2237-06-02 - Surf's Up!

A trio of Picons and their friends hit the waves for some warm beer, surfing, and sunning.

Date: 2237-06-02

Location: SScorpia -- Beach

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Sometimes the Gods are kind. At least so it would seem to the gathering of Picons and their accompanying masses, as they gather on the beach. Far out in the deep ocean, a giant ocean storm has stirred the tides, and all of the Bay has been benefiting from it. Memories of Picon are all around as the waves are riding high on the sand, most of the swells in the four to six foot range. Tall enough, consistent enough, and clean enough that it's drawn both participants and spectators down to the water's edge.

Abigail, fully in 'rehab' mode, natch, is one of those in the group walking her way down towards the break, a short board tucked under her right arm, leaving the left, still healing, to rest against her side. A duffel filled with her equipment is in her right hand, "If you're feeling brave, I think I saw a few wave runners still for rent, Bree."

"I definetly saw something I wanted to try." Jonas, walking next to Abigail, is dressed in a pair of board shorts and a t-shirt, sunglasses in place as he walks with the small group, glancing towards the docks. "I saw one of those water 'jetpack' things. Definetly want to give it a try." There's a grin as he considers. "But I'll watch you catch a few waves first, Gale, don't worry about that."

"I'm so rusty it's sad," Aubrey replies to Abigail, with her own rented short board in hand. She's in a cute bikini, but the top is covered by a short-sleeved rashguard. "About the only thing I want to use a jet ski for is to tow me out to the line so I don't have to paddle," she says with a bright laugh. Clearly, this is home. The waves, the water, the sand. Not Picon, but close enough for the moment. She sticks her board in the sand and sets down her own bag, digging through it for her wax and board leash. "Besides, Jigger is new to surfing. Don't want to kill him his second time out." She winks at her wingman.

Alain's wearing shorts and a white t-shirt, walking alongside the group. He's carrying a long board, trying to make it look like he's totally confident, though he's side-eyeing the size of some of those waves now and then as they walk. "Yeah. I think I might watch you girls take the lead for the first few, eh?" He digs his board into the sand. "Ease me back into it."

"What's up, bitches?" Miko greats the gathered group at large, having heard rumors that there would be some from the ship out to brave the waves. He's carrying a longboard on top of his head, dressed only in swim trunks and flip-flops (with an ample amount of sunscreen to preserve the ink that covers the vast majority of his skin). The way his pack hangs heavy on back, it's loaded down with something for the occasion.

"I was looking at the wave charts and the ocean floor models. There's a canyon out about...a mile out from here," further than they can comfortably see, or paddle to, "I still remember how to strap up, that's all I'm saying." And while, in other circumstances, she and Bree might take turns towing in, with Abigail's body still recovering, it's be the blonde of the pair who'd have to do most of the driving out to the face, "I saw someone doing loop-di-loops with one of those things. It did not look planned." Waterpacks are tricky beasts, "Ease you back in, Jigger? Were you ever out?" Does one ever get out, once Aubrey Naxos gets a hold of you? Eyes up, as she hears the greeting. Ah, her favourite hot nurse. Medic. Whatever, "Kovac."

"Trying to keep me nearby?" Jonas asks with a lift of his brow. "By the way.. the present you left me this morning. Cute." Lifting into his bag, he pulls out a pair of rubber duck pool floaties. "But I don't think they're my size." he offers with a little bump to Abigail's side before Mikolas joins the group. "Hey, Kouvac. Someone finally poured you out of a bottle?"

"Kovac!" Aubrey greets with a smile. "Surf's up, that's what!" She scrapes the old wax off before applying new wax to the topside of the board, because not waxing your board generally results in slipping off it out there. Base coat and top coat go on (the former in the somewhat appropriate psycho method), before she attaches the leash to her board and her ankle. She grins at Alain as she works. "Don't worry, if you start drowning, I'll save you. I promise. Can't let you die before our bet ends!" She plucks up her board in one hand and ruffles Jigger's hair with the other. "A canyon eh? Might want to rent a boat and head out to it," she confides in Abigail. Cheerful as she is, she gives her friend concerned glances now and then, gauging if she's ready for this.

"Uh, well..." Jigger awkwardly kind of pauses at Abigail's question. "Ensign surfer here at best. But," he coughs, briefly, at Aubrey's words. "Well, that's surely comforting." The fact that he tugs off his t-shirt and casually drops it onto the sand suggests he's game, as he reaches for his board. He gives a nod towards the Mikolas as he joins them.

With a grunt, Miko slams his board into the sand, giving it a wiggle to make sure it'll stand on it's own before he peels off one strap of his pack and swings it around front. The drawstring is loosened so he can pull out a six pack of beer on it's little plastic rings. "Nah, just brought the bottle with me, is all." He responds to Jonas as he peels a can off and then offers the rest around to the others.

