2237-06-03 - Conversational Caffeine

Aldrich, Priya, Calliope, and Kell all gather around the holy grail that is coffee in the mess hall.

Date: 2237-06-03

Location: Vanguard - Mess Hall

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Aldrich has the look of a person sleepwalking through the Vanguard, but that's not so unusual. He's been that way pretty much all week. But even sleepy people have to eat, so he arrives at the mess hall to claim a tray and make his way through the line. He opts for a protein-heavy plate (or at least, something that resembles what might once have been protein) and then heads for the coffee station. He gets two cups of coffee right off. Must be one of those days.

Priya has already hunkered down at one of the largely free tables with a plate of breakfast, that suggests by its remnants it was of a goodly size originally, and her own nearly empty cut. Her long, half-shaven, head of hair has been braided back out of her eyes and coiled at the nape of her neck. She watches the goings-on of the mess with interest - still acclimatizing herself to the ship and its crew.

Calliope looks recently from the showers, so she's fresh enough. Hair still hanging stringy and wet around her shoulders, though she's dressed for duty in her flight suit. She proceeds over to the chow line to get herself some coffee and a sandwich. "Hi, Chaplain," she greets Aldrich, as she ends up not far behind him in line. "You OK? You look kind of rough." Priya is waved at chipperly when she's spotted.

Aldrich looks up from the very important task of pouring coffee to see who's greeting him, and gives a little smile. "I'm fine," he replies. "It has been a long week, that's all." He picks up his tray and turns toward the tables. Maybe he spotted Calliope's wave, because he starts wandering in that direction and claims a seat at that table.

Priya is also dressed for duty and Calliope's enthusiastic wave is returned with a rather more lax wave of her fork. Wiping a bit of crumbs from her lips, she nods at the move to claim the empty seats at the table. "Good Day," she greets, Tauron accent thick and a little rough at the edges. "Caprica - you look damp."

"Yeah, I'm trying to let this air dry," Calliope says as she takes a seat at Priya's table, flicking a wet strand of blonde hair behind her ear. "Life on a warship is kind of abusive on my follicles. Every little bit helps!" She sips on her coffee. To Aldrich, "I heard you were going out on medic duty with the Marines now?"

Aldrich nods a little toward Priya, with a friendly (albeit faint) smile. "Hello." He picks up a fork to dig into his food, and swallows a little quicker than he might normally do, to answer Calliope's question. "Yes, here and there. When it doesn't interfere with my other duties as Chaplain, of course."

"You really think it's going to help that much?" Priya snipes lightly, lifting her brows at the blonde woman. "Surprised you didn't pick up stuff." Girl hair stuff, presumably. Her head tilts with interest at the fact Aldrich is going to be working with the marines, gaze lingering on the pins at his collar. "Uncommon venture for a Chaplain," she observes. Then, she remembers to introduce herself. "Tarsis, Priya.

"Oh, I got a purse full of conditioner and moisterizers from Scorpia," Calliope says, tone all 'Well OF COURSE I did.' "I'm fighting, like, a war on my fronts with this." Another hair flick. To Aldrich, she nods. "Well, I'm sure they'll be glad to have you. Like, representative of the gods, out there in the field. And you really held it together when we were down on Canceron. If you can deal there, I bet you can deal just as well in situations where evac is a radio call away."

Aldrich lifts a shoulder slightly. "So I'm told," he returns, to Priya. "Aldrich Kavanagh. You're from Tauron, I take it? I had some friends there, once..." He doesn't seem to have any opinion on the subject of hair, but given the fact that he seems to be doing well to keep his combed some days, that's probably not surprising. Calliope gets a little crooked smile. "I'm hoping so. Anything I can do to help... Though I think we were all a little bit of a mess during that Canceron business, myself included."

"I was," Priya answers, meeting his attention with a dark, almost haunted look. His next comment makes her mouth lip in a crooked, bitter smile. "So did I." Those words are softer, her chin dropping to look down at her cup of coffee that is nearly empty. She finishes it in a shot. Returning to the subject of hair, the look Priya shoots Calliope says without words, OF COURSE YOU DID. She doesn't speak on Canceron, for not having been there to experience it.

"Yeah, I know I sure as hell was," Calliope says to Aldrich, of Canceron. "I'm just thankful we made it out of there without getting...horribly slaughtered in the jungle." She lets out a little huff of a breath. "Anyway. It's over, and I will never complain about sleeping in a bunk again." There's a look between Priya and Aldrich as they speak of friends on Tauron. She doesn't add anything to that. She looks somberly chews on her sandwich, allowing a moment of quiet.

