2237-06-03 - Awards BBQ - Beach

Ryan hosts a BBQ and the colonies' most informal awards ceremony.

Date: 2237-06-03

Location: Beach - Scorpia

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Scene Number: 782

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Tucker accepts his bottle gratefully and gives it a little shake. "I guess springing for the high end stuff was too much even for your salary, sir?" he asks with a playful grin, lifting the bottle of ambrosia in the air for a moment like a trophy before lowering it back down. "I and my liver thank you."

Calliope is here for the party. She's wearing a pair of very pink flip-flops and matching shorts, and a faded concert t-shirt with the logo of a Leonis techno-pop band (Bizou Bizou). And pink sunglasses, of course. They're currently perched artfully on her head, as an accessory in her blonde hair. She whistles and gives a "WOO!" in the direction of the folks called up by the colonel, for general support.

For the winners of the bottle of booze, Erin respectfully claps from her little corner of the proceedings. Low profile? That's her thing, no matter what she decides to put on herself. Clap, clap, clap. She fits right on in.

Alain's standing in the crowd, wearing shorts and a loosely buttoned linen shirt, his feet bare in the warm sand. When the Colonel mentions spending time having fun over stuffy dress uniforms, he gives a sharp whistle of appreciation, grinning. When his name is called, he eases through the crowd, patting some shoulders as he passes, taking the bottle with a grin, "I'm up for a re-match any time, sir," he says with a loose salute, grinning at his fellow pilots. "Keeping this for a rainy day," he says of the bottle, tucking it under one arm.

"Maybe when I make admiral," Ryan tosses back good-naturedly to Tucker, grinning as he passes out the next bottle.

Tavo takes his bottle with a nod of thanks, glancing down the line of those also receiving the bottle. Once the Colonel is done handing them out, the soldier-turned-Marine adds, "Thanks, sir. This'll make it easier to get folks up for a game." He flashes a grin, and as he moves away from the front of the party, he holds up the bottle and calls out, "This one's up for the top team at the court!"

Lyn makes her way in, in suitable beach attire. It's a cream bikini with matching sarong with burgundy and gold tropical flowers. Her hair is pinned up, short as it is, and she's carrying sadals rather than wearing them. She applauds for the winners of the trials as she hovers near the back of the gathering.

Aubrey is in a black and white gingham bikini top and black shorts with her hair down, with a white tank on top. She cheers for the winners.

The beach is not a location that Kell is very familiar with as back home where he usually spends his time, it is higher in altitude and colder in climate. So the attire the Ensign has on for this event is somewhat typical. A pair of swimming trunks that ends just above his knees and a tropical shirt that is buttoned up midway, one can say that is screams tourist a mile away. He is also wearing sandals as well, definitely a casual outfit, something that he pretty much never has on. When the personal awards on performance are handed out, he adds to the applause but isn't the type to cheer out vocally.

Freshly transferred, Katja had to scramble to get ready. She managed to pull out some blue shorts, a pair of flip flops, heather gray tank top, and a white linen shirt, left open. Did she forget her suit or does she just have it on underneath. For now, she sticks near the back quietly, her hands stuck in her pockets and a pair of sunglasses holding her hair back from her eyes, perched on top of her head.

Salvae grins as he watches all of the winners getting their top shelf hooch, "Yeah!" he claps, cheering them on as they pick up their prizes. While he's not wearing his colourful socks at the moment, his tan line gives the illusion of socks on his feet. Pasty white ankles and lower shins just screaming oncoming sunburn end abruptly where his tan in progress begins. Rocking his aviators and speedos with oil, he's ready for a day of getting cancer at the beach .

Already arrived with Abigail earlier, Jonas is dressed in a pair of colorful board shorts with bright designs all over them, and light blue tshirt, with a pair of flip-flops. He applauds for the winners as he takes out a wad of gum from a foil pack to tuck into his mouth before offering the packet to the Picon girl next to him.

Calliope is not drinking ambrosia. She has acquired a solo cup of Scorpian rum that she's mixed with fizzy soda. She's wearing a healthy amount of sunblock. She's got the sort of complexion that suggests tanning really doesn't happen, even when one isn't living on a space ship. Hearing her names makes her blink and go, "Uh." But, up she goes. Exchanging a skeptical look with the others padding toward the colonel. She brings her solo cup with her, because she doesn't think to put it down. The actual reading of awards makes her blush, a little smile coming to her lips.

Jeep, or the reasonable equivalent pulls up along the beach and lets a fella out. Dundonnell thanks the driver and carries a sports bag. He's dressed in a black sleeveless undershirt and bright blue swim trunks with flip flops. Nice quality ballistic sunglasses wrap around to shade his eyes as he looks to see if there are any familiar faces on the beach. He begins walking out and as he draws closer, he asks out loud, "Hey, this where the Timber Wolves are hav'n their beach party?" Probably no uniforms in attendance.

Salvae gives Ryan's hand an enthusiastic shake. "Thank-you, Sir!" he grins, happy to get a shiny medal, happier that the CO decided he wasn't going to try and pin it on him in front of everyone.

Cate claps for the winners of the marksmanship contest, smiling at the exchange between Tucker and Ryan. She's dressed pretty casually in a blue tanktop and capris. When her name is called with the second group, she looks a little surprised but heads on up, tucking some errant hair behind her ear. She blinks when the colonel comes to hand her a ribbon, looking a mix of surprised and confused.

Lyn looks a bit surprised at having her name called for an award. She blinks a few times before she shuffles forward into the line to receive her box, and offers a "Thank you, sir," to Ryan as she shakes his hand.

Aubrey gleefully steps up next to her wingman and nudges him with an elbow before accepting the box and handshake from Ryan. "Thanks, sir!"

