2237-06-09 - Raptor Unpacking

Tucker and Priya unpack after the firefight on the edge of Picon.

Date: 2237-06-09

Location: Vanguard - Hanger Bay

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For the Viper jocks, it's easy - they just have to flip a few switches, make sure everything is powered off, and leave their fighter for the air crews to tend to. For Raptors, it's a bit longer. They have to pull their data drives, gun cameras and check on both stations and comms to make sure everything is powered off and reset. Having finished pulling the gun camera footage, Tucker glances behind him towards Priya and grins. "So, if my count was right, you and I got a couple of good kills tonight." He doesn't know if it's her firsts or not, "Damn good shooting out there, Sweetheart."

The console slowly goes out light by light, leaving Priya bathed in the dim panel lights for the ship, as she shuts down her unit and receives confirmation all comm channels have been disabled. It leaves her features caught in an odd soft light, making them look harsher in contrast. Particularly when her mouth curves in a wolfish smile and she meets his eyes, "I think we just might have. Only good toaster is a dead one." Of that she's certain. "I could say the same to you, Flats. I think I might be able to 'run with the wolfpack' after all. Can't say I wasn't a little worried when I got my transfer orders." Fingers toggling a switch to 'off', she shrugs. "I'd only heard off and on from 'Bite and all the gossip on Galactica."

There's a small chuckle from Tucker as he swivels the seat around. "Oh sweetheart.." It's hard to tell if he's saying it with a touch of affection, or making a play on her callsign. "...you never ever had to doubt that." he admits with a laugh. "Yes, we're being trained as special forces. But this isn't the best of the best of the best thing. We all have our faults, our shortcomings. Me? I've been piloting most of my life, but as you saw tonight, I sometimes have a hard time hitting the broadside of a planet." There's a smirk at that as he hands over his data drive. "Put this with yours." he offers as he reaches to pluck the small piece of cloth out of the console and raises it to his lips for a moment before tucking it into his pocket.

Unsurprisingly, the use of her callsign garners a roll of Priya's eyes although her smile lingers. "You do know that special forces sort of suggests that, eh Flats? It's in the name. Special. Forces..." She lets that linger to make he got the point. Extending a hand she takes the data drive from him and stores it with the rest for final delivery and entry into the Vanguard's system. "Meanwhile - I wasn't kidding about the cropduster. I've just been killing Cylons since the day they turned on us - and almost taken myself out a couple of times. They were desperate for anyone with flight experience on Tauron, even mine, and I'd just spent weeks out in the dirt trying to make my way through them alive." She turns her eyes as he has a moment with what is obviously a lucky charm. "That cross-colony training's actually how I met Caprica or 'Bite." Eh. Pilots. So many names.

"Caprica as in Babyface.. oh, Soundbite. Calliope." Tucker chuckles. "That might cause some confusion when you meet the pilot actually named Caprica." he points out with a chuckle. "I used to fly supplies for the Sagittarion free area." he explains, but when she glances at the piece of cloth, he grins. "Came from Cate's t-shirt when she she was surviving on Picon when the war started. Like to think it was over her heart, but knowing my luck, it's an armpit or something." There's a smrik at that, but one with affection, he has obvious feelings for the doctor turned medic. "Why did you decide to be an ECO instead of a pilot?" he asks curiously. "You obviously have the drive and desire for it."

"Yeah. I'll be trying not to be using that in their presence," Priya admits ruefully. "Old nicknames die hard though." What can you do? There is a small hook to her mouth as he explains the history of the cloth, eyes dark at the mention of Cate's survival on Picon at the beginning of the war. She just shakes her head and doesn't make a crack about his besottedness. Packing up the last of the data drives from the ship, she looks back up at Tucker with a lift of her brows for his question. "I believe there was something said about me lacking the temperamant of a pilot... ECO suits me fine. Keep 'em still so the Vipers can blow the hell out of them and keep an eye on what's going on."

"...lacking the temperment of a pilot?" Tucker barks a laugh at that. "Who the frak fed you that line of crap?" he asks with no hint of mocking her. "Sounds like something a recruiter would say to keep you in a program. Have you seen the pilots around here, Priya? You'd fit right in with their boisterous attitudes, fly like their asses are on fire, and the general lack of give a frak about Cylon life." Rising from his seat so they can finally get out of the Raptor, he gives her a friendly squeeze on the shoulder. "You missed your calling, I think. You'd probably challenging Milkman and Cherry on that Top Gun slot on the ship."

"Well..." Priya smirks at the memory. "It might have gone more along the lines of 'Liable to get your dumbass killed and the waste of a frakking expensive goddamn machine, Tarsis," she quotes, hefting the data case under one arm as the rise to leave the Raptor. Tilting her her at the squeeze to the shoulder, she offers a slight smile. "Hate to admit it but they'd be right, Tucker. Especially then, I was fresh out of a guerilla fire fight - out gunned, bloody, and half crispy with burn scars. Would'a gotten someone if not myself killed." She laughs at the idea she'd be in with the aces. "Frak no. I want no part of that other than the betting pool. Long as they're killing Cylons, I'm good with it."

"Well, times change, Priya. I think now, maybe you should consider it - but lets work on making sure you're a damn good gunner. I can use the training too." Tucker admits with a chuckle. "I can fly this bird backwards and sideways." he shakes his head at that, "That's why I just stuck up her ass end and let you take the shots last night. But we made a pretty good team."

Dark coiled braids bounce with movement as Priya cants her head to the side, dark eyes solemn as she considers it. "Nah. Probably still too much of a death wish," she quips easily. "I do need to work on my gunning. Flying quals with you - I want to advance and back up the flight team the best I can." She snorts and elbows him lightly. "Really Flats? Here I thought you were just getting bored, the fight was too easy and wanted to shake things up a bit." Black humor with those last bombers lingering in the air. "We do."

"Nah, I haven't made a comment about your ass lately, so had to squeeze it in." See what he did there? Tucker grins at the elbow to his side as he gives her braid a tug. "Sounds like a plan. Make sure you let 'bite know that sometime, she's always trying to get Pi to backseat with her - thick as theives those two - also, the new CAG is a Raptor driver, so she might be able to give you pointers I can't, since she's been doing this longer."

Smacking her own ass, well, thigh really as they leave the Raptor speaks to Priya's dignity. A low, chuckle escapes her though. "Obsessed, you are." Tilting her head away at the tug to her braid, Tucker earns himself a little harder of an elbow. Just a warning - no hair tugging, even if she only has a half head of it. "I'd be jealous... but I'm aiming to give Pi some pointers too, since you gave us that intro. And shit yeah. Our new CAG is fire though, ain't she?" There's a low whistle of appreciation for Stirling's flying /and/ shooting tonight.

There's a snerk at that as Tucker steps out of the Raptor. "I'll just wait for the shadows and see where the tattoos lead." he says, rolling his eyes, though the warning is taken in stride as he considers her for a moment and arches a brow. "And here I thought that Taurans had a thing for playing with fire." he points out diplomatically.

"Not that far down. Although, I hear there's another artist on board, so I'll have to see about getting another piece," Priya admits, pushing up a sleeve of her flight suit in a very non-regulation manner. Her brows rise in points back at him. "I thought we were just known for ink and dirt," she offers dryly.

"Dunno about all that. I considered getting a tat once. Never found anything worth getting." Tucker admits as he glances at her artwork and then smirks. "Nice ink." he comments before letting her drop off the data drives. "I'm gonna grab a shower then the mess before bed. I'll see you around, Sweetheart. And when you're ready for that practice, let me know."


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