2237-06-06 - New Girl in Town

Kell and Tucker go over the new radio procedures. While the two of them and Isolde practice them on the hangar deck, a new Major shows up.

Date: 2237-06-06

Location: Ready Room

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Scene Number: 1095

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The Ready Room is where one can find Kell these days, it is probably the location that he has been spending the most time with the project he is working on. The Ensign had sent a message to Tucker to find him when he was free. When the Raptor pilot enters the room, he would find the Viper jock in the corner of the room, taking up two desks as usual. The one he occupies has a few sheets of paper and one he is currently looking over, on the desk next to him are some books, one that is open with information about Combat Information Center positions and responsibilities. Right now, he is idly tapping the end of his pencil against his lip while he reviews the contents on the paper in his hand.

"Why does it seem that I keep coming across the people that don't know how to vacation properly." Tucker says, before holding up his hand, "And I know, it's about the project that Ryan put you on with Cherry, and I already heard from her on it." he admits as he makes his way fully into the Ready Room. "What can I help you with, Razor?" comes the curious question.

When the Raptor pilot enters the room, Kell looks up and an amused expression appears after hearing the other man's first comment. "Technicially, Leftenant, we aren't supposed to be on vacation anymore as we are supposed to be somewhere near Picon taking it to the Cylons there." The delay, though, was a boon to the Ensign as he has more time to get his final draft in place so he can present it to Eva, who if approval is given, will then shoot it up to the Colonel. "After speakign with Captain Thorne, I redid my first draft and expanded a bit on the procedures as she had made some good points. I was hoping you can look at some of them over, at least the pre-flight and post-launch procedures and responsibilities for me so you can tell me what you think?"

"I don't mind going over it with you as a pilot, sure." Tucker offers. "You didn't hear? Wrong part, we're still stuck here til later tonight." he says with a little frown. "Though I'm ready to get back into the saddle myself." he admits. Then the pilot pauses for a moment coming over to take a look over the forms. "Have you ran it past an ECO yet to see what they think of it? Maybe we can take it down to the hangar and run through it in real time on one of the Raptors, if you're interested?"

When Tucker agrees and approaches to look at what he has drafted up, Kell selects one of the sheets and extends it to the other man to take and read. The contents on the first sheet reads as follows,

"Not yet, Captain Thorne suggested you as someone who can assist on this assignment due to your expertise and experience, I have not yet approached and ECO yet but that is next on the list." Kell says with a shake of his head, knowing that having one look this over will help as well.

"You're adding in a couple of extra steps. I get that it's a needed step." Tucker says as he reads it over, tapping his thumb and forefinger against his arm in thought as he reads it over. "Things are going to have to be trained over again in the ECO's heads, because you know when you're in the cockpit, we've been trained to do this and drilled so hard that we just do it on automatic pilot at times." he admits quietly. "I don't have a dog in this fight, I'm just pointing out the the possible issues."

While watching Tucker read the sheet over, Kell appears to be looking for the other man's reaction while nodding his head, "Training will definitely be needed if it is approved. One concern that I shared with Captain Thorne is that I am making the procedures too... redundant. But she reassured me that the redundancy will be helpful, even if it takes a few extra seconds." He does pick up the second sheet, ready to hand it to the Leftenant, "Do you want me to bring what I have drafted with me and see if we can find an ECO in the hangar bay?"

"Yeah, wasn't complaining about the redundancy, especially in light of the recent events." Tucker agrees as he takes up the second sheet. "Sounds good to me, Razor. If I know Pi, she's down there again, talking to her favorite Raptor."

At the mention of Pi, Kell nods his head as he hands Tucker the second sheet that he had drafted up for him to read while they head out of the Ready Room and into the Hangar Bay to look for the Electronic Countermeasures Officer. The Viper pilot is leaving his other items behind, apparently planning on returning to the room after they finished their intended task in the hangar bay. He does bring the third sheet he drafted with him along with a pencil as well. The contents of the second sheet that was handed to Tucker reads as follows,

Squadron Level Procedures and Responsibilities (Post-Launch):

  • Upon launch of mission, the ECO that is responsible for communications is to send a query to the CIC communications officer on the joint taskforce frequency for verification.
  • Receiving updates of communication channel changes is the responsibility of the leading Electronic Countermeasures Officer, then the ranking officer in the mission flight.
  • Each pilot is responsible for their own accurately setting their communications channels if they change while on mission.
  • During the mission and when not in combat, if the officer in charge of communications is out of commission, the next rank ECO or Viper pilot resumes responsibility and must update CIC of the change in responsibility and confirm joint taskforce frequencies.
  • During the mission, if frequencies are found to be sabotaged by Cylon elements, the ECO responsible for communications must update CIC so a new frequency or plan can be initiated.

