2237-06-04 - The Rum's Right Here

Tavo takes Rothschild to sample Scorpian Rum.

Date: 2237-06-04

Location: Argentum Bay, Scorpia

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Rocco's, where everybody knows your name... and half the people want to hurt you because of it. With appropriate warning from Rothschild, Tavo hasn't had to be in Rocco's long, but he's already gotten half a dozen nasty looks, half a dozen cheerful greetings, and exactly two autograph requests. He also has a local macrobrew in front of him, unapologetically called 'Patriot's Piss.' Taking a sip, he sets it back on the bar, watching the screen above it playing analysis of the upcoming Game One of the Kobol Cup.

The door to Rocco's opens, yielding the sight of the Praetorian of Trenoir. Eudora Rothschild had been in uniform until just a couple hours ago, but with her first errand of the day now done, she has changed into more casual attire meant to fit in with the heat and humidity. She walks into the bar in light, flouncy pants that flow about her sauntering gait. They are a deep sapphire, playing well with the wrap-around top that is quite fitted to her torso. Her shoulders and arms are bare, and her brunette bob is lightly curled and pinned back. It is red lips though that are really signature of her look, and they are holding a light smile as she searches for Tavo. She spots him, and slowly makes her way there. Some might even know her name here, but not for the same reason as knowing Tavo's. She touches his shoulder when he's near. "You haven't been waiting long, I hope?"

No matter the name, no matter the planet, someone who looks like her wearing that is going to get attention. And attention she definitely gets, eyes following her across the room. There are a couple of men and women who get smacked by the people they're at Rocco's with, but it's not exactly like the dive bar is a popular date spot. Tavo looks up at the sudden quiet, just as she touches his shoulder, nodding a greeting and then taking his own gander. He nods his own approval, reaching up to tug at the open neck of his white polo shirt a little self-consciously. "Not sweats then?" A hint of a grin touches his lips as he calls back to his assumption on her casual attire. "And no, this is my first beer. Got your errand done?"

"No sweats," Rothschild laughs lightly as she settles into a stool next to him. When the bartender comes her way, she flashes him a warm smile. "I'll have what he's having." She nods to Tavo and then turns her attention back to him, resting her cheek on her knuckles in an obvious hint that she's definitely with this particular Scorpian. She nods at his question. "I did. You should learn all about it by tonight." She flashes him a mysterious smile.

Tavo twists the bottle to show the label when she orders one of what he's having, then takes a pull from it. The response, however, causes him to grunt in curiosity, "Because that's not ominous at all." Taking another sip, he adds, "You still owe me a story, you know." He points up to the scar decorating his head.

The offer to look at the bottle draws a low chuckle from her, and she tilts her head at him with a smirking smile. "Patriot's Piss." Then she shakes her head, looking up at the screens that showcase the upcoming match. "I'm trying to psyche myself up for it, so let me keep my secret." Rothschild then stretches her shoulders a bit as he brings up the fact that she still has a story to share. "I do. But I'm not sure about sharing it here." She casts him a wry smile before she takes a glance around. "So... what is the ratio to like and hate in this room toward you right now?"

Shrugging broadly, Tavo shakes his head, "This is me, not prying after your secret that's so ominous you've got to psyche yourself up for it." He takes another slug of the rather weak beer, "I didn't figure you would. Just reminding you." He glances around the room once, then adds, "Probably about 60-40. That's why I picked this place." Considering for a moment, he adds, "You may have shifted it to 40-60 though. Jealousy is a nasty thing. And so's what a lot of Scorpians think of Leonese." Another bottle of Patriot's Piss is set down in front of Rothschild with perhaps a little more force than is necessary, slapped down so that it starts to foam up the neck.

Rothschild casts a glance around as he offers out the odds, but the change causes her to chuckle lightly. Then she looks up at him with a tilt of her head. "Well, then perhaps we should tread lightly until we're out. We do have rum to get, yes?" She then smiles as her beer is delivered, popped open in front of her as if to reassure her that, no, no one has spit in it. She takes the bottle, salutes it to the bartender, and then returns her attention to Tavo.

Tavo drains off the last of his bottle and pushes it across the table, then digs out several cubit-bills and sets them on the table. "Or just head out now and get the rum." He gestures toward the weak beer in front of her, "There's tasting in the rum shop, by the way. I was just drinking that so I didn't get kicked out. Or drunk before I got to tasting."

Rothschild glances at her beer, and then back at Tavo with an arch of her brows. She then takes a single swig, though it is a rather deep one. She doesn't want to leave a full beer on the bar. Then she starts to get up, paying for her own beer as well with a tip included. Then she nods. "Rum then." The Leonese woman steps aside, giving him room to get out of his stool so they can make their exit.

