2237-06-03 - Awards BBQ - Pyramid Court

Some of the Wolves hit the pyramid court on the beach after the awards ceremony.

Date: 2237-06-03

Location: Sand Pyramid Court - Scorpia Beach

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Sand Pyramid Court

Someone has set up a makeshift pyramid court with wooden backboards and goals on the beach.

Inspiration: https://www.battlestargalacticamuseum.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/pyramid-field.jpg meets https://secure.meetupstatic.com/photos/event/4/7/8/d/highres_434238317.jpeg

Tavo heads straight for the pyramid court when the awards part of the party breaks up and the party part starts up. Stopping by the head of the court, he jams the bottle of ambrosia into the sand there, then tucks his Sacrifice Ribbon box there too. He's the first one to the neutral zone taped out with stretch-ribbon in the middle of the court, plucking up the ball and giving it an experimental toss against one of the backboards, where it rattles and bounces back neatly.

Lyn seems to have chosen the familiarity of the court as well, even though she's a little overdressed for the game. "Tavo, how are you? Congrats on the awards." She offers a thin smile as she watches him test out the court itself. "We can't be the only ones here for Pyramid."

The big man looks over, shrugging a little helplessly as he catches the rebound, "I think everyone headed for the bar first. We'll have a whole bunch of drunk folks trying to play in an hour or so." Another bounce off a backboard, this one launched side-arm and aimed for Lyn on the rebound, "I just got the Forgot-To-Duck. You're the one who got the Super Marine Medal. Congrats to you."

Lyn catches the ball and slings it back towards one of the boards, aiming to rebound to the big gunner. "Not sure why they gave me that. I spent a good portion of that fight unconscious and bleeding all over the rest of the unit." She did blow off a cylon's head while it had a knife jammed in her arm, mind you.

Tavo scoops up the rebound easily enough, "Someone figured you went above and beyond." He takes a pair of shuffling steps, boxing out an imaginary opponent, and then sends a hook shot toward the basket, clattering off the rim, bouncing off, and dropping in, to be shot out the return cage at the bottom, "I generally figure if the people I'm in the shit with think I did good, I'm good." Might be intended as advice, but it's certainly phrased as applying to himself.

Lyn retrieves the ball, trying to get used to moving about in sand, which is as alien to her as the waves in the ocean. "How many times has the Doc been shot up?" she asks. Cate has become one of the few people she calls friend, and that concerned her. She takes a shot, bouncing it back off towards Tavo, not really aiming for the basket at the moment. There is a sincere lack of tackling with just the two of them, which is good considering her outfit isn't designed for it.

"Too many," grunts Tavo. He chases down the rebound a step, catching it and then bouncing the ball off another of the backboards toward Lyn, "Happens to medics a lot, unfortunately. After all, the guy they're trying to fix got tagged, so they're in a fire zone as soon as they get there."

"Maybe we need to work harder to bring the bodies to her somewhere in cover, instead of letting her run out to them," Lyn muses. She finally makes a shot on a basket and it goes in. She looks like she's a long time player, if no expert, at the game.

Tavo nods at the response, "When they can be moved." He kicks up sand as he goes to fetch the ball on the return, "Nice shot." Instead of shooting himself, he passes it back, a high-arcing trajectory, "Seems like you can't really tell if they can be moved until you get to them though. I generally figure some nice suppressing fire usually gives them the time they need."

Lyn jumps up to haul the ball down for another shot to rebound back to him off a board. "Yeah. Probably right. I was mostly a sniper back home. Getting used to being more in the thick of things here. Easier to snipe something across terrain that is all nothing but white blankness."

Tavo grunts amused agreement, "Yeah, we don't have snipers here. Line-of-sight is too short in the jungle. Plenty of DMs though." He catches the rebound and fires off a fade-away jump shot that rims off, "Designated Marskmen. Best shots around, usually aim for anyone in charge, but they're up with the rest of the grunts instead of two klicks away with a spotter."

Lyn takes the rebound and gives the ball a high toss back towards him. "Yeah, I think Charlie's been covering that mostly in the outtings I've been on. I've done my share of toaster damage though, so I can't complain."

