2237-06-01 - Little Cottage on the Beach

A handful of people Lyn gave the address of her little rental cottage to pop in for a drink and a chat.

Date: 2237-06-01

Location: Beach Cottage -- Scorpia

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Lyn has been thoroughly enjoying her mini vacation on leave. Her tiny rental cottage provided her with a hot bubble bath last night, and she was able to sprawl out in that king-sized bed like a frakking starfish. She's had peace and quiet, and room to breathe, for the first time in many months.

Arda is currently in the little beach-facing 'yard' of the cottage, with a short decorative fence that doesn't inhibit the view of the waves. She's lying in a hammock, with a leopard-print one-piece swimsuit, sunglasses, and a floppy hat on, along with half the sunblock on Scorpia. She has a music player nearby on a tree stump from which the not-so-dulcet sounds of Aquarian classic rock issue.

The Ghost looks relaxed, possibly for the first time anyone in the Wolves has ever seen, outside of when she was unconscious in sick bay or a mission.

Aldrich has been invited to drop in on Lyn, and it just so happens that he's decided to do just that. He hasn't bothered with beachwear, but comes wandering up the path wearing his uniform, of all things. He looks a little lost as he comes up the path, but once he spots Lyn he smiles a bit and lifts a hand to get her attention. "Nice hat!" he calls in greeting.

Cate and Tucker were heading out for a bit, but after talking about Lyn for a couple of minutes, the pilot decided it had been a while since he's dropped in on her. Noticing Aldrich already greeting her, there's a chuckle. "If all you're noticing is her hat, we may need to get you fitted for glasses, Chaplain." he offers as he leans against the fence. "Looking relaxed there, Arda."

Lyn slides her sunglasses down her nose and focuses on the Chaplain, eyeing his lack of appropriate beachwear, and chuckles. "You're never going to get the sand out of your boots, Al," she points out. She sets her book aside and gets out of the hammock, one hand on her hat as she makes her way to the fence to open it. She grins at Tucker. "You'll turn a girl's head with talk like that, but thanks for the kind words. Come on in. There's some nice shade on the porch, and I have some bad beer and decent sodas in a cooler." She gestures for them to follow. There are a few lawn chairs on the porch along with a wooden porch swing.

Aldrich turns to look over his shoulder as Tucker calls from behind, and then gives a self-conscious sort of half-smile. He starts to answer, thinks better of it, and instead just offers a friendly, "Hello there, Lieutenant." His attention turns back to Lyn and he steps through the gate to follow her up to the porch. "I think I'll manage somehow. Looks like you're really taking advantage of your time here..."

"Cate wanted to do some shopping and we were in the neighborhood." Tucker gives a good-natured shrug. "So figured I'd kill some time by dropping in to see how the sniper's doing. Seems she's got a better set up than the rest of us." he admits with a playfully rueful smile. "They charge you an arm an a leg for the mini-bar?"

The cooler is full of some horribly hoppy local beer, and a variety of bottled cherry, grape, and orange sodas. No surprise that the secret baker has a sweet tooth. Lyn grabs a grape soda for herself and settles into one of the lawn chairs. "I haven't really taken advantage of shore leave in a couple of years, so this time I thought it might be a good idea. Keep me from going stir crazy on the ship for a while at least." She pops the cap off her soda and takes a sip.

Arda chuckles at Tucker's question. "Probably, which is why I hit the supermarket and bought my own stuff instead." She props her feet up on the porch railing. "So how are you boys enjoying leave? Is Cate coming by too?"

Aldrich takes a soda at random. It turns out to be orange, and he claims a seat on one of the lawn chairs, himself. "Fine. I came down to visit with Geoff, but he's still unconscious." He looks over to Tucker, curiously. "How is Cate, anyway? Is she feeling any better?"

"She's fine, as far as I know. This was the first chance we had to spend any time together on leave." Tucker admits as he takes a seat and gives a grin at Lyn. "I hope she is, I don't think she can afford to pay for your pilotsitting services." There's a wryness to his voice as he takes out one of the beers to crack open and drink. Not quite as hoppy as one would hope.

"What are Geoff's doctors' saying, Al? The kid is gonna pull through, right?" Lyn asks, setting her shades aside to look at the Chaplain seriously. "I know we're all hoping he's too tough to die, but I'm worried for him." She smiles at Tucker and shrugs, "I don't mind pilot sitting. I can always take payment in pilot labor, sweeping sand out of the cottage and doing some dishes."

Aldrich gives Tucker a bit of an odd look, but smiles faintly. "I see. I'm sure I'll see her when she comes by." He looks back to Lyn, and the smile fades entirely, emphasizing the ghost of weariness that has been shadowing his face this week. "He's in serious condition. They're hopeful, but it's still too soon to know anything for sure."

