2237-05-29 - Sand In Your Toes

Cate and Lyn walk and talk on the beach about their similar circumstances.

Date: 2237-05-29

Location: Scorpia -- Beach

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The soldiers have descended once more on Scorpia. Cate got a bit of a late start, having spent yesterday cleaning the barracks as punishment for getting on the sergeant's shit list. But now she's here - in a tank top and capris and sunglasses, walking along the beach. A bandage around her arm clashes with the outfit, but she's luckier than a lot of the marines who made it off Canceron.

Lyn has decided to brave the beach today, after being more inclined to visit the bars yesterday, where the blazing sun couldn't scorch her. She used a good half gallon of sunblock however, and has been out on the beach in a bathing suit with jogging shorts and running shoes, as she finishes up her morning run. Navigating sand isn't much different than running in snow, only less slippery and less likelihood of stepping into a hidden crevasse through thin ice.

Arda's stuck to the shore where the sand is wet but also much more compact, and she pulls up when she catches up to Cate. "Hey Doc," she greets, slowing down to walk at the same pace as the other woman. She's still bandaged up, but her sling is off at least and she looks better than before.

Cate turns when she hears her 'name', offering Lyn a little smile. "Hey Arda. You're looking better. Glad to see you up and about some." She surveys the beach. "Scenery change is kinda jarring after all that time in the jungle and space."

"Yeah, it's still stupidly hot and sorely lacking in snow, but I'll take a planet over a metal tube in a vacuum any day. I get stir crazy if I'm on a ship too long," Lyn admits. And she'd been stuck on the Vanguard for quite a bit after being shot to pieces at that Canceron Castle. "Where's Flats? Not with you today?"

"Yeah seriously. It's nice to breathe fresh air - especially air that's not two hundred percent humidity." She scrunches up her nose at the city backdrop. "Bit crowded for me here though." Looking back to Lyn, she says, "I can't imagine what it would be like to live in snow all the time. Actually I'd never even seen it before we went to Tauron. You must miss it." A sympathetic frown is offered to the other woman, before she smirks and answers the question. "He's coming down later."

Lyn pauses to tug off her shoes and socks, tucking the latter into the former and tying the laces together to make a hand. She slings them over one shoulder so she can curl her toes in the surf that rolls up onto the sand, and continues to walk.

"Yeah, it's crowded, but at least you can stretch out your arms and not touch a wall or another person, unlike on the Vanguard," Lyn points out. How tough must it be for the Aquarian who spent her life at a remote arctic station with a tiny complement of residents? "I do miss the snow, but it's not for everyone. When you grow up with it, you come to an understanding with it. It's the boss. It dictates your day and your activities, because if you challenge it, you might not come home."

Cate falls into step beside Lyn when she starts walking again. "Oh, yeah, I mean - can't complain too much. Fresh air, a beach that hasn't been bombed to shit, nobody's shooting at us... it's all relative." She listens to the description about Aquaria. "So you and Ingvar are both from Thula, yeah? I heard it's pretty tiny there."

Lyn looks out at the waves and the people frolicking in them, surfing on them, sunning on tubes. The mention of Jonas has her smile fading. "Very tiny. I'm from there. He was stationed there a while before the attack," she explains. "My dad was Aquarian militia assigned there, and my mom was a Tauron scientist there to study the volcano. They got married and stayed, so my brother and I were born there."

Cate sees the smile fade, and her lips thin in response. But she pries anyway, "Old flame?" She may have heard the rumours, but she's been burned before taking those as gospel. "You brother - he in the military too?"

"You could say that," Lyn says quietly. "Until I frakked it all up after Aquaria fell. If I hadn't, we'd probably be married and have at least one rugrat by now." Her jaw tightens and she bends to pick up a pebble and toss it into the water. It doesn't skip, it just plunks sadly to the bottom. "Never thought I'd see him again." She lets out a breath and forces a smile at the question about her brother. "Yep, Jackson is a raptor pilot in the CF. We all worked SAR for Thula."

"That's rough. Awkward as hell being stationed at the same place as your ex," Cate offers with a sympathetic frown. "Happened to me for awhile back on Galactica." Her lip quirks up at the mention of Jackson. "Pilot, huh? Older or younger?"

