2237-06-16 - Disaster Preppers

Abigail and Jonas prepare the landing deck for some S&R simulation practice.

Date: 2237-06-16

Location: Landing Deck, //Vanguard//

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With the almost surety that they'll be needing to affect both ground and underwater missions, the combat engineers have been ramping up their training schedule. And for Abigail, that means more zero G training. Not because they also anticipate a greater amount of zero G work, but because there is no pool, or any way to arrange for water training on the Vanguard. And so, in lieu of that, they've allowed her to utilize the landing deck, as it's the only area of the ship that can be vented to space to provide zero gravity safely. Just at the moment, she's sorting through her tools, floating off to one side of the deck, everything secured, mostly, with magnets. If she were underwater, she would be using weights, of course.

Jonas is working on getting his sea; correction: space legs. While Abigail is making it look effortless, he's having a bit of a harder time. "You didn't say that my guts would end up in my head." he manages as he takes a few wobbly steps to try to get used to the feeling of weightlessness.

"Oh, they won't. Just the contents of your guts." Abigail looks over, trying to send a grin in Jonas' direction that won't lead to him trying to cut her oxygen line, "Thanks for agreeing to help me stage this." Being that she's the engineer with the most underwater training, creating scenarios for the other engineers, and possibly marines to train in has been left to her. Probably a good thing for her to keep busy, with the mission to the Cape less than a day away, now.

He knows she's nervous about the mission. Jonas has been trying his best to help her with her nerves, but in the end, she found her own place to find her center. "Yeah, remind me of that when you're cleaning the puke out of my suit. Sure, Jonas, you can have my sandwich, want my jello too?" he snorts. "Should have known you were setting me- urp -up."

"A man...or woman's suit is sacred. I would never think of letting anyone else touch mine." Abigail turns, pausing in her unpacking, watching Jonas make his way over to where she's setting up. She lifts a hand, pointing towards one of the crates he's coming up on, "If you can get that open, there should be at least one pair of mag boots in there." It was easier just to load out all of the equipment they might need to use.

Finding his way to the crate she points out, Jonas manages to get his hands on the crowbar to open it, struggling, but eventually gets it open. His arms flail a little, windmilling as he tries to steady himself and try not to float away from the landing deck, even with the microgravity. "Whoa, whoa.." he starts to himself as he tries to find something to hold onto to pull himself back down.

Abigail, seeing the impending end, such as it is, pushes off from the deck, using the strength of her legs to push her in your direction. With nothing close to hold on to, it means she'll end up pushing you back into the hull, which will, if nothing else, stop you from drifting. And hopefully give you something to grab on to. Whether or not anything unfortunate happens, well, that is for your stomach to decide.

There's a hard collision with the deck when you shove him back down. There's a little bounce and he's able to barely hold in his stomach contents as he holds onto the crate. Urghle goes his stomach. He's soooo going to get you back later, as he moves to withdraw the boots and get them on. "Did your instructors do this to you?" he asks lamely.

Abigail studies Jonas, watching for signs of impending barf-mageddon, before she backs off, hand walking herself along the crates back to where she was, "I once had an instructor pull my O2 in the middle of a destroyer we had sunk for training just to see how long I could hold my breath, while trying to clear the ship, before I passed out."

"Well, I already know you have an impressive set of.. lungs." Jonas teases as he fumbles, finally getting the boots on and securing the magnet locks. "That's better." he manages as he breathes slowly, turning his attention to you as he starts to slowly, with a clunk from magnetic locks being pulled and colliding with the deck as he starts to walk, almost infant like towards you.

"Now you know where I get them from." Abigail, seeing that you've gotten yourself in a more stable, for all intents and purposes, position, heads back to where she was working. "I thought I would do at least a few scenarios where they need to work on doing some welding repairs, as well as raising the vessel from the 'sea floor'."

"So what's it like to be on the open water? I mean, on the beach, you can see land, you have a point of reference. And in space, even when there's nothing around, you don't have to worry about being eaten by something." Jonas offers after taking a few more clunky steps and starts to figure out how to manipulate tools in the bulky suit. "And do you have weapons that work underwater?"