Tucker is leading the way, because if he knows Pi, because he likes pie, where do you find pie? In the windowsill. Coming to the Raptor known as Fifi, Frak It Fly It, Tucker raps his knuckles on the ECO's side door. "Pi, you home?" he calls out. "Razor and I have something he wants to go over with you!"

"I'm only opening the door if there's cake!" Isolde's voice sounds a bit muffled, but then she does eventually open the hatch, leaning out slightly. She's in her flight suit, looking a bit ruffled, but otherwise contented. She beams a smile at Kell. "Hi Raze." Then she looks at Tucker, frowning. "No cake?"

Not having any idea which Raptor would be Isolde's favorite, Kell follows Tucker as the Raptor pilot traverses to where the larger ships are resting and waiting. He isn't burying his head in the paper though, having enough sense to keep his head up and eyes open on a potentially busy flight desk. At the moment, the Viper pilot is in his duty blues and when he is greeting, he inclines his head back with a smile in return, "Pi." He falls silent after that, letting the Leftenant to explain why there is no cake.

"Sorry, Pi, the cake was a lie, but the mess has geliatin." Tucker offers up with a smirk. "Razor has the first draft of the new ECO start up procedures. Since you haven't had the formal training yet, I wanted to run it by you since you're the one that would be the quickest to run into possible snags and bugs in the work." he comments, offering up the sheet to Isolde. "I'll sit in the pilot's chair and you take the ECO console, and we'll run it dry without power first, and see how it works."

The contents of the first sheet is as follows,

"I know. I hear it's pink today." Pi grimaces at the mere idea of pink food. Then she tilts her head slightly, and she pops out of her Raptor so she can easily take the sheet and look over it. "Why're they new?" She looks up at Tucker, brows arched slightly. Then she notices the theme. "Oh. Communication procedures." She flickers her eyes to Kell almost apologetically before she starts to look over the bullets. "Um. Hm." She squints. "Looks pretty straight forward." She flips to the second sheet, and starts to look over it. "You're going to have some trouble with the last one in post-flight. We're not gonna be able to easily change encryptions... so basically we gotta hope that whatever frequency we choose is completely randomized. We rely a lot on our secure ciphony. If the Cylons get through our encryption, then we're dealing with a whole 'nother problem. CIC should probably have a pre-arranged list of frequencies that we are supposed to hop to, and we should codename them."

And this is why Tucker asked for Isolde to join the party. He moves to settle into the pilot's chair to listen to the two hash it out as he takes out the clipboard for the start up procedures to compare it to the revised version.

There is a slight shake of head from Kell when he sees Isolde's apologetic look, "Newer than new, you're getting the first look at the behind the scenes of a possible change in Ess-Oh-Pee. A quick peek behind the curtains." When Pi makes an immediate comment about the last item on the list, the smile fades from Razor's face and he's back to business, immediately jotting that tidbit of information down. He was about to pop a question about using another pre-set channel when it is immediately answered, "Good idea on the codename, I will add that detail to the CIC procedures and responsibility sheet I have drafted here." The sheet that he has yet to show Tucker and Isolde yet. Instead of waiting outside, Kell also steps into the Raptor though he is behind the pilot and ECO, staying in the belly of the ship so he can still talk to them. "Let me know where you feel the new additions should be slotted into the current checklist so that it makes sense." He pulls out his own copy of the current Raptor pre-flight checklist, pencil in hand ready to make more notes. What a nerd.

Isolde continues to look at it, frowning a bit. "You know, Razor... there's no way to guarantee that we won't have another Canceron incident." She rubs at the back of her neck slightly. "I hope you know that. The Cylons were programmed with adaptation in combat... they are adapting. They're going to keep doing that." Then she looks over to Tucker before she slumps down into her ECO seat.

Tucker nods at that. "Look at how they adapted with the sniper model, not to mention using the Vipers. I had a stroke of luck with the strobes, but really, that's all it was was luck." he admits quietly. "But.." he glances to Isolde. "...this is a good start, and I still think we should run through it." he points out with a glance towards Isolde. Don't go harshing his vibe, young lady.

"I know, the best we can do is minimize the chances of it happening. Plus, this is an assignment that was handed to me by the Colonel after the inquiry was closed. So I'm not exactly doing it just because I'm super bored." Kell says with a nod of his head, sounding appreciative of Isolde's words. As for what Tucker did with the stobes, Razor can only nod his head again, "That is why we have a leg up on the Cylons, they may be able to adapt it takes time for them. We can do it on the fly if needed." He's watching the both of them, ready to watch them go through the pre-flight procedures in a Raptor. This is certainly a different perspective than him just mind-numbingly doing it while on Libran where there was no real threat.