"Pilots are prima-donnas, you don't want us to clean your house." Tucker replies with a small chuckle. "More likely to make a bigger mess than clean up more, cause I'm a total slob."

"Well send my prayers up to all those gods you know a lot more about than I do, Al. The kid is good people, and we can't afford to lose him." Lyn grimaces. Geoff is so young, he has so much ahead of him, he needs to pull through. She snorts at Tucker. "I'll try to remember that. Clutter makes me crazy. Thula was so tiny if you cluttered the place up, you'd never be able to move," she exaggerates.

For a girl who supposedly wanted to go shopping, it might be somewhat unusual that Cate is empty-handed when she finally makes it to Lyn's little cottage, looking around like she's not sure she's got the right place. A faint smile touches her lips when she finally finds their gathering. "Hey," she greets. She's dressed for shore leave in the same outfit Al saw her in the last time she was on Scorpia - tanktop, capris and sunglasses. She dips down the glasses to eye the chaplain. "You're not on duty are you?"

"Hey you." Tucker rises to his feet to get another chair for Cate, a light touch to her side in clear affection, but not much more than that as he knows her skittishness as he brings the chair over. "Beer's terrible. I'd suggest the orange soda." he grins a little as he takes his chair after setting down one for Cate. "Yeah, I'm terribly cluttered."

Aldrich nods silently, with a tight smile that suggests he's as concerned about Geoff as anyone. He gets a little lost in thought for a moment while the other start to talk about clutter, but then he looks up when Cate shows up, blinking back to the present. "Hey, Cate." The question is met with a faint chuckle. "In the service of the lords, aren't I always on duty?" It has a slightly joking tone to it, and he lifts his soda in a mock toast before taking a sip.

Lyn waves Cate in to join them on the porch for shade and refreshments. "Hey Doc! Good to see you!" She chuckles at the reference to the Chaplain's attire. "He's gonna have sand dribbling out of every seam of that uniform for months," she adds. She glances at Cate curiously. "Nothing worth buying?" she asks.

Cate nods to Lyn. "You too. Thanks for the invite. And nah - not really." She touches Tucker's arm in return briefly, but yes - still skittish about public displays of affection. "Can't be that bad. Once you've gotten used to gods-awful home-brewed moonshine, it's all uphill." Al gets a little smirk. "I suppose so. But yeah - you can escape the uniform for a bit. I mean, unless it doesn't bother you I guess." She looks around to see if said beer is obviously out somewhere, but then asks, perplexed, "You're talking about clutter?"

"She threatened to make me clean if you didn't arrive soon." Tucker replies to Cate in explanation as he nudges the cooler with a foot. "I never doubted you'd come get me eventually." he teases as he nods to the Chaplain. "Need to kick back and loosen the collar a little. Not many people around here to save tonight."

Aldrich lifts a shoulder a little, and gives a crooked sort of grin. "I don't really have much in the way of casual wear," he finally admits, and chuckles a bit. Perhaps to distract from that particular topic, he stands. "You want soda or beer, Cate?" he asks, heading over to the cooler to play fetch.

Lyn eyes Aldrich and snorts. "Put it on the list. We need to take Al clothes shopping. He's gonna get mugged by half the clans walking around here in a uniform."

"Beer please. And that's easy to fix," Cate says to Aldrich, waving a hand toward Lyn to indicate her agreement. "Didn't you have something the last time we were here? When we got lost and that asshole was bugging us?" Or maybe he was wearing his uniform then and she's just completely misremembering. A lot's happened since then. She offers a wan smirk to Tucker. "Cleaning not your favorite thing, eh?"

"There's a reason I don't have much stuff, Cate." Tucker says with a little chuckle as he leans back in his chair. "I'm a terrible hoarder underneath the piano exterior." he winks.

Aldrich shrugs a little. "I did," he confirms. "Long story." He grabs a beer from the cooler and passes it over to Cate before returning to his seat. "I don't really need anything, to be honest. It's not like I'm planning a lot of beach trips in the near future." He shoots Lyn a smirk. "What are they going to mug me for? My shoes?"

"He said he was a slob, Doc. I have a hard time believing it, since his Raptor is always clean," Lyn quips, sipping a grape soda, and fanning away mosquitos attracted to the dip she took in that vat of sunblock. She chuckles at Aldrich. "Those boots are worth a lot of money in a jungle, Al. "

Cate offers a soft thanks to Aldrich when she takes the beer. She lifts it a little in silent toast/thanks to the hostess as well before opening it. "Slob, huh? I dunno, your locker doesn't seem too bad. I'm like Al, though. Travel light." To Al, she wonders, "Not going to go to the Colonel's BBQ?"