"You mostly want to use the shock stick, or if you have a, well, it sort of looks like a cattle prod. You try to avoid irritating any animals you might find yourself around, but you don't want to use a weapon that might cause blood in the water. That's just asking for something nastier to come sniffing around. Sharks," yes, they do exist on Picon, despite the lie she told during the SAR training, "Can smell blood for miles. Although, if you're working on the ocean floor," which is miles down, "They usually won't go that deep. Mostly, though, it's lonely and terrifying and wonderful."

There's a wrinkle of Jonas' nose as he glances over at Abigail, considering her for a moment as she describes her world and things that she finds wonderful. He smiles a little, more than a touch of fondness there, but he doesn't say anything as he continues to try to work on the tools to figure out how to handle it as effortlessly as she seems to be able to do.

"I don't imagine, in its own way, that it's much different from Aquaria. There must have been places there that were just as inhospitable full of things like bears and worse that wanted to attack you, kill you for invading their territory. But you learned how to survive there. It's the same there." Abigail looks up, from where she's working, pointing up towards the ceiling, "I think I'll put the main 'body' of the ship there." Having them work on the ceiling, should be suitably disorienting, even though there technically isn't an up or down in zero G.

"Yeah, but you can use a rifle on a polar bear trying to rip your arms off." Jonas responds, nodding at her suggestion as he moves to help her now that he's able to. "It's the wolves that were the most dangerous. Especially before mating season, when the males are trying to claim territory and the females are ready." he comments as he starts to move parts into position. "What got you into doing this? For me, it was one thing to serve in the Aquarian Navy.. but being in the snow, knowing I could make a difference, but it was more.. meeting other cultures. I realized that I may have never left the planet if it hadn't been for this war - which.." he smiles a little. "...means I never would have met you." And for that he's grateful, that much is obvious in his voice.

"It's the right weapon for the right situation. Same as a shock stick is for my situation." A snort, of laughter, "Sounds like ever pack of sailors on shore leave since...forever." She considers, expression thoughtful as she thinks back on herself over a decade ago, "My family was not rich. We were comfortable, but they couldn't afford to send all of us to college. And I didn't want to go, really. Addison did, he went on an ROTC scholarship, so we could afford it. I just liked sailing, and I wanted a good job, so I decided to apply for the coast guard. I could stay close to home, but still do something more than take tourists out on surfing day trips."

"My family's not rich either, if they're still alive. I mean, my sister is. You've met her." Jonas responds, a little smile as he glances over towards his work. "My parents gave me a build it yourself radio kit. Hearing those first transmissions after my dad helped me build it? It was amazing. It was like knowing that there was a whole universe out there waiting. And I wanted to know everything about it, so I poured my heart into it. The military was a way to pay for it, and you know, have a few extra cubits on the weekend to spend on parts and stuff."

Abigail nods, listening to his story, sharing hers, "I was rated as a Boatswain's mate, do you know what that is? Basically, think of them as men of all work, as it relates to seamanship. Deck maintenance, small boat operations, navigation, supervising the ship's deck force. I probably know a hundred different ways to tie you down." A waggle of her eyebrows, "And we moved from that to do rescue operations as well. So that's where that started...that was long before diving or anything like this." What she's doing now, "Must have been amazing to be able to pull the universe down to earth."

"Anytime you want to try, or show me how to tie you up..." Jonas gives her a sultry grin as he continues the work. "I worked in the comms department on the Tyr after graduation. A small cutter, not much smaller than this ship is, really. But we rarely patrolled outside the system. I wanted to be on one of the Gunstars - especially the Thor or Odin because they actually got to leave the planets and travel to Libra." he explains as he works. "I wouldn't call it pulling down the universe, really. I could hear them, but I couldn't speak back. It was things that were months, sometimes years old. Like Commander Caprica. That was one of the first things I heard, but by the time I heard it, the series was already done." he admits with a little smile. "Didn't stop me from making them my first idols. Had their comics, figures.. anything I could get my hands on."

"I started out working on lightships. Doing sea rescues and maintaining the vessel. Moved on to cutters after. The water kind, not your kind. Anti-piracy, some deep water salvage. That's how I saw my first Marine diver. They went down to retrieve some stolen ordinance. It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen." A smile, though, at your comment, "Something doesn't have to be current, to be real and timely. It's like seeing a wreck from a hundred years ago. It still feel like now, still feel visceral, it can still move you."