"We put in in their programming to find ways to adapt, and that's what they're doing." Then she looks at Tucker with a deep arch of her brows, and then she starts to laugh. "Okay. We can run through it." She twirls a bit in her seat, looking back and forth over her consoles. "You want to stay landed for this procedure bit?" She glances over to Kell and smiles. "Take a seat, Razor. Welcome to Fifi."

Isolde is rewarded with a smile as he turns around. "Razor read off the list to us and we'll run it step by step without power. And if it seems to go smooth enough, we'll run through it again with power." he offers up as Tucker settles into the pilot's position to wait for the list check off.

Grabbing a seat as suggested, Kell looks up and around the interior of the passenger section of the Raptor. "Hello... Fifi." He says in an uncertain voice, perhaps feeling a little silly talking to the ship. When Tucker tells him to read off the list, the Ensign looks down on the checklist he has in hand and begins doing so. The first set is the usual Pre-Flight bit, then the second set is the Start Check portion, and that is where Kell feels like a good place to add in the new suggested procedures. "Area..." He says, going through the first item of the Start Check. "Comms..." Standard communications systems check, and that is where it deviates to what he has on the list. "Joint Taskforce Frequency..."

"Right-o," Isolde says to Tucker as she swings back to her consoles. She breathes a steady breath, and then starts to listen to Kell's checklist. She glances over her systems as she starts going down the list, checking off each part with a small, "Check." Then she frowns at the mention of the joint taskforce, breaking her own habits. "Okay. Check. I got the frequency set."

"Aux Power on. DRADIS to power." Tucker starts down the checklist, miming the actions of the pilot as he listens to Kell and then Isolde repeating the issues as he taps his comm. "Radio check, over."

Once Isolde verifies that the frequency is set, Kell then returns back to the rest of the checklist in the Start Check section and also the Launch Tube Check. Once that is done though, the Ensign isn't finished as he mimics comm chatter from the mission leader. "Pi, Flight Lead here. You are the head ECO on this mission, please verify that the Joint Taskforce Frequency is set to..." Kell looks at the frequency that he had last jotted down for the last day they were still over Canceron and says it. "How copy? Over."

"Pi confirming frenquency, Flight." Pi glances at her list, and she confirms the frequency. Then she glances back to Kell, brows up. "Yeah, we want code names. Something easy to remember. Like home frequency or something like that." Then she looks back at her own papers and takes out her pencil to jote a note. Then she looks over the checklist. "Flight, DRADIS is configured, and I got green lights on systems three, six, and eight." Which would be her primary countermeasure systems. Since they are trying to do this properly.

Tucker finishes running down his list. "Ejection systems to power, HVAC is green, fuel is within parameters.." his fingers move deftly in the mock scenario as he works down the rest of the pilot's list and waits for Isolde and Kell to finish their list and confirmations.

'No numbers' is quickly added under the triplet of question marks, "Good point, Pi. Maybe call it Frequency Package Bravo or something like that for each pre-determined frequency that is set for the day. That means each pilot will have to bring the information with them in case we need to change mid-mission." Kell says as he bounces the end of the pencil off of his lips in an idle fidget again after he finishes writing. He does look at Tucker and nods his head, "I mentioned the issue about doing all of this will increase the time on the flight deck, but Captain Thorne's opinion is that it is well worth it. After thinking it over, I believe so as well. I guess in the end, it will be up to the Colonel and the brass to decide if the extra time needed is worth it when they choose to approve the new procedures or not. Especially since there is a second set after we launch."

A Raptor landed not too long ago, and with some supplies and a rather harried-looking technician comes a woman in Navy greens. There's a duffel over her shoulder, suggesting she's a new arrival. She takes stock of the deck with a curious eye. Bit different, being a converted cutter. She wanders, her path taking her close to the Raptor where the others are working.

Sitting at the cockpit of the Raptor known as FIFI (Frak It, Fly It), Tucker is listening to the checklist run down of the new Raptor startup procedures when he notices the arrival of the Raptor and the figure that comes off of it. From this distance, he only sees 'redhead, Major pips', and he's about to call out a congratulations to Cherry in congratulations, but then he takes another look, and frowns.

"Heads up," he whispers sotto to the two Ensigns. "New leaf on the deck. Let's keep it tight." he murmurs as he turns around to the other two. "Let me know when you want me to bring up battery power to run through the procedure in real time. I'll run the clock again."