Alain's trying to ease back through the crowd when he hears his name again. His brows go upwards, and then he grins. He shifts his bottle to his left arm so that he can shake and then take his medal in turn. "Thank you sir. Here's to many more aces," he flashes an amused grin towards Aubrey after she elbows him, then shortly after Salvae gets his medal, grins at the other pilot too, "Gotta find Pockets later, I think she's owed a win, too."

Abigail, content to sit and toast off at the far edge of the gathering, dressed in a simple white bikini and matching white shorts, reaches over to snag a pinch of bubble gum from the pack Jonas is offering her, attention focused on the awards and prizes being handed out. If only all of the colonies believed in door prizes. As she's called up, for moves through the crowd, accepting it, and the handshake with a polite smile, before she heads back to her place in the back, such as it is.

Jonas gives a knowing little smile when Erin and Cate are called out, but when his own name is called out, the Marine looks confused for a moment. He didn't put himself in for an award after all. "Uh." he offers quietly as he wants to protest, but ends up accepting it and gives a quick salute and hadshake, becuase he's not even sure himself.

Tucker frowns a little, but he moves forward to accept the award. "Thank you, sir." he offers, exchanging a glance with Cate as he accepts his award.

"That sandbagger! I bet Pockets was an ace back home, and they sent their best ringer in to clean up," Salvae grins to Alain. "Oh, look at that, you need a hand with one of those prizes? That bottle looks preeeeety heavy there."

Van is actually just arriving at the party (fashionably? late) with Isolde when his name is called out, and he has to hustle up to the line, looking surprised and... truth be told a little uncomfortable in his yacht-club-ready white shorts and button-down shirt. "Thank you, sir."

Aldrich is here. Sort of. He's looking kind of tired, but he either went shopping as certain people had suggested, or he borrowed something a little more casual for the barbecue, because he's wearing an oversized button-down shirt printed with exotic flowers, some casual slacks, and sandals. He's a little startled when his name is called, looking a bit like someone who's been woken from an impromptu nap, but he steps forward when called and gives a murmured, "Thank you," when a box is placed in his hands.

"Frak no, Socks. Keeping this for something special," Alain's quick to protect his newly won bottle, half turning his body while mock-scowling at Salvae. Let's face it, he's terrible at pretending; instead, he juggles box and bottle, enough to free up a hand to slap on Salvae's shoulder once the Colonel has moved on down the line. "She'd have to have been an ace back home," he's quick to agree, of Pockets. I mean, how else could she smoke them?!

Some of the Marines look familiar, having been on the Galatica, but the new arrival never had much chance to get to know them well. Dundonnell stops and drops his sports bag into the sand at the edge of the gathering and simply watches, listening and frankly easedropping to see if he's found the rigth group. Erin's combat boots are encouraging and Gustavo kind of looks familiar. Dun looks about to see if there isn't somebody or another handing out drinks. Beer, soda, anything not associated with the awards.

Cate looks down when Tucker gets handed his award, catching his eye and offering a brief smile. The smile is extended to Aldrich as well then when Ryan gets to him. She listens with interest as the other names are read off. Hearing Dundonnel's greeting, she glances over that way. There's a surprised look and she gives him a little wave. But she's still occupied in line so she doesn't go to greet him right away.

"She'd have to be.." Salvae nods his head emphatically, then his eyes light up as he sees Aldrich with his commendation medal. "Big Al!" he grins, thrilled that his recommendation went through.

There is no drink in hand for Kell just yet, perhaps choosing not to partake until the informal formalities are completed. He does appear be a bit more relaxed than usual, enjoying the atmosphere and also the casualness that the Colonel has decided on. It is the first awards ceremony that he is participating in, counting the service back home on Libran. As the other officers and Marines are called with ribbons or medals being awarded, Kell applauses with the rest, his head nodding as some names are called, having flown and fought at their sides. "Well deserved." He says as the prizes are being handed out.

"Colonel, could you make that an order for Rhodes, I do like having her in one piece." Tucker calls out with a small laugh, and a little blush at what he just said.

Ah crap, Lyn gets to get one of those sacrifice medals. She has to wend her way back up to the line for that one.

Aubrey, however, has been unscathed thus far and she grins at Socks and Jigger with a chuckle at the fight for the bottle.

Katja decides now might be a good time to go over and edge her way over towards the drinks, wherever they might be, but she doesn't break her full attention from the proceedings. Just a step here and a step there. Maybe once the awards ceremony is over with she won't have to wait in a long line. Once they're given the all clear, she heads straight to get 'something with rum in it.'

Alain follows Salvae's glance towards Aldritch, brow furrowed. "That's the Chaplain, right? Don't think I'd had the pleasure. Introduce us, would you, Socks?" he asks, glancing at Aubrey to see whether she knows the other Gemenon man yet.

Tavo is cut off from getting to the pyramid courts by the call back up to receive his Forgot-To-Duck medal, chuckling at Ryan's quip to Cate and nodding to Tucker's addition. "Don't you know, the Doc's supposed to be patching people up, not getting patched up."

Aubrey shakes her head at Alain, not having met the chaplain yet either.

Leonie is lurking somewhere in the crowd, a couple of braids woven into her hair and tied back out of her face. Drink in hand, black bikini passing for appropriate attire (considering the venue), she's only half paying attention to the proceedings and half watching the waves.

Cate chuckles awkwardly when Ryan singles her out, and smirks at Tucker and Gustavo's ribbing. "I'll do my best, sir," she tells Ryan. Then to the others she says, "Contrary to popular belief, I like myself in one piece too." As they're dismissed, she wanders over closer to Tucker. "Let me see?" she asks, gesturing toward his ribbon box.

