2237-06-13 - Find Your Happy Place

Lyn brings Aldrich some coffee and learns Miko got into the chocolate cake. Al suggests she try meditating.

Date: 2237-06-13

Location: Sick Bay -- Vanguard

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Aldrich is in bed while Mikolas sits nearby, giving him a hard time. Lyn's cake is on the table with a slice taken out of it. Aldrich shoots Mikolas an unamused look that may very well being vying for the /most/ unamused look the medic has ever received from him. (And that's saying something.) "I'll do my best, but no promises." He takes the cup and makes use of the straw, though he only has a sip for now.

Lyn makes her way into the sick bay, carrying what looks like a thermos and a serious scowl. She looks pissed off about something, though she wipes most of the sour expression from her face once she gets to Aldrich's bay. Her eyes move from him to Miko to the cake, and back to Aldrich. "Hey Al, did you finally get some of your cake?" she asks. She's in her sweats and tank with the CF logo on them.

"He made it through a few bites." Miko sounds almost fond even though the Aldrich is giving him that dour expression and Lyn comes in all grumpy of her own accord. He reaches out a thumb to knock a crumb off the corner of Aldrich's mouth if only because it might annoy the Padre more into getting better enough to kick his ass. "I was just saying we need to figure out a way to preserve it longer, until he's feeling better. It was delicious by the way."

It's probably at least a touch worrying that Aldrich just grimaces a little at Mikolas's taking liberties, and barely bats at the hand. "I didn't tell him he could have any," Al remarks to Lyn, wearily. "He's like an ill-trained puppy."

"Well if he can have cake, he should be clear for coffee too?" she offers to Miko, before holding out the thermos to Aldrich. It's full of coffee, kept hot by the container. It's fixed the way he likes it. She's spent enough time sitting in the mess with the man to know how he drinks his sludge. "I can make another if that one gets stale before he can enjoy it. Just need some time planet-side to replenish some ingredients." She gives Miko a look at Al's words. "Do I need to bring a rolled up newspaper next time?"

"Don't worry, I won't pee on the floor." Miko shifts to stand from the bed so that it's easier for Aldrich to receive other visitors. "Again." He adds with a flippant looking smile. "Coffee is fine, as long as he thinks he can handle it. There's a vomit basin under the bed just in case though."

Aldrich sits up a little straighter, doing his best to cover up the listless and slightly nauseous face he's been wearing before. "I could have a little." Even though he was looking pretty close to upchucking a minute ago? Sounds like a smart move. "You'd probably have better luck with a shock collar," he advises with regards to the newspaper. Then, after a thoughtful look toward Mikolas, he adds, "On second thought, skip it. He'd enjoy it."

Lyn grabs a nearby chair and sets it beside the bed. She sits on it, leaning forward so as not to put pressure on the bandaged shrapnel wounds on her back. "You're looking a little green around the gills, Al, you sure you want to do that?" she asks, concern creasing her brow. "Because if you puke it all up and rip out your stitches, Mercer is NOT going to go as easy on me next time."

Miko pats the table next to the chocolate cake, "They'll both keep a little longer, something to look forward to when you're feeling better. Don't keep him up too long, and if he needs it, he has two more presses of his morpha button before I have to get involved, alright?" He instructs Lyn in his mild-mannered medic bedside tone.

Aldrich looks at the thermos for a moment, and he actually seems a little guilty. "I guess I better skip it," he agrees, and sighs. "I'm sorry you went to all that trouble." He glances to the morpha button and then gives Mikolas a thumbs up. "I'll probably wait until Lyn goes, but thanks." Then back to Lyn, for a belated reaction. "Wait, what does Mercer have to do with it?"

"Oh goody," Lyn drawls at Miko. "He's interesting on morpha." She gives Aldrich a wan smile at that. "It's why I wasn't hear earlier. Mercer stopped Jonas and I after training for a 'talk'." That can't be good.

Miko taps the table twice, "I'll be at the nurse's station, if anyone needs me. Or has any more cake. Just saying." He flashes a wink at the bay at large and then ducks out of the curtain to go about his rounds.

"Thanks Mikolas," Aldrich tosses after the medic, even if he was acting annoyed with him a moment before. Then his attention wanders back to Lyn with a worried frown. "Do I need to go have a talk with him on your behalf?" he offers. That would certainly be an interesting sight.