"I like that... Frequency packages. Sounds like a present." Then Isolde chuckles to herself. Tucker's observation does have her nodding thoughtfully, and she rubs a bit at her chin. "We will have to probably do some sims practicing it, but it should become second nature and quick soon enough. It might have to be something that is not on the hot list though if it takes too much time." Then at Tucker's words, she looks around at a blink. Her eyes follow the new arrival, and she looks up slightly. "A Major?" She blinks.

Kell had almost the same reaction at Tucker, ready to greet Captain Thorne and to let her know that they are working on the revised procedures what he showed her the other day. But the Leftenant's whisper causes the Ensign to pause and study the newly arrived Major a few seconds longer, realizing that she is not Eva. At the mention of the rank though, Razor's eyes narrow slightly as he maintains a whisper volume, "The same rank as... Spider?" Speculation begins!

Stirling does indeed bear an uncanny resemblance to Cherry from a distance. She spots activity in the Raptor, though she's too far away to hear anything they're saying. She does walk over, though. "Hello," she says, the 'generic standard' accent hinting at her Caprican origins.

"Evening, sir." Tucker offers up. "Hold up the work for a moment." he says, keeping his hand off the main power switch. "Welcome to the Vanguard." comes the next comment. He's looking for the pilot wings on her chest - and finding them - not leering at her boobs, swear! He gives a nod of his head. "I'm Flats, el-tee-jay-gee Carrington, and this is Ensigns Draygo and Asa, or Razor and Pi. Which probably sounds pretty lethal together."

"You did hear that Ryan was sniffing around Spider's work with the Wing." Isolde falls perhaps a bit too easily into gossip, but is a good distraction. "Think she's here as his replacement?" She looks between Tucker and Kell, brows furrowing slightly. She can't decide if she actually is for or against this idea. She still wears her Team Kallas t-shirt to bed, after all. Then she jumps slightly when the Major is upon them. She stays still in her seat, looking between Tucker and Kell. Then she leans forward slightly. She is peeking interestedly at the Major, and then offers a small nod. "Hello, Sir."

When the Major approaches FIFI, Kell's first reaction was to put away the notes he has in hand and stand to attention to salute, but before he does the latter, he realizes that he would bang his head on the roof of the Raptor which would be a rather poor first impression. The wings on her chest are also checked by the Viper pilot, and he is also not leering. When Tucker finishes the introductions for them, Kell inclines his head respectfully for the newly arrived Major, "Welcome onboard, sir." It's easy to see Razor returning to his more reserved demeanor, especially with an unknown senior officer present.

"Thank you," Stirling replies to their welcomes, her voice soft and even. Though she does quirk a little half-smile at Tucker's joke about being lethal. "Yes, I do prefer my pie without razors, generally." She extends a hand to whoever's closest (probably Tucker) and then to the others in turn. "'Whisper'. Or Major Stirling if you prefer. Good to meet you."

Taking the hand, Tucker gives it a grasp and releases it. "You our new D-CAG?" He's not going to come out and say CAG, because that doesn't make sense, so asking if she's the Deputy is a safe ground. "Whisper, huh. Have to wait until the next free night to ask how you got that one. We were just going over some new procedures after a friendly fire on Canceron."

Isolde peeks slightly around Kell, taking in the new redhead with moderate interest. The callsign has her brows arched, and she murmurs under her breath, "That's a good one." Then she kind of steps forward to wave, the innocuous Tauron looking a shy nervous. At Tucker's assumption, she starts to settle into that. Sure, that makes sense. "Welcome aboard the Vanguard, sir." She nods agreeably with Tucker's words. "Seeing how they work in practice."

Kell definitely wasn't going to be the one to ask about what Stirling's position is going to be with her arrival, he didn't even consider the safer question of Deputy CAG until Tucker brought it up. He does look somewhat interested in what the answer would be, if one will be given before any official announcements are made. For now though, his lips are more or less glued shut, only nodding his head when the Major offers her introductions with callsign, rank, and name.

Stirling gives a non-committal, "Mmmm," when Tucker asks about her position, and just smiles thinly. "I've just been assigned." At the mention of the friendly fire incident, the smile fades to a more somber expression. "Yes, I heard about that. Terrible tragedy." She flicks a glance to Kell but doesn't call him out about it. "Improving the IFF procedures?" she guesses. The red-headed pilot is standing near the wing of a Raptor, a duffel bag over her shoulder, talking to the other three - who are inside.

"Starting with what we can handle here." Tucker offers. "Making sure comms don't get confused again, sir. After that, we're going to work on an improved IFF system, unless you already have something in mind." he asks with a lift of his brow. "If you need someone to point you to the berths..." It's a test. If she's really the D-CAG, she may be berthing with them. If not, she'll have her own berth. Tucker is tricksy.

