2237-06-20 - Say A Little Prayer

Lyn goes to ask Aldrich to pray for the mission, and indicates it might be a dangerous outing. Then she short-circuits him.

Date: 2237-06-20

Location: Chapel -- Vanguard

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Aldrich promised Eli that he would take it easy on the chapel work while his head is still healing. And as much as he's been trying to pretend like he's almost better, he /has/ been spending an inordinate amount of time sleeping. And yet, for some reason here he is in the chapel, doing exactly what he promised Eli he wouldn't do. Then again, can it /really/ hurt anything if he lights a few candles and does a bit of paperwork?

"Thought I might find you in here," Lyn's voice comes softly from the hatchway into the chapel. She's in sweats and a tee, with slippers on her feet. She was clearly not recently on duty. She's smiling, and her hair looks like it may still be damp from a recent shower. "How's your head?" she asks.

Aldrich looks up from the papers he was squinting at, but smiles softly when he sees that it's Lyn. "Oh, hello..." He sets the papers aside, Maybe with a touch of guilt, even. "I'm all right. A bit tired of feeling sick all the time, but that will pass. How're you?"

"Not bad," Lyn admits. Hey, she just managed to talk about a mission with Jonas without either of them so much as raising their voices. That is progress! "Just came to check in on you, and let you know I may be off-ship for a couple days. Recon mission on Picon." She moves to sit near him in one of the pews. "Thought you might want to send up a few prayers for our stealthiness."

That least Aldrich looking a little concerned. "Oh, I see... Well, I will keep a candle lit for you," he promises. "I have no doubt as to your capabilities, but promise that you will be careful?"

"Always," Lyn says. "Wagner, Hayes, the new scout Costello, and I will be going down there," she says, "With Jonas." Boom. No wonder she's asking for prayers. "Not so worried about the gals, but he isn't known for his stealth, and it's really important on this. We'll be in enemy territory." It's dangerous then. Very.

Aldrich raises an eyebrow at that, but takes a moment to consider it, rubbing at one eye. "Mmm. So. If stealthy is crucial for this mission and he's not a stealthy sort, why is he being sent with you?" he wonders.

"Because he saw things we need to avoid on the mission that saved Walker's brother. And he's our comms guy. And has medic training," Lyn explains. "It's not ideal, but this time around, it's necessary. The fact he brought me into this, and agreed to be under my command down there and do what I tell him to, should be enough. But we can use the help of the gods in this."

Aldrich smiles but he still looks a little worried. "I'm sure they will be with you. I'll certainly be praying for you..." He hesitates for just a moment, and then asks, "Do you want me to... talk to him or anything?"

Lyn looks at Aldrich curiously. "What about?" She blinks a few times as she runs a hand through her damp hair. She seems dumbfounded on why he would want to speak to Jonas.

Aldrich looks a little lost, himself. "I don't know," he admits, with a crooked sort of smile. "It just seems there's a lot of...tension between you two. But I'm sure you have it under control."

"Jonas isn't particularly good with confrontation, Al," Lyn says quietly. "If he realized I was talking to you about our issues, and then you were speaking to him about the same, he'd probably just get pissed off. Better to maybe hold off on that, at least til the mission is done." She rubs the back of her neck uneasily. "Much like I was angry as hell when Walker confronted me on his behalf. He might even take it totally the wrong way." Like Al defending his territory or something silly like that.

Aldrich still looks pretty puzzled, but he smiles and shakes his head. "Well, I wasn't planning a /confrontation/. I hope it didn't sound like that..." He rubs the bridge of his nose and then sits up a little straighter. "I should probably refrain from any of that sort of thing until my head is feeling a bit clearer, I guess."

"Probably. And even mentioning me to Jonas would probably feel confrontational to him at this point. There's been so much damage done, in both directions. I think we need to just let the dust settle there for a bit." Lyn sighs and works her hands together I her lap uneasily. "We'll be fine in the field. We are still consummate professionals in that respect." Then why is she so worried. Is this mission that dangerous?

Nope, that generally perplexed look is not going anywhere, apparently. "All right..." He hesitates, but then goes on, maybe a little bolder than he would normally be. "I mean, are you sure about that? You seem very... concerned."

"We're going to locate the prison camp Walker's brother was held in, so we can mark it for the Resistance to get in and get those civilians out of there," Lyn says quietly. "If we frak up, if we are spotted, we're risking the Cylons executing the prisoners or moving them before they can be rescued. What they're doing to those people, Al..." she trails off. "It's bad. Really bad. Slave labor, not really bothering to feed them, pushing them til they die. This is a big responsibility." She looks at him with a creased brow. She's worried not for herself, but what her possible mistakes might do to others.

Aldrich nods a little, growing grim. "I've seen some of what they do..." he replies, quietly. "It's... difficult, when you make yourself responsible for someone else's life. But I think.... Here's how you have to look at it. First, you didn't invent the Cylons. So you are doing more than the average person by attempting to help them at all. Second... Well, no one else is going to help those people. So even if you fail, at least you were /trying/ to give them a chance. And you can't possibly make things worse for them."

Well now, those words do seem to sink into Lyn's brain and make a dent in her stubborn need to be blamed for everything that goes wrong. "That... that makes sense," she admits. "But just in case the shit hits the fan, things go sideways, and I don't make it back here, Al." She moves suddenly and attempts to plant a kiss on his lips, because hell, she only has one life and it may be very, very short.

Aldrich doesn't react. That is, he doesn't exactly pull away, but he doesn't kiss her back, either. Mostly, he just sort of looks stunned, and is left just sort of blinking by the time she pulls away. "Lyn..." He starts, but then stops again. Apparently that is how you make a chaplain short circuit.

Lyn realizes there's no positive or negative reaction to the kiss and she draws back with a sad smile. "Just know you are worthwhile, and you deserve to be happy, and be with someone, Al. You're too good of a man to spend life alone, duties be damned. Live, ok?" She stands and starts heading for the hatch. She clearly is not counting on surviving this mission if she'd go that far.

Aldrich blinks a little more rapidly, but rises to his feet as Lyn moves to leave. At least his limp is (mostly) gone, even if his brains are still a bit scrambled. "Lyn... Wait." Of course he's going to ruin her dramatic exit. He's good at that. Just ask Eli.

Lyn stops, and turns slightly, giving a wary glance back at him. She isn't sure what she expects to see on his face and the fear is in her eyes.

It's hard to tell what's going on with Aldrich. He looks... worried. Conflicted. Probably still a little confused. "Promise me that you're going to be careful out there?" he requests, quietly. "So you can come back and talk to me about this."

"Always," Lyn says quietly. She's always careful out there. She swallows and then turns and continues out.


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