Abigail's way of cleaning and waxing her board is almost diametrically opposed to Aubrey's, careful and methodical, though that might also have to do with having to pay more attention as she's using her off hand to do it, "I bought the biggest pair I could find. I tried to get them to match your shorts even." A grin, as Abigail looks over at Jonas, "Wasn't that thoughtful?" Clearly, she thought it was. Even if she is trying not to laugh, "We'll keep you safe. And, look, best medic on the Vanguard, just in case you eat it hard." Soon enough, her leash is on, and she's coming back to her feet, "Thanks, I'm good." No beer for her.

"Hold my floaties." Jonas says, tossing them to a kid they pass by on the beach. Apparently he's been egged on enough by Abigail to decide to use his own board to follow her out instead of using it as an impromptu tanning bed as he follows her instructions on how to set up, because the guy from the ice planet is the total newb to all of this. "It shouldn't be much different from skiing."

"Warm beer and surf, this is almost like home, if I close my eyes," Aubrey chuckles, taking the offered can and opening it before taking a swig. She points the can at Alain though. "This is what you should NOT do, ever. We're professionals, don't try this at home kids." Drunk surfing is usually equivalent to drunk drowning. She sticks the beer can into the sand by her bag and hollers "Let's do this!" before jogging into the surf, getting waist deep, then jumping up onto her board on her belly to paddle out.

"I think I'll save that for after, assuming I come back in one piece," Alain says in response to Mikolas' offer of beer, with a wry grin. He's following Aubrey's lead, waxing his board with possibly a little less diligence than she does. "And if I don't, well, hope you know CPR, doc," he grins at Mikolas on the heels of Abigail's advice. He eyes Aubrey with no small amount of bemusement. "You know, you're not overly convincing at the do as I say, not what I do camp, Banshee." Hefting his board, he walks towards the water, taking it a little more at ease. He is still a newbie at all this, after all.

After everyone takes a beer that wants one, Miko cracks open his own using his teeth on the tab to do so. He's pretty fast to drain it, crinkling the can in a fist once it's empty. "Mouth to mouth happens to be a forte of mine." His belongings are dumped in a heap, and his shoes are kicked off so his toes can curl in the damp sand. "Paddle out, I'll be right there. Just waiting on one more." A glance is given down the beach expectantly.

Eli really doesn't know what he's in for. He just got a note to meet Miko on the beach. He makes his way down, clad in shorts and a linen shirt. He's carrying sandals and has aviator sunglasses on his face. His shoulders hunch when he sees the people playing in the waves. "Miko. If you think I'm surfing, you're out of your mind," he calls out.

"Just like skiing." Abigail grins, as she walks down with the group, leaving the pile of her things on the sand. It's sacred, you know. You don't touch a surfer's stuff when they're in the water. "Don't worry, I'll help you figure it out." A slow down, as she hears the sound of the doctor responsible for putting her bits and pieces back together. "Extra insurance." She pauses, as she gets to the edge, "You want me to walk you through it again?"

There's a little touch of hands between Abigail and Jonas before he offers a smirk. "Except instead of chasing the snow, the waves are chasing me." comes the response as he sets his gear next to hers and swallows a little as he looks out at the waves. Not intimidating - okay, a little intimidating for the radio nerd. "Just as we're going out. I don't want to hold people up." he offers as he moves to step into the waves, waiting for the others before following them out.

It's pretty impossible to wipe the grin off Aubrey's face when she's out on the waves on a board. The svelte brunette paddles out hard, feeling the ebb and flow of the ocean's movements beneath her, ducking her board to dive beneath the incoming waves and pop back up on the other side like a dolphin.

Alain is somewhat slower in his progress, keeping a good eye on the others around him -- trying to anyway -- as he paddles hard to get out past the incoming waves. A few defeat him -- pushing him back -- but he makes steady progress out in Aubrey's wake.

"Not surfing, lover boy, you're just riding shotgun." Miko pats his longboard, the reason for the choice in extra length suddenly apparent as it seems he's going to take a passenger along. Or will try to. "Just like sitting on a boat." A very narrow boat with no sides, but whatever! He leans over to attach his leash, then plucks the board out of the sand and hoists it under one arm. Cue the brow waggle at Eli.

"I don't surf and I don't like boats. I'll stand in the water and wait for one of you to break something." Eli really is a killjoy sometimes. He starts towards the water not to surf, but to play lifeguard. "The Cadmuses have never been big on the water sports."

Following Abigail out into the water, Jonas nearly falters off the board, of course. So the two of them go off to the side to go over the instructions yet again, the radioman looking a little embarassed for a moment as he goes through the instructions again before paddling out again.

Aubrey makes it out to the line, past the whitewater where the waves break. She treads water there, sitting on her board, waiting for everyone to catch up. She waves to Eli when she turns around, greeting the doc from afar. She keeps an eye on Jigger's progress,

One of the waves knocks Jigger off his board, but after a few minutes he's back on it, paddling furiously. He's a bit breathless by the time he makes it out to the whitewater, giving Aubrey a thumbs up as he catches his breath, and glances back to see where the others are.