Tavo tracks the arc of the toss, and leaps up for it as it comes down. Catching the ball, he rises past it to the top of his jump, winging it toward the basket -- where it promptly bounces straight in. He's... definitely done this before. He crouches a little as he lands, grinning the grin of someone who enjoys his work, "Yeah. Doesn't matter how they go down, just that they do. Me, I figure I might as well put a ton and a half of lead downrange, something's bound to hit."

Aldrich comes wandering up the path to the Pyramid court carrying a paper plate with a burger in one hand and a beer in the other. He lifts the beer hand in an informal greeting as he approaches, but given that he's bringing food along, probably the plan was to settle in and watch.

"Apollo's balls, Tavo, were you pro before you joined the CF?" Lyn asks as she retrieves the ball when it comes out of the cage. "Anyway you should have been in that fight in the castle ruins. One of those Cylons decided to stab me with a knife. A few times. I think he was trying to carve his initials in my chest before I blew his head off." She takes another rebound shot trying to get her aim down right to the large man. She spots Aldrich and gives the chaplain a wave. "Hey Al!"

"Joined the Army about a year before I was eligible for the draft." The pyramid draft, that is. Tavo nods slowly at the description of the fight, catching the ball on the rebound neatly, "Yeah. I heard that was a clusterfrak. I think I was in a Raptor on the other side of the AO," Area of Operations, "playing overwatch to a supply dropoff." Aldrich gets a nod from the big man, and he cocks up the ball, checking to see if Aldrich is interested in a pass, "Chap."

Aldrich has been nibbling on the burger as he walks, apparently. By the time he gets close enough to respond, he's apparently okay with depositing it at the edge of the court along with his beer bottle, presumably to be fetched later. "Hello, you two. Having a game, I see..." The offer to pass is met with a half shrug, and then he holds his hands up to catch. "I haven't played in awhile, but I'll join if you've got room for a third."

"Damn, you'd have scorched in the pros," Lyn says with a genuine smile. She is a pyramid junkie and loves to watch the game as much as play it. She looks pleased that Aldrich is going to play. "We have room for quite a few. Mostly just tossing the ball around. No tackling, I promise."

Tavo passes the ball easily over to the chaplain, shrugging a little helplessly at Lyn, "Thanks. I'm a bit old for that now. We were still trying to recruit Eshfield," who is now a veteran Scorpia Stinger, "when I was in school." There's a little wistfulness in the big man's tone and expression, but he shakes it off, adding to Lyn, "Not until people are good and drunk and looking for a shot at the ambrosia bottle," he gestures to where his reward for the marksmanship score sits in the sand by the head of the court.

Aldrich catches the ball himself, glancing back between Lyn and Tavo. "Oh, you were a /serious/ player?" He chuckles a bit, tossing the ball a bit to feel the weight. "I was never any good, myself. I promise I'll stay away from your ambrosia if you promise to go easy on me."

Lyn eyes the bottle appreciatively, but she noticeably hasn't been drinking tonight. The last time she got plastered she made bad decisions and nearly burned down the Vanguard's galley, and poured her heart out to her ex's now-girlfriend. With that pair present for the party, she's being very, very cautious. "I just play for fun, Al. No worries."

Tavo rolls his shoulders, perhaps a little uncomfortably, "Probably would've gone in the second round, bottom of the first. At least that's what people were telling me. But that's... gods... ages ago." Straightening up a touch, he shrugs and steps back, "Why don't you two play? I'm gonna go get something to drink. I'll be back in a minute."

Aldrich grins a little at Lyn, "Good to know..." He looks over as Tavo announces he's off to get a drink, and nods a bit. "All right then. Watch out for the crowd out there." Then his attention is back to Lyn, and he passes the ball to her.

Lyn nods to Tavo as he goes to get a drink, and she's left with Aldrich. She doesn't look very properly dressed for Pyramid regardless. "How're the burgers, Al?" She's actually dressed rather like an actual woman, makeup and hairstyle and everything. Maybe she's making some progress in getting back out into the world and moving past Jonas. She catches the ball and tosses it towards one of the backboards but it bounces off the edge of the hole.

