2237-05-28 - Marine Infirmary Invasion

A pair of mostly-whole Marines visit some less-whole Marines in the infirmary.

Date: 2237-05-28

Location: Sick Bay, Cutter //Vanguard//

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Scene Number: 1063

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Tavo is being a good patient. He's tucked into a bed with hospital corners that his feet have nearly tugged out of their neat folds, he's wearing a hospital gown, and he only has his bed partially upright as he scoops chocolate pudding from a cup. A bandage is wound 'round his head, low over his right temple, and he has some exceptionally-large sunglasses on, the sort you wear after a trip to the eye doctor.

The upper half of Charlie's body is rather thoroughly bandaged. Both of her arms, as well as her torso. The sniper spent a bit of time in surgery; there was a bit of work needed around her stomach, to make sure no bits of shrapnel were left in the wounds and nothing was left to be infected. That's the main concern at the moment. Same likely goes for the others still laid up. The worry of infection, considering Canceron and its jungles. There's a chair pulled up close by her bed, but its unoccupied at the moment. She stirs from her sleep; drugs wearing off and the pain they were preventing coming back full force. The Corporal groans with it, eyes blinking open as her arms twitch at her sides... which only make it worse. "Frak... me."

Rothschild is only used to jump travel because of her tour around the colonies before her assignment to the Timber Wolves. She has gotten over the queasiness and complete loss of apetite, and so has no real reason to be at the infirmary besides visiting her injured comrades. She is also avoiding disembarking from the Vanguard at all costs, avoiding all sorts of shoreleave plans. She steps lightly into the infirmary, smiling that perfect for-the-public smile at the doctors and nurses, and then she spies Gustavo and Charlie. "Just here to pay a visit," she explains to an inquiring nurse, and then the Praetorian steps up to the chair by Charlie's bed, which also happens to put her between Charlie and Gustavo. "I don't think that is likely to be on your physical therapy orders," Roths tells Charlie as she sits. She turns slightly to regard the bespectacled Tavo. "Dilation?"

Looking across the infirmary, Tavo squints slightly behind those heavy, dark glasses, "You still with us, Wagner?" There's a pause, "Blink twice for 'yes,' once for 'no.'" Even though she just demonstrated that she can talk just fine. He looks up as Rothschild charms her way past the sickbay attendants, smiling over at the other Staff Sergeant, and then cutting the smile off and reaching up to touch the glasses, shifting a little embarrassedly, "Uh... no, just light sensitivity." Which probably means 'yes, but I didn't listen too closely to the doctor.' "Getting your bandage changed?" The inquiry of Rothschild causes him to tilt his head to one side slightly, which makes it swim, and he leans back against the upright head of the bed, lowering the pudding cup.

"Therapy orders suck ass anyway." Charlie's voice is a bit hoarse as she struggles to sit a bit more upright, looking around for the water she hopes is on the table nearby. "Still here. Better than folks who got hit by those rockets the other day." Like Lyn and Geoff. Who are probably still laid up somewhere. Or maybe off-ship recovering. She winces as she gets herself sitting up a bit straighter. She glances down at the bandaging, making a face. "Figures... finally get off that damn rock, get some leave..."

The Leonese woman settles into her chair, one leg crossed over its pair and her hands settled in her lap. She easily looks between Charlie and Tavo, smirking at the latter in passing. "Well, you wear the shades well." She then shakes her head slightly, reaching up to touch where the bullet had grazed her shoulder. "No. It is healing up slowly put surely. I have my own bandages from the infirm in my bunk." She chuckles at Charlie then. "I'm sure you'll have time for a jaunt down to Scorpia, though even just a walk around the shipyards may be enough."

Tavo nods his agreement with the hoarse voice from the Recon trooper, "Bed button's... uh... on your left." He had to check himself, despite having played with the controls a quarter of an hour ago, "On the arm of the bed." He grunts at the mention of leave though, a hearty disdain coming through the sound clear as a bell, "It's just Scorpia." Says the Scorpian. "Hot temperatures and hot tempers." He touches the glasses again as Rothschild compliments him on how he wears them, shrugging his shoulders helplessly, "Good. Didn't look too bad, but you never know, yeah?" And then his head lifts up a little, "You're just visiting, then?"

There's a light scratching at the top of the bandaging on her right arm, but Charlie does grope around the left side of her bed before finding the controls there. The chair that Evan had likely occupied at some point (or points) is currently occupied by Rothschild. "Thanks." She gets herself upright enough to reach -- gingerly -- for the water pitcher that a nurse has left. A cup is carefully poured and drawn to drink, steadily, from. Pain killers equal dry mouth. Terrible dry mouth. Wagner has to use two hands because between the bandaging and damage, her arms are just a bit weak at the moment. "It's just Scorpia, but it's time off the ship that doesn't equal squelching around getting shot at. I'll take it."

Hearing Scorpia being spoken is always a great time for Evan to walk in, it's like snapping fingers and a genie appearing. The man strolls in with a bottle of carbonated soda beverage in hand, being drank through a straw as he pauses to talk to someone else in a nearby bed that he knows; finishing his journey after that to where Charlie's laid up. "Hey, look who woke up."

Rothschild is thoughtful as she considers first Tavo and then Charlie as the two talk about Scorpia. Then she nods slightly to Tavo. "Well, we did have a bet, but it looks as though there won't be much time for me to share embarrassing childhood stories while you heal." The woman smirks. "Unless you are sabotaging your own healing." Then she looks up as she hears Evan come in, and she starts to stand from the chair at Charlie's bed, gesturing for him to take it. She casually maneuvers over to sit at the edge of Tavo's bed. Very casually. "I would much prefer somewhere that doesn't have its own breed of mosquitos, but I see what you mean."

