2237-06-05 - Deeper Connections

Erin tries to learn how to get closer to her fellow soldiers.

Date: 2237-06-05

Location: Gym

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Strength. Agility. Endurance. The gym is an awesome place to blow off steam. Especially with everyone getting ready to set down in the heavy arena of Picon.

Although she's still bandaged up, Erin bangs out chin-ups, one-by-one. She's sweat-covered, up and down, in a tank and shorts. Once she's done ten, she drops to the ground to do squats. Then burpees. The girl's a workout machine.

Her mind is elsewhere. She stares forward with a distracted, vacant expression on her face. You could probably drop a bucket of water on her. In case one were in the mood for a prank.

Picon. Picon. Well, Charlie didn't want to go back to Canceron. She's gotten her wish in that regard. But she hasn't been back to Picon since PNAB Triton finally fell. Since Hyperion sank into the ocean during the Cylon's final offensive. Since she almost didn't make it out. The woman has been rather quiet since word began rippling its way through Vanguard. And the gym? The gym is a good place to work out those things you dare not say aloud. In sweats, trainers, and dual-tanks, she makes her way through the doors with duffel in hand and aims her way towards the treadmills. Her music isn't going... yet, but the earbuds are draped over her shoulders. Most of the bandages are gone, but the one at her shoulder lingers. Probably just to help ensure the stitches at a highly mobile area have some additional support.

Plonk. Eventually, Chilly's done with one set -- kettlebells -- and drops them back into their places when she's finished. Wipe brow? Wipe brow. Looking swole? Definitely swole. Hands on hips, Erin looks around the gym, and spots Charlie not too far away. So, she takes a break -- and a moment -- to nudge the other woman in the calf with her foot, to get her attention. And after the earbuds are out, she murmurs to her: "Have fun on the beach while you had the chance?"

Small talk time. Or, maybe just talk time.

There's a glance at the calf-nudge. IS IT A- oh it's just a Hayes. Charlie pauses in her approach of the treadmills to set her bag down, tilting her head at the other recon marine. There's a slight tug to the dual-tanks to set them right at her hips. "Whassup?" When the question comes, there's just a slight twitch of lips. Either at memory or some sort of personal secret. Or maybe something else altogether. "Yeah," she answers, tipping head in a nod. It's at least a distraction from the thought of going to Picon. Going home. "It was nice to be near the ocean. To have a break from all that shit on Canceron." She rocks back on her heels, crossing her arms across her abdomen. Carefully. That gutshot is still tender. "You?"

"Is it -- are you going home?" asks Erin with a slight stutter. "I mean -- you're from Picon, right?" She leans wearily against the treadmill because, frak, if she's gonna have girl-to-girl gym time, it's going to be while she's on a breather from the punishment she deals to herself. She awaits the answer patiently. Because that'll give her time to suck air.

"Yeah, I am." Charlie doesn't shy from the question, but she doesn't immediately offer more. "Didn't really... expect us to go there. I mean, it's Picon." And as a result, it's hard for her to think of her home as 'war torn.' Even if that's how she last saw it. Likely, like many people, she still sees her home in her mind's eye as it was when she was growing up. Idyllic. Happy cities and towns. Not these ruins and places overrun by the enemy. Her usual program is slowly punched into the terminal on the treadmill. "You heard anything about... where on Picon they're gonna send us?"

The side of Erin's mouth twitches. "Not sure," she says after. "Not sure." She frowns for a moment. "If you need someone to talk to -- " The offer is left there.

Beat. "So, did I -- am I hearing right that you and Calhoun are sharing bunks?" There is, of course, the implicit suggestion that the two may be sharing other things. Erin's adroit enough not to sound lascivious about it, but gossip needs to be verified. That's the recon way.

"I'm good," Charlie answers, quickly. Probably too quickly. Marines don't talk about feelings! They just grunt over beer! Beer which none of them have on board. Unless they squirreled it away off of Scorpia. Which most of them likely did. Well, likely not beer, but harder stuff. She finally gets the treadmill going and starts off at a slow jog. The warm-up phase. At least it's steady enough that she can still easily talk... while meaning her eyes go forward. Means she's got something else to look at. Especially when Erin brings up Calhoun. Ahem. "Right, uh, yeah." There's a sidelong glance. It's not like it can be denied. For one thing, all it'd take is a glance to the corner Evan's bunk is in when they're sleeping. For two, well, his neighbors can confirm that there have been nights things aren't exactly quiet. "...just sorta happened. Price spilled some shit all over my bunk and while my stuff was in the laundry, I decided to sleep in Calhoun's. He found me, didn't kick me out and we've just..." She shrugs, albeit awkwardly because... jogging.

