2237-06-19 - Old Wars

Isolde and Cate talk about how some old colonial conflicts die hard.

Date: 2237-06-19

Location: Berthings

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Scene Number: 1147

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It's late evening. Cate had dozed off for a bit in her bunk after her latest duty shift. She didn't stay that way for very long, though, a sharp hiss of breath and sudden jerk marking her abrupt return to the land of the awake. She looks around for a second to orient herself, then rubs her face and swings her legs over the side of the bunk. She's wearing her sweats and CF t-shirt, which is what usually serves as her pajamas.

Isolde isn't asleep, but instead is in her bunk with her nose in a book she traded in while they were on Scorpia. It is the third time she's read it since they got to Picon, and it appears to be one of those horrible, but wonderful romance novels. She peeks up when she spots Cate's feet swinging into view, and she scoots slightly to the edge of her bunk so she can crane her neck up to look at what little of Cate she can see. "Hey," she offers, a small smile quirking at the edge of her lips. "Were you dreaming about fish?"

A blank look meets Isolde's smile. Someone still hasn't quite shaken off sleep. And it wasn't entirely a pleasant thing to be shaking off either, judging by her expression. "Huh? Fish?" She hops down off the bunk and parks herself instead on the bottom edge of Isolde's, by her feet. Barely really "sitting" - more like leaning.

"I guess then you weren't one of the latest victims at the mess. Authentic Picon grub." Isolde watches Cate hop down and settle into her bunk. The Tauron sits up, and scoots down a bit as she draws up her knees to sit closer to her friend. She reaches out to touch Cate's shoulder, almost precariously, and then more firmly with a gentle squeeze. "Hey... you okay? You dreamin' about ghosts again?"

"Oh, yeah, I skipped that and just went with one of the sandwiches. Never a big fan of fish," Cate admits. She rubs her face for a moment, then offers a grateful half-smile when Isolde scoots over. "Yeah. More or less." She answers the questions in opposite order, then shrugs slightly and wonders, "You get bad dreams?" Apparently if Isolde does, Cate hasn't picked up on it.

Isolde thinks on that a little bit, rubbing at her arm as she does. Then she offers a small nod. "Sometimes... but it's always... I don't know... almost surreal. I'm back on Tauron, back in that giant room where we stored all our Centurions... walking up and down the rows, past all these inactive Cylons. And then they start turning on. You're there, and Van's there, and my parents are there... and Enzo and Jia." She shakes her head, puffing out her cheeks. She looks over at Cate now. "It never ends well. Never."

Cate slants Isolde a sympathetic look at that story. "That sounds disturbing." She sighs and shrugs again. "I never get weird stuff like that. Guess my brain has enough surreal shit recorded it doesn't need to invent anything new." She wonders. "How's your family doing?"

Isolde offers a helpless shrug, and she rubs at her arms. "To be honest... if we're not all having our nightmares, I'd be more worried." Then the question has her puffing out her cheeks a bit. "Dad's alright, Mom's alright... Jia's apparently working on Tauron to help with incoming soldiers. I haven't heard from Enzo in a while." She frowns. "I hope he's alright..." She glances sidelong to Cate. "You heard anything from Hiberia lately?"

Cate hehs softly at that. "Yeah, true enough. Same way you worry about the guy who claims to never get scared in a firefight." She nods to the news about Isolde's family. "I'm sure he's fine. If he weren't you'd have heard something." A pensive shrug answers the question about Hibernia, and she probably misunderstands the meaning. "Nah, but I mean... what news they filter down usually only covers the main colonies. Guess it's probably good that it's not making headlines."

"You would think," Isolde says, tone a touch uncertain despite it all. Of course she would know if Enzo was hurt. Of course. Then she looks sidelong to Cate at her response, and her mouth thins a bit with thought. "Yeah, I mean... I know that, but... uh... how's your dad?" She goes for direct.

Cate reaches out to pat Isolde's leg. "I would think," she reassures her. The question about her father catches her off guard, and she fumbles a little to answer. "Oh. Um..." The flustered uncertainty gives way to a sigh, her lips thinning. "I have no idea," she admits softly. "He... he's been in jail since I was a kid. I used to get messages sometimes, but... they stopped a long time ago. Before the war."