"No, nothing like that. He just got wind of the screaming match in the head and wanted to be sure there weren't going to be any more issues. We promised that nothing will affect our duties in the field blah blah blah. I really wanted to punch him. Nothing like getting a dressing down for something you were ambushed by." Lyn runs a hand through her hair and sighs. She looks worn down by it all.

Aldrich still looks a little concerned about that. "I could ask him to have some consideration for the situation?" he suggests, gently. "Or I could talk to Jonas for you." He adjusts his position on the bed, and clears his throat. "Have you been resting?"

"Please don't. Gunny's don't generally take kindly to being told they're wrong. I'd end up with every shit detail on the ship," Lyn explains. "And no, just leave Jonas alone. It would have been nice if Abigail had gotten dressed down to, since she instigated it all and started the discussion in the head." She picks at her nails idly, staring at them. "Some. Better than before, not as good as I should be."

Aldrich gives Lyn a patient look. "Well, I'm a little more tactful than that, I think," he remarks, and has another sip of his water. "But if you insist, I'll leave it alone." He watches her after she describes her sleeping habits, and then offers, "You can still talk to me if you need to, you know." A beat. "I might not be at my best or most wise, but I can still listen."

"I'm ok, Al. I'm just sick and tired of," Lyn gestures absently, "everything. Every time I think I've made a few steps progress, I get knocked back a dozen. It wears on you after a while. It'll get better, I'm sure. Once I get back down to the planet and get back to work. It's the in-between hours when I think too much that get to me."

Aldrich nods sympathetically, though the mention of her getting back down to the planet leaves him with a more worried look. "Perhaps you could try meditating?" he suggests, tentatively. "I find it to be a very soothing practice... Or you could try to find something positive to focus your attention on?"

"I have no clue how to meditate," Lyn admits with a grimace. "I used to just climb, but that sorry excuse for a rock wall they have in the gym isn't enough to keep my attention."

"It's not difficult," Aldrich explains. "It helps when you start out if you have something to focus on. So you can picture a certain location that you find relaxing. Or an item, or a person. Whatever helps you quiet your thoughts. Then you just sit in a quiet space and focus on that image, trying to think of nothing but that image."

"That sounds kind of hard. I mean, just focusing on one thing? This stuff really works?" Lyn asks, skeptically.

Aldrich smiles faintly, and has a sip of his water. "It works for me," he confirms. "Though in all fairness, I've been practicing most of my life. But it can't hurt to try it, anyway," he points out, gently.

"But that would need a quiet place to get started right? I mean, you're a master of it able to do that in the berthings, but I think I'd just be too distracted in here." Lyn seems to ponder where she might find a quiet spot on a small ship full of rowdy Wolves.

Aldrich raises an eyebrow and chuckles. "The chapel is provided for precisely that purpose," he points out, gently. "And believe me, the chapel is generally my first choice. I just thought, given the nature of that particular ritual, it was best to clear the chapel so other people could use it."

"Oh, huh, all right. Well I guess I can give it a try?" Lyn acquiesces. "No guarantees I'll be able to do it though. Enough about me, how are you? Was Kovac giving you a hard time?" She looks at him with concern.

Aldrich smiles wearily. "He always gives me a hard time," he sighs. "I'm not sure if he treats everyone that way, or if I'm special. But I suspect he's like that with everyone."

"Well, if he gives you too much of a hard time, let me know. I'll bake him some special cupcakes," Lyn quips with a grin. She glances around. "I should probably get going. If I stay too long people are going to talk."

Aldrich raises his eyebrows and gives a slow grin. "Interesting. You know, I feel like he might like some 'special' cupcakes'." The grin kind of fades a little then, but he nods. "In that case..." He reaches over, without further ado, to push the morpha button. "But I'm glad you came by."

Lyn snorts as he chooses the morpha just as she's leaving. "You're so mean, Al. If I wasn't leaving maybe I'd have been able to weasel a smooch out of you," she teases as she stands. "If the coffee gets cold, tell Kovac to nuke it for you."

Aldrich turns a rather noticeable red color at that, and clears his throat. "Well, it wouldn't be very kind to take advantage of a drugged chaplain, you know," he returns, with a crooked smile. "Thanks for the coffee."

Lyn waves behind her as she departs.


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