Uh, yeah. Erin seems the type that would smuggle alcohol aboard. Because she could, and it'd be a test of her skills to keep it on board. She's a dick like that.

"Uh-huh." The Aquarian snickers for a couple of seconds. "Right." Beat. "Well, good for that, if it's good for you. Bad -- " Shrug. " -- I don't think he'll survive it." And then, Erin leaves Charlie alone. Until the latter wants to harass her, she goes about setting up for a circuit of presses and rows. Looking boss at doing so as well.

"He's good," Charlie confirms, smiling again. It's almost... tender, really, before she catches herself and schools her expression into something else. Dissembles, really, because everything just sort of smooths over. It's almost too quick. As if she's punishing herself for that moment of revealed happiness. "And I think he knows better than to piss off a sniper." She flashes a grin in Erin's direction. "He'd never see me coming." And once Erin goes back to her routine, Charlie hits a button to get into the bulk of her run. To at least get the part of her own workout done wherein talking would be difficult. At best.

There's a long break before continued conversation. Both Marines are avid workout fiends, after all. And Erin's player had to field a couple of phone calls.

In the end, recovering on a bench, Erin finally drums up the energy and confidence to ask a question. "So, like -- did it just happen?" Beat. "I mean, did he, like -- propose it? I mean, being bunk -- bedmates." She frowns. "It -- it just seems odd to me. Hooking up with other soldiers. And yet -- " Shrug. " -- I mean, it makes sense?" She runs a hand through her hair.

"On Scorpia, I was -- I was sort of asked to this, uh -- party? Like, I don't know, he just wanted I think to have me over, and I -- " Erin stops, and sort of laughs. " -- I guess I was intrigued. And I was drunk. But I was -- flattered? It still seemed odd."

Sitting on the end of said bench with a bottle of water and eyeballing the rock climbing wall -- her new thing, since that 'castle' -- Charlie glances sidelong at Erin at the question. "No... it's- hrm." She considers the question for a bit. "We met in the laundry and kinda hit it off, I guess. I mean, we had been for a bit. Just sort of... doing this... thing. We knew we liked each other, but hadn't... done anything about it." She hasn't spoken to anyone about it. "And then... he got hurt -- bad -- during combat and... despite that, he stayed behind with me to wait for the next pickup." Her cheeks burn a bit at that. "It just sorta went from there." She digs the toe of her shoe at the deck.

"I mean normally I'd totally just, y'know, jump into bed with someone at a party." This is said much faster, like she's trying to prove something to herself, but Wagner quickly deflates and looks over to Erin. "But not everyone's like that. Some folks need... uh, more? Like connection and all."

For her part, Hayes doesn't seem the part to do that. She shrugs. "We live very -- I don't know -- empty lives sometimes. There's meaning in what we do, I think, just not -- I mean, what we do isn't just who we are. Not always." Beat. "It'd be nice for people to appreciate that. Can't really do that when you're half-way to barfing in a latrine."

She runs her fingertips along the edge of her hair. And Erin seems thoughtful for a moment, maybe a little morose. "Maybe I should cut my hair shorter." Beat. "Do you think I should cut my hair shorter?"

"I don't think... finding someone to sleep with when drunk works for everyone," Charlie offers slowly, pursing her lips. She leans to set her water bottle aside. The woman fusses a bit at a loose thread on her sweats before reaching for her bag. She grabs a roll of tape inside before starting to apply it to her wrists slowly. "It just... does for me, generally. But I kinda... like that emptiness." Or did. She sucks at a tooth, glancing over to Erin. "Just enjoy the drunk, don't worry about... a person or people or whatever. Think about the connections... outside of drinking, I guess. I mean, having people is good. You should. We all should. Just, y'know, when sober." She tries a bit of a smile, but the change in topic has her blink. She looks back to the tape, adjusts the lay of it slightly. "Mebbe. How short?"

Shrug. "Just enough to get noticed, I guess." Because that's the first step to getting something meaningful, right? Attract the eye of someone who could be meaningful. Pfaugh, but what would an expert recon marine like Erin want with something meaningful? That's -- well, that's kind of sensible given the long hours away from people, working out, shooting people in the face. But there's also something human about simply wanting someone to notice her. And that seems to be the issue.

Not that Erin'd admit that out loud. Or quietly. Defiantly, the thought of being a vulnerable young woman is thrust down into her soul. "I'm going to knock out a few sets more, I think." And she does so, pulling herself up on a bar and starting a vigorous set of leg thrusts. Her shoulders and abs strain beautifully. Sweat helps to exorcise the demons of insecurity.