Ryan grins at Tucker. "I think you'll have more luck there than me, Flats." He meanders over to the grill and starts firing it up.

Aldrich gives Salvae a kind of self-conscious smile, and dodges the whole sacrifice thing by simply ducking behind some of the others and heading toward the bar. Surely there's enough people that one can get a bit lost in the crowd! He might wind up passing nearby Salvae and/or Alain in the process, who knows.

Dundonnell manages to find the line of coolers (there's probably more than one) and helps himself to digging around for a beer. He comes up with a cold cider and that'll do fine. The big black Jarhead finds himself standing next to Leonie as he pops the top and glances at her, "You want anything?" She looks like she's ready to go hit that water. He too is only half paying attention to the awards, more interested in studying the people here.

"Oooh, is this show me yours, I'll show you mine?" Tucker asks Cate with a playful lift of his brow as he offers her the box. "Do I get to watch you play Pyramid?" There's a gesture to the court. "Maybe you can get a second bottle to go with mine."

Lyn heads towards the Pyramid court as soon as the ceremony is over, looking for the familiar in all this sand and heat and unfrozen water.

Socks nods his head to Alain, "Yeah, Big Al's great!" he says, leading the other pilot along to the bar where it looks like the chaplain's headed. Once they catch up, he introduces the two, "Alain? Big Al. Big Al? Alain," he grins, and looks Aldrich over for a moment. "How are ya now?" he asks, the chaplain seems pretty low key today.

Calliope mixes back in with the crowd, zeroing in on Alain and Salvae. "Jigger! That is a nice bottle. Major congrats." Her own solo cup is suddenly a little less exciting, but she drinks from it anyone. Sip, sip, sip. Aldrich gets a chipper, "Hi, Chaplain."

Aubrey gives Jigger hair ruffle. "I'll be in the bar, gotta see Abby!" She heads that way.

Cate smirks at Tucker's response. "Maybe if you play your cards right." She opens the box he hands her and gives it an appreciative nod. "Looks pretty." She opens the sacrifice ribbon box, which contains two small gold pips for the ribbon. "That's kinda pathetic. Like a fail ribbon." She scoffs. When he mentions Pyramid, she glances that way. "I dunno. I'd rather hang with you. Unless you wanted to go watch them play. Do you like pyramid? Watching, I mean, not playing."

"Nice to meet another Gemonese, Chaplain," Alain says, offering a hand to Aldrich. "I go by Jigger, mostly. And this is..." he turns to introduce Aubrey, but she's ruffled his hair and blazed out, leaving him making a face after her and trying to fix his hair. "Oh, thanks, Soundbite! If you ever want some tips, I'd be happy to help. Though maybe you'd be better off someone who doesn't crash their viper quite as often..." he's grinning, ruefully.

"Well, you asked me the other day.. Aldrich did, if I play. So you know I don't play. But I wouldn't mind watching with you - unless you want to play yourself, and then I'll be an awesome cheerleader." Tucker offers with a grin as he looks at her silver cluster and gives a little whistle, before leaning in to whisper something to Cate.

Aldrich looks up as his name (or some variation on it) is mentioned, and musters a friendly smile. "Aldrich," he offers to Alain, as endearing as Salvae's nickname is. Low key is one way to describe his sort of weary appearance, but he just lifts a little shrug to the inquiry. "I'm doing all right." Then to Calliope, he nods a friendly greeting. His attention is drawn back to Alain, then, and his smile grows a little more wary, though he does shake the offered hand. "Likewise, of course."


The tight braid on her back let down into a low pontytail, shaved side of her head present, Priya wanders up from the bar with a beer in hand. It's nothing fancy, but then again neither is she. Her tank top leaves her shoulders and clusters of tattooes exposed to the sun, a smattering of scars of the burned and shot variety exposed with them. She gravitates towards Calliope - likely for only slightly knowing most of the group. Tucker is given a friendly wave with her beer bottle and Salvae a nod.

Calliope snorts at Alain. "I'll always have your back, man. Search-and-rescue is something Raptors do, afterall. I'm happy to do gunnery drills with, like, anyone. The Raptor pilots might have more practical tips but, all shooting is good." She offers Priya a semi-wave, though it's more a waggle of her beverage cup than anything else. "Pants! Hi! The drinks are free. And food. I guess I should get food at some point."

Salvae grins as the gang all get together and finally learn each other's names. "What're ya drinkin?" he wonders. "Just kiddin, we're drinkin beer in this hot sun!" he decides, and heads over to the beach bar to pick up a few bottles for those who're around. Jigger, Aldrich, Soundbyte each get one, with Socks taking the last that he could hold.

This may not exactly be Van's old scene, but he moves through the party well enough, splitting away from Isolde to duck over toward the spread of pre-barbecue food. He fills a plate quickly and efficiently, including several mono-colored piles of snacks. One the way back, he stops by the cluster of pilots, medic, and chaplain, offering nods all around. He catches the end of Calliope's comments, adding, "A couple of us have been gathering in the Ready Room when we're off-duty, running over gun-cam footage. You're more than welcome to join us. Everyone is, in fact. The more eyes, the better."

Cate offers a shy smile at Tucker's whispered comment. "That's sweet. I don't know why they gave me this one though. Didn't do anything particularly special." She looks uncertainly between the pyramid court and the rest of the shindig and then mumbles. "You think the Colonel would get pissed if we just got out of here? I mean, unless you wanted to stay."