Isolde frowns slightly, and offers a soft "oh." Then she shakes her head. "Sorry... you asked after mine, I thought I should ask after yours." She frowns slightly. Then she shakes her head. "We don't talk much about that, do we? Family. I mean, I don't talk about it because my dad is a royal pain in the ass that I will never please, but I don't think I really know all that much about yours... except that they disowned you for wearing the wrong uniform."

"No, it's fine," Cate assures her. "It's not a problem, just... yeah, y'know. Not really something you just toss into casual conversation." She shakes her head a little to the last bit. "They would if they knew. But... I haven't really told them. My cousin Meg's the only one I've talked to since I got off Picon. She tells everyone I'm still back on Picon, helping out. Which... I guess is true enough now." But obviously wasn't true for the longest time. Cate frowns. "Back home, the Royal Marines are the enemy. As much as the Cylons are."

"True enough," Isolde repeats, glancing sidelong as if she is eyeballing Picon through the layers of ship and space. Then she looks back to Cate, head tilting slightly. "Do you think..." Even as she starts to answer the question, she almost grimaces, but powers through. "Do you think that, that might change when this is all over? Or are we all going to go back to fighting the same old wars again?"

Cate doesn't answer at first. When she does, her mouth is drawn into a grim line. "Couple years back, I was at my friend's wedding reception. The col..." She starts to say something in Celtan then amends for Iz's benefit. "The Virgon marines fired a frakking rocket launcher to blow the door to the pub down and then stormed the place with riot troops." Her voice is tight as she relays the story, but she keeps her voice down. No sense antagonizing any of the other Virgon CF troops. "All because they wanted to nab a big-shot with the rebels who happened to be there. A frakking wedding reception." She shakes her head a little. "So...I don't know about anywhere else, but for us... our war didn't end just because another one started."

Isolde looks almost... ashamed. Like she played part in all this, or perhaps because of her total separation from other Colonies, she was a bystander to violence. She inhales deeply, straightening up slightly with her knees still drawn to her chest. "I'm... I'm sorry, Cate. I... I guess I never really wondered about all of that stuff I heard coming in from the news." She looks down a bit, frowning as she does. Then she looks up slowly to Cate.

For a moment, it seems that Cate didn't even hear Isolde, her brain still stuck back a couple years. "I went to try to help the wounded, but they wouldn't let me. When I made a fuss, they cracked me on the head with a rifle and arrested me. Took twelve hours of questioning before they finally decided that trying to help the people they'd blown up wasn't a frakking crime." Cate stops there, shaking her head again as if to ward off the thoughts, and then seems to catch up to what Isolde said, "Anyway. Not your fault. I don't really know frak-all about Tauron's problems either. I mean, I know there was a civil war awhile back. Most of what I do know - before meeting you, I mean - is from mafia movies." She hitches a shoulder.

The Tauron actually listens as long as Cate talks, though she continues to look a bit uncomfortable by it. She rubs at her arm again, working through it with a bit of uncertainty. Then she looks up at her friend. "Yeah, but... I don't think that my ignorance really compares." She shifts then so she can sit beside Cate, giving her a light nudge as she does. "Though, in all honesty... those mafia movies were pretty good representations." She tries for a bit of an uplift there, though it is accompanied by a weak smile.

Cate shrugs again, seeming to pick up on her friend's discomfort. "Well. Least I've got the basics down." About Tauron anyway. As for Hibernia, those memories are stomped back down where they belong, only a few cracks in her armor still shining through. "I'm gonna go get some coffee." Because caffeine is totally the thing you need after having trouble sleeping. "Take care, yeah?"

"We don't all wear red ties though," Isolde says, referencing some Tauron mafia movie that insisted that's the usual clothing get-up. Then she stretches her feet a bit under her blanket, and nods to Cate as she starts to get up. "Okay." Beat pause. "I'll be asleep by the time you get back. Dreaming of Fabian." She taps her book as an indicator of what she means and then starts to scoot back into her pillows. "Get some rest when you can, Cate."


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