"I know." Jonas gives a little grin. "I remember one of the episodes, the bad guys, they were speaking a language I didn't understand. And I really wanted to know what they were saying. Turns out they were speaking Tauran." Because of course they were, "That's when I wanted to learn more languages. I wanted to know what the worlds were saying to me. And I wanted to be able to talk back." he shrugs his shoulders and grins at you. "Though something more current can definitely move you now." he points out as he turns his attention back to his work.

Abigail finishes the last of the four tool kits she's been sorting through. Each, if you were paying attention, seems to have a different set of equipment. Because it's not just about teaching you to use the tools you know you need, it's about learning to improvise when you don't have the ones you want, "I'm afraid you have the advantage of me there. I don't even know any curse words in other languages." And mostly everyone should know one or two at least, "As someone from a tourist-driven planet, I know, I should be ashamed of myself."

"You keep teaching me, and I'll teach you." Jonas offers as he considers. "I don't really have a language master, but I can hold my own with Gemenese and Sagittaran, and with some effort, keep up with Leonese, Scorpian, and Tauran, but it's totally touristy." he admits with a thoughtful look. "Want to be able to teach kids that someday, you know." His own kids preferably, but. "Always thought about being a teacher someday. What about you?"

Abigail gives it some serious thought, before she shakes her head, "Once I became a diver, I never really considered any career but this one, really." A thoughtfulness, "When we were little, Addy and I talked about it a little. We were very young, and we had just lost our Uncle Silber. We didn't really understand what it meant to be not alive. I mean, to be fair, we really didn't know much outside of what we were, always together. I don't think we spent more than a day apart until we were well into puberty. This was much earlier of course. I think...in the end we decided if we came into the world together, we would probably go out of it that way too, and the world would just have to take care of making that happen. Now...I suppose I'll die on some mission or another, under the water, or in deep space. That's the choice I made."

There's a long pause as Jonas moves a last part into position, securing it into place as he considers the weight and gravity of your words. The silence isn't meant to be uncomfortable, it just is, as he processes it all in his mind. And then he finally speaks quietly.

"...if it does, you won't be alone."

And it's all he says as he continues his work, closing his eyes for a moment.

"I know that." Abigail, despite the morose turn the conversation has taken, doesn't seem saddened or depressed, not really. But then, she works EOD. If she can't keep up a happy face, who could? With the toolkits set, Abigail looks back to the ceiling of the deck, kicking off from the deck to float her way up there.

Jonas watches you for a moment, then he kicks off to join. As he passes by you, there's a tap to your hip, as if to remind you before he's moving to help out. "So if there was one place you could have shown me on Picon before the war, what would it have been?" he asks you curiously as he starts to work again.

"Home," that's an easy question, "Same, as I imagine you would have wanted to show me where you grew up. It helps, I think, to see where a person is from. Where they're comfortable. where they feel the most like themselves. That's what Biscayne Bay is for me. It's the place where I am the most me."

"Not really." Jonas offers with a laugh. "Home is okay and all, but if I wanted to show you the best of Aquaria, I'd taken you to Summerfest." he admits. "When the temperature is actually nice enough to wear shorts, and the colonies all come to celebrate their cultures and music and everything. It was really awesome."

"But that's an event, a single thing...it's not something that's forever, that's part of the bones of the place. Festivals are nice, but I like to see people's roots. So I would have wanted to see your home." Abigail lifts a hand indicating a crate magnetized to the ceiling, "There are fasteners in their, also magnetic, that's what we'll be attaching the ship to." Yes, an actual ship, raptor or Viper. Of course, both of those also have magnets in their skids, but you can never be too careful.

"You just want to say you're the first girl to be in my bedroom besides my sister." Jonas teases a little as he starts to take out the fasteners to work on them.

"Yeah, that must be it." A snort of laughter, as Abigail too gets to work. She seems to want to measure out both a series that will work for a raptor, and one for a viper. "Let's get these done, and then call it for the night. We won't be able to know for sure if it works until we can get someone to maneuver a ship this way." And that will mean waiting until someone on the deck or a pilot is free.


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