2237-06-21 - Return to the Cove

Captain Zanzibar's view of the Pirate's Grace incident.

Date: 2237-06-21

Location: Bridge, //Athena's Grace//

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"How much longer until the salvage is complete?" Zanzibar asked as he paced the deck of the Athena's Grace. The containers they had strapped over the exposed parts of the ship hid the former missile frigate's true design, giving it the look of a freighter.

The second officer responded. "There was not much of Oreti to claim. However, there are several damaged Raptors and Vipers we have recovered..." then he paused. "Sir, multiple DRADIS contacts, Colonial Flagged."

"Frak." Zanzibar commented quietly to himself as he glanced at the screens. Coming to Helios Beta had been a gamble. Picon was still very much in the grips of an occupation, but he had learned from the Canceron battles that the Colonial Forces had a bad habit of clearing up their mess for salvage, and he had hoped to get a hold of a fresh kill to get to it before the Colonials did. "Put out the false flag. Have our wing deploy in our shadow. We'll see if they go for the damaged freighter, and pass us by."

"Negative sir, they are hailing and moving in for a pass by."

Zanzibar frowned. He had hoped to avoid the engagement. "Tell the Wing to arm. We'll engage, and try to take the advantage. If not, we'll retreat."

The screen reflected the deployment of the Grace's Thunderstars and Scorpions. However, Zanzibar knew that the battle and how it would unfold. He had seen it before and experienced before - firsthand, in the skies over Leonis, in what seemed to be a lifetime ago.

As he watched the battle unfold, Zanzibar's attention was drawn to one Viper flying rather recklessly in the asteroid field. Reaching over to his console, he tapped the screen, bringing up the ship's registry information.

Type: Viper Mk. II
Registered: VX-1 'Vanguard'
Pilot: Captain Thorne, Evangeline 'Cherry'

He paused for a moment. He remembered that name. From a night on Leonis. The wine. The blades. The pale flesh. He could almost see and touch her red hair in the darkness again. He frowned to himself. Once again, they find themselves opposing each other.

"Sir, our Wing is heavily damaged."

"Return to the Cove. Use the randomized jumps."

"But the Wing.."

"...a pirate's death in space is a good death." Zanzibar said coolly. Even if the pirate pilots were captured, they did not know the location of the Cove. It was a closely guarded secret of the Captains of the ships, and was rarely shared. "Once the first jump is complete, secure the containers, wipe and reformat the registry. Athena's Grace is dead. We'll find a new registry back home."

"Aye aye, setting course."

Zanzibar took one last look at the Viper on his screen, before spreading his hand across the panel to expand the battle back out to full. There will be another time for reminiscing, in his cabin. For now - there was work to be done. Grace jumped away from the battle in a flash of light and lurch of power.


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