2237-06-13 - Two Out of Three

Abigail recruits the first two of the final three of her five man squad.

Date: 2237-06-13

Location: Armory, //Vanguard//

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It's maybe a strange request, maybe it isn't, for Erin to receive a note, in the form of a message delivered by someone low enough in rank to let themselves be ordered around by an NCO who isn't Mercer. Well...it probably didn't happen quite like that, but...the note did ask Erin, when she was free from her duties, if she'd be willing to meet Abigail at the firing range. Or more precisely, the small armory where weapons are stored between missions. Just at the moment, Abigail is keeping herself busy, breaking down and cleaning her sidearm.

Finding everyone's now-favorite trash panda isn't easy, but it is done. Erin appears at the designated time in the designated place. More correctly, she appears at around the designated time. Maybe a few minutes late.

"Hey, Walker." When she comes in, the scientist-punky scout clicks her tongue. "Fancy place to meet. Got to admit, I love this place. It's nice and quiet, and hard to get into when there isn't an attendant out front." For obvious reasons.

"What's on your mind?"

Abigail looks up from the field stripping, one hand holding the barrel, the other working a bore brush through it, the smell of the gun oil on the rag the brush is wrapped in seeming soothing, to the woman, or perhaps it's the comfortable routine of it. "Hey Hayes." She takes a moment, looking around the armory, such as it is, "I like a place that's well-defended. With a minimum number of access points." A quick grin, "Don't worry, I'm not planning to kill you where no one will know you're missing. Hopefully Ingvar will be in shortly. Would cut down on the number of times I have to throw out the line to catch a fish."

The recon Marine shrugs her shoulders lazily. "Oh, I wasn't worried that you'd try to kill me here," Erin says easily, crossing her arms. "I mean, what would the point to that be? There'd be fewer awkward moments and dry quips on this ship, and the inventory will finally start being correct again. And we can't have those support shlubs sitting around doing nothing, right?"

She watches Abigail go about her business with a detached interest. "And, I don't mind the location." Erin shrugs her shoulders. "Something enticing about a person who knows their weapons and machinery." Mm-hmm.

"Well, idle hands are the devil's workshop." Abigail lifts the barrel, slanting it towards the light, before she sets it down on the 'already cleaned' cloth, and picks up the slide, "I've had a lot of long hours to kill over the years. Get to where you look for things to do whenever you can, to pass the time." A q-tip's dipped in a small well of oil, and she starts cleaning, "I'm hoping he won't be too long. If he is, we can start without him, and I'll catch him up."

The rattle of the cage door and it slamming announces Jonas' arrival. "Gods damned Arda." he growls under his breath, the undercurrent of frustration clearly present because he thought it was him and Abigail alone, and pauses. "Frak. Hey Hayes." he manages before he sits down on the bench. "What's going on?"

"Don't look at me," says Erin quietly. "It's Walker's call." She's comfortable wedged between two stacks of rifles. Leaning. And looking like a very cool raccoon, thank you. She looks to the Staff Sergeant.

Abigail looks up, hearing Jonas before she sees him, "Yes, some have said that about her," but anything else she leaves on the back burner, once they're both close enough to address comfortably, "As you know, Jonas, and you may or may not, Erin, my brother was shot down about six months ago. I wasn't able to get much information on it, and I asked the Colonel if he could look into it. He was able to find out that he went down somewhere in the region of Cape Shediac." Abigail sets down the slide, wiping off her fingers and reaching down to pull out a folded map, which, once she rises, she'll move to spread out over one of the crates. It's a map of that region of Picon, showing the cape, which is within spitting distance if the mainland. "The CF will not authorize a mission to retrieve a single man."

"So that's the Colonel's official declaration?" Jonas asks, a small frown, as he was about to reach out to comfort Abigail, but when the map comes out, he arches a brow, since there is more to the story apparently as he moves to take out his small packet of gum to pop some into his mouth and offer it to the other two women.

Abigail has Erin's attention now. A secret, unauthorized mission? That's the shit that gets the camera and attention in popular sci-fi shows, along with glorious space battles and encounters that injure many of the principal series stars.

"Uh-huh." Beat. "And, let me guess. We don't know whether or not your brother's down there, but -- " The scout shrugs her shoulders. " -- we should go check it out. Because if your brother's there, and we can get him out -- " The corner of Erin's mouth curls up. " -- we'd have a lot of important intel on what's happening in that area of Picon. Right?" A convenient truth -- or lie.

Abigail doesn't look as shattered as one might expect, given her pronouncement, so it's very likely that isn't the end of the thing. Another grin, in Erin's direction, "A woman who knows how to read me like a book. But in this case, yes, and no. At least, that's how the Colonel is approaching it. Because of how close the Cape is to the mainland, it's an ideal location to establish a beachhead, give us a base of operations from which we can try to drive the cylons back from this region of the coast. It would require making use of our water craft, and we'll be able to use the weather to our advantage as well, as there are weather and seabed obstacles that will help to protect our position. The Colonel has authorized a five man team to land a zodiac here," she indicates one point on the cape, "Do recon, fact-finding, see if we can get a handle on what we could accomplish there. If we find sign of my brother, we'll adjust based on whether or not retrieving him will be possible without compromising the mission. Mercer and I are two. I was tasked to find three others."

"Comms are shit down there, Gale." Jonas considers the map. "But if there's any resistance in the area, they'll be broadcasting it on the shortwave, and you're going to need someone to listen in that can relay information." he suggests, looking to Abigail with that 'like hell you're leaving me out' look as he glances up to the other two. "You have Mercer and I'm in as well now."

