2237-06-11 - Nesting

Alain and Eva discuss the possibilities surrounding a recent mission, and all manner of things in between.

Date: 2237-06-11

Location: Ready Room, //Vanguard//

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Even dressed in casual attire, Alain has a way of wearing the clothes neatly that almost seem to reflect a uniform regardless. His steps are crisp as he makes his way into the ready room, casting his gaze about for a particular person.

Eva, if she's the person in question, is curled up in one of the seats, the screen pulled down so that she can watch something, only there isn't anything on. Instead, she seems to be working on one of her many quilting projects. Not a whole quilt, yet, but rather, she's working at embroidering a pattern on a single square. It probably won't be the first, or the last, given that she's got a pile of them stacked on one of the seats beside her, as well as her full sewing kit.

Eva is, indeed, the person Alain was seeking. He diverts his path sharply, headed towards her. "Cherry," he calls, easily, gaze flickering over her project with a sudden smile. "My mother used to call that nesting." Ahem. "Uh, heard there was a dust-up I missed earlier. You got your footage uploaded?"

Eva hrms, looking up from her needlework, "Nesting? How do you mean?" This is clearly a new term for her, or at least one she might not know in the same way you do. "Just a small fracas. The Picons took care of all the heavy lifting." She sets down her square, moving over to the computer, checking that her drive is properly set in, and turning the system on. The remote control she brings back to Alain, offering it to him. "My shots weren't that effective today. Might be worth it to watch the ones from Flats, Jukebox, and Whisper. They all got clean kills."

"Something birds do before the eggs come, apparently." Hard to say if Alain is laughing at her or at the absurdity of the term itself. He seems surprised at her words about the Picons doing all the heavy work. "Impressive," he says, as he moves to stand at Eva's shoulder, looking over towards the screen. He takes the remote control, with a twitch of lips. "Whisper does seem to have a knack for tearing through the enemy," he says, as he presses play, eyes glued to the screen.

"Oh!" Eva laughs, at the explanation, picking back up the square she's been working on, "Alas, no such eventually is on the horizon. I mean, there's plenty of the 'trying' part, but there's no chance of the 'succeeding' part." The footage begins easily enough, because Eva runs her cameras for the entire time that she's flying, rather than setting it only to record when she's actually shooting. So Alain will be able to see the initial movement through the asteroid field, the encounter with the cylons, the flight silent running in pursuit. The cylon capital ship. The long, interminable wait, before the two Picon destroyers jump in to engage the capital ship. And then the fun begins.

Alain's head tips, brow furrowing briefly at that, but he seems apt not to pry. Instead, he says, "Well, half the fun is in the trying, so the saying goes." Jigger is mostly silent, focused as the footage starts to play -- leaning forward when the capital ship appears and letting out a low prayer to Ares. Even if this is an outcome that's already happened, it's a habit on seeing one of those frakkers.

"Well, as we're happy to be stuck in 'trying' mode, it's good." But that's not why they're here! Eva remains silent, allowing Alain to watch the footage at his own pace. She's also watch. Even if she lived it, you can see so much from a second or third glance. Mostly, it seems to be the movements of the field that keep her attention, though when they come up to the ship, she offers, "That's a bit of a new configuration. They're clearly looking for a solution that allows them to land or launch more troops at a faster pace. They're jumping in and out, just as we are. Which is interesting, because you would think they would have an inexhaustible supply of replacements."

There's a few times where Jigger pauses, rewinds, and replays, mostly where there's some complicated manoeuvering that makes it harder to keep track of where the other ships are in relation to the cam footage. "Learning from our tactics," he says, with a grimace. "Though why, is..." he glances sidelong at Eva, frowning at her words, nodding in agreement. "Interesting. Odd."

Eva nods, looking between Alain and the screen, "If the CF knows where their bases of operations are, it's never been revealed to me. But I can't help wondering...if they're facing some sort of problem with materials. I mean, it takes a hell of a lot to build an entire cylon army, to continually replace what's being lost. On the one hand, they can build them faster than we could breed them...but they still need the raw materials. Harvesting, refining, then manufacturing...those all take time. Maybe they're hitting a wall, same as we are."

Jigger's expression changes from a grimace to something hopeful, straightening as he pauses the footage on a frame that has the capital ship under attack from the destroyers. "If that's true... maybe it's not about finding their bases. Maybe it's about hitting their processing plants, cutting off their supply line, effectively. Problem is, I imagine they're well guarded and deep in Cylon territory. I know our recons have some pretty big balls, but -- that'd be a one way trip, more than likely." He shakes his head, as if to dismiss that as an option.

Eva nods, seeming to be in completely agreement with her fellow pilot, which is probably why they manage to maintain as good a friendship as they have. There couldn't possibly be many pairings more different than a Gemenese almost priest and a Hibernian miner's daughter...and yet. Here they are. "Yes, that's what I was thinking as well. It's like trying to defeat any human army. You can take away a ship, you can take a base of operations out of play, but they'll consolidate, they'll make more. If you want to defeat an army in the long term, the most effective way, is to starve them out. Take away their most basic needs. We need food, water...but in a very real sense...so do they." A lift of a finger, a 'just a minute' gesture, "It's not a complete loss. We could try to apply just those same tactics to Picon, to their operations here."

Alain shakes his head, slowly. "The same drawbacks that make it dangerous anywhere make it just as much here. Although..." he frowns. "I've heard the resistance is active here. If anyone would have an idea where to start looking, they would. Maybe they've already even identified some targets."