"If you just wanna get laid, I'm sure there's plenty of folks around the ship who would be happy to oblige," Charlie offers with a brief glance Erin's way. "No need to, y'know, change something." She looks back to her tape and lifts her wrist to bite off the end. Then it's to her other hand to get it taken care of. The same careful rounds applied to wrist and palm. "But if there's someone... particular you've got your eye on... Mebbe find out what they like first? What if they already like your hair as it is?" She looks up to the other marine, then back down to her work. "If they like you, shouldn't they like you... dunno, as you are?" Wagner isn't very good at this kind of thing. She finishes with the other hand, bites off the tape again, and flexes both wrists carefully before pushing to her feet. "Or get yourself a wingman."

The raccoon Marine -- new nickname, given how she eats -- rubs her nose with a knuckle gently. "Mm." Erin frowns, and thinks. "I think I want something more. But no one in particular in mind." Beat. "I believe -- I think -- that it's harder for us to -- to cultivate those sorts of relationships. I think -- I've read -- that part of the process is learning of people outside of familiar circumstances. Here, we are all relatively familiar with our circumstances, being that we live and breathe it all the time."


"I may be thinking about it too hard," she admits. "You and Calhoun. Ingvar and Walker. People clearly have the ability to form deeper relationships." Shrug. "I may be going about this all wrong."

"Oh, frak-" Charlie laughs, waving a hand towards Erin. "No, no. Don't think too hard about Calhoun and me. We're not like-" A bat as she considers and finally a shrug. "We just enjoy each other's company and he's, y'know, I mean- hot." She makes her way over to the base of the rock climbing wall, but still in conversational distance. "It's not like, some serious thing." Lie. But definitely a lie to herself. One she believes pretty firmly in, too. "I'm probably not the best person to ask, honestly. Never been one for serious shit." She looks up the wall, considering her approach. "I focus on deeper shit with... friends, squadmates, people like that."

"Mm." Erin frowns upon learning that Charlie has no wisdom to give her. "All right. If you say so."

And that's that.

"I'd ask Arda about it, but something tells me it'd be thorny territory. Ingvar, the same." Erin lightly scratches her still-bandaged arm. "Need to get this thing off of me, while I'm at it. I feel like it's holding me back."

Arriving in the gym, Jonas is dressed in his sweatpants and t-shirt as he carries a small gym bag with him. Noticing the two women, he pauses, and lifts his chin in an upnod of greetings. "Hey Recon." he offers to both women since it encompasses both, really. "Heard we may have some Colonial Warrior quals soon, need to work off the beer baby I got on Scorpia." There's a thin grin at that.

"Aren't there pilots who are pretty cozy?" Charlie steps up to the wall, squinting up at it. She's been getting decent at scaling the thing, but she's trying to get better. In case there's another castle to invade. "I mean, jocks and all, but you never know. Maybe they've got some secret knowledge they can impart or whatever." She starts to reach for a hand-hold, but then glances over... then down to her right arm and some of the bandaging she still wears, herself. "I'm sure by the time they start shipping us down for missions, they'll be removing the last of these things. Gotta have us looking good as new." Because that Cython wound on her left arm looks pretty... in all its jagged glory.

"Had what was left of my bandages removed already, but I need to keep working my right arm. Damn thing gets stiff if I don't exercise it too much." Jonas offers, not really jumping in on the who is bedding who around the ship.

"They've removed some of mine," Charlie replies, with a glance over towards Jonas. "But not all." Like the one on her abdomen. That she tore open during the marksmanship quals. Oops. "You hear much about what they plan for the warrior shit? Be nice to know what we're going into, so we can train for the right stuff." She does finally decide on an avenue of 'attack' for the wall, grabbing for a handhold and starting her way up. She's taking her time of it and there's clear strain in her arms. They may not be quite ready for it, with the injuries, but at least it's a low-difficulty wall, so there's no need to jump from point-to-point.

"Isn't kind of the point to not know?" suggests Erin blithely, shrugging her shoulders. "When we get out there, we can't be sure what we'll face. Like that time we scaled that hotel, Wagner." She chin-jabs at the other recon marine. "Wasn't exactly in mission parameters."

Shrug. "Oh well." Beat. "Personal question, Ingvar. Relationships." Blink. "Thoughts on making a deep connection with someone while serving?"

"Yeah, they usually play the quals close to their chest so that we don't get time to prepare for them. But with the jump to Picon, it may be some time yet before we go through them." Jonas says with a shrug as he moves towards the weight benches to start working on curls on his right arm. "Relationships while serving? You interested in someone, Hayes? I'm heartbroken." there's a smirk offered with that. "I dated on duty before, she's serving here now. Anyway, war frakked that one up."

