2237-05-31 - A Bit Hoppy

Jonas checks in on Lyn, though it's really more that he needs someone to talk to.

Date: 2237-05-31

Location: Rental Cottage - Scorpia

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Lyn rented a little cottage on the beach. She hasn't bothered much with leave or the like in the last couple of years, so she had plenty saved up to splurge. It's very small, more like a hotel room separate from the main building of the resort, but it has a king-sized bed, and a separate shower and tub so she can sleep and take a bath like a real human. She's out in the little yard, where she's lounging in a hammock between two trees, reading a mystery novel. She's wearing a bathing suit, sunglasses, and about a gallon of sunblock.

Having heard of Lyn's plans, Jonas decided to visit, even if he decided to get a hotel room for himself. Leaning on the edge of the fence, there's a small chuckle. "If I couldn't smell the aloe and coconut from here, I'd swear you were a local, Lyn." he offers to her as he watches her swing. He's in a pair of shorts, a beach shirt and a baseball cap from Thula on his head, along with a pair of sunglasses.

Lyn lifts the shades up to the top of her head and squints at the address. About the last person she expected a visit from during leave. "Hey, Jonas. If you couldn't smell the aloe and coconut, I'm pretty sure you'd be smelling smoke as I fried under this gods-forsaken sun." She gestures with one hand. Her sling is gone, the bandages are off, and the stitches are out. Now there's just some redness and swelling around the forming scars. "Come on in."

"And here I was just enjoying the idea of you relaxing for a change." Jonas says with a small smirk. "I.. just wanted to check on you." Because they're friends, right? It's what they do. "Did you hear? I qualified as an expert with the submachinegun. Your father's suggestion for me to use it exclusively to cut back on weight paid off."

Lyn arches a brow a bit at checking on her, because she's not sure she buys that. Not without his other half. She gets up out of the hammock and beckons him towards the little porch of the cottage. "Want a beer?" she asks. "And congrats. I made expert with the rifle. Poor Kovak got chewed a new one. He didn't even qualify basic." She reaches into a cooler for a couple of bottled beers and hands one his way.

"Anything like back home?" Jonas asks after opening the gate, watching her and then following her beckoning. Taking one of the beers, he cracks off the top with a quick slap against the side of the porch. "To being cool on the trigger." he taps the neck of his bottle against hers before taking a draw. "I had to miss out on that fun. Qualified earlier in the day because I took a duty shift." he shrugs his shoulders idly.

"A duty shift, during shore leave? I thought you'd be having all sorts of," erm, "fun down here." With Walker. She clinks her bottle to his and takes a swig. It's not fancy, but it's cold and served somewhere other than the Vanguard. She plunks down on the porch swing and sets it in motion. "And nothing like back home, no. I probably should have gone for the qual on the sniper rifle, but I'd have looked stupid after Charlie wrecked the targets hard."

"You're a sniper, she's a sniper. You should have totally tried for it. I mean, Cate tried for the SMG qual too." Jonas shrugs his shoulders again. "I'll get my moments in. Just working on some things." he offers quietly as he settles on the railing of the porch across from her. Taking a draw from the beer, he makes a face. "Ugh, much on the hops?"

Lyn snorts. "Wuss." About the hops. "She get you in the water yet?" she asks, with a smirk. For her part Lyn went up to about her knees, but the ocean waves were kind of scary. So was the idea of things living in that water that might want to eat her. At least if they're under the ice, they're not going anywhere.

"Yeah, well, when I want to be a frakking bunny rabbit, I'll know what to use for fuel." Jonas replies with a roll of his eyes. She then brings up the subject he was trying to avoid in all of this. "Not yet. Hit the boardwalk yesterday. She's concerned about her brother."

Lyn nods, sipping her beer and looking out at the water. It's a peaceful spot at least, a little way down from the crazy parties the rest of the Vanguard are having no doubt. "I imagine so," she admits. "But why are you here instead of with her? Helping her worry?" She looks over at him pointedly at that.

"I thought I'd visit a friend." Jonas replies to that. "You make it sound like a cardinal sin." then he shrugs. "Not that I didn't screw it up anyway. Told her if she plans on going, I wanted to go with her to look for him. Guess I came across as clingy and not wanting to be abandoned." Again.

Lyn winces. "Ouch. Well, that might have been moving too fast, Jonas. You can't pick up with someone else where you left off with us. We had years to get to that point, even though I still frakked it up." She grimaces at him, and there is some sympathy in her expression, because she does want him to be happy. "And sure, we're friends. But it sounds to me like you need someone to talk to about it. Am I right?"

"Guess I was spooked by the ghost of girlfriends' past." Jonas says dryly as he glances over at her and takes another draw from the beer. "This is piss, for the record." he mutters as he looks into the bottle. "I know. And she's young. Which adds to that." he comments mainly to himself. "We ran into her best friend on planet, and I'm used to them being around. Just not sure what step to make next."

Lyn pats the porch swing beside her for him to sit. "Yeah, it's ass, but I blew most of my funds on the rental." She draws a knee up and rests her chin on it. "She's young, yes. And she didn't grow up somewhere like Aquaria which makes you mature fast. And she's a soldier in the middle of a war. All of those things are probably in the mix with her missing brother, Jonas. So as for the next step? That I can't tell you. I suck worse than you at this relationship stuff. I'd suggest having angry raging sex with your ex or something," she teases with a chuckle.

Jonas glances over at her, but he doesn't move to sit. "Is that what you would want, Lyn?" he asks her finally, before setting the beer to the side. "Look, I'll admit my fault in all this. And giving you the ring.. not my smartest move. But damned, I never complained about you in the bed." he points out to her. "Even when we were having to sneak behind your dad's back because we were worried that he'd ship me to the far side of Virgon if he knew what we were doing."

Lyn turns her head on her knee to look at him. "You think I wouldn't take you back in a heartbeat if you'd have me? Jonas, if this girl doesn't appreciate what she's got, she's crazy. I'll be regretting losing you for the rest of my life." She shakes her head and looks back out at the water with a faint smile. "In retrospect, I think he knew. Nothing got past dad and Thula was so small how could he not. So the fact he didn't ship you out says something."

"A guy's gonna find you someday that can do what I couldn't.. know that you're a solitary person and need that time to yourself. I don't do that well. I'm part of a group, you've always travelled the fringe. It was quirky, and when we were younger, it's what worked. Then it didn't when it mattered most. That's not your fault, that's not my fault." Jonas rises to his feet and crosses over to her, leaning down to lightly kiss her cheek. "A piece of you is always going to end up travelling with you, there's nothing that's going to change that, even if the relationship has." He pulls back before he gives into that smallest of temptations of that little corner of his heart. "And I'll smile when you find someone that can relate to that free spirit you are better than I could." With that, he sets the beer to the side and turns to head off. "Don't forget about the Colonel's BBQ. Should be fun."

There that pain is again, where her heart used to be. That little piece of hope ignited for a brief moment, then snuffed out violently again. The kiss to her cheek is like a little piece of yesterday and it aches to not be able to hold onto it. She swallows down the lump in her throat and parses his words. "Sure, I'll try to be there." Maybe. She gets up and collects his beer bottle and makes her way into the cottage, because the waves have lost their appeal.

There's a little hop over the fence and Jonas is on his way before he dares to look back and be turned into a pillar of salt before the sadness that is Lyn.


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