"They're all right," Aldrich answers, and trots off to catch the ball after it bounces off into the sand. "It's really more about the company, don't you think?" He aims and tosses the ball, which bounces off the backboard and into the hole. "Anyway, this is a nice diversion. Next week starts Gemenese New Year." He says that like anyone who isn't from Gemenon will have any idea what the significance of that is.

"I suppose it is. It was nice of the Colonel to spring for rooms for everyone, so there aren't a bunch of drunk wolves prowling the much tighter hallways of the Vanguard. I brought earplugs, just in case, but I'm going to miss the hell out of that little cottage I rented." Lyn is busy watching Aldrich's form as he shoots, because she didn't expect that from the chaplain. And she screws up her own shot, landing it off in the sand somewhere. "What's the Gemenese new year?" she calls back as she jogs over to fetch the ball.

Aldrich starts to go fetch the ball, since apparently he's a gentleman like that, but then Lyn is already off for it, so he hangs back. "Start of the Gemenese calendar. And a week's worth of fasting, praying, meditating... And generally being obnoxiously Gemenese," he jests.

"Frak, that sounds like punishment. Are you going to be doing that, Al? Do we need to go find a room and get you drunk and laid before that?" Lyn asks, bringing the ball back and tossing it to him.

Aldrich gives a startled little bark of laughter at that question, but maybe it's not the first time someone has been so bold, because he looks more amused than embarrassed. "I think I'll survive. I've been participating every year since I was old enough to understand what it was all about." He catches the ball, tosses it toward a goal, but it just barely misses and bounces off into the sand, where he trots off to retrieve it.

Tavo isn't gone long, coming back with a cup of something that should probably have wavy lines coming from the top. He catches just enough of the last comment to blink, and jerk a thumb back the way he came, "If you two need the court to yourselves, I can totally head back thataway."

"Doesn't mean you can't have all the fun before it starts though. Go find a hot girl, take her dancing, get some." Lyn barks out a laugh at Tavo. "I wasn't talking about ME! Oh gods no. Al deserves way better than this pile of walking issues."

Aldrich rolls his eyes at Tavo's comment and Lyn's reaction. "First of all, Lyn, I don't think you give yourself enough credit. But no, the last thing I need is to be getting involved with someone right now. And... no, one night stands are not exactly my style, but thanks." He passes the ball to Lyn.

Tavo chuckles, "We've all got issues, Arda." Waving off any protestations, he adds, "Don't worry, I'm not going to try to tie you two in a knot and throw you off into the dark. Just saying, I'm pretty sure there isn't a single Timber Wolf who doesn't have issues." He gestures toward Aldrich then, chuckling again as he posts up between Lyn and the basket, raising a hand to provide relatively trivial additional difficulty to her shot, "And nothing wrong with friends-with-benefits. As far as I can tell, it's how the military -- every military -- works."

Lyn catches the ball and shoots it towards the board, high, trying to bypass Tavo's block. "Oh, trust me. I am seriously damaged goods. I'm pretty sure if the Vanguard gets a shrink, I'll be the first one tapped for therapy at this rate. I don't need to get my brand of crazy all over a good guy."

Aldrich snorts faintly. "Perhaps it's how the military works, but it's not how /I/ work," he insists. Lyn gets an odd look, and he comments, "You know, I am in a position to have seen the worst of every kind of crazy the military has to offer. And you are positively sane by comparison. You should go easier on yourself."

Tavo doesn't even worry about moving the hand beyond the upward stab, letting the ball sail past. He nods to Aldrich, "Everybody has their own way. I figure whatever works for you, and doesn't screw with me is fine by me." He pauses, clearing his throat, then adds, "Not that I have any input in whatever the hell either of you wants to do." There's a dry little chuckle there, and then he nods, hitching onto Aldrich's comment, "I mean, we all know Recon's nuts, but you don't seem too far beyond normal Marine nuts. Pretty sure that makes you normal for Recon. Or, you know, you hide it well."

"That's because you don't know the half of it, Al," Lyn admits with a tight smile. "There's a lot more to...everything, than just my ex and his new girlfriend." She smirks at Tavo and moves to play blocker for a few. "I hide it really well. Except when I've been drinking, apparently."

