2237-06-20 - Recon Preppers

Jonas recruits the recon girls for a mission.

Date: 2237-06-20

Location: Berthings -- Vanguard

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Scene Number: 1145

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Dressed in woodland camoflauge and preparing to get ready for a mission, Jonas wanders through the berthings. Arriving at Erin's bunk, he raps his knuckles against the metal frame of it. "Hayes, you in there? Need to borrow a couple of recon for a mission." And in the past, Lyn's bunk would have been his first stop.

Lyn is sitting at one of the tables in the Berthings area, reading a book whose cover professes it can teach even an idiot to Meditate. From the scowl on her face, it's clear she doubts the veracity of that claim. She's in sweats and a tee, all CF branded, and looks over when Jonas knocks on Erin's bunk, arching a brow. Yes, she'd have been first on his list once, but things haven't been so good between them since the Head incident.

Everyone's favorite space raccoon mumbles something from under her sheets. "Mission?" Mumble. "Okay. Hold on."

When she pops out, Erin stares dully at Jonas for a couple of seconds. Sighing, she sits herself up slowly. "I'm up, Sarge." And tosses the sheets aside, and reaches next to her for a tank top to pull on. Because, apparently, she sleeps naked. Taking a breath, she licks her teeth, and grimaces. "What's up?"

Senses of shame and propriety go out the window in war time, which may be why the spitfire doesn't howl some epithet at being caught, literally, without clothes on. Tank top on, then underwear on, then pants. Socks. Boots. She has to pick her shirt up from under the bunk itself.

It's not like Erin is the first woman that Jonas has ever seen nude. Truth be told, he sleeps in much the same fashion. "Don't have to get all the way, it's a night mission." But he's waking up the raccoon in the middle of the day. With that, he's heading over to the tables, only pausing for a moment when he notices Lyn. "Arda. Head on straight?" it's a simple question, with a lot of weight behind it as he sets at the table and pulls out a map. It's the same bay area that he had gone with Abigail on a few nights prior.

He waits for Erin to make her way over, not really minding if she shows in only her undies, or if she gets fully dressed. "You probably heard by now, we rescued some POWs from our recon the other day."

Lyn closes the book and tosses it on the table. His comment is insulting, but she doesn't rise to the bait. Instead she just nods and leans to look over the map. The meditation stuff must at least be helping her to hold her tongue.

"Wasn't I on that mission?" replies Erin as she mosies on over. Clunk clunk. She pauses to bind her boots up. "What about it?" After, she chin-bobs towards Lyn. "Hey, Ghosty." That's right, she now nicknames everyone herself.

"Yes. You were. We're going back in. Lieutenant Walker gained enough of his facilities back to give us a rough idea of where the camp is at, and we've been asked to take a recon team in to investigate. You in?" Jonas asks, before looking towards Lyn and the way she throws down the book. He lets out a breath, and settles his hands down. He was always the calmer one. "I'm going to need as many recon eyes as I can get on this." he admits finally.

"Chilly," Lyn greets Erin in return. "Should probably bring Wagner in too. It's her home turf," she notes in a calm tone. She isn't acting aggressive in any way, actually.

Erin is, of course, game for this sort of mission. Sneaking around? Potentially grabbing gear that doesn't belong to her? Check and check.

"Works for me." Beat. "Probably should pull Wagner on. And what about the new girl? You know, bouncy-bouncy? Costello?" The one that distracted her enough to bash her head on a bunk. "Four's better than three. Might make coordination a bit trickier, but -- " Shrug. " -- trial by fire, right, Sarge?"

Fortunately for Erin, Jonas wasn't here for that particular incident, or she'd never live down the way she tripped over her own jaw falling out of her mouth. "Ain't met her yet, drop her the invite. I'm only along for the commo support, this is a pure recon, so it's going to be Arda's show." he explains, lifting his gaze to Lyn. "It's going to be a night drop inland.. here." He points to a forested area on the map. "There's a small town nearby, pre-war estimates have it at around 500 souls. May be where they pulled their labor from. Seems they're using the humans to build more of them. Our drop will be via HALO, so make sure you have your jump gear."

