2237-06-04 - Improved Communications

Abigail makes a call. And she and Jonas come to a better understanding.

Date: 2237-06-04

Location: Secure Communications Room, Scorpia Shipyards

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One would think...that given that it is their last day of freedom, that any of the crew who would get away, would be down on the planet enjoying freedom. But Abigail...seems to have chosen a different way. As soon as word began to filter down that the ship would be returning to Picon, she made her way back to the environs of the military. Jonas may or may not have been there when she left, or soon after, but she left a scribbled note there for him, in the off chance that he might come back to the room.

Nor did she return immediately to the Vanguard, instead heading to the shipyard, and the secure communications station there. Likely she's still there, somewhere.

When she was gone in the morning, there was that momentary grasp of panic in his chest that he was abandoned again, and as he sat upright in the bed, the word 'Gale' escaped his lips. It took him a few moments to find her note and make his way to get dressed and ready and head up to the ship yards. He's surprised at her choice of location, as he steps into the communications hub, and sets a hand on her shoulder. "You know this is part of my expertise." he says quietly.

Off in one of the halls designated for just such things, Abigail is standing in an empty room, facing a blank screen. How long she's been standing there, is anyone's guess. But likely not for too long, as there are only so many of these rooms available where you can actually speak privately, rather than doing so in a room full of technicians, who, even if they might be trained to ignore what you're saying, can still hear every word. "I didn't want you to be here for this." There's something in Abigail's voice, something ugly, and cruel, and full of hate, and betrayal, that, for a moment, as she speaks, might lead you to wonder if it's really the Pican diver at all. But a moment later, she lifts a hand to cover the one he's placed on her shoulder. She still feels like the same woman at least.

"That's what she did to me. I'm not letting you repeat that." It's said simply, as Jonas squeezes the shoulder as he draws in a breath. "You want me there for the good. You have to accept that I'll take the bad. Don't shelter me, I'm a big boy." he says quietly as he looks to her. There's a soft plead in his voice, that he doesn't want to go through this again.

"No. I'm not letting you lump me in with Lyn Arda." Abigail slips out from under his hand, turning to face Jonas in the small, empty space of the room. "What she did to you was entirely different. She chose to willfully abandon you, refused to leave you any point of contact, refused to include you in any aspect of her decisions, too wrapped up in her own grief and pain to see that she wasn't helping you. That she wasn't doing anything except using you as another knife to twist into her gut. Not caring that she was killing you in the process. Ask yourself if she would have ever reached out to you, if she hadn't ended up on the same ship as you? Would she even want you now, as anything more than her perpetual whipping boy, if she hadn't realized that you had finally decided that you weren't going to spend the rest of your life waiting for her to come back to you?" Abigail shakes her head, a sharp, almost angry movement, "No. I won't spent the rest of our lives together bearing the weight of her sins on my shoulders. I have no doubt I will have enough of my own before this is all said and done. I'm done with feeling as if I have to make up for the mistakes another woman made with you. I came here, alone, because there were things I needed to say to my parents that was for no one's ears but theirs."

"I'm sorry.." Jonas admits. "You're right.. she didn't even leave a note and you wanted me to find you. I didn't know you were talking to your parents." He draws out a breath as he looks to her and takes her hands in his, "You're mine. And I'm yours. And you're right, you are not Lyn Arda. You are much better. Because you want me here. Please forgive me?"

"I needed to tell them I was coming home." Again, that unfamiliar edge in her voice, mirrored, now that he's facing her, in her features. But that too, she files away. Not because she doesn't want him to see it, but perhaps because this isn't the time to let that part of herself out. "I'm waiting to call my Pops." Given that she already mentioned speaking to her parents, she probably means Aubrey's father, "But they might not be able to get a line free." or, given what Aubrey has said about her father, he might not take the call. Her hands tighten on his, an edge of a smile on her lips, "Nothing to forgive. Just...let me make my own mistakes, don't make me pay for hers."