Aldrich gives Lyn a skeptical little smile. "You deserve to be happy. And to be with someone nice, if that's what you want." He leaves it at that, as apparently it's not up for debate, and goes to fetch the ball.

Tavo shrugs slightly at Aldrich's advice, "Or nobody, if that's what makes you happy." He takes a slug from his little red cup of high-proof booze, then shifts away to get an angle on the basket, holding out one hand as a target for a pass from Aldrich, "Well, then either the bar's right over there, or someone told me the party's dry already." Sip.

"Maybe, but no one nice and in their right mind is going to want to carry all my baggage with them, so it's a moot point," Lyn replies. She snorts at Tavo. "No one wants to see me drunk, believe me. It not pretty or fun."

Aldrich rolls his eyes a little. "Lyn. Remind me to talk to you about what true baggage looks like. Sometime in private." He passes the ball over to Tavo, and gives a little grin. "Now drinking... /That/ might happen."

"The art," Tavo one-hands the pass, bobbling it a moment, but manages to keep hold without dropping the ball or -- more importantly -- his drink, feints a shot, and then wings it back toward Aldrich, "is in not getting too drunk. Puking isn't attractive to anyone." And then he changes the topic, "Any of you hear how the game went?"

Lyn seems to realize that she's bringing the game down with her words, so she gives the two men a smile. "Sure, Al. Haven't heard, Tavo. I'm gonna go get a burger I think. Thanks for the game, guys." She gives a small wave and makes her way back towards the food.

Aldrich catches the ball, but shakes his head. "I came here straight from the hospital. I just stopped off to change clothes..." He glances over as Lyn takes her leave, with a worried little look. "Thanks, Lyn." He watches her go, but then shakes his head and tosses the ball to score a goal.

Tavo grunts disappointed acceptance when neither of them knows about the game, "Damn. Kills me to know they've already played and not know how they did. Wasn't so bad last year when the Stingers weren't playing. But the Stingers without Eshfield, de la Cruz, and Sacres?" He shakes his head, "Good hunting, Arda." Rolling his shoulders a touch, Tavo shrugs and looks back to Aldrich, "Don't think anyone's gonna try to collect on my bet. Unless you want a shot, Chap?"

Aldrich chuckles a little and yields the ball to Tavo so he can go fetch his beer where it's been waiting for him on the edge of the court. "I'm not a betting man. But out of curiosity, what bet is that?" he wonders. He has a drink, then adds as explanation, "I've been a bit out of the loop lately."

Tavo catches the ball, turns, and banks the ball off one of the other backboards, taking a couple of steps as he does to catch it again. "The bottle of ambrosia I got from the Colonel to whoever was top dog on the court tonight." He takes a shot, and it rattles in. It's easier when no one is trying to tackle you.

Aldrich chuckles a little, and shakes his head. "On /this/ court?" He laughs and looks toward the sky, shaking his head. "Pretty sure there's no bet necessary for that one. Your ambrosia is in no danger from me." He has another drink, and then sets the bottle back aside to return to the court.

Tavo fetches the ball from the return, popping it back up to Aldrich as the chaplain returns to the court. The marine is still playing with his red cup in his hand, and now he takes another sip, loitering under the basket, "Really, I just wanted a good game. A few of us have been talking about a league, but there just hasn't been time yet."

Aldrich catches the ball and passes it from hand to hand for a moment. "Well, if you ever get it together, I hope you'll let me know. I've thought a regular game would be fun for awhile now, but no one else seemed very interested." He tosses it again, kind of lazily, toward the basket.

Tavo hops up from beneath the basket, just outside of the neutral zone, and taps the ball in on its way by. Unfortunately, he lands just hard enough to slosh some of his exceptionally-strong alcohol all over his hand, starting back a little to keep it off his shorts and shoes, "Frak." He shrugs a little helplessly, "I'll keep you in the loop. And if I'm off duty, I'm pretty much always up for a game." Hefting his left hand a little, he adds, "I'm gonna go get this cleaned off. Good talkin' with you."

Aldrich chuckles and shakes his head at Tavo's spill. "I'll catch you once the week's up, then. For now I think I might just have a walk on the beach. Take care and have a good night." He swing by to pick up his trash before he departs, at least, and then heads off, away from the party instead of toward it.


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