Tavo pushes back from the bar, stepping off the stool and nodding, "Right. Rum." He nods toward the door, then starts in that direction, "I do like the look though." Outside, he gestures away from the beach, "Closer you get to the beach, the more everything's just tourist shit. We're going another four blocks that-a-way."

Rothschild actually looks a hint pleased at his compliment, and she gives the hem of her wrap-around top a small tug into place. She glances down to the beach at his words, but then her gaze follows the gesture. She quirks her head slightly. "You know, some might actually like that tourist shit." Though her words are humored as she starts in the direction he indicates, hands swaying lightly at her sides as she moves.

"Sure, some of it's fine, but it's all overpriced and toned down." Tavo leads the way down the street at an easy pace, not hurrying in the heat, "Anything you can get in a tourist trap, you can get somewhere else for cheaper -- and usually better. You know those big shiny 'chutes that they drag behind boats? We used to do that with old military-surplus 'chutes behind rocket-boats. When the tourists weren't looking."

Rothschild arches her brow slightly toward Tavo, but there is a light smile on her lips. "Anything?" Then she looks down at her feet as they walk, the light shoes meant for walking as she assumed she would be. She looks up at the giant Scorpian after a moment. "Why when the tourists weren't looking?"

Tavo chuckles, "Pretty much anything. I mean, we're not Caprica." Which could have several meanings. Her second question causes him to grin more broadly, "Because if we do it when they are looking, they'd want to do that. And then they'd get hurt or scared and they'd sue us." The further they get from the beach, the less shiny the facades get, the more actual Scorpians are present and fewer people from other Colonies -- and fewer obvious authority figures. Plenty of people watching everyone, particularly the big Scorpian and the statuesque Leonese, but fewer authority figures.

"Ah, so you didn't want to be a bad influence..." The Praetorian smiles knowingly up at the Marine before she resumes their casual walk. Rothschild is thoughtful of how the city changes, watching the facades become less tourist-attractive and more normal. She also notices how the languages change, from standard to a mix of standard and Scorpian. She tilts her gaze up to him, feeling herself drifting closer to him, defying the looks other Scorpians give other Leonese.

"Well usually, we don't want to be out of a job. Or our parents out of a job." As she drifts closer to Tavo, the big man grins a little to himself. Another half a block, he notes, "As long as you don't say anything, nobody will even know that you're... you know..." He might be teasing. And then he gestures ahead, "The place is just at the end of the next block." At the end of the next block is... a corner store.

Rothschild snorts at his warning to her. "So you want me to be mute?" She shakes her head slightly as she continues along beside the Marine. Her eyes flicker to where he gestures ahead, and she arches a brow slightly at the sight of the corner store. She looks at him, almost questioningly. "Not what I expected." She then slides her hands slowly down the length of her thighs as they near the store.

"Oh no. I'm just saying... if you want to hide..." and then Tavo glances over at her pin curls and brilliant red lips, and he shakes his head, "Nevermind." He chuckles, "Of course not. Because they have the good stuff. You can't advertise that, then anyone could get it." He pushes open the door, stepping in to a quiet chime from a bell above the door. Waving a hand in greeting, he addresses the owner in Scorpian, greeting him cheerfully and then looking back to Rothschild, "On Scorpia, it's about who you know." Because the aged shopkeep is leading them back to a chilled drinks cabinet. He opens the door, pushing back the shelves to reveal a room behind, and waves them through.

"Mmhmm." Rothschild gives him a look as they near the door, and he pushes it in to allow her to step in first. She looks around, dark eyes scanning over each detail of the store before she is drawn toward the shopkeeper with Tavo beside her. She listens to the Scorpia, letting the unknown language pass over her. But then she is following along once more, sliding into steps behind Tavo as they enter the hidden room. Her brows are high as she looks around, more than a little surprised.

The room on the other side of the freezer-case is small, just large enough for a sort of aged, makeshift bar with a variety of stools settled in front of it. There's another Scorpian seated on the nearest one to the door, and one more behind the bar. Behind her, there are a score or more small casks lined up against the wall, each one tapped. An array of small snifters -- in half a dozen different patterns -- are set out on the bar. Tavo steps in, nodding in passing to the man on the stool, and then bellies up to the bar several seats down, "Half of these are home-made. So, do you like spiced or not? Sweeter or more savory?"