If Alain seems put off by Aldrich's wariness, it certainly doesn't show in the pilot's expression. "I hadn't heard what you did on Canceron. Sounds well deserved," he says. "We should definitely talk once we shove off... actually," he seems to remember, and squints around. "Where'd the Colonel go? I just realized, he never let on where we're heading. Just..." he lifts his box, "Flashed some shiny things and booze at us and took off. That's got to be something they teach all the high level officers, eh?" He grins at Calliope, "And I'll always need SAR to come pick me up off some mudball or other, I'm sure. Hey, cheers!" he grins at Socks, gratefully taking the beer he's offered.

Lifting the bottle of Scorpian Ambrosia that the Colonel presented him with, Tucker gives Priya a grin. "I believe I owe you a shot from this when I crack it open." he offers to her, before grinning. "Do you know everyone here? If not, this is Cate. Cate, Priya. One of the few in the Air Wing with no call sign. This may be a good chance to give her one..." though the words die as he glances to the medic and gives a little shake of his head. "I doubt it. Two less mouths to feed." he offers, before considering. "I'll get you that shot later, Priya. Mix, mingle, have fun.." With that, his hand settles around Cate's waist, but he's clearly letting her lead.

Ryan is here! He's at the grill, cooking burgers and chatting with some of the NPCs.

Is it a good thing or a bad thing to be joining a crew in the middle of a party? Rion is about to find out. He hemmed and hawed about stopping by or just reporting for duty in the morning. Then he decided it would be better to meet people drunk than hung over. He's wearing standard issue duds because, well, he didn't exactly come prepared with civilian clothes. He walks down the beach, somewhat awkwardly through the sand.

Aldrich lifts a shoulder and glances down at Alain's reference to the award. "I don't think they were ever intending to hurt anyone. If hadn't shown up guns blazing in the first place, we could have avoided a confrontation altogether." He smiles ruefully, and then adds, "But I suppose then we wouldn't be soldiers, would we?" He gives a little thanks to Salvae as he accepts the beer, and has a drink. He just nods politely at the suggestion that he and the other Gemenese fellow should talk.

Kell had wandered off to the bar but it appears to be a bit crowded so after managing to fetch himself a bottle of bear with a wedge of lime pushed in, he has returned to the beach. His eyes do look over to the grill as the delicoius aromas begin to spread from what the Colonel is cooking up but the young Ensign is patient. He won't be the first to go ask for food. Instead, he take a long sip of the beer, eyes scanning this area of the beach, seeing that the crowd has slowly spread out, some heading to the Sand Pyramid Court and others to the bar.

"I wouldn't say no to that," Priya answers Tucker with a crooked smile. "And no. Nice to meet you, Cate." She ducks her head in acknowledgement of the introduction, as well as her lack of callsign. Although, the latter gets a roll of her eyes. "Enjoy!" She calls as the two head off arm in arm. "Caprica!" She calls back, sighting Calliope. "Or Soundbite, since I should get with the program, hey. The drinks I found." She listens with interest at Van's mention of going over ready-room footage.

Cate raises her hand to greet Priya. "Hey," she offers in friendly greeting. "Nice to meet you." And then she's wandering off with Tucker. She nods to Van/Isolde and Aldrich i they catch her eye as she's leaving.

Alain gives a nod to Van as he joins them. "Good idea. I guess we'll have some time once we lift off. Speaking of," he sets his beer, his box with his award, and his bottle down in the sand, saying to Salvae: "Watch these for me, eh, Socks?" and wanders his way over to the barbeque. He waits in line, snagging some bread and salads, until he's closer to Colonel. "Hit me up with one sir," he says, gesturing towards one of the burgers. "Did I hear rightly we might be heading to Virgon?" He really has no idea, he's clearly fishing for information.

Salvae sips his beer, grinning at how humble Aldrich is being. He listens for a moment and nods, "Speaking of which, where's Courtois stayin these days? I swung by to see him on the vanguard and his rack was empty."

As Alain hands him off the hooch, he nods his head with a smile. Salvae says, "You got it, I'll watch this reaaaaal good," he promises.

"Hi, Milkman," Calliope offers to Van with a quick smile. "Yeah. It's kind of wild, watching your tapes over again like that. We all need to do it more, I think, after the whole...thing. With the Canceron...thing. Which is totally over now so." She trails off and drinks. Alain gets a thumbs-up. "I got your number, Jigger, anytime you need a ride home. But, you know, try not to need one too often. Landing like that looks painful." Priya gets a snort. "Not calling me Soundbite is just fine, Tauron. Not that 'Caprica' is better, maybe. I don't have any good nicknames. Even Bullseye was, like, 'the Cylons like to target your sweet ass.'" She sighs, mock-tragically.

"Wouldn't call you Caprica confuse you with the Caprica we actually have on the ship?" Tucker asks over his shoulder as he and Cate are leaving.

Ryan flips one of the burgers. "Want some cheese on that one, Jigger?" Ryan asks. When the pilot mentions Virgon, Ryan gives him a bland look. "Who told you that?"

Van offers a little shrug to Alain, "Before, during, and after most likely." A faint smile touches his lips, and then he studies Salvae with Alain's booze for a moment, shaking his head in amusement, "He's not getting all of that back, is he?" Calliope's response gets a nod, "My first CO always emphasized going over gun-cam footage. In V-World if you can. Finding your own mistakes is, surprisingly," he might be joking there, "better than letting the enemy do it." Spotting Kell lingering around, the Picon raises a hand in greeting, then adds a cheery-enough wave to Cate and Tucker on their way out.

Rion looks like he doesn't quite belong. In the absence of uniforms, it's difficult to know who he might introduce himself to. Instead, he just kind of wanders through the crowd. It's like coming by yourself to a house party when everyone else already knows each other and you don't even know the host. "Maybe this was a mistake," he mumbles to himself.