"Alain Tomlinson," there's something deeply amused in Eva's voice, "When have I ever know you to be afraid of a little danger?" It's not that she's not taking his objections seriously, "The situation here...yes, it's dangerous, but the boundary lines are changing nearly daily, if the reports we're getting are to be believed. They've got control of large parts of the planet, but they're struggling. We can use that to our advantage."

With a wry lift of hands as if in defense, Alain responds: "Hey, I've got no problem when I'm putting my ass on the line, too. Harder to send other people in on what might turn out to be a wild goose chase. You forget, I was the grunt that got sent in. It's different on the ground than in the sky." His fingers tap out a beat against his leg as he considers her words. "Mm. You might be onto something there. Push them hard in a direction to draw attention, focus, then sneak in behind them."

"I'm not forgetting, Alain. It's what makes you such a great catch." And no, she doesn't mean like that. "You have a very unique perspective to most of the pilots. They have no idea how to work ground operations. They don't understand how to get their minds around how being boots down changes the enemy's tactics. You do. That's not something I take lightly." A nod and a wave of her hand as you start to speak, as if to say, 'See?' "They key is to find ways to make an insertion behind enemy lies as fruitful as possible."

Alain makes a wry kind of face. Either he's used to her phrasings or he's Gemenese enough not to interpret it as anything other than literal. "Mm. Maybe if we run distraction with air support, harry them a bit... it's going to be risky either way." He grimaces a little, albeit briefly. "Well, probably best if you work out the specifics with one of the NCO's. I haven't been boots on with the Wolves, and things have changed a fair bit since ICJPK. We aren't fighting each other any more, for one thing."

"Oh, I have no doubt. We've seen what they're doing on Canceron, the way their tactics are changing and evolving. If there was ever a time when their war was 'easy', I think we've gone well past it." At his comment about being boots on, "Would you like to be?" Eva, of course, has never been anything but a pilot, "I mean to say...do you ever miss being a marine?" As for fighting each other, "Not with guns, maybe...but we're still battling."

Alain doesn't answer her question immediately, his fingers drumming against his legs in a steady pattern. "Part of me does," he admits, after a time. "Especially when I see them roll out." Something he does, now and then -- not often enough to get noticed, like an occasional indulgence. "But when I see them come back, and a lot of their number heads towards the sickbay -- I really don't miss that part. Not that I haven't had my fair share on this side either," he admits, with a laugh. "I-- I guess so. It seems like most people are willing to forgo things for the sake of the war. A pause on prejudices."

It's actually not that unusual, as they always need to be inserted by raptor, "I suppose you have to be born or bred to it. I mean, when Finn, Webb, and I were on Canceron, it was, well, in a word, awful. And I don't just mean the cylon prison, or lack of supplies...just...it felt so limiting. I mean, I'm sorry, I'm not saying that right." She pauses, "I know I can always be somewhere else...in the air." A nod, but it's a thoughtful one, "Most people...except if you're Caprican. As we saw with poor Soundbite." There's a curl of her lip at that, as it was Alain himself who coined that callsign for Calliope.

Alain gives a shift of head, the brief touch of fingers to her forearm silent acknowledgement that he understands. "It feels like a whole different world, up there," he says, after a moment of silence. With a little twitch of lip, Jigger says, "Well... we all have our difficulties to overcome. I thought... part of me thought it'd be familiar, seeing another person from Gemenon. Turns out I was wrong," he makes a wry face.

Eva offers a smile, as Alain touches her arm, her own covering his just as briefly. "Yes, it does. I think that's part of the reason why I never stopped, even in those times when I felt defeated by the circumstances....anything was better than going to work in the mine, to never having the freedom of the sky again." A long way to fall. "Who did you see from Gemenon? I wasn't aware we had many of them aboard with the Wolves."

"I still really can't picture you as a mine rat." Though, judging by Alain's faraway look and sudden grin, he's trying. As for her question, "I met the Chaplain, Aldrich, at the award ceremony on Scorpia. He didn't seem too thrilled to see another Gemenon face," he says, slowly. "I guess, in some ways, each of us have our reasons for leaving. Sometimes it's forced on us. Sometimes it's a choice."

"Neither could my father, which is why he worked so hard to help me get my appointment to the Academy. He didn't want his only child to live and die in the mine, like our family's done since as far back as we can remember." The 'like he will' is left unsaid. Eva considers, "That, I can understand completely. I don't know the chaplain, but I can imagine that...that if circumstances did lead him to leave Gemenon, which, if what I know about your colony is right...he might not want a reminder of that. Or perhaps of someone who left and is clearly on good terms with that. Maybe it isn't you at all, Alain. Maybe it's just his baggage."

"I suppose that's something that can be said for all of this," Alain waves his hands expansively, clearly meaning more than just the CF, the war itself. "That it's shaken us all out of our normal patterns, into something... more." He's silent for a moment, his nod seemingly accepting of her assessment. "Everyone has plenty of their own, and I'm not one to push." He pushes to his feet, flicks off the screen with the remote, and sets it down. "Thanks for walking me through it, Cherry. Time to get some grub. I'll catch you later?" With a brief smile, Jigger steps neatly off through the exit.

"I hope...that in the years to come, Alain, that that will be something that they say about what we did here. That we showed the colonies that we could be something more." The CF, after all, is only in its beginning stages, and the idea of a unified colonial system is...not even a hint of a dream. "Of course. You always know where to find me." Eva is something of a homebody, when she's not in her viper. She's never that hard to find.


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