The Leonese looks almost out of place as she seems to almost be tiptoeing into the room at the side of the giant. She slips up beside him, and into a stool. She considers the options being given to her, and she breathes out a slow exhale. "I... don't know. I'm not... we're in brand new territory. I yield to your experience." Rothschild's soft Leonese accent is easy to discern, and it only makes her feel strangely self-conscious -- something she is unaccustomed to.

The bartender frowns at Rothschild's accent, then looks over to Tavo again and reaches out to set up a pair of glasses in front of them, "If you're with him, you're okay." Tavo smiles at that, "Thanks Tess." He gestures between the two women, "Tess," a faint smile touches his lips, and he introduces Rothschild as "Dora. Dora, Tess. Dora has a taste for rum that she's never explored." The woman studies 'Dora,' then nods, taking the snifters back and pouring little measures into them from one of the casks, "This is Windward-make. A little sharp, but then again, so are the Windwards." Tavo grimaces good-naturedly as Tess continues the description apparently for the Leonese woman, "But the afterburn is nice. What do you like about rum, maybe I can suggest something for you."

Rothschild waits for the ultimate decision, though when she is given the clear, she offers Tess a small smile of thanks. The introduction though has the woman arching her brows. Having not been called Dora in a very long time, the Marine seems a bit more mollified. "Pleasure to meet you, Tess." With her hands in her lap, she waits for the pour and the introduction to the rum. She takes the small tasting glass, bringing it to her nose first to smell before she then sips. She takes a small sip, letting it roll around her tongue before she swallows it. "Mm, that is quite nice." Then at Tess' quest for information, again the Leonese shows her lack of knowledge. "I just haven't tried that much rum," she says, apologetic.

Tavo takes the snifter, rolling it under his nose and then taking a sip. He grimaces a little, shaking his head a little, "Sweeter for me, Tess. Just what you have new." The bartender nods, starting to line up more snifters, then looks back to Rothschild, "You like it sharper, then? Tavo was always a little soft." She smiles at the big man, then moves off to pour for them both. That leaves Tavo grimacing a little helplessly and setting the empty snifter down. "So. Welcome to one of the few nice places in Argentum Bay." It's actually quite cold in the little room.

Dora looks over toward Tavo as he takes that grimaced sip, and she smirks slightly. Then she nods to Tess. "I do love things rather sharp." Her eyes flicker to Tavo in brief look before she finishes what is in her snifter before she settles back to look at Tavo. "It is rather nice," she says in an agreeable hush.

"I wouldn't expect anything less from the likes of you." Tavo chuckles, watching as Tess collects a cask for the other customer, preparing it for take-out. Tavo smiles a little bit at the other Marine's quiet response, "It's not for sitting and drinking. More's the shame. Not everything they carry is good, but it's all real. Not like the shit they sell in the tourist shops in pretty little bottles." He toys with the empty snifter before him, then adds, "Are you looking to buy, or just coming to see the sights?"

Rothschild turns a bit toward Tavo now, and her knee touches his in that lightly subtle way. She tucks her knuckles into her cheek. "I actually found myself wanting to just spend time with you. Though if you have suggestions, I'm happy to create a small cache on-board." She also toys with her own snifter, slowly gliding her fingertip around the outside of the glass.

The touch brings a little smile to Tavo's lips, but her words draw his brows up slightly. "You mean some time somewhere that isn't the battlefield or the laundry?" He chuckles at that, shaking his head and gesturing over to Tess as she completes the transaction with the other customer and starts pouring a selection for them, "I'm not the one for suggestions. I like Dry Harbor, but it's pretty much caramel in a bottle. If you like sharp... there are worse makers you could go with than the Windwards."

"Or the weapon's closet." Rothschild quirks a brow up at him. Then she looks back to Tess at his gesture, even if she is listening to his words. "Well, then you should get yourself a bottle of Dry Harbor, and I can see about the Windwards." Then her dark eyes flicker up to meet his once more.

Tavo clears his throat, "Or the CQB Arena." He looks down again, even as Tess comes back with six little snifters for each of them on a tray, each with just a sip in it. The woman looks between the two Marines, then shakes her head and starts to pass the drinks out, "Left to right, sharpest to sweetest. Dora, dear, your sweetest is about two steps from Tavo's sharpest. Let me know if you really like or dislike anything and I'll shift the selection that way." And then she moves off to the other end of the small room, making herself busy. Tavo rubs his arms a moment, then collects the sharpest of the drinks in his array, sipping down half the little dash of rum, then noting, "So are you going to tell me the second story now, or do I start poking and prodding around your family, history, and favorite pastimes?"