Abigail is imminently patient, as she should be. Surfing is dangerous, especially if you don't have much experience. So she's happy to take the time to go through the instructions with Jonas, the two of them going through the motions, setting up, popping up, then back down again. Once she's sure he's a bit more comfortable, they head out to the line to join Aubrey and Alain. Miko...she leaves to wrangle the doc.

And the only thing Miko does is grin to that, looking more pleased by Eli's answer than perhaps if he had agreed in the first place. He swings by the doctor to give him a noisy kiss on the cheek, "Good thing I mark a new generation for Clan Cadmus," and offers, "There's beer and binoculars in my bag." He less wades more runs into the water, dropping his board in the process and belly flopping onto it like a seal when it's deep enough to start paddling and catch up with the others.

Eli shakes his head at Miko and reaches out to smack him as he heads towards the water. He does what he said he would though, and he wades up to his knees. He waves to the others bobbing out in the water. It's a very 'dad' thing to do, except he doesn't shout 'be careful!'

After catching up with the others, Jonas has the sense to look chagrined, but he's a Marine, so he's not too winded. "Okay, totally not like snowboarding." he offers with a small chuckle as he moves into position with the others.

Aubrey leans over the gap between their boards and pushes the soggy hair off Jigger's forehead. She grins at him. "Not bad. You'll get used to it soon. I told you, paddling out is the exhausting part. Work on some upper body in the gym and it'll be cake. I bet some of those marine gunners wouldn't even be out of breath paddling out." She smiles to the rest of the lineup.

Abigail looks over, as she sits, bobbing, legs straddling her board, watching the waves, waiting for her ride to come in, "Snowboarding," she's never done it, but she's seen it, "Is still on solid ground. Out here...you're stepping into liquid, leaving the world behind. And you're not in charge. She is." A tip of her head, as the next break starts to come in, "Bree." They're pretty well spread out along the line, and Abigail is happy to wait for her turn.

Alain's finally sitting up on his board, having caught his breath, and gives a wave back to Eli as he relaxes, head tilted back to take in the sun and the peacefulness of this moment. He grimaces at Aubrey's suggestion. "Surely next time we can just take a boat out here, you know... like when you take a ski-lift?" When Abigail and Jonas arrive, he gives the latter a reassuring grin. "Not quite. I've resigned myself to getting my ass kicked by these two on this," he slides a glance between Aubrey and Abigail, grinning.

When Miko finally makes it out to the others, his hair is wet and his smile is wide. He pops up into a seated position, shaking his head like a dog to send droplets of salt water flying off in all directions. He heaves a breath and plants his palms into the board in front of him between his knees and hoists himself to his feet so he can stand and wave back at Eli. There he bobs, waiting for a good break.

Eli waves again at the hot dogging Miko. He stands in the water for a moment, then trots back to retrieve the aforementioned beer and binoculars. He pops the beer and then slings the binoculars around his neck. He returns to his previous place in the surf, then lifts the binoculars up so he can get a front row seat for any potential broken limbs. You know. Because he's a doctor. Not because he's ready to say I told you so.

"Can't beat yourself up in that regard. We all grew up in the water." Bree, of course, she knows, Mikolas not so much...but you surf long enough...you can read another one at a dozen paces. Like calls to like, and all. Besides, I don't think it's really about doing well, just enjoying yourself."

Jonas.. is not very good at this. He tries to take one of the waves, and stays on his board for a few seconds before he tries to make a turn and goes tumbling off into the water, disappearing beneath the surface of the water before bobbing back up with his board several seconds later.

Aubrey looks back as Abigail alerts her, "Got it," she murmurs, and points her board towards the beach as she hard paddles to get in front of the wave before dropping in just before it crests. The Viper pilot is up on her feet instantly and riding the four-footer as she ducks down the modest barrel, coming out the other side and swinging the board up to the crest and back towards shore by shifting her weight. She glides until the whitewater runs out, and then she's back to paddling out once more.

Taking his lead as always out here from his fellow pilot, Alain watches Aubrey catch the first wave, before he grins at Abigail. "True that. Oh, this one's definitely got my name on it. He glances at the wave in question, paddling furiously to get some momentum before the wave hits him. He doesn't even try and stand on the board -- he's nowhere near capable of that yet -- but he does manage to acquit himself well enough, not immediately knocked over when the wave bears him at rapid speed towards the beach. His whooping call is pretty loud, though probably drowned out under the sound of the ocean, before he's tumbled into the water nearer the shore.

Miko's sea legs are staying true, able to walk his board to keep his balance in the undulating water as he waits for his turn. Even though he's the last to go, when he spots his wave he still calls, "Mine!" Out of habit. He drops down back to his stomach quickly, using the power in his arms to carry him towards the choice little curl. Longboards lack the finesse of their smaller counterparts, but he still manages a little trick as he comes out of the curl. As he skims with the momentum, he points at the water and whistles to the others to indicate a coral formation that's too close to the surface for comfort.

Eli continues to watch like he's on the deck of a yacht and he's examining the scenery. He's definitely more of a cruiser than a surfer, that's for sure. He's lacking canapes and wine, but cheap beer will do in a pinch.

