2237-06-10 - The Dove

Abigail and Jonas have a favour to ask Leonie.

Date: 2237-06-10

Location: Laundry, //Vanguard//

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Jonas is already in the laundry room, next to one of the machines as he's wearing a pair of headphones as he bobs his head to the beat as he waits for his clothes to finish in one of the dryers, though it's only about halfway through the cycle. Though a second dryer next to it has Abigail's clothes in it, and per her instructions, he's set up one of the push baskets up, the metal bar across of it used as a clothes line. Pulling out several lacy and expensive looking pieces of lingerie, he's setting them up to hang dry while he waits for her to come back and rejoin him since she was called away for a few moments. "Haven't seen this one yet.." he murmurs to himself, holding up a particularly sheer set of undies.

Leonie waltzes right on in while Jonas is inspecting the nigh-transparent undies, and leans her head against hs arm to get a better look. "Cute," she remarks, moving off again with her bag of laundry to one of the unused machines. "I didn't know you were into that sort of thing, but hey, I'm not going to judge."

Abigail, having been called away for a quick debrief about some incoming crew, is only just making her way back up along the deck and towards the hatch. She steps in, only just in time to hear Leonie's comment. There's amusement in her eyes, as she looks over at Jonas' handiwork. She doesn't seem in the least abashed at her unmentionables being...mentionable. "Sadly, he's not. I've tried."

"I don't think I could fit in these if I wanted to." Jonas makes a face. "Not that I want to." he starts to say, but when Abigail arrives, he can't help but to blush just a little as he grins towards the Marine. "Yeah, well, I think you did this mostly to tease me." he murmurs. So of course, it would only be fitting his sister would be there to rub it in. He hangs up the panties, setting them on the bar. "The normal stuff is in the dryer already."

"Where there's a will, there's a way," Leonie notes from across the room, in the process of picking through her laundry and carefully separating out the lights from the darks; the former go into the machine first. "Pretty sure you tried on mom's shoes a couple times, when we were kids." Because what are sisters for, but to embarrass big brothers in the presence of girlfriends.

Abigail grins, "Did he look fabulous? I hope he looked fabulous." The grin is even offered to Jonas, as she heads to check on the dryer, "Thank you, it's been crazy down there." In the small area where the combat engineers are working, "We have literally to provide for every manner of situation, and we're getting in some new faces and need to get them up to speed. Nice to see you again, Leonie."

After turning the hanging duty over Abigail, Jonas smirks and reaches over to give Leonie's hair an affectionate tussle. "Now, as far as you and trying to embarrass me. Yeah.. I totally did. But I'm doing a pretty good job of making an ass out of myself, especially with Arda." he murmurs quietly, pulling out his earphones so that he can be more active in the conversation.

Leonie grouses at the tousling of her hair, and jabs a couple of fingers into Jonas's side. "Huh?" Finished sorting whites, she shuts the lid on the machine and starts fiddling with dials. Then remembers she hasn't put detergent in yet, and goes to rectify that first. "Making an ass out of yourself, how?" To Abigail, "Let's put it this way: he wears them better than I do. Legs for daaays, darling." She grins.

"Oh, believe me, I know." Abigail waggles her brows, returning Leonie's as she finds the dryer, still with a while to go on the cycle, and heads over to finish hanging up her underwear, "Oh, I think I'll let you handle that one, Jonas."

"Abigail and I were cleaning the head when Lyn came by. It was awkward, so Abigail finally addressed the whole.. moving on thing. I was basically the blame for everything wrong in Lyn's life since Thula fell." Jonas says with a shrug. "At least that's how she paints it. That I didn't go looking for her. That I must not have really cared. So on and so forth. Finally told her that she made that decision herself when she opted to have me knocked out and sent away instead of helping her and I didn't have a choice, so I moved on. Found someone new. So of course, I'm now at fault for dating younger." Or something. Abigail probably could have put it better, but Jonas is still beating himself up a little on it all.

Leonie finally gets her load sorted out, and turns on the machine while Jonas talks. She hops up on top of it to listen, and raises a brow at his description of things. "I'm.. not sure how that's making an ass out of yourself. It's always awkward running into an ex when you've moved on. Even worse when you're stuck on a boat with them. This is why I don't date in the Fleet." She raises a brow to emphasis her point.

