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Addison gets caught up, catches a shave, and meets a new face.

Date: 2237-06-21

Location: Sickbay, //Vanguard//

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Addison has been in and out of sleep, and Abigail has been in and out of sickbay most of the day. She's moved between Addison's bed, and the bed of one Jonas Ingvar. Addison, for his part, has been the easier of the two men to manage. Finally, though, the ward is silent, and she steps in with the collection of papers and tablet she brought in with her. A travel bag of personal supplies is clipped onto her belt, "Addy, are you awake?" Her voice is soft, before she peeks in.

"Mmmhmm." Addison's response comes, pushed through the exhaustion that still lingers and clings to the periphery of his mind. He is pushing himself to sit up though, having just been dozing in and out of a nap. The past day has been one of his best. Food has stayed down, the water consumption has leveled off to a bit more normal and he's even walking around on his own to use the restroom. It is a big day and a testament to his recovery. "I'm awake. Are you awake?" He grins a bit, the line one they have used for over two decades.

"I'm awake." Abigail's hand pushes open the curtain for a moment, as she slips inside a matching grin on her face, closing the curtain again behind her. It's impossible for him to NOT know he's in sickbay, but she can at least try to help him pretend that he doesn't see what's going on around him. All the injures, wounded, etc. "I brought those papers like I promised, and a tablet full of as much news as I could get from around the ship." With no Internet, she's had to sync from other people's saved files, "And I did promise you a shave."

"You haven't had to help me shave since I was learning," Addison points out, smile on his lips looking a bit more lively although it doesn't touch his eyes that much. Really his eyes are still the gateway, to the horrors he's endured and the battle raging there still. "But the papers and reading I'll take you up on. It feels like a lifetime away."

Abigail, though she sees the darkness in her brother's eyes, knows that that's not what he needs right now, not yet. Instead, she attempts to focus on the joy, the small happiness they're able to find, "I know I don't have to. But I'd like to, Addy, if you'll let me." She piles the materials she brought on his table, pulling it over so that he can pick through them at his leisure. "I also...I included all the letters you missed."

"Yeah, I'm going to definitely want those," Addy says softly, frowning at the fact that he's 'missed' things, particularly her things. "I'm sure one of them talks about the boyfriend, right?" He says it casually while reaching for one of the letters, hopefully they're in time order, for him to start thumbing through.

Abigail's letters are all video, as has always been her custom, so those are on the tablet, but she's taken the time to print out the transcripts she usually includes. Mostly it's because she knows he doesn't always have the ability to watch the videos, but words can be tucked into a pocket of a flight suit. "It's one of the last ones. Although, he wasn't the boyfriend then, just someone I was working with. By the time he was, I had already found out about you, and then I was sort of busy trying to get to you." So this is a new thing. "You'll get to meet him sooner than you'd think. He's in the next bed over." Abigail unclips the case from her belt, a light brush of her fingers on his cheek, "May I?"

Addison pauses, frowns a bit as he glances to the nearby bed, shaking his head. "Sorry." His tone is quiet, he's heard doctor's talking, about how rough the bed neighbor is. The sorry he speaks, it carries much behind it better translated in glance and reassurances then actual words. He does then nod towards Abby as she asks if she can help him shave, knowing now, understanding better the need for her to.

"Me too." Abigail sets the bag down, pulling out an electric razor, as well as a traditional sort, "Which do you prefer?" It's been...what, well over a decade since she's even seen him shave? Growing up and moving out of the same house will do that to you. "Don't say straight razor, because you know I was never good with those." She does need this. Something small, something she can do, something within her power to offer as comfort.

"Fine, no straight razor. I don't want my face all cut up... or messed up. Remember that guy in school? The one that had the acne and just..." He shudders a bit. Some image in his mind of a kid named Pete. "You can use the electric, it's ok."

"Pete Seaver was a very unfortunate boy, as I recall." Abigail nods, hearing Addison's (current or momentary) preference, and carries over the razor as well as some pre-shave. With his skin still showing the signs of dehydration, well. All precautions must be taken. "I don't want your face cut up or messed up either. You'll make me look bad." Now that he's starting to slowly come back to himself, the mirroring is becoming more apparent. Abigail settles, perching just on the edge of the bed. Waiting until he's ready.

"Oh come now Miss Model. You know I couldn't make you look bad." Addison quips back to her before he sits up a bit straighter to make her job easier, then nodding approval, talking during the preparation. "Any chance of sneaking me out of here for real food soon?"

"That's only because you're too good looking." Abigail allows him, for the most part, to move himself around under his own power. Even recovering, she knows how important it is for him to do for himself. Even her helping him like this, is his choice, not her forcing her care on him. The pre-shave gel, she applies to her hands, rubbing them together to warm it, before she applies it to his face, her fingertips particularly gentle. "Oh, I'd say there's a good chance."