"Should have brought the long board, Bree, could have done it tandem." Abigail, waiting down the line for the rest of the group to go, manages to make it up to her feet mostly smoothly, her stance goofy, rather than regular footed. She's on the far edge of the wave, and so there's not much of a barrel to drop into, but that's likely for the best. She's obviously still having difficulty with her left side. It's a few minutes of bobbing, watching the rest of the group come down, before she paddles back out.

Jonas finally catches up to the rest of the group, before he turns to start to paddle back out. "Don't think I'm ever gonna be too good at this. But Jigger already seems to be a natural." he offers with a chuckle as he moves along with the rest, glancing aside to the others as he paddles along.

Aubrey pauses in her paddle out to raise both arms and cheer loudly for Alain. "Go Jigger! Go!" she shouts, clapping for him, and watching to be sure he gets back on his board before continuing her progress back to the line. She chuckles at Abigail. "He's doing fine, he scored a perfect 200 on the piloting trials right after I took him out the first time!" She cheers her friend on as she catches her wave. When Jigger gets back she smiles. "This time I want you to try to stand up."

After Alain manages to find his board -- good thing he's strapped to it, he takes a few moments in the shallows to catch his breath before he paddles back out to the whitewash, struggling against the waves. When he gets there, he tugs a hand through his now-damp hair, grinning victoriously. "Stand up?" He says in the same tone one might say, 'are you crazy'? He glances at the others, then back to Aubrey, "All right, but, pretty sure you just want to see me wreck myself," he says with a grin.

"That's my point. I haven't seen you tandem surf in years. Not since..lord, what was his name, Kurt, Kyle, Kirby. Kort?" She waves a hand. Who cares about something as insignificant as a name? "And you were good." Abigail bobs, hands on the board as she balances herself, watching Alain make his way back, encouraging smile and all. "You'll do fine." See? She has faith.

Miko leans his weight to one side, riding his boat in a lazy circle that ends with him pointed back out at the others. His hands slip to his waist, flipping down the waistband of his shorts to 'accidentally' moon Eli before he flops back down and starts paddling out once again. When he's back near the others, "We keep catching waves like this, I'm going to get a stiffy."

"She has more faith in you than she does in me." Jonas offers with a laugh as he moves to settle on the board to straddle it with a small wobble as he decides to use this round to watch the others and try to learn, and grins. "Well, you know, I think dating a Picon girl gives you some of their talents." he points out. "Though Mikolas may just be a freak." cupping his hands, he yells out, "Get a tan on that before you blind the beach!"

Eli happens to have the binoculars trained on Miko when the full moon happens. He keeps the binoculars up for a long moment, then slowly lowers them and shakes his head.

Aubrey grins at Alain. "Now would I do that?" she asks, batting her eyes and putting on a faux innocent expression. She laughs at Abigail, "Kelsey I think it was. He was pretty. Dumb as belly button lint, but pretty." She rolls her eyes at Jonas about the dating bit, and then calls "Mine!" as she paddles hard for a wave. She catches it, drops in, and does another commendable job of riding it, with minor tricks. Not a lot you can do on the small ones.

Never let it be said Alain is nothing if not game. With a deep breath, he glances over his shoulder to watch the incoming waves, waiting until one takes his fancy, before he pushes forward, paddling hard to gain speed ahead of it. Just before the wave begins to speed up, he shifts his weight to try and get to all fours, but as he pushes straight, he wobbles as the wave rides under him. He last, oh, probably a few seconds before he tumbles over far short of the shallows.

"Someone say freak?" Miko asks the others as he bobs among them, content to let his legs dangle in the water idly without really seeking a wave. Instead, he digs into his board short pocket and pulls out a little waterproof container. When he cracks it open, he's sliding out a joint and a lighter, sparking up as his eyes squint to follow Alain's progression.

Once again, Abigail waits, until the rest of the group has taken their turn, paddling out to where the waves are not quite so high. She starts in, but misses the first, and pulls up and around, moving back to set for the next, her distance not quite masking the look of frustration on her face. She manages the second time, coming up, riding it out, but it's a hard tumble back into the water, and a longer wait before she paddles back to the group. "I think I'm done, for now." Best not to risk damaging something with the warden watching you from the beach. It's like speeding when you know there's a cop waiting.

There's actually two pairs of eyes watching Abigail with concern as Jonas skips his turn to make sure that the Picon peach doesn't push herself too hard. Him? He's just out there bobbing in the waves casually.

Eli wades back out of the water and drops to sit on the sand just out of reach of the waves. He seems content to watch the others splash about.

Aubrey cheers for Alain and she waits near the shore for him with a bright smile. "You did it! You stood up!" Even if it was just a couple of seconds, it was standing! "Come on, you deserve to have that beer now!" she insists. Maybe she heard Abigail is done, but she makes it seem like it was her decision to stop. She carries her board back up to the sand and sticks it there by her thing. "Hi Doc!" she greets, as she lays out a towel to sit on and retrieves her warm, now warmer, beer.

