2237-05-28 - To Friends and Home

Aldrich and Lyn have drinks in a little cantina on the shores of Argentum Bay and become friends.

Date: 2237-05-28

Location: A little Cantina with a view of the beach in Argentum Bay

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Shore leave! There is nothing better in Lyn Arda's mind, even if it is another damned jungle hot beachy planet. She hates being cooped up on a ship; it drives her nuts. She hopped on one of the first Raptor's to Scorpia's surface, and stepped off into the heat and humidity and mostly naked bodies of the somewhat trashy party city. Her sling is off at least, but she still sports some bandages on her forehead, right arm, and chest. She's wearing a white tee shirt and khaki shorts with socks and boots, looking more like she's going on a hike, then visiting a little cantina on the beach.

The sergeant finds herself a seat at the bar and orders a bottled beer. She smells strongly of sun block, because as an Aquarian, she tends to have two shades, pasty white and lobster red.

One probably wouldn't expect to find the ship's chaplain visiting a trashy party city, but then again, maybe that's the point. It's a rare moment where Al can be found out of uniform. He's wearing Gemenese-style casual wear, which...really isn't all that casual, in all honesty. But an effort was made, at least! He's already sitting at the bar holding a drink when Lyn arrives and orders. He glances up, with a slightly startled look, but then smiles faintly. "Well, hello."

Lyn wraps a napkin around her beer bottle, with a little origami-ish tuck that holds it tightly in place, keeping the condensation off her hand. She takes a sip and lets out a relieved sigh afterwards. Air that hasn't been processed and breathed in and out by hundreds of people over and over. Real beer. Walls that aren't metal. A documentable daytime and night time. She loves being planetside.

Aldrich's greeting has her giving him a grin. It's day and night between on ship or on mission Ghost, and on leave Lyn. "Chaplain! Good to see you! How did the mission go last night on Canceron? They wouldn't clear me for it." She moves to sit on the stool next to him, and eyes his drink curiously.

Aldrich seems to have made the opposite transformation compared to Lyn. He seems a little more solemn today than he usually might be. "Oh, we achieved the objective. There were some snags, but when aren't there?" He stirs his drink a bit, which seems to be some sort of cocktail. "How are you feeling? You seem well."

"I'm always better when I'm not trapped in a tin can floating in a vacuum," Lyn replies, tipping her beer towards Aldrich's drink. "What're you having, Chaplain? I owe you one on me for your advice, as wrong as it was." She motions to the bartender to get the Gemenese man another.

Aldrich looks back toward Lyn, curiously and a bit concerned. "Oh no... Wrong in what way?" he wonders, and waves off the offer of a drink. "And you don't owe me anything, of course. Don't be silly."

"There wasn't any hope. He'd already moved on. He did just want closure," Lyn explains. She shrugs, which makes her wince as it pulls on her stitches a little. The pain isn't as bad as a few days ago though. "And I think he just really wanted me to admit it was all my fault, so he could be guilt free. But, we're on speaking terms now at least." For the most part. She's still struggling even though he seems to be fine. "But hey, hearts never break even do they? Someone always gets stuck with the bigger part to grieve."

Aldrich takes a sip of his drink, and then offers, "I'm sorry to hear that." His eyes remain focused on his drink, regarding it with a distant, thoughtful look. He smiles faintly, and admits, "I suppose I shouldn't have given advice to begin with. Romance has never been my forte. I'm truly sorry."

"No, you were right. If we don't have hope, we don't have anything. I had to try, and I needed to stop being a coward about facing him. It helped, a lot." Lyn gives him a small smile, but at least it's genuine and not forced. "I don't know a whole lot about the Gemenon priesthood stuff. Are you allowed to have romances or just share your affections with the gods?"

Aldrich has a drink, swallows, and then clears his throat a little, glancing up with a little smile. "Well, I'm glad if it helped, then. You're always welcome to come by for bad advice." The question gets a chuckle, and he looks back to his drink again. "Well, that depends on which sect. But I'm not actually an ordained priest on Gemenon. So I'm free to do whatever I like, I suppose. At least as far as anyone on Gemenon is concerned."

"Good to know," Lyn notes with a sip of her beer. "So what made you decide to be a military chaplain? Especially one who seems inclined to actually walk into battle with the soldiers he shepherds?"

Aldrich goes back to watching his drink, as he answers that question. "I was living on Leonis when the Cylons hit. What's now occupied territory. It was..." He hesitates over that, then changes tack. "When I heard Gemenon was staying out of it, I decided to join up." He smiles, with a slight hint of self-mocking. "I was always a bit contrary like that."

Lyn chuckles. "Good on you, Chaplain. We're all the better for your choice." She glances over her shoulder at the beach and the waves and the sun. "What I wouldn't give for a little snow, or at least sub 70 degree temperatures. I miss Aquaria."

Aldrich nods a little and raises his glass in a pseudo-toast before having another sip. Her comment about the weather inspires a little chuckle, at least. "I can't say I relate to the snow thing... but I know what it's like to miss the familiar."