"Excellent." Addison responds softly, grinning and giving Abigail a few moments to help him shave, sitting quietly there for a bit. His hands, still too shaky to do it himself, rest on his lap. In a break, he takes the chance to speak. "So the last assignment, the one that got ... the friend put next door. Follow up on finding me?"

Abigail takes her time, careful, even with the electric razor, not to move too quickly, or pass the razor too roughly. Despite the years since she's done anything like this for her brother, there's an easy familiarity in the movement, a ready knowledge of the lines and planes of his face, "Yes. Brass decided to follow up on some of the intel you gave them. Wanted to see if they could locate the camp you were on work release from. Things went sideways. Some bad decisions in the field. Jonas paid the price. One of the recon marines, Wagner, she took a good couple of hits too." Abigail shifts, making herself more comfortable on the edge of Addison's bed.

There's a small groan from next door, as Jonas returns on that slow path to aware consciousness and ughs softly. "Shit." he mutters. "Still stuck here." he mutters as he closes his eyes and stares up at the ceiling. The Marine is heavily bandaged about the torso and head, though that can't be seen with the curtain in place as he reaches for the remote to turn on the vid screen without realizing he has company.

"It's good intel, but not actionable," Addison says softly as he reaches up to rub his temple. "Before I got taken into the camp, I was out in the wild for about six weeks. Scouted the area pretty well but the problem is the hotplates moved the workers closer to the labor needs. They'd run a camp down to nothing, then throw the leftovers in with another camp so there really isn't just a place."

"Got taken? Or let yourself be taken?" Abigail knows her brother, believes in him too well and too much to think he'd just...up and get caught. Not after six weeks evading the cylons, probably alone. When she hears the sound of Jonas waking, Abigail rises, lifting away the razor, "Give me a minute. Probably you'll want to meet." She moves to open the curtain around Addison's bed, and then, reaching out to Jonas' with a, "I'm coming in," pulls his back as well. "Some more intel you might want to hear." Her free hand reaches out, touching his cheek, the only part of his head not bandaged, before she heads back towards Addison. "Addison, Jonas Ingvar. Jonas, Addison Walker."

"I'm decent." Not that he has a choice in the matter as Jonas smiles at the touch on his cheek. However, when he hears the introduction, there's a weak chuckle. "Forgive me if I don't stand, sir." he offers weakly as he rolls his head over. "Your sister speaks highly of you."

"I don't do 'sir' business. I'm not in the Colonial Forces either." Addison says with a soft chuckle before nodding his head. "But I appreciate it. My sister... I'm sure she's mentioned you in the letters I haven't read yet. Once I get there I'll have something to say?" He glances at Abigail, as if looking to her for help.

Abigail settles back onto the edge of Addison's bed, hand reaching out to tilt his head to the side, so that she can finish the job she started. The half-shaved look is SO fashionable. Said no one ever. "Don't worry. It's all good, Addy. Jonas is in the Wolves, with me. He's a rifleman, communications specialist, and we usually pair up so he can back me up when I'm setting demo." They really do let her blow shit up, "Addy's a pilot, of course. No. 19 Wildcards." Although they might not strictly be a thing anymore.

"Right.. sorry." Jonas offers. "Made the assumption that Gale already convinced you to transfer. She has that affect on people." There's a smile at that as he turns his attention back upwards. After a moment's pause, he considers his words. "By the way, Abigail.. thanks for earlier. I already pissed off the Chaplain, didn't want to piss in anyone else's bran flakes."

Addison reaches out to Abigail and manages a small smile. Patting her hand some he tilts his head, "You can finish quickly... just don't leave me half looking then you can tend what you need to." There's an understanding look to his eyes, and a smile to go with it.

Abigail returns the smile, but it's with a shake of her head, "I'm not going to leave you half-finished." She's not going to sacrifice one for the other. Even if it means burning the candle at both ends, "Have the doctors said when you can take a trip out, Addison? I think you're ready to go yourself, Jonas, 48 hours, right? Maybe we can all escape." A shake of her head, "No need to thank me. I'm not going to let anyone take a fall they don't deserve, or let anyone avoid it that should."

"Yeah.." Jonas offers quietly. "Take care of your brother, I'm not going anywhere." he murmurs quietly. "And even in forty-eight hours, I'll be in light duty at best."

Addison shakes his head a bit, trying not to disrupt the shaving process. "I think the docs will let me walk around when I feel up to it. They need the beds and I probably need to try to debrief with the man in charge."

Abigail looks over to Jonas and nods, "Well, yes, but it's coming up on 48 hours now, which means you can get out of here too. Although...the beds are terribly comfortable." But at Jonas' words, she nods, turning back to finish her work, "A few more sweeps, and you'll be right as rain, and then...the lounge, a food tray, and all the newspapers you can read. Debrief after." He needs time to feel human again. Maybe they both do.

"Let's see what the docs say about the head wound." Jonas comments cautiously. "I'll do a proper introduction later, Lieutenant." he offers to Addison. A smile is presented to Abigail. 'Love you.' he mouths gently.


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