Tucker makes a shhing motion at Cate. He's trying to convince Lyn not to clean the house, thank you very much. "I agree with the travel light bit. But you'll forgive me if I try to give you a little color, Cate?" he asks. "I mean, I think I'm contractually obligated as your boyfriend to do so." There's a grin at her as he glances to Lyn and ohs. Right. "Sorry." He forgets how lucky he is in the relationship department.

Aldrich smiles at Lyn. "I suppose I will have to trust to the gods for protection, then, won't I?" He drinks some of his soda, and lifts a shoulder uncomfortably at Cate's question. "I don't know. I was thinking I might sit with Geoff. In case he wakes up."

Lyn rolls her eyes at Tucker's apology. "For Frak's sake, you don't have to walk on eggshells around me. I'm fine!" She's not really, but she's also not going to burst into tears at the mention of relationships. She smiles wanly at Aldrich. "Do you think if he wakes up, you'll be allowed to sit there, or will the doctors be all over him in that moment? If you don't find some time to unwind on leave, Al, there's no telling when the next opportunity to de-stress will come."

"Color?" Cate echoes with a blank look to Tucker. Aldrich gets an understanding nod, her lips tightening in a somber expression. She doesn't chime in one way or the other after Lyn's encouragement, just sips her beer quietly.

Tucker sighs. "Nevermind." he gives a little wave of his hand and concentrates on drinking his beer as he listens to the conversation about Geoff, not having much to offer to it all at the moment.

Aldrich gives Lyn a pained smile. "I'll think about it," he says, in the tone of someone who has already done all the thinking. He clears his throat and looks back toward the couple. "So, Tucker. Tell me something about yourself. You're a pilot? Where are you from?"

Lyn gives the chaplain a little nudge with a bare foot against his leg, like they'll revisit this discussion another time, but settles back to listen to Tucker's answers.

Cate's blank look turns to a concerned one, figuring she must've said something wrong. "Think I missed something." She lets her gaze wander, taking in the view, and says, "This is a nice place, Arda" She looks between Aldrich and Tucker, listening to the exchange.

"Sagittarn, born and raised. Started in the Virgon protectorate, ended up in the free zone. Not that the whole damn place shouldn't be free." Tucker says with a shrug of his shoulders. "Though if I knew they made Hibernian girls like Cate, I'd considered staying around." An obvious tease is offered but it comes across awkward.

Aldrich nods a little, "I've heard things are...complicated there," he agrees, with a little smile, and glances toward Cate. He's a bit awkward himself, really. "You should come by the chapel sometime," he finally offers, toward Tucker.

"It is," Lyn agrees with Cate. "Just far enough down the beach from the resort and all the Wolf Pack parties going on to be able to sleep when I want to. A real bed. A bathtub." She sighs happily. "I needed to recharge my batteries pretty bad. Even if it's a little hot and humid for my tastes." She grins at Tucker's words and gives Cate a knowing look. A good man is hard to come by. "The chapel is pretty comforting," she adds.

The faint color that rises to Cate's cheeks is probably not the sort of color Tucker was referring to earlier, but there it is. She offers a shy smile then fidgets with her beer for a minute before offering, "Tucker actually went to Hibernia a few times, on supply runs. He likes to jabber at me in Celtan sometimes." A brief smirk there, then she nods to Lyn. "Yeah I know what you mean."

"<<You make it sound like my accent's terrible.>>" Tucker responds to Cate in Celtan first, before turning his attention to the others, though the comment from Aldrich draws a blink. "Uh. Why?" comes the question. "I mean, pretty sure my soul ain't worth saving these days, and the gods done turned their backs on us, as much as we did to them when we created the instruments of our own destruction."

Aldrich is grinning, though it fades a bit at Tucker's question. "That's...not what I believe. But we all have our own path to walk." He glances to Cate, then back to Tucker. "There are many people who find it calming, whether they believe or not." He clears his throat, and changes the subject, "Do you play Pyramid?" Random Aldrich is random today, apparently.

"The chapel is kind of like," Lyn tries to formulate the words, and just waves her hands in the air. "Even if you aren't religious, it's like a pocket of peace inside the ship. A place where people aren't on top of you, talking at you, demanding things of you. It's quiet, it's calm, and it is the one place on the Vanguard that doesn't make me feel like I'm trapped in a metal tube in a vacuum, if that makes any sense?"

"<<I wouldn't say terrible.>>" Cate offers in Celtan back to Tucker, a little smirk there. But like Aldrich, she sobers up a bit at his words about the chapel. "Pretty sure the Chaplain's contractually obligated to think every soul's worth saving," she offers lightly, before drinking more beer.

Tucker drinks his beer and shrugs, his expression lowering to hold the bottle between his legs. "Maybe for you two.." he says finally. "Just never been my thing." he comments, glancing up at Aldrich. "You know my girlfriend's right here?" he asks with a smirk. "No, don't play Pyramid. Would mess up my fingers for playing the piano."