"We could cover more ground with four," Lyn agrees with Erin. She doesn't seem phased at him declaring it her show. It's her job. "What did Walker say about the defenses of the place?" she asks Jonas.

"Numerous and belligerent." Erin scratches the back of her neck gently. "At least, that's what I recall. A couple of SAM batteries on the one side, probably more on the other. Quick pull-out would be near impossible." She frowns. "Spotted a few Centurions there. Toasters, plenty. They have vehicles as well, so -- " Scratch, scratch. " -- well-defended, I guess. Probably better than that airfield Wagner and I scouted back on Canceron."

She looks to Jonas. "What's the objective here? Just looking around? Does command want us to spot and paint targets?"

"What Hayes said. SAMs, some patrols. Anyone else besides me have medical training?" Jonas asks curiously. "Liberation is not on the table. We're just to mark the area for the resistance to make their own move on the place." he explains as he nods after a moment. "We may come across some of their members while on the ground, so make sure you know you have a clear shot before engaging a target."

Lyn scans the map, looking at the markings on it thoughtfully. Her dog tags clink together as she leans across to get a better look. "Might be a good idea to ask the Resistance to blow one of those SAMS, a decent distance from our objective, to cover our insertion."

To Jonas' question, Erin shakes her head. "Nothing better than basic." Shrug. "I'm taking some courses in other areas, but, for me, it's mostly scouting, spotting, and, on occasion, fiddling or exploding things, Ingvar."

Erin then puts her attention on the map. "We found Mr. Walker over here." She gestures. "And we approached from here." Point. "Maybe what we want to do, since we've scouted that side, is come from the other." Beat. "And I don't know if we want the resistance to move. It may put the entire place on alert."

"That's part of the mission - the resistance isn't even sure it's cell is still active here." Jonas admits before he nods to Erin. "That's Lieutenant Walker." he corrects. "He's probably going to join us, since his sister's here. Speaking of, talk to her, she has instructional in demolitions, been helping me with my own training." he admits.

"Anyway, this is what we're looking at - a quiet HALO drop by Raptor. We're not on the clock, we're to find our own way to the extraction zone and then signal for our pickup by local forces." he explains. "We don't want to bring the whole Cylon forces to wakefulness - they're already going to be guarded because of what we pulled the other day." There's a frown at that. "But this is the first hard proof we have of a possible prisoner camp, and if we can get them the intel they need."

Lyn gives Erin a little amused look. "Really, Hayes, you're worried about being spotted? We'll be out in the field. We're Recon. As long as you don't look at Costello and walk into a tree out there, you'll be fine." But, well, she looks over at Jonas. He seems to be coming too. "But you're right, best not to put them on alert." She nods at Jonas' words and frowns. "What if we get discovered? Is there a contingency or are we on our own?" Because that will alter the gear she packs considerably.

From above the table, there's a rustling of sheets and blanket. The curtains to the top of bunk Z parts and a rat's nest of brown hair and hazel eyes peeks down. Kyle heard her name. Now, with folded arms as a pillow, she watches from above.

A little bit of laughter comes from behind Katja's privacy curtain on her bunk.

"Oh, ha, ha, you two." Erin rolls her eyes and shakes her head. "Look, I don't get spotted, Ghosty, because I like to minimize that chance. That's why I think we come in the opposite side." She lifts and drops a hand. "But, it's not my call. You do that. Or you two, I don't care."

"Okay, so here's a question, Sarges." Apparently, Jonas, Lyn, and Erin are going over mission specs. "Let's say we find the camp. We do nothing about it?" She looks between the two. "Because if they find any sign that we've found the camp, they'll just move the prisoners. Or kill them. So, has there been any thought as to getting the prisoners out if we find them?"

Jonas reaches up to rub the bridge of his nose. That's when there's a 'drip drip' on the map. A small drip of drool lands on the laminated paper, and he looks up to find himself staring at ... something straight out of 'Critters: The Return'. Grabbing a napkin, he wipes off the map and then hands it up to Kyle. "Good, one less person to be briefed. You must be Costello." he manages. "Clothing optional, you can stay up there."

