2237-06-05 - Under a Wing

Tucker checks in on Isolde and offers a little help and an introduction.

Date: 2237-06-05

Location: Vanguard - Hanger Bay

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Having recently come back from CAP, Tucker is still in his flight suit as he hears a voice from one of the other Raptors. Arching a brow and growing curious, the pilot heads over towards the Raptor in question and leans against the Raptor next to it as he consider bird and the bird on it. "You know, if it's talking back to you, we have a shrink on board now." is offered in a little teasing matter. "How you holding up, Pi?"

Tucker makes her jump in her seat, and she pulls the tablet in tight against her. When she recognizes Tucker, she relaxes a bit, and a small smile tugs at the corner of her lips. "She doesn't talk back, though... dunno... I wouldn't mind it at this point." There's something meaningful in that statement, but she moves on to the question with a shrug. "I'm doing okay." She catches the corner of her lip wtih her teeth, worrying at it slightly, before she offers a bit more honestly, "Anxious. Ryan wants me to re-qual soon... probably during a quiet moment over Picon. If there is a quiet moment..."

"And you're sweating it. You know, you're not the first person to fail quals." Tucker offers as he moves to take a seat in the door of the Raptor and settles in against the frame, considering the woman. "And yeah, it means something. I get that, because I can fly this thing in my sleep, but shooting? Never been a damn thing I could do on that front. How's your training going? Is anyone helping you?" he asks finally. "I mean, besides Van, which is great if you want to be a Viper jock, but it doesn't do anything if you want to be an ECO."

Tucker adds quietly. "Is this what you want to do, Isolde?"

Isolde looks up at Tucker as he settles in the door, bringing him a bit closer to her eye level with her butt still on the deck. She grimaces slightly. "No... not really. I mean, besides a lot of words of encouragement. Greystone was helping me for a while, but..." Paige got busy with other things and didn't need a Nugget hanging on. She picks at the edge of her tablet when he quietly asks the more important question. She furrows her brow slightly. "You know... before the Galactica... I was a cyberwarfare specialist. Which fit, I mean... I only got caught up in all this because I got caught causing trouble in the Net. So, Tauron made use of my skills. And then the Colonial Forces made use of my skills. My entire job on Galactica was first coding and then maintaining her closed-loop networks, and making sure that the Cylons could never get in." She worries at her lip again, scooting forward a bit, as if sharing a secret. "But, then I was in the field... and I started to question everything I was doing. I got to fly that Raptor out, under fire, and I knew I wanted something bigger than just hiding behind a computer console all the time. So, Kallas did something I don't think Webb would have ever done... and he gave me a chance. So... yeah. I want to do this."

"Alright, so you want to do this. Have you actually been doing any training?" Tucker asks curiously. "I know you've been flying hours with Soundbite, have you tried a rotation with another pilot? Or perhaps asking Webb if one of the ECOs can mentor you for a bit?" There's a bit of a frown as he listens, but it's not one that he makes in disapproval, it seems he's just trying to get a read on her. "So, that brings up my next question. You said you're sure you want to do this - but was it flying that got you, or sitting at the console?"

"Kallas had me on a pretty rough schedule at first. I was splitting my time between the tech shop on the Galactica and the flight deck. I was basically put through a mini-flight school. I was still enlisted according to the Taurons, but I was basically a Galactica Ensign while I was onboard." Isolde realizes she rambling, so she takes a breath and focuses on the actual topic. "No, I haven't asked... I guess I, um, didn't think I had to." She sounds a bit crestfallen then. "I actually thought I was doing pretty well." She then rubs at the back of her neck. "I'm not a pilot. I mean, I could probably do just fine, but... my place is at the ECO console. I was giving lectures on electronic countermeasures -- granted, not from a cockpit." She holds up her hands slightly, admitting her own faults. "But, I like everything about being an ECO."

"You can only self-teach yourself so much, Pi, before you need guidance." Tucker points out as he takes out a pack of cigarettes, withdrawing one to light up before offer the pack to her to take one, if she wants it. "I know you want to say you did it all on your own, but that's not how it works. I know you're a natural, but natural talent doesn't override practice in all situations. I want to introduce you to my ECO I flew CAP with tonight. She's a Tauron, goes by Sweetheart." He's banking on the fact that if the two women are from the same colony, they'll fit together better. "She's an Ensign like you, but she's had all the training you haven't had yet. She should be by in a few, since it takes a little longer for ECOs to do the shutdown on a Raptor.

Isolde holds up her hands when offered a cigarette. "No thanks." That causes her to chuckle slightly. "That's Van's thing." Much to her nonsmoking chagrin. She then sighs a bit at his words, and she nods soberly. "I know. But to be fair... I don't think I have done it all on my own. I want help, but it's shore leave, Flats... I wasn't going to ask when people are just trying to relax." Then her brows arch slightly when he brings up Priya, and she catches the edge of her lip slightly. "Soundbite was sure proud of herself for that callsign, you should know." Just to hint that she might know at least of Priya in passing. Though, when Tucker drops the news that she should be coming over soon, the innocuous Tauron woman starts to get to her feet.