By the time Alain resurfaces he's somewhat closer to the beach, mostly just letting the waves push him in as he clings to the board. He gives a wave to those still out on the water, before he trudges up the sand to join Aubrey. "Beer sounds like a good plan," he replies with a grin, carrying his board towards Eli and their things. Digging the board into the sand, he leans to unstrap himself before sinking with a groan onto the sand. "Frak, that's exhausting," he says, with a wry grin at Eli. "Not your thing, doc?" he asks, with a gesture ocean-ward.

The others start to paddle in one after another, but Miko's content to stay out there beyond the break for a moment longer. A curl of smoke drifts up from his nose, and he gets this sort of contented look on his face like he's making his peace with Poseidon.

Abigail takes her time getting back to the beach, slow paddling until she can pop up to her feet and haul the board in the rest of the way, "Good work all around. Nice to see you both taking a chance out there." It's not easy to try and risk failing in front of everyone. Mostly though, Abigail just looks tired, as she settles back onto the sand, not bothering to wait to put out a towel, right hand reaching up to work the muscles of her left bicep. "I think he was waiting for that," she offers, with a tip of her head in Mikolas' direction.

"Yeah. Can understand that." Jonas would probably feel the same the first time he sets foot on Aquaria again as he moves to drag his board onto the beach and grins at the Doctor. "Didn't push it too hard, Doc." he offers with a grin as he takes up a towel, tossing the bag to Alain to dole out the rest as he works on drying off.

"Giving up already?" says Eli to Aubrey as she emerges from the water. And then Alain emerges as well. He shakes his head. "Nope. When I was a kid, surfing was left to the tourists. Party boats are more my speed." He sips his beer, then, "...on the off-season. Mingling with tourists wasn't really cool." He looks out at the water to Miko. He holds up the binoculars for a moment before lowering. "You all still have all your limbs. That's a good sign. Good job. I really didn't want to leap to duty while I'm on leave."

Aubrey pulls her rashie off over her head. The bikini a yellow top and aqua bottom with orange accents, and she looks totally at home in it. No shyness in this one at all. She chuckles at Eli. "The call of the beer was too strong," she lies, before watching Abigail with a glimmer of concern.

"I had a good teacher," Alain says to Abigail with a grin, pointing a thumb in Aubrey's direction. He reaches to grab one of the beers, popping the top and taking a swallow, grimacing -- because it's warm and that's bad -- before he shrugs and gulps down a second mouthful. Because that's what you do. "Yeah, decided to take it easy on you, doc. Keep you rested up for the next time you guys have to haul me out of the burning wreckage of my viper." He says it casually to Eli, only a glimmer of a grin appearing as he takes another swallow of warm beer.

No verbal response from Abigail, to Aubrey's look, only a shake of her head. 'I'm fine.' the motion sys. And she seems to be, for the most part, no beer, but the warmth of the sand and the sun and the exhaustion that comes after being in the water seeming to go a long way towards relieving any discomfort she might be feeling. "Yeah, you did," in answer to Jigger's comment about Aubrey. "When you say it like that,it almost sounds like something to look forward to."

Finally the smoke out on the water ceases, either the joint was finished or extinguished and tucked away for later. Miko starts lazily paddling back in, catching a little roll of a wave to save him most of the effort. Before his fins can scrape, he's hopping off the board and wading the rest of the way in. "There's another sixer in there too." He tells the others as he drags up his board and tosses it into the sand, only to crawl on top of it and stretch out to let the sun dry himself off. He looks up at Eli with a lazy smile before holding out his hand and making a gimme motion.

"Speaking of, should we be bringing anything to the cook out tomorrow?" Jonas asks curiously. "Aquarian gatherings are usually potluck style affairs.

"I don't do the hauling. He does the hauling." Eli points to Miko as he emerges from the water. "And the medics haul you into my nice clean sickbay where I sew your small intestine back together." He says this all matter-of-factly. When Miko makes grabby motions, he reaches behind him and pulls out a beer. "Depends on if a Scorpian is hosting. If it's the military, then it's a crapshoot. But around here, if you're invited to a party, you better just bring yourself and your appetite."

"I have no idea how someone who gets a perfect score on their piloting trials winds up with burning Viper as much as you do, Jigger," Aubrey laughs. She clinks her warm beer to his in camaraderie before sipping some more of hers with a grimace. "I think the Colonel is throwing it so I guess we don't have to bring anything, unless there's booze or..." she glances over at Miko and the haze of smoke clinging to him, "other stuff we want." Clearly he's the man to see about other stuff.

Taking another gulp of beer, Alain glances towards Abigail and gives a wry smile. "I dunno. You didn't see the pack when we came in from that fight over Canceron. I think all but one of the vipers was completely frakked up. I mean, we might've won, but they wrecked us pretty hard. I'd say there's a few more bailouts in my future, things keep going the way it does." He shakes his head, as if all-too-aware of the dour note he gives, instead latching onto Jonas' words, "Bring something? You'd seriously eat something I cooked? Man, you're game!"