Uh oh. A Tauron always knows what happens when they assign a Caprican as watchdog. Isolde can't help the small frown that tugs at her lips, but she nods slightly. "A Deputy is always helpful." As long as they are there to help the sheriff, her unspoken words seem to suggest. Then she is climbing down out of the Raptor. "Yes, Sir. Razor has some ideas, and I added a couple footnotes. Our biggest goal is to limit the chances of another communications foul-up, while also preparing for the chance that the Cylons do, one day, actually try to fool us with a diversion." Isolde is completely oblivious to Tucker's attempts to root out who exactly Stirling is.

Van is looking for pilots, and the ready room is all out. He's in his flight suit, despite not being assigned to a ship for a while, and if his features are tight, he still puts a faint smile atop his lips as he spots the cluster at the door and back of the Raptor, "Cherry," there goes Van's first assumption, "Flats, Razor, Izzy."

Kell shows no reaction to the glance his way, perhaps use to it and he isn't surprised that the Major would have been fully briefed of the incident before coming on board. When Isolde disembarks from the Raptor, Razor chooses to do the same so that they're not cooped up inside. He leaves his drafts inside for now though, "This is the second draft, we're testing the pre-flight checklist with a dry run on the start up. I also have a draft of post-launch procedures and CIC procedures drafted up as well. Just trying to get further input from those with more expertise and experience than me, sir." Breaking his own silence, the Ensign is to the point and also oblivious to Tucker's attempt at ferreting out what the Major is being transferred on board for. When Van joins them, Kell looks over to the Lieutenant and nods respectfully to the other pilot, "Lieutenant Newton. This is Major Stirling, she just arrived."

Calliope makes her way onto the flight deck. She's dressed in her flight suit, though she's not slated to go out on the next CAP. The gathering around Stirling draws her attention, as such things do. Blue eyes widening some at the word 'Major.' She hangs on the outskirts of that crowd to observe this new officer thing.

"Well, it sounds like a worthy project. And no - I didn't have anything in particular in mind. I was just curious." Stirling is about to answer Tucker's question about the berths when Van comes up. Not-Cherry turns. "Lieutenant," she greets, extending a hand.

Isolde would probably have tried to gesture to Van should she have seen him before he calls their names, hoping to deter him from using Eva's callsign. Jinkies... She then clears her throat slightly before she offers up dimples to Van as he comes in closer. "Hi Milkman. We're just welcoming Major Stirling," she says, emphasizing after Kell's words, "to the Vanguard." Hint, hint. Then Isolde looks back to Stirling, smiling a bit more tightly. "I'm an ECO, sir, and Flats here flies Raptors, and Razor and Milkman are solid Viper pilots." Just to put everyone in the right boxes.

Ooh, and there's Calliope. Isolde starts to wave without any sense of letting the Ensign stay hidden.

...aaaand that isn't Cherry. Frakall. Van blinks, then draws himself to attention, snapping off a picture-perfect Picon-style salute. He can probably do that in his sleep. He probably has done that in his sleep. "Sir. I apologize, one of our other pilots bears a remarkable resemblance to you." He then reaches out to clasp her hand, not seeming to have any concerns about Caprican-cooties, "Lieutenant Van Newton," his lips purse a moment before he lets it go, "Milkman. I'm sure the others have already welcomed you aboard, so please, just include mine alongside their own."

"Should have baked her some cookies." Tucker offers with a dry little laugh. Then his watch beeps at him. "I need to get some down time, I had just come in from CAP when Razor asked for the help, and I need to get some rest." Rising from the pilot's seat of FiFi, he glances to Razor and Pi. "Run through the procedure with power, let me know how it goes. We'll have a timed run next time we get together."

"Is that so?" Stirling says, pressing her lips together curiously when Van mentions that she resembles one of the other pilots. "And thank you. It's nice meeting you all. Lieutenant -" She turns her attention back to Tucker, who offered to show her to the berths earlier. "If you could direct me to Colonel Ryan, it would be much appreciated."

When Tucker is stepping out of the Raptor, Kell makes room for the Raptor pilot and nods his head at the suggestion, "Will do, thank you for your help Leftenant. It's very much appreciated." He certainly isn't going to keep Flats from the rest he deserves and needs. Not much else is said though, as the Ensign returns to his less talkative state. When Stirling also mentions her intention of moving onward from this temporary detour, Kell says, "It was nice meeting you as well, Major Stirling."

Calliope definitely double-takes at the new redheaded Not!Cherry. Especially when she hears the Caprican accent. Something just not right about that from that face. "Uh, welcome aboard, sir!" She offers a quick salute. Now that she can't be assure that she's hiding. "Like they all said. Lieutenant Junior Grade Calliope Drake. Raptor pilot." She says no more, seemingly quite happy the new senior officer is being taken away.