Aldrich gets a pained sort of look at the mention of his friend, and covers it with a tight smile rather quickly. "Earlier this week he went septic and nearly died. They had to transfer him to a hospital planetside. Last time I visited, he was still unconscious, but it looked like he was going to pull through." He takes a drink of his beer, and clears his throat. "I'm still hoping he'll recover enough to rejoin us before we ship out."

"There's another Caprica?" Priya's brows rise in a point as she glances up at the sky as if looking for health. "I'm sure I wouldn't say it with as much... fondness." That's the word. Or the word she decides on at least to apply to Calliope. Shifting her feet in the sand, she nods along to Van's point. "That makes sense. See it, rethink it, fix it next time it comes up."

"You bet, Colonel," Jigger replies readily, holding his plate steady. He's used to getting bland looks from officers -- not to much giving them though -- his own expression kind of wry, "Well, I overheard it at the base. Couple of the deck staff were talking about it. Although," he casts his gaze skyward. "Maybe they mentioned Sagittaron as well?" his glance flickers down to see if Ryan's blank look changes any at the next planet name. "Did two tours there with ICJPK, myself."

Seeing Van's wave in greeting, Kell offers one in return and slowly starts padding across the sandy beach towards the other. His eyes do gaze back out over the ocean, as if looking into the horizon. His pace does not have him joining the group anytime soon but he is making his way over.

Salvae gives Van a wink and he tucks the precious bottle under one arm as he has another sip of the beer and listens to Aldrich's update. "Gods damn.." he shakes his head, hoping it didn't have anything to do with the chaw he'd fed the marine. He nods his head, "Yeah, I'm sure he'll be right as rain in a week or so. Sickbay's okay, but it ain't no hospital."

Aldrich nods a little, looking less sure even though he replies, "I'm sure you're right about that. The gods seem to be looking out for him." He takes a drink of his beer, and then clears his throat a little. "I think I might get some food and then someone said something about Pyramid...?"

"Yeah, but that Caprica is from Aerilon," Calliope says with a laugh to Priya. She spots Rion. And waves, obnoxiously. "Hi! You look new! There's booze. And food." She idles near the grill, for her part. The next burger off, she gets for herself and fixes up.

"Well, you know how people like to talk," Ryan replies to Alain with a knowing smirk, not giving anything away. He prepares the cheeseburger then uses the spatula to lift it onto a plate. "Two tours on Sag, eh? That's an experience. I was there myself." And not a great experience, judging from his tone.

Van grimaces at the news on the Marine he doesn't know, but he nods along sympathetically anyhow. He gestures toward Priya with some sort of rolled up carb-and-protein, nodding his agreement, "Exactly. Which is why it helps to have others there too. They can see what you can't."

"Painfully new," says Rion with a small smile to Calliope. "I heard you all were having a shindig. Thought I'd come by and say hello." He winces. "Yeah, that was horribly lame." He scratches his forehead. Then he offers his hand, "Rion Gregory."

Priya looks pained at that very idea. "That's not complicated at all," she complains dryly. She echoes Calliope's enthusiasm with... less enthusiasm, but she does offer the newcomer a wave. Yo. "Priya Tarsis." Nodding at the gesturing motion of carb-and-protein, she lifts a shoulder in a half shrug. "Well, it's usually hard to see your own frak-ups. Bias and all that." She takes a swig of her beer.

Salvae nods his head, "Ya, you bet," he says to Aldrich as he excuses himself to get some food. "Watching a game'll be great," he says, he was never one for pyramid himself. He spots the new guy wandering up and grins, "Salvae Gess," he introduces himself, raising his beer to Rion as he wanders near.

Well, it was worth a try, and never let it be said Jigger didn't try his best. "An experience all right," Alain replies in that same tone. "Won't be sad to take a pass on that one. Thanks, sir," for the burger, presumably, giving a casual salute as he moves back towards the group (and his bottle!). "Jigger," he throws in his own callsign, grinning at the two new arrivals. "Glad to have you aboard." And then he munches on his burger.

Aldrich lifts his beer in a final farewell to the group, then withdraws to wander over to the line for the grill, where he gets in line. Once he's managed to grab a burger for himself, he carries it off in the direction of the Pyramid court.

Ryan smiles at Jigger as the other pilot moves off.

"Van Newton. Vipers. As the others said, welcome aboard." Priya gets another nod, "Exactly," and then Van looks back to Jigger as the other pilot returns, "So, where are we off to next, Oh Intrepid Interrogator?"

"Nice to meet you all," says Rion. "It's a beautiful spot. This is uh, this is actually my first time on a beach." Hence why he's dressed not quite appropriately.

"Calliope Drake. Hi!" That introduction is piped at Rion. "I fly Raptors." She gets her burger arranged. She's the kind that eats them without the bun, so it's just tomatoes and lettuce and ketchup on a thing she lays into with a fork.

Salvae hands Jigger back his bottle, "I think I'm going to go try this surfing jazz," he says, quaffing the rest of his beer as the conversation slows a bit. "Try not to laugh too much!" he grins, pulling off his aviators and putting them on Alain's head and then he takes his speedos across the beach to rent a surfboard.

"Uh, well," Jigger scratches his chin after he swallows another bite of his burger. "What can I say, the Colonel's hard to read. Definitely not Sag, and not Virgon, I think. Time for one of you to tap in and throw a couple of colonies his way." He gestures towards Van, as if in invitation. He gladly takes his bottle back from Salvae, grinning at the other pilot, "Enjoy -- it's actually a hell of a lot of fun!" he tugs Salvae's glasses down onto his nose, waving Socks off. "So, Tarsis, Gregory. You fly?"