"I think I'll be lucky if I manage to bring myself. I hear it's going to be huge. And there might be speeches." Which could either go well, or end very badly. "I say...as long as the military is paying for it, have as many bailouts as you need." More than a bit of humour in Abigail's voice, "Once they start sending you the bills, then you might need to start worrying."

"That's right. I'm the brawn, he's the brains." Just don't get them started on the benefits of staples versus sutures, or the fun will never end. "The ceremonial weed is in the outside pocket." He tells Aubrey casually because Miko's eyes are tracking Eli. When he comes close with that beer, the medic is sitting up abruptly and makes a grab not for the can but for the man's wrist in an attempt to haul him down to sand.

"Alright." Jonas comments as he moves to settle down on the board and folds his legs against him to watch the others, looking out over the water for a moment, turning thoughtful as he considers the waves as they roil.

"I'm going to miss part of the celebration, if not all of it. I have a late duty shift, and my family would kill me if I didn't visit them again before we leave. Never mind that we just had leave here a few weeks ago." Eli is caught off-guard by the tugging, though he really shouldn't be. He spills a little bit of his beer before his butt hits sand.

Aubrey grins at Miko and she lies back on her towel, soaking up the sun. "I'll keep that in mind. And let's try not to encourage Jigger to get shot up, kay? When he does, it means I'm flying without my wingman and that blows." She reaches into her bag for a pair of sunglasses and puts them on.

Alain definitely groans. "Speeches." That's worthy of a gulp of warm beer to wash away the thought. He glances at Mikolas and his weed, though seems content to stay with the beer. "Hey, Banshee, you should be hoping I get shot down... gives you more chances to make the killboard and double ace before I do, yeah?"

"And we're on our honeymoon." Miko reminds Eli that ditching out on the BBQ isn't such a bad idea, punctuating it by curling towards the newly grounded doctor and biting him squarely on the back. Blame it on the munchies. He's then freeing his beer from the doctor's grasp and stretching back out on his side.

Abigail rolls to her feet, looking around to gather her things, "I'm going to go see about that rental, I think we might still have time enough tomorrow, before the BBQ." She doesn't look particularly surprised (or really, not) at Miko's announcement in passing, but then, she doesn't know the medic or the doctor outside of her time in sickbay. "Congratulations." A smile, before she moves to head off, "You know where to find me."

Rising to his feet with Abigail, Jonas offers. "Mind comnpany?" he asks as he moves to follow after the woman. "Congratulations." he offers to the couple. There's a smile offered to the pair before he's slipping his hand into Abigail's to walk with her.

Aubrey laughs with Alain and she reaches into her bag to pull out a bottle of sunscreen. She shoves it at the other pilot and rolls onto her stomach. "If you die, who will I get to put sunblock on my back?" she teases. She adds "Congratulations newlyweds!" to the Doc duo. "Get some rest, sis!" she calls after Abigail and Jonas.

Eli tenses and reaches back to swat Miko at the bite. "That reminds me. My mother wants you to do some ritual. She wouldn't give me more details. I think she just wants to talk to you alone." He dusts some sand off his hand. He lifts said hand to the departing people, slightly awkwardly.

"You're-- wow. Some kind of honeymoon," Alain says, lifting his beer can as if in toast to Mikolas and Eli, before taking a gulp. Abigail and Jonas' departure earns a lift of hand and a, "Enjoy yourselves," with a grin. He almost fumbles the bottle Aubrey shoves at him, managing not to spill his beer, which he sets on the sand next to him. "Hey, since when did this become an obligation?" he protests, not too strenuously, honestly, as he flips open the top of the bottle, squirts some onto his hands, and dutifully starts applying it to Aubrey's back. "So, you two staying on at Scorpia after we press on, or... really short honeymoon?"

Erin is a late arrival. Actually, she's an arrival -- and that, in and of itself, might be a bit odd. She's not exactly known for hitting beaches. Or hanging out with others. Or being seen outside of combat, the gym, and/or the mess hall. She's a reclusive, rare bird, made moreso by her still-bandaged arm-and-shoulder.

For now, she stays on the edge of the scene. Watching. Listening. Being an onlooker and witness. Maybe she's just a little shy to boot. Just a little.

"Oh, we're not married." Miko says with a sly looking smirk as he cracks open his beer, "We're just frakking like rabbits while we have the shore leave and the privacy. Do you know how hard it is to get a good shag in the showers when the Vanguard has no stalls?" He takes a pull of warm beer, not really minding the temperature of it himself. "That's code for your Mom and I getting together to look at old pictures of you over a glass of wine and laughing at your straight hair phase." Yes, Miko knows about that, Eli.

"Yes, it's the duty of a wingman to cover their partner's six," Aubrey intones. Clearly that means with suntan lotion as well as in a Viper. This is probably the easier task. She eyes Miko and Eli. "That's why you have to get creative." Not that she's tried to on the Vanguard. She waves a hand at Erin, vaguely recognizing her from the halls of the ship.