"Sure thing, sir, it's on the way back to the berths." Not that Tucker wouldn't have gone out of his way for her, but hey, it's convenient. With that, he gestures for Stirling to follow him as he heads towards the Colonel's office first before he heads towards the berthings.

"Okay, Flats." Isolde smiles a bit more easily. "We'll run it a few times and let you know how it goes." Then she looks slightly between Kell and Van and Calliope before she looks back to Stirling. Oh yeah, this is gonna be interesting. She clears her throat, and then smiles politely. "Bite... you should ask Razor about his new proposal for pre-flight procedures." See, she can change topics. Kind of.

And, as he actually addresses the new Major, Van can tell that she's a good 10 centimeters shorter than Eva. He's... likely going to be in trouble for that one at some point. "Perhaps just in passing, sir." That's not likely to help much. When Tucker offers to show the new Major the way to Colonel Ryan, Van nods, collecting himself with a grimacing twist of his lips. He steps aside to ensure that she has a clear path, nodding to Calliope as she joins the group, and then looks to Isolde and Kell in turn, "Oh, you've got something, Razor? Excellent."

"Thank you," Stirling says to Tucker. She nods to Calliope's introduction, and then she's heading off to go and see the Colonel.

"We didn't get a whole new CAG, did we?" Calliope asks the little group. With, actually, a touch of dread. Maybe the inquiry warmed her up to Webb a little. "Hi, Pi. Milkman. What's the good word?" She turns with interest to Kell, as they talk of his project.

Kell can only offer a shrug of shoulders to Calliope's question after the new Major left with Tucker to find the Colonel, "Your guess is as good as mine right now, Soundbite. Flats tried to take a shot at finding out if she was the DCAG or not but she didn't bite." He then looks at Van and adds, "We all thought she was Cherry for a second, so it wasn't just you." As for his new project, he looks back towards the sheets he left inside of Fifi, "Yeah, I have the second draft ready to go. Pi, Flats, and I were just doing some test runs on the pre-flight stuff to see how much time it added and it if felt right or not."

"I dunno. If we did, I think we need to start one of those punch cards... you know... buy ten subs, get the next one free." Isolde looks at Calliope with a small quirk of a smile. Then she looks over to Kell. "I think it will be okay on time. Don't worry about that. We've got to be able to do what is necessary. I bet we can get that down to fifteen seconds, easy." She then looks over to Calliope. "You should check out what Razor has. Some measure for communication stuff."

The pilots and sole ECO are gathered up around the so-named FiFi -- a Raptor known for being a troublesome bird when it comes to being perfectly ready to fly. A Frak It, Fly It bird, if you will.

Van frowns in thought at Calliope's question, the expression masking all but a hint of hope sparking in his gray eyes. When he speaks up, he keeps his tone level, "I shouldn't think so. I would guess that she's going to be Colonel Ryan's XO." He adds, "I was considering some practice, but I don't want to take Izzy away from Razor's project." He nods at Isolde's words, "Fifteen extra seconds certainly won't matter in the slightest for normal CAPs or sweeps. It's just combat launches that cause a problem then."

Calliope chuckles in reponse to Isolde. "Right? Whatever. I'm just going to fly where the brass tells me to fly and try not to worry too much about command. Hope we're able to jump off to Picon soon. I think this waiting is making it worse." To Van, she nods. "I'm not on CAP this shift, so I was going to spend it in training anyway. Either in the vacuum or on the holos is fine by me."

"Wait, are you practicing the new checklists on /FiFi/?" The disbelieving tones of one young, blonde Tauran ring out across the hangar, as Hallie makes her way onto the hangar to join the others, looking over the poor temperamental Raptor with an expression best described as 'dubious'. "I guess if you want to /really/ put them to the test..."

Climbing back into the Raptor for a moment, Kell gathers the sheets with what he has written down for the modified procedures. There appears to be three sets of procedures that are written, each one on a separate sheet. He offers it to those gathered by Fifi, letting them read at their leisure and even interested in what their first comments are. Depending on which sheet is taken and read, each set of procedures as follows,

When Hallie joins them, Kell waves to her in greeting, "We just did a dry run with Flats earlier, didn't actually activate any system. We were going to go for a power-up on Fifi when the Major arrived." And that was when the trio were fully distracted.

Isolde listens to Kell as she considers the list again that she already has on her. She lets the others read over them, head tilted into her palm as she rests against Fifi the Raptor. She smiles over toward Hallie when she comes in, giving the fellow Ensign a slight wave.