The question about his girlfriend just earns him an odd smile and a glance to Cate and back. "So?" Yep, seems genuinely lost. But he's distracted soon enough. "Oh! A pianist. That's really nice. You'll have to play for us one day." He grins and little looks back toward Lyn.

"I'm the resident Pyramid junkie I think. We played it a lot at Thula. Not a hell of a lot else to do between expeditions and SARs there," Lyn explains. "And Flats is a damn fine pianist. Heard him at that party we through for the people on Canceron."

"I love pyramid," she says to Lyn. "We should play sometime, when your stitches are all out." There's a confused expression on Cate's face at the exchange between Tucker and Aldrich. "He's got this little portable keyboard," she offers, somewhat lamely, flailing in a rising tide of awkward. Abruptly, she asks Lyn, "Can I use your..." There's a vague motion toward the cottage and - one might presume - the restroom within.

There's a little blink as Tucker finds himself in the Scorpian Inquistion, unexpected as it was as he considers. "I doubt my music would go over well in Chapel, no offense." he offers as Cate stands up to excuse herself. And with her leaving, he's totally considering a retreat. "It's probably getting pretty late." Awkward turtles are awkward.

Aldrich grins a little. "Well, you know, I do sometimes leave the chapel," he points out. "Besides, everyone always forgets about Dionysus." He glances over as Cate excuses herself, and clears his throat. "Ah, yes. I suppose it is." He glances toward Lyn, "We should get a Pyramid game together sometime. I'm terrible, but it's entertaining to watch me try," he jokes.

Lyn smiles to Cate. "I'd like that. A few others have been talking about getting a regular set of pick up games scheduled in the court on the Vanguard." She also nods at the request. "Only

Lyn smiles to Cate. "I'd like that. A few others have been talking about getting a regular set of pick up games scheduled in the court on the Vanguard." She also nods at the request. "Only door on the left." She looks back between Tucker and Aldrich. "Did I miss something?" she asks.

Cate hehs softly at Lyn's suggestion. "Yeah if everyone can stay out of sickbay long enough to actually have a game." She nods her thanks for the directions and then murmurs, "Excuse me a minute." Flee!

"No. Nothing." Tucker offers, withdrawing just a little further into his own privacy when Cate retreats away. Hate to see her go, love to watch her leave. The glance that he gives her is reflective of his starting feelings for the woman as he drains back the rest of his beer.

Aldrich watches Tucker for a moment, thoughtfully, and then finishes off his orange soda. "Well, this has been lovely, but I think I had best better get back to the hospital. The nurse who will let me do proper Gemenese blessings is going to be coming on duty soon." He stands up to put the empty bottle in whatever space might be provided for that. "Thanks for inviting me over, Lyn."

Lyn looks as confused as Aldrich at whatever is transpiring between the couple. She gives Aldrich a warm smile. "Anytime, Al. I might go check out some of the sights tonight. I heard there might be a spot that has tried to recreate Aquarian drinks or something."

"Uh.. sure, Chaplain, see you later." Tucker offers, unsure of what to do with himself at this point, and waiting for Cate to return. Because if he wasn't feeling odd man out before, he definetly is now.

"So, Flats, uh, how did that Inquiry go? I was down here at the time." Lyn figured it wasn't her place, and the air crew needed to close ranks around their own.

Aldrich grins a little at Tucker, then calls back toward the cabin, "I'll see you later, Cate!" The others gets a simple wave and then he's off, probably getting even more sand in his boots as he heads back the way he came.

"Roller didn't set the right frequency on the comms." Tucker says simply. "He frakked it up and someone died. We retrain, forget about it and then continue on because we have to." he offers with a small frown as he looks down at the porch.

Tempting as it would be to just hide out in the cottage for awhile longer, Cate comes back out, frowning faintly as she sees the Chaplain's departing form. "Seeya, Al," she calls after him, before returning to her seat and picking the bottle back up. "You talking about that pilot?" she surmises.

"That is rough. Kell doing ok? He was taking it pretty hard. Tried to keep his spirits up a bit, but I don't think it worked," Lyn says quietly. She sets her empty soda bottle on the porch railing.

"I guess. He's got Cherry helping him out, so I assume that's working out." Tucker rolls his shoulders in a mehish motion as he looks to Cate. "Welcome back. Starting to wonder if you got stuck in there."

"Sorry," Cate offers to Tucker with a faint smile. "Nice place you rented," she says to Lyn. "Bigger than my apartment was back home." She has nothing to offer on the subject of the unfortunate pilot, whom she doesn't really know, so she just sips her beer.

"Well I'm glad things went moderately ok with that. Kid was scared to death, rehearsing his lines, night before." She shakes her head and stands up. "I don't want to shoo you two away, but I think I need to get myself cleaned up and hit a shop or two if I'm going to get any sights seen tonight."


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