2237-06-04 - No Rest

Eva's hard at work. Because reasons. Tucker tries to make her see sense.

Date: 2237-06-04

Location: Ready Room, //Vanguard//

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Eva looks up from the sim, enjoying the luxury of a good root around in its coding matrix, to try to get the sim to just where it needs to be. She's probably got a shift coming up soon, because she's in her flight suit, the headset being taken off and put down multiple times as she's trying to key things just right. "This has been harder than actually doing the thing." She glances over to the raptor stick, checking to see if he's fallen asleep yet, the wait has gone on so long. And if he is sleeping..depending entirely on whether or not he's sleeping off a hangover, she'll occasionally extend her foot and try to kick his chair.

At the kick to the chair, Tucker gives her a lazy swat to her calf as he stretches out lazily. "It would help if you actually told me what you were trying for here." he mutters as he moves to sit up, the manual for the sim set across his chest. "You're going to have sims in your head when we head up on CAP, you know."

Cherry manages to avoid, just barely, the swat at her calf, puling back her leg, and then turning to hold out the other headset, "You can see, if you like." She still hasn't said what she programmed into the machine. "Not this one." She slips the headset she kept for herself, waiting to see if you join her or not. If you do choose to accept the mission...before it self-destructs, you'll find yourself back on Canceron, on Isabel Island, staring into the back of a heavy raider configured for human prisoner transport. Piece by piece, as best she could manage with the sim tech, Eva's tried to recreate the enemy ship she and Finn flew off of the colony. She did not include the out of commission pilot cylon.

"This a sanctioned thing, are you just frakking with the sims, Cherry?" Tucker asks as he looks, and studies the information. "Why don't you have the newb helping you with this, I thought she did shit like this on deck before she became an ECO?" There's a glance towards her. "You and Farm Boy did this though? Nice."

"I don't see anything in the regs that say you can't create a customized sim training program. I'm not trying to build myself a virtual date night, here. I'm trying to rebuild something that might actually be useful for the pilots to work with. If we're heading back to Picon, and if we encounter a situation like we did on Canceron, it might be helpful for them to have some idea of what they might come up against." A shake of her head, though you can't see it in the sim, "Far as I know, she never programmed sim anything on the deck, though I'm sure she and Newton were heavy into the sims. Her job on the deck was to provide a hand reading the system diagnostics, to supplement the work of the contractors that do that sort of thing. Besides, with the way she scored on her quals, she needs to focus on getting her head on straight there, not pretending to be a hacker again." There's no heat in Eva's words. It's just a straight up fact. The girl wanted to be an ECO, she needs to be an ECO, "We worked it together. He rerouted the oxygen delivery system first, since we didn't have the protection of our flight suits, and they only had the ox in the rear compartment. The biggest trouble was trying to find how to plug into the controls." The raider, being piloted by a machine that could plug itself in to the controls, had no hand controls.

"Heavy into sims." The irony of that statement isn't lost on Tucker, "Considering how they react around each other on ship, have to wonder how suave they were in the sims." he says with a laugh. "All 'want to see my magic wand' or something." There's a smirk at that as he nods. "Sounds like it might actually be easier to steal the real thing. But I heard they took the real thing, so why the interest?"

"Not at all, far as I bothered to pay attention. Seriously, between the pretending not to be dating, and trying to sneak around. Honestly, nobody cares. Nobody. Cares. That. You're. Frakking. Find a closet, do it in a stairwell, as a novelty, just do it in the rack, we don't give a shit...unless you frak in my bunk and I have to clean up after you. Then I will cut you." The tone of Eva's voice is a sign that, yes, she is still not over the rage that just such an event elicited in her, "The interest, is because we have no idea what we're going to find down there, how many ships we might need, how we'll be called on to try to get our people off of that planet. You want to try to figure this shit out from scratch like we did? or do you maybe want to give yourself a little taste of what you might have to do?"