Calliope's words about Picon draw Van's eyes tight, for all that he tries to keep a faint smile on his lips, "I hope you're right." He lets out a little breath, "I've been reading the briefing papers and it looks worse than I ever imagined." He nods to Hallie as she joins the little group, "Ringer. I suppose they might as well start with the toughest test. Plus she'll be staying on the deck unless things get really hairy." He takes one of the sheets of paper from Kell, reading over it and nodding slowly before he passes that sheet to someone else and looks at the next one sent his way, "I like the top-down responsibilities. And the coverage of CIC responsibilities. What about simply having two ECOs running the same checks at once and confirming numbers with one another?"

Calliope takes the checklists in turn, trying to absorb everything on the sheets. Which is a futile task, at first glance, but she tries. "Wow, Razor. This was a lot of work. You and Cherry really dug into it." A quick smile to Hallie, and bobbing nod. Little chuckle, as to Fifi. "I mean, Milkman's got a point. You try it out there, you know it works, right? How's it going, Ringer?"

"Is there anything I can help with?" Never mind that Hallie's a Viper pilot, not a Raptor pilot -- at this point, she'll do anything that might possibly get her skills up. To Calliope, she shrugs and quips, "If I read one more page of a Viper maintenance manual, I think my eyes may fall out of my head. And the sims are all pretty much in use right now."

As he watches the others digest the contents of what he has drafted, Kell realizes that it is a tremendous information dump for those who aren't ready. Answering Van first, the Ensign shakes his head, "I tried to keep it to a single ECO since we don't always have the luxury of having more than one Raptor on either CAPs or some missions. Sometimes we have a full Viper flight. That's why instead of a second ECO, I used the mission lead instead." He then nods his head at Calliope as well before looking to Hallie, "I know what you mean, I still have to clean up in the Ready Room after this. Have a few books and notes I left there... can't wait till this is over and done with. I feel like I'm back in Flight School again, the boring part of it."

Van nods at Kell's response, "That makes good sense. I was just thinking that the mission lead already has a great deal of responsibility, which -- I believe -- this is part of why the job was passed to an ECO. You might be right, however." Looking over to Hallie, he winces slightly when she mentions the sims being in use, "Personally, I'd suggest gun-cam footage over the manuals. Certainly once you get totally bored of the manuals. You can download most of it onto a tablet or personal holobands to watch wherever." He's not the sort of nerd who takes work 'home' with him, really. He grimaces just a little, "I guess everyone is getting in practice before we hit Picon. Maybe I can spring some flight time and a couple of target drones from Webb."

Isolde listens from just beside Kell, having looked at the information already. Okay, almost all the information. She hadn't really taken a good look at the third page yet. She lets the others digest it for a few moments before she pipes in with a, "I think we can make it work from an ECO perspective." The mention of what Hallie has been doing draws a empathetic smile from Isolde. Right there with you, her expression seems to read. When Van suggests flight time and drones, she tilts her head a bit. "Yeah, think Webb would go for that?"

"Well, we all definitely appreciate it," Calliope says to Kell. "Nobody wants what happened on Canceron to happen again, and if a double-check will stop it, awesome." As for the target drones, she nods eagerly. "Yeah, I'll take all the practice time I can get. The Major's seemed good about giving us room to train." A sympathetic grimace, to Hallie. She has been there. "Yeah. At least the gun-cam footage doesn't put you to sleep. Might want to watch the Raptor ones sometimes, if you ever get bored of the Viper stuff. We sometimes get a wider view of the furballs."

Hallie can't help but perk up slightly. "Honestly, shooting drones sounds absolutely wonderful. I could use the practice, and it'd be a nice change from the sims." She makes a face and then adds, "/Or/ the technical manuals."

"If you want to talk to Webb, I have a feeling you should do it much sooner than later. If Major Stirling is going to Colonel Ryan first... I won't be surprised if Spider gets called in too." Kell says, the subject returning to potential speculation on why Stirling is here and at worst, or best, depending on perspective, Webb's replacement. As for the subject on gun-camera footage, Razor seems to be in agreement with the others, "I try to view the footage from other perspectives than my own, it definitely helps. Either how another pilot reacts in a similar situation or what I'm doing looks like from a different perspective." It certainly helped him a bit when he first arrived on Vanguard, watching footage of other pilots on other missions, to make up for his total lack of actual combat experience. "And nothing beats getting actual flight practice out there."

Van nods sharply at Calliope, "Raptor footage is a very good idea. Especially the DRADIS feeds. You don't get the kinetic feel of motion, but you can see the whole picture. At least it makes a nice change of pace." He shrugs to Isolde and Hallie, "Well, he did order me to do the job I already volunteered to do, so denying the resources to do it would just be petty." Van nods to Kell, "Good point. I'll be right back." And he moves directly over to the phone on the wall beside the doorway to call up to the (newly temporary) CAG.