Eudora starts to smile, her eyes following the shyness that encompasses the Scorpian. She draws a fingertip under her heavy lower lip, and then she straightens up to smile at Tess. "Thank you, Tess." She starts to take those little swallows, taking her time to enjoy each. Her eyes flicker toward Tavo at his prompting, and she finds herself smiling at him again. "Mm. I suppose I can share here." She sips her second tasting, looking quite happy with it. "So, I was in basic training... one of the oldest there. I felt I had quite a lot to prove. So, I woke up early to run the PT course."

Tess nods at the thanks, and then wanders back down the little bar and begins working on some paperwork, giving at least the illusion of privacy. Tavo lifts his second glass in salute, then turns his attention back to the red-lipped and pin-curled Marine. He takes a little sip, then slides it across the bar to Rothschild, nodding slowly at her story, "A recent story?" He sounds a little intrigued, but stays quiet, allowing her to tell the story.

Rothschild laughs suddenly, interrupted. "Recent? Oh, darling... how old do you think I am?" She squints at him, grinning slightly. "This was easily ten years ago. I enlisted fresh out of college." Then she shakes her head, returning to her story. "So, I went out to the course, but I didn't anticipate my complete and utter failure at the mud section of the course, particularly after a spring frost. I ended up losing both my boots while trying to trudge through." She sighs heavily. "Well, I couldn't go back without my boots, as I'm sure you know..."

Tavo chuckles at her response, shaking his head in amusement, "More recent than high school, that's for damned sure." He shrugs his heads a little helplessly at the question of how old he thinks she is, because there's no chance he's going to answer that. Instead, he moves on to the third snifter, taking a little sip and letting it linger on his tongue as he listens. He starts chuckling again as she sighs, "...so you had to go back for them."

"Yes." The Leonese shakes her head at the memory. "Well, I didn't take off my socks... in a complete panic." She rests her cheek against her knuckles, swirling her next snifter. "So, I lost my socks. By the time the rest of my squad got out to the course, I was standing there, in half-thawed mud, no boots, no socks, and absolutely dirty." She cuts her eyes to him. "I was called Muds for the rest of basic."

Tavo makes a slightly disappointed sound as she closes up the story, shaking his head and nodding over to the snifter he pushed over to her, "Here I was expecting you to go diving in to try to find them. Try that one, by the way. It's got some more caramel flavor, but still has a bit of bite to it." Still, he chuckles and shakes his head, "So there's a squad out there who think of the Praetorian as 'Muds,' is there, Dora? Okay, I suppose that's embarrassing enough to count."

Eudora snorts at the mere threat. Then she looks at the snifter offered, and picks it up to sniff at it before she takes a sip. She is pleased by the taste, smiling as she does. "Mm, that is lovely... I could eat that with ice cream." She then looks back up at the Marine. "How many bottles are we planning to get?" She starts to laugh again as she finishes that snifter. She realizes she is quite a few drinks in, with very little in her belly beyond a swallow of piss beer and now several swallows of rum.

Shaking his head, Tavo laughs lightly, "Bottles? You don't buy bottles here. You buy casks." He gestures to the small casks on the wall, each one the size of several bottles, "That's what makes it so hard to sneak them on-ship. It also makes it so you don't have to stash bottles all over the damned place." And then he notices that she's finished the snifter he passed to her and laughs, "Hey... that one was one of mine."

Then Rothschild looks around at the wonder of all the casks, and she smiles toward Tavo. "Should we got halfsies on one then?" She quirks a brow at him. "I'm sure no one would question the Praetorian bringing some on." Then she hands back his empty glass. "I'm sure you can exact your revenge."

Taking back his empty glass, he slips it into place, working his way toward the sweet end of his flight. "I'll go halfsies with you on a second one, but I already know that I'll be getting a cask of the Dry Harbor." He points to the last snifter in his own line, "I'm curious how you're planning on getting it on-board without having to give half of it away in bribes." There's a bit of a chuckling challenge to the words.

"Don't question my ways." Eudora then meets the end of her own flight, and she breathes in the last snifter. She smiles as she takes a sip, but she seems a bit less satisfied with this. She looks up at him then as she takes another sip. "Will you be attending the BBQ tonight?" She looks at him over the edge of her snifter as she asks.

"Oh, I'm not questioning. I'm just curious." Tavo downs the last of his last snifter, then reaches out for the one in her hands as she lifts it up to smell it, "Oh no, you owe me half a snifter. But yes... I'll be there. I'm pretty sure it's only technically optional."

Rothschild chuckles before she offers out the rest of her snifter to him. "Well, then I'll see you there, hm?" As if that might make the whole thing better. She crosses her arms at the bar now, keeping her dark eyes on the Scorpian.