Abigail waits for Jonas to give his explanation, finishing with the last of her hanging, "I think the trouble...is that Jonas, kind-hearted as he is, thought, after an initially bad reaction on both their parts, that he would try to build a friendship, be there for her, as a friend, help her to rebuild her life, so that they could find some way to peacefully co-exist, and she took it to be him holding out hope and then snatching it away again. And she's positive that we have no other goal in life but to rub salt in her wounds, which isn't the case at all. I tried to address the issue, because I have to work with her, with both of them, and none of us need this tension following us on mission."

Abigail shakes her head, moving to settle on the edge of the folding table, "And I don't know that there's anything else I can or want to do. I tried to lay it out on the table, and she just won't see things from any other side but her own. She insists that Jonas has no right to put his own feelings and pain first, that if he really cared about her, he should have come looking for her, should have done everything he could to be with her, as if she wasn't the one that went out of her way to abandon him. She says she was in psych for six weeks, and that's why she couldn't tell him where she was, but she didn't tell him where she was before, when she was on her failed mission to find you and the rest of your family. And afterwards, she clearly didn't hold herself to the same standards. Saying that he should have done anything and everything to reach her, but she never made a single effort to reach out to him and explain her side of the story either. She was in for six weeks. What about the almost two years after that?" Abigail sighs, not seeming at all upset, just offering Leonis some of the background, "Nothing that Jonas and I could say is going to do anything...but you're her friend too, Leonie...maybe you can help her. Even if the three of us never see eye to eye, she needs help to get herself in order."

"This war's been going on for two years, and who knows when it's going to end. I get your thoughts on it, sis.. but I do want to be with someone. I decided.. we decided to be with each other." Jonas glances towards Abigail and gives her a smile. "I mean, I respect your decision, and totally won't hold it against you if you change your mind, gods know people are already asking me about you." he snorts a little. "But I'm not here to force or judge. You're grown up, and even if in some ways, you're always going to be my little sister and I'll have your back - I know you have your own life to live in all of this."

Stepping over to where Abigail is, he sets his hand on her shoulder. "Gale's heard me go on about Arda and all in the past already. Which is where I want to leave it. I'm not asking you to pick sides, I know she still calls you NeeNee and all. Just asking that you not feed the beast. She asks how I am, I'm fine. Even if I wasn't."

Leonie looks from Jonas to Abigail, and back again. "Sure. I could talk to her." She doesn't seem sure of how she feels about that possibility. There's a roll of her eyes though at the picking sides comment. "You're my brother. You know damned well which side I'm picking, if it comes down to it. That said.. I'll talk to her." Fingers are rifled through her unbrushed hair absently. "..wait, people are asking you about me? Asking what?"

"Not talk to her, necessarily. She'll probably think you're attacking her too. And really, it isn't your problem. I mean, it's not really our problem either, now, but just...just, if it comes up, at least you know something of what's been going on, so you're not blind-sided by it. I mean, I know this probably sounds disingenuous, coming from me, though it honestly isn't...but I don't like to see anyone hurting." A pause, as she looks over to Jonas, "Yes, Jonas...what are they asking about?" There's a humour there, a girl's only glance over towards Leonie.

Jonas coughs a little. "The usual. Who are you, what do you like. If they can't approach you and find out, frak em." he rolls his eyes at that as he eyes his dryer, wondering if it has a hotter setter, or if it's just him. "Anyway, according to her, the same shrink she saw after Aquaria is on here now, and apparently interesting in how the 'survivors' are handling it, so don't be surprised if you get an invitation."

Leonie scrunches her face up a bit at mention of a shrink. The rest earns a mostly blank look, though. It's likely the first she's hearing of this. "Lyn's my friend," she explains to Abigail. "I'll talk to her. Don't worry, I can approach it gently." Or can she? "Anyway, I've gotta grab more soap. Back in a few." She hops down from her washer, and wanders off for the hatch.

"I really don't hate her, or feel vindictive towards her, or superior...you know that I don't, Jonas. But nothing..." Abigail shakes her head, as her dryer goes off, and she moves to pull out her clothes, "Nothing I can do will make it right." She glances back, "And even if it isn't my problem, really...it is, too, because we have to fight with her." They're all three of them Wolves. "I hope your sister really can work miracles." Jonas, in typical big brother fashion, does believe his sister capable of such. But for now, that's all she'll say, as she heads back to fold and then finish the last of her laundry. Things which still need to be dried will likely be strung up in her bunk like so many unmentionable party pennants. Fun.


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