Ryan continues grilling, smiling and exchanging words with a pair of marines. He seems at ease behind the grill.

"I might suggest some shorts or a light shirt next time, Rion was it?" Van gestures toward the high-rise resorts behind them, "Picon is... a great deal more pleasant, less muggy, but still, proper attire is suggested." A faint chuckle lifts the corners of his mouth, turning into something closer to real laughter as he shakes his head at Jigger, "I would think that he would not want to tell a hundred pilots, marines, and crewmen who are about to be extremely drunk where we're going next." Socks gets a wave as he heads out to the waves.

Priya eyes Salvae's departure over her shoulder with a shake of her head, glancing at the ocean in brief concern. That's a bit body of water. Shifting back on her heels, she nods at Jigger. "Enough. ECO primary." She slides her hands in pockets and shrugs. A slight smirk touches her mouth at Van's summary of the plan, "Seems fair."

"Me too," says Rion to Calliope. And then, also answering Jigger, he says, "Uh, yeah. Raptor pilot." He scratches the back of his head. "Haven't been flying too long, though." His eyebrows go up at Van's suggestion. "Ah, yeah. I mean, I wasn't expecting to join you all while you were still planetside. It just worked out that way."

"He's not telling a hundred. He's telling a handful where we're not going, and by extension, where we are." At least, that's Jigger's plan, and he's grinning at Van as he finishes his burger, reaching down to collect his beer. "C'mon, Milkman. It wouldn't be weird at all if you asked if if we were heading to say, Picon, for example." He grins at Priya, apparently pleased by that. "Oh, great. Good to have you, then. You been paired with a pilot yet?" he asks, moments before Rion's answer, gesturing between the two. "What a coincidence."

Calliope smiles broad at Rion. "Oh, you're on the buses, too? Nice. We've got a good crew aboard. I think you'll like the Timber Wolves. It gets intense sometimes, but we stick together. And, also, great parties. When we're on leave, at least. So, enjoy it while you can." She looks between Rion and Van. "I mean, there's a lot of rotation among the ECOs and the pilots. So you've kind of got to be prepared to fly with who's on shift that day. We have to share Priya and Isolde and the other bears between us." She winks.

"There isn't much of a better time to do it." Van shakes his head at Alain, "I think I'll stay out of that little plan, Jigger. I don't want to take advantage of Mace's trust." It must be a Picon-to-Picon thing. Or perhaps it's just a Van-sometimes-has-a-stick-up-his-ass thing. He nods at Calliope's description of the rotation, "Speak of Izzy, I'm going to go find her." He hefts the plate, then starts away from the little group.

"Can't say no to a good party." Priya finishes off the last of her bottle, settling it in the ground by her feet. Her mouth hooks at the corner, accent thick as she says, "Sounds like I'll never have been so popular. I've no problem with flying shifts. Been rare to be paired like that."

"I arrived oh...two hours ago? Not even. I haven't even officially reported for duty yet." Rion's clearly getting warm. He bends down to roll his pants up, but that's only going to help so much. "I'm sure I'll get the hang of things. I've heard you guys are the best, and I'm happy to be here."

Alain flashes a grin at Calliope. "Well, you know, we also share out our vipers amongst us, but we all kind of have one plane we think of as ours in our heads still, you know? The one you cringe at whenever you see her damaged." He makes a noise of disappointment as Van bails -- though it's probably more about his decline to be involved than anything. "No matter. I've got a secondary plan going."

And so begins the classic trope: when Van leaves the group, Isolde appears joining it from the opposite end of the party. Dressed in boardshorts that sit low on her hips, a tank-style bathing suit top, and loafer-style swim shoes, she looks pretty comfortable at the beach. Though her shoulders still hold a bit of tension in them, she's definitely trying to enjoy the party. She pops in near Calliope's elbow, eyes scanning around her. "Hi Bite, seen Van?"

Calliope crooks a smile at Alain. "I mean, yeah. I guess we do, too. There's one in the hangar with a bullseye painted on its rear. That's kind of my Raptor." She actually sounds proud of this. She eats more of her burger. With a fork. Turning a bright grin to Isolde. "Pi! Hi. This is Rion. New bus driver." She points, to the new guy. "Milkman? You like just missed him." Funny how that happens. "There's plenty to drink, though. And food. The colonel's on the grill. It's really good."

"You equating me to a plane?" Priya counters pointed, folding her arms in a cross. There's a flicker of amused danger in her voice. She lifts a hand as Isolde arrives on the scene.

Rion is the one dressed not for a beach party. He's in the double tank and trousers. At least it's not his blues. He lifts a hand to Isolde as she's introduced. "Hi, nice to meet you." Then he lifts a shoulder. "I've always shared, so it's not like I've been spoiled."

Ryan continues to man the grill and chat with the troops who come by for food.

"I mean... no! Definitely not!" Jigger knows a mistake when it's staring him dangerously in the face, that's for sure. He holds a hand up, awkwardly, towards Priya in mute apology. "That definitely came out... wrong."

"Hi Rion," Isolde says automatically, and she's turning to look at him, and immediately stops in her tracks and stares a bit. "Oh my gods, Rion Orion." She actually squeaks, and then covers her mouth with both hands, trying to get her sense back. "Hi Rion," she repeast daftly, opening her hands around her mouth to speak. "So nice to meet you." She looks at Calliope, as if expecting to see the Raptor pilot totally getting it.

"/Right/...." The word is dragged out in a long husk of accent as Priya regards Jigger. She waves the apology off with the cut of her hand through the air. Natch "Think I'll grab a burger." Isolde's squeaking is met with a side-eye before she snags her empty to dispose of on the way.