"Uh.. okay. Damn, someone did that to you? That's frakking gross, Eva." Tucker says, his hands up in that don't shoot motion. "Look, I get what you're saying, Captain, and not trying to shoot you down on this. Just saying that taking one of our sims off line if you hit a bug may not help much. Not that it's my place anyway. I was gonna suggest we take some of the pilots that haven't qualified out yet while we had the chance to practice targeting with the drones, but I guess we let that slipped by. Ever been to Picon?"

Eva's unseen hand reaches out, shutting down the program, which immediately returns to the standard viper pilot program that usually keyed up on this set of sims. The raptor ones are actually the other bank. She removes her headset, "I built the program in the test environment. You can't bring the sim down, because the test environment is purposefully segregated from the rest of the operating system and pre-set programs. I'm sorry you weren't interested. I had actually been banking on the fact that you might actually want to take it the ship out for a spin. Sad to see I was wrong." Eva rises from the control console, starting to put everything back to where it belongs, "I'd have to check with the LSO to see if the drones were still deployed, but we have a few hours before the ship leaves. And no, I've never been. Not much different from this place, or so I've read."

Reaching up to rub the bridge of his nose. "Look, Cherry, it's not that." Tucker says, and then frowns. "You and Kell have been working yourselves to the core since we got here." he points out finally. "Have you actually taken any time off, or has this and the ECO thing consumed your entire time off?" he asks, not in anger, but there's genuine concern here. "This can wait. You can't."

Eva rises, putting away the trio of manuals she brought over from the shelf to help her with what she's been working on, "I've been here. Where I'm supposed to be, Flats. I'm the senior pilot, after Webb, it's my job to make sure the rest of you have the time to go down to that planet, to frolic on the beach, get drunk in the bars, and frak in the privacy of your hotel rooms. I take the CAPS, I sit the alert 5s. That's the job. So no, I haven't left the ship since Canceron."

"Even Webb takes time off, Eva. You can act like your the wing mom and all you want, but if you burn yourself out, then we're going to have to worry about you." Tucker points out as he folds his arms across his chest. "Stop being a frakking martyr and try to relax for a change, before you burn yourself out so much that the rest of us get screwed over when you inevitably fail."

"Actually, I don't act like anyone's Mom." Well, except Jigger. But that's nearly a ritual as old as time, "I'm just the oldest stick out there. I also don't want to be anyone's martyr, I also can't be held responsible for trying to save everyone else in the wing. Lords know it didn't help with Antonie." Eva has barely been acknowledging the fact that the raptor pilot left the ship on transfer orders almost as soon as they got to Scorpia, which might have struck as odd, given they were known to have been a couple. Some wounds you just don't touch. "I don't need to take shore leave to relax, Flats. All I need, is to do the job that I can do, to give the rest of you the chance to live lives that aren't all and only about this job."

"Do you remember the story of Vulcan?" Tucker asks as he pushes to his feet. "He worked his furnace too hard, and the volcano swallowed the land and those that worshiped him? Something like that. Anyway, point is - don't burn yourself out trying to find all the answers, alright?" he says with a small smirk.

Eva laughs, the sound filled with rue, "Clearly you haven't been talking to the right people, Flats. Go ask Newton what he thinks about my 'answers'." The one-sided (his) dislike between Milkman and the redheaded Celtan pilot might be legendary. "The war's not going to wait for me not to find the answers." She lifts a hand, "Honestly, thank you for your concern. But I'm find. As long ad they don't cut off my supply of cookies, I'll be right as rain."

There's a little sigh as Tucker considers the Captain. "Alright. But you ever decide to unwind and need someone to hang out with." he gives a little shrug. "Like having you around as a friend." he points out before he leans back. "What is the deal with you and him, anyway?"

"I'd say your dancecard is full, Flats, but thank you. Not that I'm any more interested in that than you are, but I don't need those sorts of rumours floating around. And, I'd say neither does your girl. Wings are a difficult thing to explain." And people like to assume, especially when two pilots have as good of a working relationship as Cherry and Flats do, "Honestly, I have no idea what's up his ass. Best I can figure, the first day we flew together, I corrected him on proper comms etiquette and he's hated me every since. Has a chip on his shoulder from surviving the war on Picon, I guess. Thinks anyone trying to teach him or correct his is talking down to him, and that he deserves more respect than anyone is giving him. You've seen how he acts every time I put him on overwatch. The way I was brought up, overwatch is the most important position in a flight. That's the angel on all our shoulders, looking for trouble, helping us to get out of it. He treats it like I'm demoting him every time I do it."