Tavo freezes a moment as his fingers wrap around hers on the snifter, but he laughs it off, settling back and draining off half of her sweetest snifter before handing it back, "Oh, you don't think that time on the beach with beer and meat will be fun, Dora?"

The Leonese noblewoman starts to laugh, and she shakes her head. "I'm sure it will be quite fun, but I'll be in the bar." She smirks at him. "Because that's where you get the most out of your time." Then she lets him take the snifter entirely, and starts to settle her glasses back into the tray. "I think I'll take that one." She points at the second from the end on the sharp side.

Tavo shakes his head at her choice, still chuckling, "At least it isn't Siren's Song. Everyone loves that spiced mess." Tess starts back, Tavo points to the Dry Harbor, and Tess moves on to collect the necessary casks, "Just the bar? Come on, Dora, you can drink anywhere." And then he pauses a moment, some of his liquid joviality fading away, "You're not looking forward to it."

"I'll let you do the ordering." Perhaps because she expects Tavo wouldn't mind showing off. Then she looks back to the man once Tess moves off, and his observation draws a faint smile from her. "A Colonial Forces affair? No... I don't usually." She then looks aside, arms folded. "I'm looking forward to sleeping in a full-sized bed... but the party? No."

No ordering required, apparently, because Tess is already off to get the casks. Tavo groans with unrestrained pleasure at the mention of a large bed, letting his head roll back a little, "Gods. Yes. No more trying to cram myself into a barracks bunk." And then her words and body language settle into his mind, and he straightens up again, resting his forearms on the bar, "You figure you'll have to deal with journos and won't get to laze around in a swimsuit or splash around or anything."

"I know I won't," Rothschild starts to chuckle, brows arching slightly. "But that's alright. It is part of my obligations... I get to be in the field, and I'm still expected to uphold some requirements." She starts to ease out of her stool, settling her feet down beside him. She touches the side of his shoulder. "Once we settle up here, we should walk me back. Speaking of obligations..."

Turning toward her, Tavo holds out a hand to brace her forearm... even if it proves unnecessary. "And so many Marines do their damnedest to get out of the field. You're an odd duck, Dora." Tess comes back, setting the two mini-casks down on the bar. She quotes a price for Tavo, looks over to Rothschild, to Tavo, considers, and then looks back to Rothschild and quotes a price only a little higher than his.

Dora smiles lightly at his compliments, and she touches his thigh gently. "You're only beginning to know that." Then she smiles to Tess, and she offers out a payment for the cask. "Thank you, Tess. You've been a great host." She flickers her gaze to Tavo, and then begins to gather up her cask once the transaction is done.

Tavo shrugs a little helplessly at Dora's response, his hand patting her forearm a moment. Then he looks back to Tess and shakes his head, "Unless they've had a hurricane down around the Bay, that's highway robbery." The pair of Scorpians dive into a bit of good-natured bartering, occasionally slipping into Scorpian -- for cheerful insults, if their tones are any indication. Eventually, they settle on a price not far beneath the original one Tess quoted, but both seem pleased. Tavo pays up, and then picks up his cask, "You're not going to make me carry that one halfway because it's half mine, are you?"

Rothschild watches the interaction with brows arched, surprised she hadn't thought of that. Then she clears her throat, and offers a small smile up at the giant. At his observation, she scowls and gathers up her cask herself. "I'm capable, though it will slow my advances." She gives him a meaningful look before she starts to turn to head out.

Leading the way back to the door, Tavo is forestalled when Tess calls out, "I'll let your mother and sister know you stopped by." She cuts her eyes over to Rothschild, then smiles back to Tavo, who shakes his head in amusement, "Give them my best." And then he holds the door open with his foot, then follows behind, shifting the cask under one arm, "Now I'm stuck, because if I'm carrying them both, I'm helpless. But if we've each got one, your advances are slowed..." Nodding upwards, he beckons for the other cask, chuckling as he does when they depart the corner store.

It is only when they fully step outside does Rothschild give the cask over, but not before she dares to satisfy something she has been eager for since they met in Rocco's. She moves her cask aside, stepping close to stand up on the balls of her feet so she can press a soft kiss to his lips. It lingers a bit, and then she sinks down to her feet, and begins to turn back to their path, only after she offers him her cask.

Tavo is surprised by the kiss, but he smiles beneath her lips, his temporarily free hand dropping down to her hip. He nods to himself as she drops back down to her heels, "You don't mind Dora then." Hefting the second cask up, he takes a moment to get them situated, and then starts off back toward the beach.

"As long as it is something we use together... I don't need the rest of the Timber Wolves calling me that, too." Dora smiles at Tavo before she falls into stride with him.

"Fine by me."


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