Calliope does get a laugh out of Isolde's recitation of Rion's name. "Oh my gods! It rhymes!" This seems to tickle her. "And..." She looks to Isolde. "It's not one of those same-backwards-as-forwards names, is it? I could never do those puzzles right in highschool. She snickers some, at the exchange between Jigger and Priya. A shrug to Alain. "She's a sweetheart, really. Once you get to to know her. Deep down. Like really deep.

Rion looks a little bit deer-in-the-headlights when Isolde squeaks out his stage name. He does wish he was holding a beer right now. "Hi. Nice to meet you. Pi, is it?" He arches his brows. As for the whole name thing? He doesn't really look like he's in a hurry to explain it to Calliope.

There might be relief in Alain's expression as Priya moves away. He gives a kind of bemused look towards Calliope at her words. "Uh-huh. Think that'll be her call sign? Sweetheart?" He shakes his head, grinning, "Not sure I have the balls to be the first to call her that." He's quick, though, to claim his box and bottle of ambrosia, though: "I'm going to stow these somewhere safe then head to the bar. Catch you all later," he says, striding off along the sandy beach after disposing of his plate and his empty beer bottle.

"Oh, there you are, Izzy." Van chuckles as he comes up from behind Isolde, offering out the plate of nibbles -- including several color-segregated choices. "I was just..." he comes around her side far enough to see her expression, and his eyebrows shoot up, glancing over to Rion, who seems to be the target of it, and then to the others, confusion flickering over his features.

Isolde blinks at Calliope. "A palindrome? I mean, only if he was Rion Noir." Which is a great name, Rion, put that in your back pocket for your post-military career! "You're telling me you've never heard of Rion Orion? Gods, well. Um." She looks back to Rion, not completely socially inept. "Bite said you are a Raptor pilot?" There we go. She seems to miss the side-eye, and the whole thing with Jigger, but when Calliope offers soothing advice, the ECO kind of snorts a bit. "Bottom of a blackhole kind of deep." When Jigger starts to make his departure, Isolde tilts her head after him. "Bye Jigger!" Then she jumps a bit at the arrival of Van, but the offering of food distracts her a bit and she totally misses the confused look as she grabs some sort of nibble.

"OH MY GODS, PRIYA, YOUR CALLSIGN SHOULD TOTALLY BE SWEETHEART!" Calliope yells at the ECO, just beaming at this piece of brilliance. She gestures at Alain, so she can properly credit him. "It's his idea! But. Fits." She's too busy yelling about this to press Rion for an explanation.

In line to grab a burger, Priya almost trips as Calliope YELLS AT HER ACROSS THE BEACH. Her features are cut with a wince of amused horror at this idea. "Better or worse?!" She calls back, to Calliope and the group in general. This may get accidentally shouted near Colonel Ryan, followed by a quick, "Sorry, sir."

Rion shoots Isolde a grateful look. He knows his past as a cheezy pop singer will come out eventually, but he'd really prefer it not be his first impression. Calliope's yelling is actually a welcome distraction. He takes this moment to make his escape. "It was great to meet you all, but I'm cooking. At the very least, I need to find some cooler clothes."

Van still looks confused, looking back to Rion and shrugging a little helplessly, "I thought it was Gregory?" When the other man excuses himself though, he just nods, "They do have some rather nice shots right by the hotel." Right in the midst of the tourist-trap. He looks back to Isolde then, "You get distracted from getting us drinks, Izzy?"

"I'll back you up on that one, Bite. What do you think? Start using it on the next CAP?" Isolde is desperately trying to pretend that Rion Orion isn't standing here, so close to her she could easily ask for an autograph. Keep it cool, Pi. "Ohh, sure, yeah. Gregory." She knew that. She knew that, really. Rion Gregory. "Nice meeting you again, Rion O -- Gregory." She shifts slightly in her stance, giving Van an innocent look. "We're giving Priya a new callsign." Topic change!

Calliope just makes a high-pitched, enthusiastic noise when Isolde concurs with her. "See!?" More yelling at Priya. "This is SUCH A GOOD IDEA. I'm going to go see if everyone else likes it!" With that, she turns to mingle. And yell what she's decided is Priya's new callsign at random people.

Ryan smirks at Priya's apology. "Careful there, or your callsign will be Bullhorn." He hands out a plate with a burger on it.

"Sir, I think that might be an improvement but I think I'll be stuck with this now," Priya admits dryly, amusement crinkling only the corners of her eyes. She gestures a hand towards Calliope's NEW FOCUS before accepting the burger. "Thank you."

Rion decides to beat a hasty retreat before explanations are needed. He lifts a hand towards his new crewmates. "Enjoy yourselves. It's a beautiful spot." And then the Raptor pilot is making his way back towards town.

The shouting causes Van to blink his eyes, rubbing at one ear with the heel of his hand, "Wow. I'm afraid Webb was right, Soundbite. Bullseye was not the right callsign for you." She's gone, however, and he shrugs and looks back to Isolde, chuckling faintly, "And now the whole party knows that you're giving Priya a new callsign." He looks after Rion, looking for a moment as if he's going to follow up, and then shakes his head, "So. Wander down by the water, watch the waves for a bit?" He pauses, "Or is that just a Picon thing?"

Isolde snickers softly into a cup she had secured when she was hunting for Van. She looks at Van, shaking her head. "You be nice." Then she beams. "Well, that's good then... we will have everyone in support." She winks to Calliope, and takes another gulp from her cup. It has the scent of rum in it, and something fruity. The suggestion to wander around and watch the waves has Isolde smiling at the Picon. "I need actual food first, and then you can use your Picon Seduction Techniques on me." Gross.