"If you listened to the rumor mill on this ship, there's a Timber Wolf orgy in the head every second Saturday." Tucker offers with a roll of his eyes as he shakes his head. "It's because overwatch doesn't get any of the action, and I wonder if he's got a thing for wanting to be at the tip of the spear." There's a frown at that as he shakes his head. "I'm sure that damn award I got last night didn't help. By the way, congrats on the trips."

"I'm probably half of that rumour mill right there. Between things people used to say about me and Antonie, and now with Finn...and half the wing was sure I was in love with Smackdown. I wasn't, in point of fact. But I know how people probably see me. And even if it's nothing even remotely close to the truth, I don't need to get people I care about caught up in drama they didn't ask for. So I keep myself to myself, and it cuts down on the blowback." A beat, "Of course he does. He gunned hard for ace, flew stupid, just desperate to get those five kills. I have no doubt he was pissed as hell when Marshal made it before him. Then again to double. He beat me there, but he's had something up his ass since I beat him to triple. I don't even want to know what he'll be like when we start pushing towards Ace of Ace. I don't think he realizes that I've got nothing to prove. That most of us don't. Sure the younger pilots are all hot to get there, but I've been at this too damned long.

"I think I have two kills." Tucker laughs a little at that. "But it's not my job to get kills. Supposed to keep you guys protected under an electric blanket and deliver shit and shinola." he points out as he considers. "Though I've thought about working on my Viper qual once or twice in the past. But going from a freighter to a bus was a shock, not sure about going from the bus to the pocket rocket."

Eva, happy enough to set aside talk of the drama that seems to surround her, turns her attention to the question at hand. "Well, you're still not like most of the younger raptor crew, most of the time they're using their missile and the KEW and never once working with the ECM suite, leaving us completely out in the open with no hope of protection but what we make for ourselves. No wonder most of us end up having to get towed back to the ship." A tilt if her head, as she considers, "I don't see why not. Always got time to work the sims, and it never hurts to get a feel for what your counterparts are dealing with."

"Maybe." Tucker give a nebulous shrug of his shoulders. "And I seem to attract a lot of attention out there. My Raptor usually comes home pretty torn up." he admits with a little laugh. "And maybe. I don't see why you need another Viper jock, though. There's plenty of you already, it's the glamour job, after all."

"Oh, I don't expect you to ever suit up for a viper, Flats. I think you've got the feel to do it, but I don't think your heart'd be in it." Eva's been a pilot long enough to be able to get a feel for people, "But for me, it's not about that. I don't keep up my raptor quals because I really expect to fly one except at direst need...but it helps me to know how the ships handle, what they;re capable of. It's a dance out there, and I have to make sure I know how my partner's dancing. I might suggest the same for you. help you get a feel for how the ships move, help you anticipate how you might work better with them on mission."

"You're right.." Tucker says, and chuckles. "...I'd probably get chewed up and spit out out there." he admits as he glances towards one of the Viper sims. "Maybe next time there's a sim run, I'll give it a shot."

Eva offers a smile, a nod, as she looks down, pulling her gloves out of her pocket one at a time, fitting them to the o-rings at her wrists, the under gloves pulled up high enough to hide the scar tissue on her wrists, "Be happy to take you out, just say the word."

"I'll keep it in mind. I'll let you get ready for patrol. And Eva?" Tucker asks as he stops at the door to the ready room. "I have a bottle of that stuff that Ryan gave me for a perfect score. Still some left, wouldn't mind having a drink with the Captain, if she'll let her guard down for a moment." A wink is given to her. "To friendship." he says before he ducks out.

"Watch out, Flats. Next thing you know, there'll be a quilt in your rack." A true sign of friendship, in Eva's world. If she's made you a quilt, you're in.


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