musters his attention, focusing on her words. In his mind, there's a giant house, decorated with everything a lower-class Scorpian thinks might be in a noble Leonese house -- and a seventeen-year-old Rothschild, who doesn't look much different in his head. He chuckles, "You had to keep up?"

"I was a very awkward teenage girl," Rothschild protests at his chuckling words. "I had not really grown into myself by then." She brushes her fingers down his arm again, noticing the shiver of skin and goosebumps. Then she continues, breathing out a slow exhale. "Well, we're coming to the finale of the evening, and before we could... well..." She gestures meaningfully. "He confessed he had been seeing a boy named Jacob while at school, and could not find a way to tell me. I was, of course, at this point, in just my underwear." She quirks a smile at him.

Tavo shakes his head at her protestation, but appears to allow it, especially when she repeats the bare brush of fingers on his arm. "Kind of... cold in a buttless gown," he excuses the gooseflesh. Bullshit. And then he quiets down to hear the story continue, his eyebrows raising, "Asshole." Pausing a moment, Tavo corrects himself, "Could have been worse, I guess? Could have been after? Waste of a good moment either way."

Rothschild laughs at his immediate reaction, and she shakes her head. "Oh, it wasn't so bad. He was actually very sweet about it. I was mortified because here I was, worried mostly about the other girls. Typical insecurities, and only looking at the women as threats." She offers him a soft smile despite the regression, looking a bit insecure herself.

Tavo slowly nods his understanding, "Yeah. I get that. Secondary school was... hard. Good, but hard. Especially when you're bigger than most of the seniors when you come in as a freshman." And then he nudges her leg with his knuckles, "But this is your embarrassing story, not mine. Totally on you that you didn't think other men were a threat to your boyfriend," that's teasing, "or on him," that's less so. "Least you don't have to worry about anyone horning in on anyone you're interested in now." Something about the casual way he says the last bit suggests 'as an adult' rather than 'with me,' but it could definitely be taken either way.

Rothschild starts to smile that light, ghostly smile that is more in her eyes than on her lips. "Well, he certainly is quite happy now from what I hear, though I remember being very, very cautious for the next couple years with each boyfriend." Beat pause. "Not that there were that many." She then quirks a brow, thinking about the casual statement before she quirks her head. "Well. I'm sure there's still a risk there, but I'm far more resilient in the face of being one-of-many."

'Each boyfriend' starts to get a chuckle from Tavo, his brows rising up toward the bandage around his head, and the reassurance causes the chuckle to build to laughter smothered by one hand. Mustn't wake up anyone else in the infirmary. "Come on, Praety, how many people have you wanted but didn't get -- when they knew you wanted them -- since... call it your last year of college?"

The Praetorian arches up a brow at his growing laughter, and she squeezes his wrist as it gets just loud enough for someone across the room to go 'shhh!'. The Leonese woman scowls playfully at him, giving his shoulder a light punch before she settles back in her seat at the edge of his bed. His question narrows her eyes thoughtfully. "Well, there were. Perhaps two people. One was my botany professor. Young fellow, fresh into the university professor scene. Gorgeous beard. I tried to seduce him my senior year, and he politely turned me down. Very professional." She quirks a smile at him. "I even wore a very appealing top and everything."

Tavo rocks his shoulder under the punch rather more than strictly necessary, "Bullshit," he announces quietly and definitively, and then listens to the first example, "You wore a very appealing top and he turned you down? Not interested in women." He pauses a moment, considering, "Or more worried about his job than the very appealing top. Idiot."

Rothschild finds herself relaxed and smiling far more fully than she does around most. "Well, I'm sure that you can write him a very disparaging letter, commenting on his idiocy of thirteen years ago." Then her smile has a mischievous quirk. "But you should know..." She leans in close, whispering meaningfully against his ear, "It was a very appealing top." Then she settles back, starting to stand from his bedside.

"What's his name? I'll send the letter to his husband." Tavo waves off the request, making it clear that it's a joke. The lean and the whisper causes Tavo to clear his throat, shifting a little in the hospital bed -- just to ensure that he doesn't have a limb fall asleep from sitting in one place too long, honest. "Yeah, but Praety, you make khakis look good. Nobody does that." That's right, Tavo, play it off... his brows rise as she starts to stand, "Headed back for some sleep then?" He hides his disappointment... not very well, to be honest. "I should probably crash too."

Rothschild laughs softly, clasping a hand over her mouth as she does to respect the need for quiet. She then smiles a bit more shyly at his easy compliment, and she leans back down over him so she can press her warm, fully lips to his bandaged brow. "Mmhmm. You should." Then she diverts lower from his brow, and she drops a soft kiss to his lips, perhaps only further fueling the rumors of their casual run-ins. She murmurs just after the kiss is done, "I've volunteered to do some clean-up around the ship tomorrow. If you're feeling up to it, you should join me."

Her laughter draws a smile back onto Tavo's face, and the lean in for the kiss to his brow doubles it. When her lips seek out his own, he draws in a breath through his nose, returning the kiss eagerly. Her murmur causes him to check again, however, shaking his head slowly, "You just want me out on light duty so you don't have to tell another embarrassing story." Still, he nods, "If I'm cleared, I'll come help."

"I'll tell you one more story, light-duty okayed or not." Rothschild smiles down at the Scorpian before she starts to withdraw, giving his wrist a squeeze as she turns away to begin her sauntering withdraw from the infirmary to find solitude and quiet in her own bunk.

"Sold." Tavo twists his wrist in her grip to give her forearm a light squeeze of his own, then looses it to let her stand and depart. He watches her head out for a long moment, then looks down to his late-night meal and magazine. The meal is covered on its tray, and then he hauls himself up to make his way to the restroom before bed. The benefits of just having a mild concussion rather than anything worse.


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