Van laughs easily enough, shaking his head, "I got you food. No burger yet, but food. And I actually did mean watching the waves." Still chuckling, he starts to steer her over toward the food tables, lowering his voice, "I'll show you the Picon Seduction Techniques later. I mean, that has to be why Mace rented us all rooms, right?"

Lyn makes her way off the Pyramid court and heads for the food tables to secure a burger off the grill. She glances around en route, to make sure her path is clear of any emotional landmines. ALL CLEAR!

Ryan gets a burger ready when Lyn comes near. "Cheese or no, Arda?" asks the chef of the day.

Lyn ponders for a second. "I'll take cheese. Thanks, Colonel." She looks over at the rest of the party goers. "This was really nice of you to do. The leave, the party. Gave us some time to lick our wounds and get a little less wound up. Any word on where we're heading next?"

Isolde is directed toward where Ryan is serving up burgers, and she starts to giggle a bit at Van's whispered words. "Have you practiced your whale noises?" Oh, gods, the teasing. She then smiles up at Ryan when they get closer. "Hello, sir. Um, how's it going?" She grins over at Lyn then, but the question of where they are headed next has her interest.

Priya takes her burger and wanders off to get another beer to go with it. Isolde and Van are given a wave as they head towards the food.

"My pleasure," Ryan replies to Lyn, doling out more grilled food to any who need some. "Evening Pi, Milkman." To the question of where they're off to, he says blandly. "Does seem to be the million cubit question. I think Jigger's starting a betting pool."

Kell was originally walking back towards the group of pilots slowly but it appears that on the way, he was distracted by something else. Perhaps it was something in the horizon of the ocean, his own quiet thoughts occupying him, or something else but by the time the Ensign is back, he had disappeared to get himself a second bottle of beer. By now, he is also a bit hungry and is another person that is converging on the grill area. Ready to pick up a couple of grilled dogs and maybe even a burger whiel catching the tale end of the conversation going on there.

"Can't blame a marine for asking, sir," Lyn replies with a small chuckle. "Please, just tell me wherever it is, there isn't any more jungles?" she pleads. The Aquarian has HAD IT with jungles and heat and mosquitos.

Van laughs easily, shaking his head and making some very, very bad whale-song imitations. Really, he should be better at that as a Picon. When Lyn asks the question of where they're going next, Van shakes his head, "I'm afraid you're going to get that a lot tonight, Mace. It seems that people don't appreciate tropical paradise after serving in tropical paradise for a while. Maybe we should show them Queenstown next shore leave?" You know, except for the Cylons still on and around Picon.

Isolde glances to Van, and she smiles a bit. "I wouldn't mind snow." Which is perhaps the worst thing in the world to wish for, but she doesn't fully recognize that yet. A pilot in snow is a lot better than a marine in snow.

Ryan smiles at Lyn. "I make no promises, Arda." His eyes flick to Van briefly when Queenstown is mentioned. "If I did know where we were going, laying it on everyone sounds like a recipe for fretting, not relaxing and enjoying the home-cooked burgers," he deflects.

"Understood, sir," she notes to Ryan, then raises the plate with the burger in thanks, before heading down the beach a ways to sit and eat it.

"I agree completely, sir." Van shrugs a little helplessly, "Plus... not that there are any Toasters to tattle to, but I'm pretty sure half of Argentum Bay would know by morning, considering how quickly everyone rushed to the bar rather than the food." And then he grins over at Isolde, "You just want to go sledding, Izzy."

"The cold weather and snow isn't too bad, not too many bugs that can survive in that climate." Kell says, offering some helpful support for the colder environment which he personally hails from as he stands with the others, empty plate in hand waiting for his turn.

"I like sledding," Isolde protests at Van's words. She does smile slightly to Kell, and she beams. "Hi Razor." She looks him over from head to toe. "Having fun so far?" Which is a covert way to also asking you doing okay?.

"I like sledding too." Van offers a broader grin up to Isolde, just barely managing to keep a burgeoning blush under control. Looking over to Kell, he nods in greeting, "True. I could definitely do without the bugs. It might even be worth the snow," now he's just teasing Isolde.

Ryan puts a buger on Kell's empty plate, which is empty no longer. "I never much cared for snow," Ryan offers randomly. "More of a water man myself."

There is a nod to Isolde's question, Kell look a bit more relaxed right now and genuinely enjoying the get together planetside, "Yeah, glad to get away from the books and notes for a bit. Made some progress but it felt like being back in Flight School again." When Ryan fills his plate, the Ensign nods appreciatively at the Ryan, "Thank you sir."

Isolde blushes slightly. Then she gets her burger and nudges Van. "Cm'on. Let's go look at those waves you keep talking about." She lifts a hand to Kell and Ryan, nudging Van along. She smiles to Kell in passing. "Yeah... tell me about it." Even if she's never been to flight school. She then waves farewell and drags Van along to go 'look at waves.'

Ryan nods to Kell's thanks. "You're not studying for the requals too, are you Razor? I thought you passed yours," he says when flight school is mentioned.

"No sir, just going over the Raptor notes and books to refamiliarize myself with their procedures. As well as the ECO's." Kell answers with a quick shake of his head, the aroma of the food tickling his nose, "I should have something for Captain Thorne to review soon."

Ryan ahs softly. "Well, I'm sure you'll sort it out soon enough. Didn't want to distract you with shop talk. I am curious though... the rest of the squadron been there for you, with everything that's happened?"

There is a firm nod to the Colonel's question, "Yes sir, I don't mind the shop talk. And the others have been very supportive, especially Lieutenant Newton. We all understand that we're in this together, and out there, we only have each other to rely on when we run into hostiles." The task that Ryan has given him is an easy distraction, especially with the importance of it.


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