Eli opens his mouth to refute the frakking comments, but the hair thing makes his eyebrows go really high. He looks at Miko, long and hard. "....I'm going to kill Nell." Then he shakes his head.

"Oh," Alain says, like he's surprised. "I dunno, most people manage to find a way, regardless," with a sudden, knowing grin. "Back when I was on Sagittaron with the marines, there was these two that swore up and down they found the best place, in a stairwell between floors. Little did they know there was a camera watching everything. I think they only told 'em after like the third time. Maybe the fourth." All this while he makes sure to get Aubrey's shoulder's covered in the sunscreen. Her wave towards Erin draws his attention that way, curiously. "Hey," he calls, with a grin, "Warm beer up for grabs, if you want?" with a nod of head towards the beer cans.

Erin sets up her entrance. Two shuffle-steps forward. A lifted hand in salutations. "Uh." Beat. "Hi." And then, the awkward smile of a thousand hours in a library. Then, it's gone. Just like that.

"I -- " She looks at the warm beer, and can't hide the grimace on her face. " -- I think I'll pass." Beat. "Thank you." She points to her nametag. "Hi. Hayes." That's what the uniform says, all right.

"Finding a place isn't an issue, it's trying to keep this one quiet." Miko reaches out to toy with the tail of Eli's shirt, likely just to irritate the man out of fondness. "Your family loves me, you're just going to have to get over it Cadmus." A hand lifts to great Erin, commenting, "You're a bit overdressed for the sunshine, Hayes. There's a tank in my bag if you want it." Because he's not worried about wearing clothing, apparently.

Aubrey sighs happily. This is the life. Surfing. Sand. Sun. And your wingman playing cabana boy. Poor Jigger, drawing her in the life lottery of Viper pilots. She cracks an eye open and slides her shades down her nose to study Erin. "You know this is shore leave, right? You don't have to wear your uniform," she says with a lopsided smile.

"In fact, it's not medically recommended to wear your uniform on shore leave," says Eli wryly. He sips the end of his now almost hot beer. "Miko, why don't you have a cooler? That's rule one of beach drinking." He nudges back with an elbow.

"Jigger," Alain replies, easily, unbothered by her refusal of the beer. "I've seen you around the ship." The surf boards dig into the sand around them suggest what the group's been up to recently. "Join us?" he invites easily. He glances down, at Aubrey, then with a flourish, flicks the lid back onto the bottle of sunscreen. "All done, Banshee." Also: "That is way frakking TMI, doc," he says to Miko, wryly.

"Eh," says Hayes to Kovac, making a face in his general direction. "I have a tank on underneath. And I burn easily." Shrug. "Sweat's not an issue. Toasting is." Because Erin is, if anything, pretty pale. Damned Aquarians and their icy ways.

She joins by stepping a little closer in. "Truth be told, other than uniforms?" The Aquarian plucks at her uniform. "And my formals -- both militia and recent -- I don't really -- well, I packed my footlocker with other things, more important things." This explanation is provided by the message 'travel light' and 'peculiar'. "But, I've been meaning to change that." Beat. "I guess."

"I was carrying the longboard. Clearly the cooler was your job." Miko chides the doctor good naturally before he points at Eli, "Eli." Then himself. "Miko." There, now they're all friends, regardless of rank or duty assignment, which changes all their names into surnames and includes a lot more pomp and circumstance. He cranes his head to look at Jigger, "Don't worry, I grow on you."

Aubrey sits up and takes the bottle back, reopening it so she can put some on Alain's back. "Rule number 324 of surfing. Gemenese tend to fry to a crisp if they don't wear sunblock," she chides. Ok so maybe Jigger doesn't have it all that bad after all. "Banshee," she offers to Erin, "Or Aubrey, whichever is easier to remember."

"TMI should be Miko's callsign," Eli drawls. He sounds like he wants to be mad about it, but he can't quite manage it. "If we ever end up on a jungle planet again. you should all sleep with sunblock in your hand. Otherwise you're going to fry if you end up in the jungle like we did on Canceron."

"Haven't got much time left. Awards tomorrow, I hear tell we're shipping out day after." Alain doesn't seem too upset by that, to judge by his easy expression. There might even be something of anticipation in the brief gleam of brown gaze. "Ought to hit up the shops while you can. Maybe Banshee can help you." Because he doesn't shop. He makes a face at Miko. "Hey, as long as you're always there to patch me up, doc." Dutifully, he turns around when Aubrey takes the bottle of sunscreen from him. "Hey, we Gemenon gets sun," he half-protests. Also: "Frak, I hope we're not going to the jungle."

Then, in turn, Erin goes through the list of callsigns, names, and identifiers. "Banshee." To Aubrey. "Jigger." To Alain. "Eli." To Eli. "Kovac." To Mikolas. For whatever reason. And then, she gestures at herself. "Chilly. Or Erin." And then, a possible explanation. "I grew up on a glacier." Well, that makes sense.