"Do you want to be alone to speak to him?" Jonas asks finally as he eyes the comm suites. "If they can't get him, I can try on the shortwave. There will be a delay.. because light communication is much faster than what shortwave uses, but.." he shrugs his shoulders as he studies her face and mannerisms, picking up on the Marine within the fun loving Pican. "I will give you the clean slate. We'll do what we need to to make us work." he finally offers. "You're not her. And I will not make you pay for what she did. I just had a moment of fear this morning, and I will need to get over it. And you're doing all you can to help me with that, and I can't thank you enough."

"There's nothing to thank me for, Jonas." Abigail looks over, as she moves to sit on the chair in front of the comms unit, "Isn't that what you do when you love someone?" Do everything that you can to heal their hurts, support their decisions, help them in whatever way they need? "No, I don't mind if you're here. Can you try to reach him? I already gave them the frequency. Pops has a shortwave, everyone who lives near the beach does." So there is that.

"I didn't bring my gear with me. Let's see if they can get through first. If not, I can try to get the shortwave up." Jonas offers as he smiles. "I love you too, Gale." he offers qietly, kissing the crown of her head before he moves to sit down next to you, and looks over the available frequencies. "Any news on your brother?"

Abigail accepts the kiss, scooting over so that he can sit beside her, as she sees the signal light from the comms center that the time for the call-in is here. "No. Not a word. And, according to them, neither have my parents. I've been trying to gather every scrap of news I could find, anyone who might have a few week, or a paper, or a report, not just from the major networks, but from the local and independent agencies as well. Trying to see if I can get some sort of handle on what they know about the situation behind the lines, if they've managed to rescue anyone, what they told them when they did. It's been maddening. I've...I've put in a request to speak to Colonel Ryan. To tell him about the situation, to ask him for his help. I now that..." Abigail's voice hitches, "I know he's only one man, I know that. But I can't...who would I be without him?" She holds out her arm, showing the tattoo there, "We got them when we turned eighteen, just before I left for basic and he went off to school." It's only half of a single DNA strand. Which means if Abigail has one half, Addison has the other.

Thankfully, the signal comes just them, and Abigail is distracted from thoughts of what it might mean, if she had to face that hell of separation. A deep breath, a smile, as the connection is made between Edmund Naxos and Abigail. The conversation is not long, but it is heartfelt. Abigail's thanks for Edmund telling Aubrey about Addison, how much she loves him for doing what her own parents didn't have the strength to do, for trusting her. Of course they're talk about Aubrey as well, the girl's adventures, the upcoming deployment, if they'll manage to make it back to the Bay. The sort of video cal you would expect from a father and daughter. And then it's over, always sooner than they would like, with an, 'I love you, Pop,' and a promise to call again as soon as either of them hear anything.

"We need to make it more than him. If he was captured, he may be at a POW camp. That means there's a chance of rescue." Jonas points out, catches Abigail's hand in his own. "I know we may hit that point someday, but I'm not trying to replace him - nor would I if I could. I just want to help, sweetheart." he manages quietly, going silent for the conversation between the two.

Abigail nods, "I know. I don't have any illusions that they would send a mission in for just one man." This isn't Saving Private Walker. "Of course they'll probably only want to commit if there will be maximum returns. But I have to do everything that I can. I've left him alone for six months, I can't...I just have to do whatever I can to bring him back. To bring as many of them as I can back." A squeeze of his hand, "I know you're not, and that you won't." Finally, she looks over, once the room is once again silent and the comms are dark, "How long before we head back to the ship?"

"There's a shuttle in a couple of hours, we can either go back to the ship or to the surface, they'll have shuttles until midnight." Jonas turns his hand over to capture hers, twining their fingers together. "I'll see what I can do to help, Gale." he promises quietly. "You won't be alone in this."

"I never thought I would be, Jonas." And that's said with absolutely honesty. There was never a time when Abigail thought she could, or would, try to find, try to rescue Addison without help. And not just from Aubrey. Abigail rises, keeping her hand intertwined with his. "Let's go and enjoy the last few hours we have on the planet." She'll snap off the light in the room as they leave.


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