The recon Marine makes a face. "Hey. Remember what I said down in Scorpia?" Erin offers a hand to Abigail. "I'm frakkin' in this one. I don't have family, but I know how important it is." Presuming it is clasped and/or shaken, she offers her hand to Jonas as well. "So, it looks like we'll be saving our butts together again, Ingvar. Lucky you."

"So, who's our fourth?" Beat. "We might want someone who can patch us up. Think Rhodes or Kovac'd be in?"

Abigail's expression is still mild, as Jonas volunteers himself, a curl of her lip in something almost like amusement, "Yes, I know, Jonas. That's why I also asked you to meet me. Mercer is recon, but we need as much of that as we can get. So Hayes, I want you for that. Silent running seems to be your forte, which is what we need. The Colonel has also stated, that while we are not cleared to do any rescue beyond my brother, we were to try to do what we could, even if it was just leaving whomever we found with some radios, so that we could coordinate with them later for retrieval. And that's you, Jonas." Abigail shakes Erin's hand, the smile a genuine one, more than a bit of relief there. A moment, as she considers, "I thought about a medic, but Jonas will have to sub in there, and the rest of us will pick up as we can. I'm going to go with Daly, if he's fit enough for it. They're fighting a guerrilla war down there. Stick a guerrilla fighter down there, he's going to know what to look for, how to plan out tactics that might work for us in the terrain we have."

"Shit, Gale, not too much pressure." Jonas offers with a little smirk, before he nods. "I can patch in a pitch." he admits as he gives a nod of his head and accepts Erin's hand. "Just hope I don't have to throw you, Hayes, all those apples are adding on weight." There's a smirk at that before what Abigail said catches his attention. "I can put together some small transmitters, but if this is off the books, I'll have to use scrap parts - I'll get looks if I try to take them from our supply. Give me a couple of days to get them put together."

"I'm also a scientist." Beat. "But that's not terribly useful out in the field, I've found." Not really.

Erin shakes, and then smacks Jonas' hand away. "Don't get started, frak. I'm not getting fat or anything." Snort. "Anyhow, if we've got a couple of days, then I'll pull together what I might want or need. But I travel light and tend to take what I can, so probably won't need much prep. I'll try to avoid strain in anticipation of the operation."

"Unless there's something you think I might be able to procure that someone would miss?" Hint: you need something stolen?

"Jonas, if we get to the point where we need a medic, or a gunner, for that matter, we are frakked fifty ways to Sunday. This is strictly a stealth recon mission, with the possibility of a single extraction, if Mercer decides it fits within mission parameters." A shake of her head, "It's not off the books. This is fully sanctioned by Colonel Ryan, and Gunnery Sergeant Mercer will be running lead on the mission. Mercer, Daly, me, you, and Erin. Take what you need from supply." A grin, at Erin, "Or what you want, while they're not looking." Abigail won't tell anyone. "Actually, you'd be surprised how useful you'll be as a scientist in the field. The geography of the region of volatile. And it's coming up to the rainy season, which means typhons, and storms over the water, rip currents over the shoals, we can use the weather to our advantage, as well as the terrain."

"Alright, I'll get to work then. Just don't be surprised if I crash in your bunk because mine's full of parts." Jonas says with a small snort of a laugh as he draws back his hand to give it a small shake and taps Abigail's side.

"Yes. 'Full of parts', he says." Erin makes a snorting sound, and then grins wickedly at Abigail and Jonas. "Right."

"Look, if you want, I can work with Daly, try to figure out the best time to work in a landing, based on the weather. Probably right that we should try to insert and exit while we've got some cover, either after the sun goes down or during some sort of storm." Shrug. "However you want to play it, I'm around, Walker. Can find me in the lounge, the Pyramid Court, working out." She sticks a thumb at herself. "I'm good."

Yep. Meteorologist trash panda. Weirder things have happened.

"Well, we tend to prefer his bunk, because it's closer to the hatch, and there's only a neighbor on one side." Abigail is never going to be one of those, 'we're totally not frakking' people, because yes, they're totally frakking. "No, Erin, I'm happy to have you help with the insertion plan. I've got plenty of experience with watercraft and insertion over sea, but most of my experience with the coast guard and marines was on the water or nearly so...the two of you will have a better handle on land maneuvers. I haven't had a chance to meet with Daly yet, but when I do, I'll let him know to get with you to work out what you both think would be the best solution."

"Sounds good." Jonas offers. He's not got anything to offer at the moment, as the planning is more out of his hands in that of the people -- or rather -- person - trained for this situation.

Similarly, Erin has little more to add at this point. "When you find him, let me know. And we'll meet, look over the logs, and come up with a game plan." Which, in itself, sounds like a game plan. "Thanks for letting me in on this, Walker. This is a little more my thing, rather than assaulting large castles containing prisoners." Snicker.

Sensing that the meeting may be over, Erin stretches her arms up above her. "If nothing more, then I do have a bit of a date." Beat. "Actually, I've been challenged to a Pyramid match. Which, of course, I don't intend to lose."

"That sounds like a date to me, Erin." Abigail moves to roll back up the map, setting it back down, and returning to her crate, since he's only half finished with her cleaning, "Thank you for agreeing to come out. I know it's asking a lot of you, of both of you. And I appreciate it. If we can get some good intel on the cylons and get a foothold there, we might have a chance to destabilize their power structure there." But that's for another time, really. "Good luck on your game, Erin. Jonas, can you grab my rifle for me before you go?"

"Sure.. but don't we need to finish putting this together first?" Jonas asks, as he glances to the parts before he takes a seat and settles in so that he can help with the cleaning and reassembly. "See you around, Hayes."


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