"Guess I don't see much of a point, Jigger." The uber-hardcore Marine sits herself down on the sand slowly. "Might see if I can pick up a few more books, or -- " Shrug. Unsure. Uncertainty. Pensive, apparently, Erin's eyes wander to the water, where it meets the shore and laps at it.

"I like it." Miko says almost too proudly of his new apparent callsign, even though you can't pick your own nickname, such rules don't tend to dissuade the medic from doing as he pleases. "Make sure to smear some of that on your fun bits, you never know when you're going to be running through the jungle naked. I say this from experience."

"It'll feel good to be flying again, against something other than buoys," Aubrey admits. No wonder these two are pairs, they have that same gleam in their eyes when it comes to the fight. "A change of scenery wouldn't be bad. I'm going to miss the beach here though. Maybe we're going to Picon!" Keep dreaming, Banshee. She laughs merrily at Eli, "That sounds about right. TMI." She nods at Erin. "I can hit the shops with you tomorrow if you want. Should buy something to wear to the barbeque anyway. But I want to see if I can go around the bay a bit and hit some of the bigger waves in the morning."

"If you're going to shop, I can tell you where to go so you won't get gouged. You have to haggle, though. Scorpians love to haggle. I once had a ten minute negotiation over the cost of a cup of coffee." Eli might be exaggerating. Might. He reaches over for another warm beer. He makes a face at it, but pops it anyway. "It's not a great callsign. You can't really shout it when you're in the shit. Which, as I understand, is sort oa prerequisite."

Jigger half turns to better catch Erin's expression at her latter words. "You a lifer?" he asks, with interest. "I--" and then Mikolas' words sink in. "Frak, if my dick's getting sunburnt because I'm running naked through the jungle, I'd like to think there's a whole lot more frakked up things going on than worrying about sunburn." His, mm-hmm seems to be in solid agreement with Aubrey's words about bouys.

"Lifer?" Erin's eyes shift to Jigger. Then, she shakes her head, no. "I just don't usually spend much time off ship. Or out of these." She plucks at her uniform again. "That's all." And that's about all the explanation she's giving for now, although she isn't standoffish about it. It might not be a subject she wants to or is comfortable talking about.

"But, thank you, Banshee, I -- " Erin looks at Jigger's wingmate, and draws her fingers down her cheek gently, repeatedly. " -- I'll be fine. You -- you should probably hit the waves when you can. In case we accidentally get sent to, oh, my home planet, for whatever reason." Cylons aren't exactly lingering at Aquaria, seeing as how its primary centers are smoking holes.

"TMI. TIMMII." Miko tries it out, looking disappointed when he realizes that Eli is right, but then again that's usually par for the course. "Well, it was worth a shot. Six years in, and I've avoided having a nickname, unless you count 'asshole' but they tend to frown upon that over the comms. Guess Kovac is just too sexy to replace." His hand goes out to Eli's back, drawing lazy circles with his palm.

Aubrey tosses the sunblock to Erin and nods to Eli. "Thanks, Doc. That will help a lot. She lies back on her towel on her stomach, shoving her shades back down and clearly preparing to tan or nap or both. "So we need to soak up doing nothing as much as we can today, people. Who knows when we'll get another shore leave?"

"Speaking of. Who knows when we'll get another shore leave to my home?" Eli uses Miko's shoulder to haul himself up to his feet. He pats it once he's up. "Dinner at my sister's later. You have time if you want to chill."

Jigger isn't one to press for more information; he takes Erin's answer with a considered tip of head. "Well, we don't get all that much shore leave, but when we do, it's good to embrace it while we can." He grins at Aubrey as he just about echoes her own words. "Wish we had a hint of where we're headed. Anyone heard any rumors?" he asks at large. He seems content to stay seated, occasionally taking a gulp from his beer, but not with any great hurry.

Erin catches the sunblock, and casually takes a dollop for her face. That's it, for now. "No clue," she says in response to Jigger, tossing the bottle/tube back to Banshee thereafter. "Haven't heard a thing. Although, I suppose I could find out." How? She doesn't specify.

Miko gives a yawn and stretches his arms out above his body, laying down to occupy the majority of the longboard with his lean limbs. "Sounds great, I gotta head into town and pick something up first, and Nell'll have my balls if I let you show up alone." He lazily tells Eli of dinner plans. The beer, the waves, and the weed have started to take their toll on the medic, and he slings an arm over his eyes. "Someone kick me before noon." He asks as he starts to fall asleep.

"Not a clue. Maybe we'll find out at the barbeque," Aubrey murmurs. She catches and puts away the sunblock, then props her head on her folded arms and watches Alain. "Then I can crush you getting to double ace and win that bet," she threatens. "Wake me up when I start to fry, will you?" she says sleepily, settling in to nap her way to tan.

"You could?" Jigger asks Erin, interestedly. "How?" Unlike the others, he doesn't seem apt to settle in for a snooze -- maybe because his Gemenon skin would fry too badly, even with the sunscreen. He makes a face at Aubrey, then at Miko. "Fine. I'll take watch."


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