Aldrich chuckles quietly at Calliope's words. "You did the best you could, and I think you handled yourself well," he offers, gently. He glances to Priya, picking up on her reaction, and pokes at his food for a second in silence. After a moment, he offers, "I don't believe I've seen you in the chapel."

"Caprica's surprisingly tough for how she looks." Priya's tease comes with the edge of a smile as she picks at the last few bites of food on her plate. Dark eyes lift towards Aldrich again at his comment. "New to the Vanguard. I don't suppose you will, my dead rest now." Which to Tauron culture, means she's avenged them - one way or another.

Calliope lets out a "Heh" sound and flexes. "I get knocked down. But I get up again. My gunner still needs work, though." It's said ruefully, but without any particular shame. "Oh! Priya. I wanted to say congrats on running the badge table in the little competition. You were tight out there. Kind of wish we'd been flying together. Not that Flats isn't awesome." Flickering little smile at Aldrich. "I'm glad we did some good before they got us off planet. And that I didn't get everyone slaughtered. And I am really glad to put Canceron in the rear-view. Wherever we go next, I'm hoping it won't be back there."

Aldrich nods a little, accepting Priya's comment. "If there are ever any services you need that we aren't offering, I hope you'll feel free to let me know," he offers, and then lets it go to give Calliope a little smile. "I heard the trials were... eventful for some people." Then to Priya, "Congratulations on doing so well.

Nodding her head, Priya chuckles a little at Aldrich's offer - but not with any kind of bitterness. "Thank you, Chaplain. But... some measures I keep to myself." She rolls up one of her sleeves to expose an arm crossed with tattoos and burn scars. "Practice makes for dead toasters," Priya intones, like a child reciting a lesson. Her head dips at Calliope's praise, shoulders slanting in a bit of a shrug. "Thanks. Not quite tight enough for some of this unit. I did my best to not run into anything when I took the pilot's seat," she says with a low whistle. "Flats seems more than alright, yeah. I'm going to have to bust my ass to get my shooting up to par if things have been as rough I've been hearing."

"Yeah, Colonel Ryan has me practicing with Milkman," Calliope says. "Which, I mean, it's good to him to pitch in. But I think I'm going to try and go to the other Raptor pilots, too. It's kind of a different discipline, which I'm not sure the Viper jocks really get. Not that I'm going to say that to him. I'll run all the sims anyone wants me to run. Especially if Command is telling me to. And yeah, Flats is cool. Plays a mean piano, too." Her head tilts at Aldrich. "How're you liking the Vanguard, Chaplain? I mean, other than the view from chapel, which is gorgeous."

Aldrich takes the opportunity to eat some of his food while Priya and Calliope are talking pilot stuff. He glances up from his meal at Calliope's question, and gives a little nod. "Oh, I like it. I think it will make my job easier. Fewer people on board means I have more time to get to know everyone and what they need."

"I'll have to see if there's anyone willing," Priya observes with a slight frown. She flexes her hands against the table, snorting in amusement at Calliope's comment about Viper jocks. "Yeah. And does he?" Huh. That is not someone she anticipated having that skill. Attention returning to the Chaplain, she tips her head with interest. "Is that what a Chaplain does? Generally? I'll admit you're the first I've really talked with."

"I'm not stressing about it too much. I mean, I want to run more gunnery drills because I want to kill more toasters, not so I can run an obstacle course." Calliope shurgs, chewing on her sandwich. She looks curious to Aldrich's answer to Priya, as she eats.

Aldrich pauses to pick up his coffee (okay, one of his coffees) and has a drink as he thinks over Priya's question. "I think it varies from chaplain to chaplain," he admits. "I am probably unique among my colleagues in that I'm not particularly fussed about whether anyone agrees with my personal beliefs. I see it as my job to help others on /their/ path, not to pull them onto mine. But I can only do that if I understand what path they are on, first."

"That seems... difficult. Requires a person to know which path they stand on in the first place," Priya observes. "Which is a frakshow in the first place." Apparently she swears in front of Chaplains. Alas.