Calliope shifts a look in the direction Stirling departed, but she doesn't look too concerned. She does not have a particularly good read on Navy politics, even after all this time aboard. A little grin at Kell. "I watch the Vipers sometimes and it mostly makes me dizzy. I don't know how you all stay straight, going that fast. It looks pretty cool, though." Her gaze shifts after Van, then back to the others. "I mean, we've apparently got some time to kill out here. Shooting drones is as useful as anything else. Bet he'll be cool with it."

Isolde looks after Van as he goes to make the call to the CAG. Then she looks back at Calliope and Hallie. "With the state of Picon, who knows when we're going to get a chance to qual again." Her throat tightens. "But, I guess that's not what's important at this point anymore." She looks between the two before she rubs at the back of her neck. "Have either of you ever flown with Sweetheart?"

"Going fast actually helps," Hallie notes to Calliope. "It's like once you start running, inertia means it's easier to /keep/ running. When you turn a corner, it's easier if you keep going fast. If you slow down, everything becomes so much harder to do." It probably makes sense to a Viper pilot, at least.

"Speed is half the fun when flying a Viper, it is also the difference between getting riddled with rounds of enemy fire or slipping through them." Kell says with a smile, a bit of the usual Viper jock confidence actually surfacing. Just a little bit. When Isolde mentions Sweetheart, Razor can only arch his brow, apparently not having paid attention to Priya's newly assigned callsign, having his mind and head buried in books and notes as of late. "Sweetheart? Is that another new pilot we received?" As for Hallie's explanation, Kell nods his head as he looks back to Calliope, "Exactly! Vipers have two speeds. Fast and faster."

The call is short, to the point. Evidently the Lieutenant and the (for now) CAG do not have a great deal to talk about. When he returns, Kell's comment causes him to chuckle lightly, "Sometimes I think that some of our compatriots have found a third... 'crazy fast.'" He nods back toward the phone, "We have permission for two Raptors and two Vipers. Razor, you and Ringer get the snakes, I'll fly one of the big birds. Bite, Pi, not that that doesn't sound like a delicious culinary event, but you two can take the other one, but I might suggest spending at least part of the time with your roles swapped."

Calliope nods to Isolde. "I have. We actually trained together before we got our Ensign pins. I had my pilot's license before the war, but not my combat quals, so I went through flight training after Officer Candidate School. It was this inter-world thing the Colonial Fleet threw some of its recruits into. She's hardcore. I think she wanted to punch me a few times. But she didn't. We're totally buddies, even if she makes a face when she has to admit it." To Kell, she chuckles. "She means Priya. Though I guess she's new here. She was on the Galactica a little longer than some of us who transferred over."

"Flats played matchmaker, and we're going to start working together so I can fill in the gaps I missed from not going to an actual flight school." Isolde frowns a bit. "I'm a bit nervous about that." Though Calliope's vote of confidence has her smiling a bit more easily. "Okay, good. I haven't really worked with her much, but she was ice cold at the quals." She then looks back over to Hallie. "I don't care what you say, Ringer. I'm never gonna fly a Viper." Famous last words.

"I wonder how many more of the old Galactica crew are going to show up here," Hallie remarks, in answer to the revelation that Priya's joining them now. Isolde's comment, however, earns a laugh. "You should try it! Maybe you'd like it better than those big slow birds of yours." Her tone is almost teasing, even as she tosses a wave over her shoulder; she's already moving to go get her own snake ready.

When Van receives approval for actual training flights, Kell nods his head and says, "Let me get to the berthings and get changed into my flightsuit. I will catch up with you all outside." His first stop though is the Ready Room where he will at least tidy up what he was working on, making sure the books are picked up before making his way to the berthings to change into his flightsuit.

"You want to try the flight controls after I get us in the air?" Calliope says to Isolde with a smile. "Weps are what I need work on, anyway, and the boards in the backseat have way more control over them. I'll be there to take the wheel if things get gnarly out there." To Hallie, she giggles. "I tried a Viper a few times in flight training. I didn't crash, but I had zero feel for it. Maybe someday, but I like flying the big guys. Sometimes, size totally matters."

Van glances over to Isolde and Hallie, flashing a bright smile for a moment and rubbing his hands together, "That's it. Next time we're in the sims, we're putting all the Viper pilots in Raptors -- including as ECOs -- and the Raptor pilots in Vipers." That's a very bad idea if they intend to practice anything seriously, but for fun...? "Now... however... we should practice the basics."


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