Taking a drag off the cig, Tucker grins. "Good on you, I don't know how Cate feels about them, so I try not to smoke around her." he admits with a little shake of his head. "I know you two are thick as theives in a way, so if you tattle, I'll know." he winks, but nods in thought. "So how much do you know about her anyway? I've flow a few missions with her. But do you know enough to feel comfortable with her helping you?" he shrugs a little. "You're both from the same colony, have the same job.. figured she can help you with the finer points and practice. And it is shore leave. Which is the perfect time to ask, because people can give you a little bit of personal attention."

There's a rap on the door frame that leads into the hanger deck. It gives Isolde plenty of time to get to her feet. It is a short staccato of sound that does well to proceed the short, sharp woman who follows it. "Evening," Priya greets the pair, nodding shortly at Isolde. "You said you wanted me to meet someone, Flats..." Her comment is leading but easy, despite the husk of her Tauron accent. Her dark hair has been pulled back in the messy loop of a braid, exposing the shaved left side of her head. The starkness of her features matches the length of her gait, nothing done to make it look less severe.

"I can't help anything I say in my sleep," Isolde protests, holding up her hands defensively at her and Cate being thick as thieves. Then she shakes her head slightly. "Um, I don't know much." Then she offers a self-deprecating smile. "I'm going to be comfortable with about anyone helping me at this point, Flats. And I think you know that." If she was wearing her glasses, the look down her nose would be far more punchy. But alas. Then she glances up when she spots Priya coming in, and she offers a slight lift of her fingers, as if to indicate that she, in fact, is the someone. As if that wasn't already obvious.

"Sure did. Priya, this is Isolde." Tucker offers in way of introduction. "Pi, this is Sweetheart." there's a small smirk at that before he continues. "Pi had a hard time at those quals we did, failed at both runs. But she's a natural at the console. I was hoping you could team up and help mentor her on the sims when you work on your own training and give her some pointers, maybe shadow her for a bit."

"Nice to meet you, Isolde," Priya offers, extending a hand with a few tattoos across it, that is swiftly followed by a groan for her callsign. "It's going to take me some time to get used to that," she accuses, even though the perpetrators aren't even /in/ the room. "Those quals were tough," she says, tone dry but lacking judgement. "I wouldn't done half as well if Flats here hadn't been flying so damn clean. You still owe me a drink by the way." There is a slight nudge to Tucker's arm that comes with that. Her brows lift slightly as he explains the purpose of the introduction, considering it for a moment before nodding. "I'd be more than willing to teach you whatever I can. Just don't mind my mouth. Much."

"Three... actually," Isolde admits self-consciously. "Piloting, gunnery, and the Electronic Warfare." Which she had said a little while ago was her specialty, but not in a cockpit, in her defense. She smiles a bit shyly at Priya, perhaps the most self-conscious Tauron to ever be born at Tauron. At the offered hand, Isolde takes it easily. Probably because of her Master Sergeant father, the taller of the two women squeezes rather than shakes. Then she slides her hands back into her flight suit. An observer would not be at all surprised to find that, while Isolde may be two inches taller than Priya, the way she holds herself makes her seem a shy shorter than the woman. The comment on Priya's mouth does have Isolde laughing lightly. "Oh, um. I won't mind." Beat pause. "Thanks, Sweetheart." She looks from Priya to Tucker. "I really appreciate this."

"She's a Tauron, too. If she can't handle your mouth, we have problems." Tucker says with a grin. "And yes, I owe you a drink, and you promised a view of your ass." There's a smirk at that. "I'll make sure you get the remnants from the bottle soon enough. Anyway, I should head to the head and then rack out, promised Cate I'd grab a moment or two with her before we head off to Picon in the morning."

"Well, I got Caprica used to it - but I hear it sounds like I bite. So." Priya shrugs, mouth curling up with a hint of amusement. She pushes up her sleeves, exposing more tattoos as she regards Isolde with a tilt of her head, before nodding. "<<Then three will be what we work on,>>" she answers Isolde in Tauron. Eying Tucker she sharply arches a brow, "You can have that view - but check with your lady that I am not going to find myself floating in space. I just got here and I can manage to piss people off with my own good graces."

That jars her memory, and Isolde looks to Tucker. "Oh, hey... um. Flats." She holds up both hands. "Be patient." It is definitely ambiguous, but Isolde tries to make her expression meaningful. Like, the phrase must hold some kind of special meaning. Then she looks back to Priya. She slips easily into her native Tauran, "<<You should just slip him a picture of someone else's ass. He probably won't know the difference.>>" She smiles then before she gives Tucker a wave. Then her attention is back to Priya. "Just tell me when and where. I'm on duty pretty much the second we jump out over Picon as part of our initial sweep."

It is ambiguous enough that Priya opts not to comment on it, sketching Tucker a deeply unofficial salute. She snorts at Isolde's suggestion before answering, "<<It wouldn't be my style. Now - showing up to meet him in my shorts That's another story. Have to carry the flight suit, but might be worth it.>>" If only for his face. "Sounds good. We can run some sims too but the actual experience of being in the bird'll always top that. And maybe if we're lucky - we'll blow the hell out of some toasters while we do."


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