This his attention returns to Erin, and he shakes his head. "This mission is nearly pure recon so we don't leave a sign of our presence. We do not have the support to handle over one hundred possible prisoners, or to take on their whole encampment. This is a mark, note, and fall back mission. If you deviate, I will leave your ass behind, Hayes." there's a frown at that. "There are other better capable of that than we are."

Lyn grimaces at Erin's words. She's already considered that. It's better to ask forgiveness than permission. If it comes to that, Lyn isn't one to let civilians die because she made a mistake. Jonas knows that well enough. If he hadn't already thought about that possibility, he wouldn't have included her in the mission, let alone made it her command. "Let's not get detected." She looks to Jonas. "Are you going to listen to me out there? You're the non-recon on this mission. You move when and where I tell you, step where I tell you, hide where and when I tell you. You're the most like to be detected."

"Thanks." Kyle takes the napkin and, with bleary eyes, dabs the corner of her mouth with it. She sucks in a deep morning sigh and stretches in her human-shaped cubicle. "I can mission prep, but I can't pants right now." Kyle blinks hard and pushes up to one elbow. Cheek hanging against palm, her hazel eyes sweep the map. "Find the prisoners, gather intel, don't get made." Kyle murmurs. "How much time do I get before gear checkout and pants?"

Katja's privacy curtain cracks open and she peers out to get a peek at who is in on the conversation she's found herself eavesdropping. Popping her head out to get a better look, her hair is a bit of a mess, like she just woke up from some active sleeping. She squints blearily for a prolonged moment or two and then retreats back into her bunk with a slight groan, probably for reality that is her having to climb down out of her bunk, having sacrificed getting a bottom one for overall location.

Erin lifts an eyebrow, and rolls a shoulder. "Don't worry about me, Sarge. Just wanting to point out a possibility. We go in with good intentions, but one wrong move and hundreds can die. Sort of like if we frakked up last time -- we wouldn't have Lieutenant Walker with us, now, would we?"

With a snort, Erin chin-bobs in Lyn's direction. "I'm sure none of us plan on getting detected, Ghosty. And, hey, I haven't gone on a mission I haven't escaped from, so we'll be just fine, right? In and out. I'll pack light, and be ready in -- " Another shrug. " -- well, whenever we gotta go."

"I wouldn't have tapped you for the mission if I thought otherwise, Arda." Jonas responds simply, giving that as his answer to her question as he looks up at Kyle. "It'll be after dark, so get sleep while you can. And you may want to pack for an extended stay." Just in case.

Turning his attention back to the table, Jonas rubs a hand over his face. "Let's try to keep this one by the book." he offers quietly. "They need this information. We don't have to be the big damn hero every time." he points out, before his hands fall back to the map. "Pack for an overnight stay, they'll only be able to pick us up after dark or in pre-dawn."

"Which in recon terms is pack for three days," Lyn notes calmly. "We don't rely on scheduled extractions. We rely on being prepared for everything that can go wrong to go wrong." Recon is badass. "Chilly, you got anything good in your stash we could use?"

A thought. Then a shrug. "Eh, not really." Erin frowns, and gives Lyn a helpless look. "The things I have tend to make noise." And that's that. "I've some extra food, though. In case, like, we need that. Which we shouldn't, because we'll be awake and moving at all times."

She lets out a breath. "Welp. I'm up now. Thinking about a shower and grabbing something to eat, and then reading to clear my mind." The raccoon Marine looks between her Sergeants. "Unless you two need me for something else?"

"I'm gonna grab a nap pre-mission." Old habits die hard. Lyn sleeps on the way, Jonas always slept before. "Pack your apples, Hayes." there's a smirk at that before he goes to roll up the map before rising to his feet. "If one of you can grab Wagner, let her know what's going on, I'd appreciate it." he stretches out before heading towards his bunk.

"Get in the zone," Lyn offers to Erin with a small smile. "I'll find Wagner and get down to the Quartermaster and see what I can requisition." She goes to get another copy of the map to start charting out approaches and paths through the terrain. Cartography was always one of her hobbies. She'll check the weather forecasts too. She was always the planner, that's how she's able to sleep on the ride.


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