2237-05-28 - Soft Things

Socks, Tattoos, and shipyard meetings for Priya and Salvae

Date: 2237-05-28

Location: Crew Lounge

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Scene Number: 1060

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Boots clatter in the hallway as Priya approaches the crew lounge at the front of the ship, the wide viewport offering an overlook of Scorpia's shipyard. An unfamiliar face on the Vanguard, her dark half-shaved hair has been drawn back from her features in a looped braid. She examines the room with an interest that indicates its all new to her, running a hand lightly along one of the bookshelves and frowning at one of the titles. It's hard to tell if it is the romantic epic or the history text that has caught her attention.

Relaxing on one of the couches, Salvae's currently working on some knitting. His needles work and it looks like he's putting some time into a pair of socks, striped blue and gold. He glances up as Priya enters the room and notices the look of wonder as she explores. "Welcome aboard," he says, his voice a thick aerilon accent, his needles still clicking away.

Turning towards the sound of Salvae's voice, Priya arches a brow and inclines her head. "Thanks," she says, her own Tauron accent thick around the edges. "Still figuring out the lay of the ship." It's offered after a pause, hand sliding into her pocket leaving the lines of her tattoos exposed.

"I hear it's a small one," Salvae says, his knitting slowing as he chats, "Seems pretty big to me, though. Any ship that can carry other ships, shouldn't be called small, if you ask me. Now Danno's house boat? Back on Agean? Used ta think that was a big ship." He shakes his head and tsks. "Small potatoes these days, lemme tell ya."

"Not everything's Galatica," Priya agrees with a knotch to her shoulder upwards. She smiles a little at his comment about ships, mouth edging upwards at the corner. "The world changes as it will. We just go along with it, yeah. I'm Priya. Tarsis."

"Salvae. Gess," the pilot introduces himself. "They told me I'd be posted to Galactica in my orders sheet, but I guess someone had a typo or somethin, found myself here," he smiles. "Not such a bad thing, it's cozy," he says, "not so cozy as those streets down on Canceron," he says, referring to the overcrowded cities and refugee camps, "but kind of a happy medium, I spose."

"From the little I've heard you haven't been missing out on any action for being here." Priya shakes her head, mouth flat at the thought. "Can't say I saw much of those - but few enough streets are cozy these days." Tapping a foot against the floor, she offers, "From what I've seen so far - which comprises of not the whole of it - seems like a solid ship."

"Ya, wolves had a right tilly yesterday, frakked up most of her vipers, almost put a few into the rhubarb, but we managed to pull through," Salvae nods his head. "Heard the grunts had a tough go, kickin the toasters oot of some mine.. Lords, could you imagine having a scrap in a tyllium mine, who knows what would set that off?"

"Frak me. That's a hell of a fight - you are a pilot?" Priya confirms of Salvae and his socks. There is the odd edge to her smile at the thought of a fight in a tyllium mine. "True enough, but think how many toasters you might take out with you. Needs be and all that."

"Me? Oh ya, I fly. Prolly be stuck on a raptor for the time being while they fix up that viper I mangled last night. Frakkin missiles," Salvae complains. He inclines his head, and studies Priya for a moment, "You an ECO?" he wonders, after checking her uniform for insignia. "Coulda used you last night, thas for sure."

The insignia is there for him to find and she nods in confirmation. "Yeah," Priya answers. There's not much she can do for last night, but her dark eyes are solemn as she promises, "Next time, I'll hopefully be of use."

Salvae smiles "No doubt," he says. "Don't get into the Timberwolves by being a frakup," he says, then grins, "Well, least a big frackup."

"Personal maybe," Priya counters of fracking up, mouth hooking in a crooked smile. "I'll do my best to make sure I keep to that." Glancing down at the needles in his hands, she adds, "Although I hope that's not a requirement. I'm goddamn useless with anything less than a tattoo or sewing needle."

Salvae glances down at his knitting needles and shrugs his shoulders. "It fills the quiet times, I spose. Not much for Triad or Pyramid, though there's something of a league for both picking up if I catch Scuttlebutt right." He finishes his row, "So, you sticknpoke, or did you bring a gun on board?"

"Some things work best to do so." Finding herself the edge of a chair, Priya takes up a perch rather than continuing to stand. "I'm a shit Pyramid player. Its fun enough though." Settling her hands on her knees, she taps her pinky finger in the imitation of a needle. "I prefer the gun. Got one in my bag, although I can do it the old way."

With the row finished, Salvae sets his needles down and leans on the arm of the couch, "I've been meaning to get another one," he says. "Just haven't gotten drunk enough for it, I spose, now that we've got someone with the gear, we can get on that sometime soon."

"I've done the most of my recent ones." Extending an arm, Salvae can see the black ink that marks it in largely traditional Tauron symbols, with a few more decorative marks around what look like burn scars. There are older more faded tattoos well. Priya snorts with a slight smile. "I'd recommend not being too drunk, makes you bleed more."

"Ya, but it hurts too much without the liquor," Salvae grins. "Gettin my old squadron patch on my shoulder nearly killed me, and that was after finishin a micky and sharin a 24 with my wingman.. Unless we knick some morpha from sickbay, I think my next ink will have to wait."

"Baby." Priya says with a mild snort and a grin. "I just got on this bird, I'm not knicking anything from anywhere in the near future. Particularly a medbay." Brushing off her knees, she rises slowly. "You'll know where to find me when you're ready anyways. Looks like a cluster of bunks. I should go finish my walk about."

Salvae chuckles, "Ya, my buddy Ray'd throw me these super soft birthdays for me," he says. "Guess he wasn't too far off the mark."

"Maybe not." Lifting a hand in a brief wave, Priya turns to exit the room.


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