"It's academic," replies Erin simply, in the sort of tone that only a true scientist could muster. "That said, you're presuming I'm not considering you." She smiles momentarily. "Duly noted, but your answer isn't truly responsive. I asked about making a deep connection, not about whether your relationships have ended in failure."

Then, Erin stands, and gets her bag-o-stuff to depart with. "Shower time." And then, off she goes.

"Frak that hotel," Charlie grunts from halfway up that wall. "And I'll take any intel I can get." Hey, she's recon. It's worth trying. Someone always slips some tidbit of knowledge. Someone's got to build the course. Someone has to hand over the folder with the write-up. There's knowledge to be had somewhere and she's going to make the attempt to get her hands on it. She somewhat scoffs down towards the other two at the banter and... makes to reply, but either it's poorly timed or her arm isn't in a good enough state because she looses her grip and falls to the mats below with a pretty solid thud. The groan she lets out is more winded than pained and the sniper just opts to lie there for a moment. "...I think she's just lonely," she manages after a long moment.

"There's a lot of that on the ship." Jonas says simply, watching after Erin after she leaves. "She comes out of her shell a little, and someone will be all over that." There's a frown when she falls and he sets down his weight to come over and help her up, his left hand offered to her. "She left before I could answer the question she wanted. Yeah, you can get that deep connection, but part of that is going to be extended to all those you serve with, I mean, I feel close to someone. Very close."

"Casual frakking, that's where it's at." Charlie takes a few deep breaths as she lies there, grimacing briefly. She blinks as Jonas' face comes into view, but accepts the hand as its offered. She lifts her tanks once she's on her feet, making sure that her abdominal stitches haven't re-opened. Thankfully, they're good. Far enough along in healing that she's just aggravated the bruising a bit. Nothing to go to medical about. Thank Kobol. "Hayes wants something romantic," she adds, making her way over to her bag and the water bottle sat next to it, "she was talking about cutting her hair so she'd be noticed. Shit like that. You don't do that just for a deep connection."

"Well you have your casual frakking. Who does she have? She wants something." Jonas says with a shrug. "I mean, she's flirting with me, and I'm probably bottom of the barrel around here." there's a little chuckle of self-depreciation as he considers Charlie for a moment. "I mean, what she wants, what you want, what I want, all different things. I'm getting near 40, there will come that time I may want to try that marriage thing again, when she's ready."

"You sure she's actually flirting with you? She says you've got someone." Charlie picks up her water bottle, taking a long drink. "I told her to ask other people for advice 'cause I'm not the... romance type. If that's what she's going for, she needs to ask people who are." The woman sits heavily on the bench, wincing a bit. There's a glare cast for the wall, as if it's to blame. "Seriously, marriage? Wouldn't you be at the age where you're done with it and ready to just, y'know, enjoy life and not worry about being tied to someone?"

"I do have someone, which is probably why she's giving me a hard time with her idea of flirting." Jonas offers with a small chuckle as he gives a shake of his head. "I'm not the one that she needs to go to either. I have an ex on here that's still pining for me, and a current relationship I'm trying to make work." There's a rub of the back of his head. "Maybe it's being an Aquarian and knowing that there ain't terribly many of us left, but I wouldn't mind a family someday - not that that's gonna happen until this war is over. And by then, at the rate we're going on missions, not many of us will be left. Special operations just means first in the meat grinder."

The mention of family makes Charlie shudder slightly. Maybe it's the age, on her end. She's still young enough that... well, plenty of women her age are dealing with the ticking of the biological clock, but she's clearly not one of them. She sits on the bench, grimacing again. Seems the workout is done for the day. Instead, she just takes another drink from the water bottle. "Then maybe just give her the advice she's looking for?" The sniper shrugs. "But yeah, our lot... Most of us'll be lucky to make it through this and back home at the end of it all."

"Yep. So she just needs to decide what she wants, and go after it. We can't make that decision for her." Jonas says as he stands up. "I need to get a little more therapy on this arm. I'll see you around Charlie. I doubt you're not going to be her friend because you two have different ideas, because after all.. everybody needs that one friend that thinks the total opposite of you." he winks over his shoulder as he grabs his bag to head off.

"I think she needs help figuring out how to go for it," Charlie points out, glancing down to her bag. She drops her water bottle in it, flexing her hands before starting the slow process of removing the tape on her wrists. "And that I can't really help her with. She needs folks who, y'know, want that marriage thing-" she wiggles her fingers in Jonas' direction. "I'll be her friend, yeah, but I can't offer the kinda advice she needs right now."

"She needs friends on both sides of that fence. Because if all she's looking for is marriage, then she's in for a long road." Jonas offers as he moves to head out, "I'll see you around Charlie. Make sure not to fall in love with that casual frakking." he teases as he steps into the hallway.


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