Calliope is sitting at a table with Priya and Aldrich. She's a good way through eating a sandwich and drinking a cup of coffee. She's dressed in her flight suit, hair hanging a little damp around her chin. Like she came from the showers not long ago. "I mean, it seems like that'd be basically required for this job," she says to Aldrich. "Not caring if someone agrees with you. I mean, there are so many different kinds of people on this ship, from all the worlds. I'm glad we've got you and not somebody more, like, fire and pits of Hades." A chuckle to Priya. "Tell me about it. I barely know where I'm at in, like, reality on a given day."

Stepping into the Mess Hall, it looks like Kell is taking a break from hitting the books, checklists, and whatnot. He does have a notepad with him but once he enters the room, he tucks it away under his arm. He's in his duty blues right now, preferring it over the greens if he's doing paperwork and the like. On his way to the chow line, he spots Calliope, Priya, and Aldrich at a table, recognizing the Raptor pilot out of the three. Kell does offer a nod of greeting in their direction before grabbing a tray and picking the usual. A bowl of soup, a wrapped up sandwich, ham and cheese it looks like this time, a small bowl of assorted fruits, and a bottle of water.

Aldrich smiles faintly at Priya. "Ah, yes, but... Sometimes finding their path /is/ the path they're on. In fact, I think that's fairly common, at times like these." He sips his coffee, with his plate mostly picked over, then looks over to Calliope. "Between you and me, I think that's why I'm here and not back on Leonis. There were plenty of more... qualified candidates available. I can only imagine they specifically wanted someone a bit more suited to the unique needs of the CF." He smiles and adds, "Luckily for me. It's been an honor."

Priya also looks like she's dressed for work in her flight suit, although unlike Calliope her half-shaved head has been braided and pinned in a knot at her neck. "It'd seem - but how well do a lot of the worlds get along, hey Caprica?" The nickname comes off a little pointed, paired with a lift of her brows. She snorts at the thought of fires and pits. "Lucky for all of us by the sounds of it." It's a compliment.

Calliope nods in agreement with Priya, to Aldrich. "Yeah. Definitely lucky." She's finished her sandwich, and is just nursing the dregs of her luke-warm coffee now. Kell gets a smile. "Hi, Razor. Come sit with us! Or, well, them. I need to be on duty in like twenty."

The invitation is accepted and Kell with his tray of food in tow heads over to the hexagonal table. Putting the tray on the table first, he inclines his head to those present again in greeting, "Luckily it's lighter duty now that we're back on Scorpia." He says as he takes his seat, hands already going to twist open the bottle of water, "I am sure most of the others are enjoying their leaves planetside." Where as some like him are stuck on the ship with extra assignments.

Aldrich smiles a little and looks down at his coffee. "I do my best," he offers, a touch awkwardly. He looks up from his coffee when Calliope greets a newcomer, and gives a welcoming nod to Kell. "Some people are enjoying it more than others, I think. Lyn... I mean, Arda rented a cabin for her leave."

"Me too," Priya says of being on duty shortly, stacking her dishes so they are easier to tidy up. "Looks like you're stuck with me today," she notes to Calliope. There's not a scrap of food left on them. She nods at Kell as he joins them. "Keeps us largely out of trouble." She blinks at the comment of renting a cabin.

"I'm just glad I got in some R-and-R while I could," Calliope says to Kell as she stands. Finishing her coffee in a gulp, then taking her tray and cup over to the 'dirty trays and cups' area. A quick grin to Priya. "Wouldn't have it any other way, Tauron. Anyway, I'll see you guys on the flightline. Good luck with the...faithline, Chaplain." And, off she goes.

When the Chaplain mentions that someone already rented a cabin down on Scorpia, Kell can't help widen his eyes in surprise at Aldrich, "Rented a cabin? Wow... sounds like some people are definitely making the most of their leave." If his father heard he did something like that, he would never hear the end of it. "Heading off to duty with Soundbite?" Razor directs the question to Priya who is also suited up for active duty. When Calliope rises to leave, Kell raises a hand, wave for the departure.

Aldrich chuckles faintly, and lifts a shoulder. "I think she wanted to take a bubble bath," he remarks. He glances up to Priya and Calliope as they move to leave, and gives a little wave. "It was good to see you again, Calliope. And to meet you, Priya. Take care of yourselves."

"Nice to meet you as well, Chaplain," Priya offers as she stands. A quicksilver smile is cracked at Kell's question. "Someone's got to keep her out of trouble." She nods at both the men before making her way out as well.


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