"Understatement of the century," Lyn snorts. "Doubly so when he's moved on to a younger, skinner, prettier thing and they're bunking around the corner from you." She lets out a sigh. "I'm coping though. Best I can at least. We're on speaking terms for the time being." She chuckles at the questions about Jackson. "Younger by four years. And way better looking than me. Also not nearly as dull or depressing." He's kind of a party boy, her brother.

Cate tilts her head. "Ouch. But Walker? She may be younger, but that's his loss. Still, that sucks - I'm sorry." She offers a rueful smirk. "I didn't think I'd run into my ex again either. I was just proud of myself that I didn't deck him and end up spending a week in the brig when I saw him again."

"Yeah, it wasn't really like that. I sort of...ran away after Aquaria fell. It's a long, complicated story and it really makes me look like an idiot. I still have feelings for him but," Lyn shrugs and winces because that still ouches a bit. Stitches come out soon at least. "I want him to be happy. So I swallow down the bile when I see them together, and try to smile and stay out of their way. Baby steps." She arches a brow at Cate. "Is your Ex on the Vanguard?"

Cate shrugs a little. "I think I could win some kind of award for complicated stories that make me look like an idiot, so - you're in good company at least." She offers a smirk, but doesn't pry further. "Sometimes baby steps is all you can do." She shakes her head to the question. "No, he was on Galactica for a few months, but then he transferred off. He wanted to get back together, I didn't. He told me they needed him over in the other taskforce, but..." Another shrug. "I dunno."

"I'd be lying if I said I didn't consider a transfer a thousand times in the past week or so," Lyn admits quietly. "But running away is what made a mess of my life in the first place. I try not to make the same mistake twice." She bends to pick up a small shell and carries it with her. "Besides, I like the Wolves. I know I've been kind of standoffish with people up til now, but I'm trying to do better. I just had a really bad experience on Aquaria and it sort of...twisted things in my head a little. I kept people at arm's reach ever since. The Chaplain has been trying to help me rejoin society so to speak. Good man, Al."

"Well, I'm glad you stuck around. I kinda wish Jake would've." Cate's mouth twists briefly. "Anyway, Al's good people, yeah. He was my only friend on the ship for a good long while. He's good at bringing people out of their bad-experience shells." She offers a little smirk, then asks randomly. "Doesn't it bug you, getting the sand all up in your toes?"

Lyn laughs a bit. "Not really. Better than wet snow down your boot. The water just washes the sand away again. Meanwhile, in snow, you are walking around in wet socks in a squishy boot and your feet are going numb from the cold." She nods in regard to the Chaplain. "He is good at that. He seems to bring out the confessions in a person, and helps lift that burden a bit. Basically, I need to lighten up and start living again, instead of just existing. And it looks like you're doing well now. Tucker is a good guy and it's clear he thinks the sun rises and sets with you."

"Ugh, yeah, wet snow is the worst. First time we went to the mountains on Tauron, it was such a rush we didn't have time to bust out the arctic gear. Just went in our fatigues. I mean, we weren't down there for long, but...snow in the boot, wet knees... kinda sucked." Cate smiles a little about the Chaplain. "He does, yeah. I try to look out for him when we're out there. He's so damn selfless sometimes I worry he won't do it himself." She bobs her head at the last, her lips thinning. "Yeah. Tucker's awesome. I'm pretty lucky." One would think she might sound happier about that.

"Then why do you sound like you're trying to convince yourself of that?" Lyn asks. Her expression goes to that motherly place she tends to take with the younger marines.

Cate offers a rueful smirk. "I'm that transparent huh? Guess it's good I don't play much triad." She walks along for a bit, watching the waves come in, then shrugs. "He's an all-in kind of guy. And I've been burned so many times... it's hard to let anyone in. Sometimes I think he deserves better. Someone who thinks the sun rises and sets with him."

"Now you sound like me, Cate. That was the mistake I made, thinking that there was something better out there for Jonas than me. Don't go there. Make yourself better for him. Live up to his standards. Love, and be happy." Lyn glances around. "I'm gonna go grab a shower and head back to the Vanguard for a bit. But it was good talking to you. Don't be a stranger."

"Told you, you were in good company," Cate offers, flashing that same sad smirk again. "But yeah, was nice chatting with you Seeya later."


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