2237-06-13 - Gunny Mercer, Relationship Specialist

Mercer addresses Lyn and Jonas after their argument in the head.

Date: 2237-06-13

Location: CQB - //Vanguard//

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Scene Number: 1126

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Some of the marines have just finished running close-quarters battle drills in the arena. It went well enough to satisfy the gruff gunny, who dismissed the group. As he collects their laser tag gear and the marines start filing out, Mercer says, "Arda, Ingvar, hang back."

Lyn was hoping to hit the showers, then check on how the Chaplain is doing, but Mercer's words have her stopping in her tracks on the way to the exit. Crap. Here's hoping she isn't about to end up in the brig for something. She stands at attention. "Sir!" and side-eyes at Jonas to see if he knows what's going on.

"Gunny?" Jonas asks, holding up after stowing his gear and moving to pull his uniform jacket back on. "What can I do you for?" he asks, settling into a parade dress position. Formal, but not exactly too formal.

Mercer says nothing until the last marine leaves, leaving them in suspense while he tidies up the laser tag gear. Casting an eye toward the hatch, he watches the last guy out. Still fussing with the gear, he starts off in a deliberately measured casual tone. "I may be new here, but I've got eyes. And ears. Now I don't give a shit who's frakking who, or who wants to frak who, or who frakked who six years ago. I had enough of that shit in high school. Unless y'all make me care." It's at that point he lifts his eyes to both of them with a stern look that seems to silently ask if they're going to make him care.

"There's nothing to care about, Gunny, it was handled in house." Jonas offers simply. "Ran a mission with her since then, it's all five by five." Apparently he has no problems with the situation, as he casts a look over to Lyn that suggests 'you still have a problem, speak up'.

Lyn stiffens and her jaw clenches. "No problems here, Sir," she says in carefully measured tones.

Mercer shifts his gaze from one of them to the other, considering their posture and responses. "Good. Because we're in the shit now. Picon's gonna test us. Whatever history y'all got, I expect everyone in my squad to be willing to run through hellfire for the other. You get me?"

There's a little frown at that, before Jonas straightens up. "Not to be an ass, Gunny, but I dragged her ass out of a courtyard in the middle of a firefight. I think over it is way past done." he comments dryly. Now Lyn knows who saved her on Canceron. Not that he ever wanted that out, but maybe it was to prove the point to Mercer.

"The squad comes before all else, sir," Lyn states simply. If she seems surprised about Jonas' admission, she doesn't let it show. "I voluntarily escorted Ingvar and Walker to the final supply drop destination, despite injury. I do not think our professionalism in the field has ever been in question."

Mercer meets Jonas's frown with a drill instructor glare then looks back to Lyn. "If it wasn't in frakking question we wouldn't be having this conversation, Arda. Get your shit squared away and we won't have to have another. Dismissed."

Snapping to attention, Jonas offers a nod of his head. "Copy that, Gunny." It's all Ignvar's going to offer as he turns to head out and hit the showers before preparing for the next mission.

"Sir, yes sir," Lyn says as she salutes and turns on her heel to walk out, grinding her teeth silently.


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