"I wonder where they'll be deploying us next?" Lyn asks, fiddling with the napkin around her beer. "Though I think I'd be happy for anything that isn't Canceron for a while. I'm tired of jungles. And being shot in the head."

"Who knows?" Aldrich replies. "I suppose wherever we're needed. But I have to agree that I'm glad to see the end of Canceron for awhile. As much as I love it there, that whole series of missions felt cursed from beginning to end."

"It did, didn't. Even the Viper jocks got all chewed up." Lyn grimaces. "I don't like the toasters adapting to new tactics. That is going to make this all that much harder. But some day I'd like to shove their shiny asses off my home planet." Pause. "Pardon my language."

Aldrich nods a little. "Your lips to the gods' ears," he answers, quietly, and finishes off his drink. He clears his throat a little. "It's good you have something to focus on. I think it makes it easier... when people have something to fight for, I mean."

"Yeah, but it also means the rest of the Aquarian soldiers and I don't have a home anymore. We can't look forward to leave there, or a place to go home to if we muster out during this war. Not until the planet is ours again," Lyn points out. "It is a weird feeling, like you're orphaned, even if you still have parents." Lyn finishes her beer and slides it aside, motioning for another.

Aldrich folds his arms on the edge of the bar, and offers, "I won't insult you by implying I know what anyone from Aquaria must feel like. But I /do/ know what it's like to not have a place to go home to. I'm not exactly welcome back on Gemenon." He gestures to the bartender to bring him another when Lyn gets his attention.

"Care to bend my ear about that, Chaplain? You listened to all my problems, I don't mind returning the favor," Lyn offers, looking at him curiously. She's spent a lot of time NOT getting to know people in the Timber Wolves because of her own issues. Maybe she's starting to break out of that habit.

Aldrich glances to the side at Lyn, with an apologetic little smile. "Well, I didn't mean to burden you. I just meant, I can understand at least in part." A drink arrives, and he gives the bartender a grateful smile as he takes a sip. "Anyway," he goes on. "It's nothing interesting. Just family troubles. You know how that goes."

"Not really, no," Lyn chuckles. "My family are all awesome. Brother is a pilot in the CF, mom is a geophysicist currently residing on Libran as a refugee. So tell me about family troubles." He's not getting out of it that easy.

Aldrich snorts faintly at that, with a spark of genuine amusement in his eyes. "Well, surely you've /met/ someone whose family doesn't get along?" he points out, with a shake of his head. "Anyway, it's not that they aren't wonderful. Quite the opposite. You are looking at a Gemenese black sheep," he explains, and lifts his drink to the idea before having a sip.

"I think it's the snow. If your family doesn't all get along when they're trapped together during a blizzard, everyone ends up dead so you don't get to tell anyone about family troubles," Lyn teases. "You? The black sheep? You're kidding right? You're about the nicest person I know." She chuckles.

Aldrich lifts a shoulder a little, and gives Lyn a little half-grin. "You don't know much about Gemenon, do you?" he jokes, gently. Though he grows mildly more serious as he adds, "Religious differences, that's all. Where I come from, you're really not supposed to... question things."

"Really?" Lyn asks, her curiosity piqued. "What did you question, Chaplain?" She does the napkin thing with her second beer and sips from it as she watches him.

Aldrich watches her as she folds the napkin. "The meaning of life... the universe... everything," he jokes, with a smirk, but then adds, "I didn't agree that the Gemenese were the only people that the gods favored. Or even that there was only one correct way to worship the gods."

"And that made your family see red? Hrn. I guess I'm not the most religious of Colonials myself. Not a lot of regularity to services at Arctic Station Thula. I still throw Artemis and Ares some love now and then. Did you find any answers to your questions?" Lyn asks curiously.

Aldrich lifts a shoulder. "Something like that," he confirms, with a little smile. "Some. But the search for answers is a lifelong endeavor, wouldn't you say?" He hesitates, and then adds, "I don't limit myself to Gemenese services, by the way. If you ever want a particular blessing done or anything like that, I hope you'll feel free to come to me. If I don't know it, I'll find out what I need to know."

"That's thoughtful of you, Chaplain. Mostly, I'm just glad to talk to someone like a friend these days. Jonas being here made me realize I'd closed myself off to everyone and everything for the last two years. I don't really know any of the Timber Wolves, and I don't think they really know me." Lyn smiles wanly at that. It's a healing process for her.

Aldrich nods a little and lifts his glass again. "Well, I would be honored to call you my friend. We can never have too many of those, I think." Then he smiles, this time warmly, and adds, "Though my friends call me 'Al'."

"Al," Lyn tests the name out for a moment. "All right Al, to new friends," she lifts her beer to toast. "May we all make it home safe someday."

Aldrich clicks his cup lightly to Lyn's beer and has a drink, then laughs quietly, before gradually growing more serious again. "Here's hoping the gods are listening," he agrees.


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