2237-06-08 - Trolling for Pilots

Stirling comes across Isolde trying to bait an unsuspecting Raptor pilot into flying with her.

Date: 2237-06-08

Location: Hangar Deck, Vanguard

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Isolde Asa is coming out of the Ready Room, zipping her flight suit up to her collar and patting down the thighs as if she's checking her pockets. The high-alert status of the Vanguard has her on edge, knowing that she could be the one called up in cause there is a need for rapid response. As she heads toward the Raptors, she starts to thread her dark hair up into a bobbing ponytail.

Stirling is coming from the other direction, her green fatigues testifying that she's not on alert duty at the moment. She offers Isolde a polite nod. "Ensign. Asa, was it?" She's still learning everybody's names.

Isolde looks up as she first hears the new CAG's voice, and it slows her advance toward the birds. She starts to smile -- almost nervously. "Ah, yeah. I mean, yes, sir. Isolde Asa." Beat pause. "How are you settling in, sir?"

Stirling bobs her head. "Making sure all the i's are dotted before we head into action. I would have preferred some time to get to know everyone before we went into action, but the war waits for no one." She flashes a brief smile, then says, "Heading out on patrol?"

Isolde smiles, some of her nerves draining away a bit. "No, sir, it doesn't." Then she looks toward the Raptors and back again to Stirling. "Yes, sir. I'm hoping to also do some live practice with Razor's -- uh, Ensign Draygo's -- suggested changes to our checklists. We're trying to see if we can get the additional time to the pre-flight." She drums her fingers lightly against her thighs. "I'm actually hoping to clock some more practice time before my quals." Or re-quals, but she decides to not bring up that prefix yet.

"Ah, yes, that project you all were working on when I arrived," Stirling remembers. "The colonel mentioned that he'd received a draft. He was going to send it down." When Isolde mentions practice time, she nods and asks mildly. "Who were you heading out with?"

Isolde nods sharply. "I think it may be a good, well, countermeasure against Cylons actually trying to disrupt our communications... and to avoid another friendly-fire incident." She then clears her throat, looking around the deck. "I don't have an exact plan there. I usually wait for some unsuspecting pilot to come by and wrangle them. Soundbite is my usual victim." She finds herself smiling a bit more. "But, I'm trying to work with different pilots, too. I want to stay flexible."

"Does seem to be their new favorite way to frak with us," Stirling agrees with a grim press of her lips. When Isolde admits her plan of trolling for pilots, Stirling smirks a little. "It's good to work with different people sometimes." She jerks a thumb back towards the hangar. "Come on. I'll get a flight suit." Was that an order or an offer? Or both? Unclear.

Isolde didn't expect that. She actually blinks at the thumb-jerk. "Oh, uh." She then smiles again, though it has a slightly awkward edge to it. Flying with the CAG? Definitely was not on her checklist for today. So, she falls into stride with the redhead, hands sliding into the pockets of her flight suit as she goes. "Thank you, sir. I'm sure the other Raptor pilots will appreciate you sparing them." There's a soft note of self-deprecation there, but it seems good humored.

Stirling wrinkles her nose, mocking herself by saying, "I know, not really fair to spring it on you. CAG's prerogative though." She starts back to the hangar deck, glancing over her shoulder long enough to say, also with good huour, "I promise I don't bite."

Isolde actually starts to smile a bit more fully, relaxing a bit around the new CAG. "No, sir. I mean... yes, sir. It is your prerogative. Just a pleasant surprise. I was just expecting you to help me get someone willing to go out on some maneuvers." She dips her head a bit as they walk alongside each other. She decides for a bit of small talk as they head for the hangar. "Where were you serving before you were assigned to the Vanguard?"

"Well. In a way I did." Get someone willing to go out, that is. Stirling smirks briefly, then pauses at wherever they keep the flight suits. She climbs into hers with brisk efficiency, pulling her braid out of the collar before zipping it up. "Keir Air Base. It's just outside Caprica City. What about you?"

Isolde is almost impressed -- she's nowhere near that efficient. She probably will never be, but she now has some new goals. She then straightens up a bit. "I've been to Keir. Before the Uprising, at least." Then she puffs out her cheeks a bit. "Uh, before the Vanguard, I was assigned to the Galactica. I was actually with her for a good while... back when she was just a skeleton, or nearly." She tilts her head slightly. "I did IT work before I transferred to the Air Wing."

Stirling adjusts a few buckles on things and then speaks briefly with the crew chief to figure out which Raptor is available. She nods to the answer, looking a bit intrigued that Isolde had been to the base. "What brought you to Keir? You're from Tauron, aren't you?" She must've been reading up on some of the pilots. At the least, she doesn't look surprised when Isolde mentions transferring over. "So you've been flying what.. four months?"

"Before the Uprising, I was sent to some of the other Colonies to give talks on cyper warfare, and how to safeguard computer systems." Isolde then nods slightly when she asks about her home Colony. "Pureblooded." Though she's sure that one of her distant relatives must have came from another Colony at some point. Again, she nods at the second question. "Yes, sir. About that. I had experience with Raptors beforehand, so I guess that helped a bit."

"Seems so, coming within a few points of getting your wings after only a few months of training," Stirling observes. So she does know about the re-quals. It's a matter of fact statement, no gushing, but there is a hint of quiet approval there. She climbs aboard the Raptor the crew chief pointed them do, saying, "Front or back seat?" And from there she lets Isolde take the lead, getting in her practice. Stirling offers quiet reinforcement and correction where she feels it necessary, but generally just tries to stay unobtrusive. Well, as unobtrusive as the CAG overseeing a rook can be.


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