2237-06-18 - At Long Last

Aubrey receives news of Addison's rescue.

Date: 2237-06-18

Location: Crew Lounge, //Vanguard//

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It took some coaxing to get Abigail to leave Addison's side once he was moved into the recovery ward. Instead of heading someplace private, he opted to bring Abigail to the lounge so they can take over a couch and just be together. There's a movie on the screen where they're at, but it's being pretty readily avoided as the couple talks, Jonas leaned crosswise on the couch and Abigail tucked back to chest as his arms are draped around her waist. "There's some good doctors on here that will be tending to him, honey, I know he's going to be okay." he offers with a smile and then lowers his head to her shoulder, the pair of them looking utterly beat and tired, but otherwise in good spirits.

Abigail and Jonas, despite being on the couch, and looking as though they plan to actually try to relax, haven't actually done much in the way of actually getting to the point where they can relax. They're both still dressed in their mission black battle dress, though they've gotten rid of their vests and armor, and tried to wipe most of the dirt of Picon from their boots, so they probably have only just gotten back from sickbay. And Abigail herself looks almost jittery, as though she might jump up at any moment, if Jonas wasn't holding her down. "How long before the CAP is back?" A certain fellow resident of Biscayne Bay was nowhere to be found when the team returned, so that must be where she got off to. That or some mission they know nothing about. She's left word on the deck, that one Lt. Naxos was wanted immediately in the lounge, but who know if the deck will deliver the message or not.

Aubrey was indeed out on CAP before she got the message where she was requested in the lounge. She enters, still toweling wet hair from a speedy shower, in her off duty greens. She pauses at the sight of the pair, and their clear exhaustion. "Someone wanted me?" she asks with a grin, having no clue yet what happened.

Raising his head as Aubrey arrives, Jonas finally releases Abigail, knowing that at this point, she will be impossible to hold down. "She did. We have news from Picon." And that's all he's going to leave it at, because this is his girlfriend's moment.

Abigail hops up, as though she were connected to a set of springs built into her boots. But she doesn't rush towards Aubrey, not yet, not immediately. She just...stands there, staring at the other woman. Maybe afraid to speak, maybe afraid to break this spell, as if to say the words would wake her up from some dream. Even her expression is caught somewhere between joyous...and terrified. "I...we..." She pauses, finally, collecting her words into something intelligible, "We brought him back."

Aubrey arches a brow at Jonas and looks at Abigail with worry. "Did the Bay get hit or some-...?" That is as far as she gets before Abigail speaks, and the brunette looks at her stunned as her brain processes the information. Her mouth opens, then shuts, then opens again as she blinks owlishly a few times. Bree is speechless. Mark it on the calendar.

Standing up finally, Jonas moves and places his hand on Abigail's shoulder and gives it a squeeze. "We came across a prisoner transport while on recon. He was one of the prisoners we rescued." he finally offers to fill in the blanks. "He came back with us at Abigail's insistence. He's weak, in medical, but is expected to recover."

"No, I wasn't going to let him stay there." Abigail stands, for a good long moment, still just staring at Aubrey, as if waiting to see if the words, making them manifest in the air will burst the bubble of impossible reality she's living in. "He's...he's bad, Bree. They're doing everything they can, and you know Addy. He's a fighter. He was..all of them, nearly starved to death." Finally, she takes that first step towards her sister, in all the ways that matter.

Tears well in her eyes and both of Aubrey's hands come up to cover her mouth which she finally realizes is still hanging open. He's alive. She had insisted he was to Abigail, but she worried she was just setting her friend up for a terrible fall. She moves to wrap her arms around Abigail, crying freely now. "He's alive. He's alive." Because that is the truth, and the reality now.

Stepping back after releasing Abigail to Aubrey, Jonas steps back to let them have their moment, taking out that familiar foil pouch to pull out some gum to pop into his mouth to chew on.

Abigail wraps her arms around Aubrey in turn, seeming to take her tears as permission to allow her own, finally, to fall, and she buries her face in Aubrey's shoulder. They're so different in many ways, one light, the other dark, one taller, the other shorter, but tears and relief and emotion seem to have a way of making them more alike than different, now. "You made it possible, Bree. You and Pop." If it had not been for them, this ball would never have gotten rolling.

Aubrey holds tight for a long time. She asks quietly, "When can we see him? Can we even see him?" If he was in a prison camp, then after the docs are done with him, the brass will be next, getting all the info they can. "We have to let my Dad know this was his doing. If he hadn't had made the call..."

Jonas holds up his hand. "Soon." is all he can say on the matter. "The medic on site and I took a good look at him. The Cylons ran him down to nothing. They aren't trying to keep them alive, just working them until they can't and then.." he trails off. "I'll keep an ear open on the medical side of it to listen for when they might allow visitors. I know Abigail hasn't left his side much since we got back."

"I had to find you, tell you." Short of being ordered away from his bedside for duty reasons, or for her own health and well-being, that was the only thing that would have gotten Abigail away from sickbay. "We can see him, I hope soon, but...I think they have him sedated. He's so weak, his organs need time to heal. But he passed out almost as soon as we got back, and I haven't seen him awake since. He's just..." she can't say it, even if she's thinking it. Lying there like the almost dead. "Thank you, Jonas. I'm not sure I would be here, if..." If Jonas hadn't send static into her comm loud enough to break Abigail out of her trance on the ground. Probably that.

Aubrey nods as she comprehends. Seeing him like that had to be awful. "They'll fix him. He'll be ok. He has to be ok." She lets out a breath and finally releases Abigail and wipes at her eyes. Good thing she's fresh out of the shower, no makeup yet. "It's going to be ok. We're all back together again." They're even at Picon. Occasionally.

"It's what I had to do." Jonas wasn't about to be abandoned. Again. "I'm gonna go get a shower finally, and let you two talk. I know there's still a lot of questions and stuff.." he trails off, not really sure what to do with himself.

"Yes, the three musketeers, all over again. Who knows, he might end up fighting Jigger for your wing." That's something Aubrey will have with Addison that will be hers alone. They're both pilots. Abigail's feet are firmly planted on the ground. As he speaks, Abigail looks back at Jonas, a momentary look of confusion in her eyes, as though she weren't quite sure why he's set to walk out. "I'm sorry, you're right. We haven't slept or showered or anything." She looks back to Aubrey, "Maybe we can go do that, then we'll meet you and we can go call your Pop.." a bit more reluctantly, "And my parents. And then we can all sit down and we can tell you all about it."

"Go get cleaned up and get some rest. You deserve it for bringing him home, you guys. Thank you," Aubrey adds that last with a shuddering breath and a smile.

There's a smile towards Abigail, it's to reassure her. He's not wandering far, he just figured the two girls wanted some time to themselves, you know, without the third wheel around.

"We won't be long." And they both do really need that shower, and a chance of clothes. Not to mention food. "You'll be around, won't you? I mean, you don't have another shift? So we can call Pop?" Abigail might hesitate in telling her parents, but she will not make Edmund Naxos wait for news of his almost son. "Give us...maybe ninety minutes? Meet back here?"

Aubrey nods her head. "I gotta go put my face on too."

"What, scared of him finding out what he's going to wake up next to if he marries you?" Jonas asks Aubrey with a smirk. But to Abigail's suggestion, he offers a nod of agreement.

"You forget, Jonas. Addy had a front row seat to Aubrey and Abigail, the puberty years. Nothing could scare that man after that. A soul of steel, that one." There's a smile, pained but genuine, at the flood of memories, "We'll come and find you, soon as we can."


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