2237-06-11 - A Gemonese Thing

Aldrich, Rothschild, and Tavo talk in the infirmary.

Date: 2237-06-11

Location: Infirmary, Cutter //Vanguard//

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Scene Number: 1122

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Rothschild is seated on one of the beds in sickbay, rubbing idly at her thighs as she waits for her recently-stitched wounds to be given a look over. She is down to her khaki pants and tanktops, her shoes tapping lightly together while she waits.

Tavo is on his right side. That's what happens when you have two bullet wounds to your left side and one to the back of your left shoulder. The graze wound on the back of his right thought is tertiary at best. He's starting to ache, and so he shifts a little, grunting as he does. Of course, they put him in the last bed, facing the wall, so his back is to the rest of the room. "I can hear you breathing."

There's a distinct, woody smell of incense that can be traced back to a guttering stick on the table next to Aldrich's bed. The chaplain himself has been sleeping restlessly, but he wakes slowly and groggily, blinking at the ceiling as though he's never seen one before. After a moment or two, he carefully tries to shift to sit up into a slightly better position for looking around the room, but soon gives that up as a lost cause. At Tavo's comment, he just frowns a little, and then asks, "Would you prefer if I didn't?"

Rothschild arches a brow as she looks over her shoulder to Tavo. Though it is Aldrich who beats her to the reply, and she finds herself smiling in amusement. "Certainly not, Chaplain. We like you breathing. I get the feeling he was talking to me." She shoots the big Scorpian a look over her shoulder once more. Then her attention returns to Aldrich. "How are you feeling, Kavanagh?" She tilts her head. "You took a bad hit out there."

"Is that you, Chap?" Tavo chuckles, then winces and stops chuckling. "Couldn't hear you breathing. You need to breath louder." He smiles toward the wall at Rothschild's response, nodding a little, "But she's right. I was hearing breathing in Leonese." And then he quiets down to hear the chaplain's response to the question.

Aldrich chuckles a little, then stops himself with a controlled wince. "Guess my Leonese breathing will always have an accent." He lightly clears his throat, then tries again to sit up, this time succeeding in at least leaning against the wall. "Mm, feeling like I could use some more morpha, as much as I hate the stuff. But apparently there is some truth to the stereotype of the hard-headed Gemenese man."

Rothschild shakes her head at Tavo's response, and she starts to chuckle as she resumes rubbing her hands up and down her thighs -- an almost nervous habit. Her own wounds have been wrapped, save for the cut across her hairline which is nothing but stitches. The Leonese keeps a careful eye on Aldrich, but then she nods. "Well, I've met several hard-headed Gemenese women, too, to be fair. Must just be a Gemenese thing."

"You're doing all that without painkillers, Chap?" Tavo shakes his head, trying to look over his shoulder and then grimacing and subsiding, "That's pretty hardcore. Or hard-headed. Or wait, you said more morpha. Still impressed, but not quite as impressed." He shifts on the bed and half-rolls onto the pillow at his back, "You're already an outpatient, Praety? Glad to hear it."

"Good point," Aldrich acknowledges, as he settles into place. "Good thing for me, though, in this case." He smiles, tightly, then shoots a wry glance toward Tavo. "Yeah, even I'm not going to turn down any painkillers they offer right now."

Rothschild turns slightly to regard Tavo as he winces, arching her brows again as if in silent inquiry. Then she looks back toward the Chaplain. "We won't think less of you, Kavanagh." Then she starts to ease off the bed, grimacing a bit as she puts some weight on her tender leg. She nods slightly to Tavo. "Yes. Mostly superficial wounds. They were mostly worried about the headshot, but it appears that it only looked like I was on the verge of bleed out." She chuckles wryly then before she looks to Aldrich. "No one was going to come out of that in any decent shape," she says to the Gemenese. "With the amount of terrain we had to transverse, an ambush was inevitable and difficult to pinpoint. We just should have expected they were going to target the drivers." She grimaces at that.

"Good to hear you've got some sense, Chap. Wouldn't want a hardcase looking after our souls." Again, Tavo chuckles, letting it subside into a wince. When Rothschild gets to tactics, he grunts a shrug, "It could have been worse. If they'd felled trees across the road in front of us and behind us, the trucks couldn't have escaped. Having the recon folks up high in the trucks gave us some warning. Hard moving supplies through unsecure terrain. Roads'll almost always be watched."

Aldrich smiles vaguely. "Of course. I only regret that I created more work for the medics when I'm supposed to be out there at least partly to help them." He clears his throat a little. "I'm glad that you both came out alive. I'm sorry I couldn't have been more help to you, but I will make up for it next time."

"You needn't worry about that," Rothschild says honestly. "Not every mission is going to work out in a balance, and there's no point in trying to pay things forward. We work together regardless of successes." She grimaces as she looks around. "I was supposed to get my stitches checked, but it is hopping in here. I'll come back later." She steps past, passing to give Tavo's knee a squeeze before she starts to cross to the door. She pauses at Aldrich's bed, smiling. "Get some rest."

"I don't think that anyone's going to blame you for taking a rocket to the face." Or, you know, the truck he was sitting in. Tavo gestures toward Rothschild's voice to indicate his agreement with her words, then shakes his head a little, "Not a problem, man. Glad you'll make it too. I'm not so bad, just all in one side. Guess that's what happens when you advance into enemy fire." Or at least, when you do it with your own weapon up in both hands and you're right-handed. When the Leonese woman steps up alongside his bed, he studies her wounds briefly, looking from head to shoulder to side, then nods a little and offers up a smile in return. "If they give him any more morpha, he'll rest just fine." Again, his chuckle is cut off by a little wince, "And don't break anything in the CQB Arena 'till I'm out of here, Praety."

Aldrich smiles faintly. "Thank you. Both of you." He scrubs a hand over his face, then lifts a hand to Rothschild as she announces her exit. "If you see a medic or anyone on your way out, could you ask them to swing by, whenever they get a chance?" Then he gives her a mock salute. "Take care of yourself. I'm sure you could use some rest, as well."

"I make no promises," the Praetorian offers over her shoulder as she departs, offering both Marines a gentle wave as she does. Aldrich's request is met with a nod and she definitely diverts off path on her way out to let a medic know to go check in on the Chap.

Tavo snorts at Rothschild's response, rolling back onto his shoulder again with a thoughtful, perhaps slightly pained grunt. "You take care of us, Chap, we take care of you." And then he subsides into quiet, frowning at the wall.


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