Nodding at Charlie's commentary on leave, Tavo digs back into his pudding, scraping the cup with the spoon to get the last bits. "Point." The arrival of the other Scorpian marine gets the man a slightly wary nod. You never know with other Scorpians when their clan might have a feud with yours. He adjusts the super-classy giant sunglasses protecting his eyes from the light of the infirmary, then looks back to Rothschild, "Hell no, I wouldn't do that, Praety. I mean, your stories will have to be pretty embarrassing to make up for wearing a gown with no back." And then he nods at the last point, shifting a little in the bed as Rothschild sits down on the edge, "There are six." Pause, "In the Celeste area alone."

When Evan appears, the recon marine just lights up. Chances are, there's still drugs lingering in her system. And soon, someone will come by and feed her more. She notices, however, and moderates it back down before anyone notices. Or she assumes anyone notices. Hint: the whole ward likely notices. "Had to sleep off the worst of it, y'know? Make sure they let me out soon." The cup is set aside and there's a glance over towards Rothschild and Gustavo. "I had a nightmare that a mosquito ended up trapped in my chest. And they missed it when they stitched me up." Oh, there's definitely still drugs in her system. Charlie settles back against her pillows, lifting her arms. "Thought that snake got the worst of me, but... frak no. If I never see Canceron again, it'll be too soon."

Evan initially motions for Roth to keep the chair, but then it's too late so he shrugs and goes to sit down, taking a sip out of his bottle. "Like the good doctors always tell me, you'll get out when you get out. Granted, bribery helps to get you out sooner." He takes another sip then reaches out, giving Charlie's leg a pat. "Don't hate Canceron, not the world's fault. We did good work. All of us, we did good work."

Rothschild arches both brows at Charlie's nightmare, and then her expression becomes thoughtful again. "I can't decide which is worse now... a Cylon-hybird water snake or a mosquito getting sewn up in someone's chest. Quite a rivalry of images." She then glances to Evan with a wry chuckle. "You have to know what to bribe with though." Then she sobers a bit, nodding in agreement to Evan's more pragmatic words. "You're right, of course... we did do good work. There are times I think we all question that."

"If you rush getting back into action," He looks from Charlie to Evan, then smiles a little and glances away, "you'll make something else worse. Because you're compensating for what hurts." It somehow doesn't quite sound like military-derived advice. Looking up to Rothschild, he shrugs slightly, "Mosquito. The buzzing all up your spine?" He shivers ostentatiously, then nods his agreement with Evan's commentary on the planet and Rothschild's response, "We kicked a bunch of cans off a planet, made an area safe again for civvies. I'm good with that."

At least Charlie's legs are wholly intact! She does lean in slightly at Evan's words. "Can you help me with that bribery? I've never had to before." Or had reason to, at least. Then there's more talk of a mosquito sewn up inside and the Corporal gags a bit. She drapes an arm -- almost protectively -- across her midsection, shuddering. "I'll take the snake, thank you." Someone might be reliving that nightmare again, now. Thanks Tavo. "Now, do I recall correctly... mention of Calhoun here having time as a cheerleader.. or is that another nightmare?"

"That was just a nightmare." Evan confirms to Charlie with a sage expression on his face. "Delusions brought on by jungle temps and humidity. Maybe we need to get your dosage upped a bit." He glances around as if looking for a nurse, all the while working dilligently to stifle the grin on his lips. "As for the bribery? I would but if I let you in on my secret, others will find out and then my method is blown and I get stuck here next time."

"Best have Calhoun do the bribing for you then, Wagner." Rothschild glances at her watch after a small buzzing noise, and she breathes out a slow exhale. "Alright. Duty calls." But, they're on shore leave, so what that duty is, is perhaps a mystery. She starts to stand from Tavo's bed, giving the man's ankle a squeeze as she does. "I also need to go find something more terrifying than a mosquito buzzing around my spine." She gives Charlie a look that includes a light smile. She nods to Evan as she starts to turn, intending to head for the door.

"Wait... it might be the concussion talking, but I remember something about a cheerleader too. And not just the Cylon type." Tavo's shoulders droop a little as Rothschild announces her departure, but he nods, "Always something to do." The touch at his ankle draws a little grin back to his lips, and then he offers up, "How about reporters? Interviews? Everyone asking, 'Just what is it between you and Eshfield? Has it been hard to slip away with both of you on active duty?'" Now he's just teasing the Leonese woman.

"I swear I won't tell anyone your secrets," Charlie assures Evan, looking to him with wide eyes. "Please, help a gal out. I can't spend leave stuck up here. I wouldn't leave you stuck on the ship when there's ground to put your feet on." The woman's eyes slide past one Scorpian clansman to another when Tavo speaks up. "Ah! See! Cheerleader. He remembers, too." There's a broad grins that centers back on Evan. "Seems I get to ask you about some stories this time."

"See? This is why I can't tell you my secrets. It just leads to a whole lot of awkward conversations." Evan reaches down though to give Charlie's hand a pat. "You won't be on the ship the whole of leave. I'd put money on a night or two and they'll let you move around. From the rumors I've heard we'll be here a few days at least. The wing took it pretty bad so there's repairs and resupply that is needed. So don't you worry your head about such things."

Rothschild snorts at Tavo's jesting words, and she shrugs a shoulder. "Well, I hear Eshfield might be here, that is if the Galactica is still around." Which it isn't, but Roths doesn't know that yet. "So, I suppose I'll be answering questions instead about how we're going to spend our precious time together..." And then she is heading for the door without looking back.

Tavo settles back after offering up that horrible vision to Rothschild, setting aside his cup of pudding and focusing on the other two in the infirmary, "If she's going to drive me crazy begging everyone to get out of bed, I say you just do the bribery for her, Calhoun. Even if she should totally stay down until they say otherwise."


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