2237-06-22 - Boxing and Bachelors (ettes)

Eva and Finn discuss finally getting moving on the boxing tournament. Also auctions.

Date: 2237-06-22

Location: Berthings, //Vanguard//

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With the relentless missions, and the even more relentless...nothing between them, Eva's been attacking the pile of handicrafts she's been avoiding for what seems like ages. Although, possibly avoiding is not the thing. She just has so many projects, that even working on each of them a little at a time, means she never gets much of anywhere with any of them. Right at the moment, she's separating quilting squares, using her bunk to sort and separate by colour and pattern.

Finn had been in the gym, which is his usual routine after CAP. He goes to work out, showers and then finally comes back to his bunk. He has a towel wrapped around his neck, but beyond that has his standard issue off duty uniform on. He comes around the corner from the row that leads to their stacked bunks and slows a bit, head tilted to the right. "Finally getting to a new project?"

Eva, glancing over at the approach, nods, "I finally have enough squares to start on a new quilt." She always makes her 'supplies' first, before she actually plots out how the thing will look. It seems to help her make them both random and unique. "CAP was about as exciting as I expected. I don't think the pirates will show their faces, not until they're sure we're well clear of the area."

Quiet comes from Finn as she explains about CAP and the quilt. He nods to her, moving to sit down beside her after tossing his towel down on the mattress. "Well that's disappointing. Here I was, hoping they'd pop up so we could blow their asses up." Because seriously, in a time of war, why would you go against your own kind? He sighs and rubs at his face, "So, who is this quilt for?"

"Yes, I know what you mean. I know it sounds terrible, but I was rather disappointed when they surrendered. Especially considering their captain." Eva's shoulders lift, a rolling gesture, of tension or frustration, before she looks back to the squares, "For Tucker." Eva does this sort of thing. She makes friendship quilts. A fact Finn would well know, given that he is sitting on the first one she ever made on the ship.

There's a quick smirk that flashes across Finn's features, "Doesn't sound terrible. Justice isn't always fair, that's all." He falls silent for a moment, then nods at Eva, and the quilt squares. "Better not be nicer than mine. A guy could get horribly offended around here, y'know?"

"No," Eva offers, pausing to look down at the blonde, "it isn't. But I have a feeling a lot of our rooks," not that they're technically rooks, but a good number of the pilots in the current Wolves have very little pre-war experience with human targets, "are going to have a lot of trouble with the fact that we killed our own kind out there." Laughter, as she picks up a pile, moving to settle on the lower bunk, beside Finn, "I promise. Yours will always be the first and the best."

"I've seen plenty of action, and I don't like it either. Hard to want to gun down people when there's so many perfectly good tin cans out there." Finn smirks quietly and leans back on his elbows, eyeing his quilt, then nodding to her, "Damn right it is." He pauses then and adds on, "How you holdin on, darlin? We been so busy, we don't get a lot of time to talk anymore."

"Hard, but...they would have killed us, if they had had the opportunity...and the skill. Even with the cylons, the war, the death and destruction of millions, they would have killed us. And all for what...for money." Eva pauses, looking down at her pile of squares, before she sets them aside. She hears the questions, and understands it for what it is. An invitation. Eva turns, moving to press closer, to rest against Finn's side, to borrow, just for a little while, his strength, "I'm tired, love. I'm so tired of being strong." A smile, but a sad one, "I go to bed with you every night," not really, actually, not even every fourth or fifth night, given their schedules, "And I wake up with you in the morning, and I miss you every moment of the day."

Finn is quiet as she speaks again. When she presses into him, he slips an arm around her, turning to kiss her head lightly. "You gotta be strong. The other pilots rely on you. Next to the CAG, you are top dog around here. They need that kind of strength." He falls silent again for a few moments. "Doesn't feel like every day and night anymore, my love. It's a couple times a week lately." There's no judgement there. They have crazy schedules. He arches a brow, moving his head to look at her, "You miss me, even when I'm right here?"

Eva is content to sit so, her own arms settling around Finn's waist, head turned to settle her cheek against his shoulder, "I know I do, Finn. And with Webb gone...it's me, it's us." Because Stirling is a fine CAG, an excellent pilot, but she flies a raptor. "You know I'll never let them see me, like this," but with Finn, she can be weak, and tired, "I know, I was trying to put a good spin on it. But I'd like...I want to speak to Stirling about adjusting our schedules. See if we can run together more often." A shake of her head, a faint smile, as she lifts her head to kiss his temple, "No, when you're here, no, but I suppose I just got used to you being here to come home to."

There's a quiet sigh from Finn and he keeps an arm draped around her. "I know. And we do what we have to do out there. We do it well. I'm tired too, all the time. But that's the gig. It's what we signed up for. Front lines, all the times. Fly or die, that's the job." He falls silent once again and smiles at her lightly. "If you wanna talk to Stirling, I can go with you?"

"I know, and I won't stop doing the job, you know that. Because I believe in the job, not just because I've been ordered to...but...I can wish that I had more time to enjoy some of the small pleasures in life that we're fighting so hard to make sure other people have." The smile Eva returns, her eyes curious, "You wouldn't mind?" And then, a laugh, "You know, you are probably the only person in the wing who has never confused me with Stirling."

There's a bark of a laugh, "Frak, I'd have to get my ass kicked for sure if I confused you with Stirling. I taught you how to hit, I know you can." He pauses and then adds on, "Plus you two don't look that similar." He grins just a bit at her and leans in for a quick kiss.

"I think she appreciated the joke, the first time we met, I don't think she would appreciate anyone being handsy with her." Though that isn't Finn's way, in most cases, so Stirling would have been safe, "I can see it, in the hair, the face, but I'm about twice her size." Not even close, but Eva is both taller and heavier than the diminutive CAG, "So what you're saying is...all redheads don't look alike?" There's still humour there, as she lifts her lips, accepting the kiss, returning it, though her hand rises to capture his cheek, to draw the kiss out a bit longer than intended.

"You mean, she wouldn't want me grabbing her ass thinking it was yours?" A beat pause and Finn adds on with a mock hurt look, "Why wouldn't she?" But then there's the kiss and he rapidly shuts up. He smiles against her lips as the kiss draws out and only draws back after lingering a few extra moments.

"Because, Finn, love, if you were grabbing her ass, I would imagine, that she would want you doing it because it was her ass, and not a poor substitute for mine." With the kiss broken, and with some of Finn's strength, and presence leeched away, Eva shifts on the bunk, reaching for one of Finn's hands. An old ritual, a small comfort, for her to massage his hands after he's been working out.

"It is definitely a poor substitute..." Finn replies, "And I think you wouldn't be ok with me grabbing it either. Plus I'd get court marshaled. Still, it would be amusing." For like half a second. He falls silent as she starts to massage his hand and hmms quietly, "That reminds me...Once we get away from the fight for a few days, we need to get that boxing tournament going."

"Well, perhaps one day, if she puts in enough time and effort and eats enough cookies, then it can be just like mine. As long as she understands that it's hard work." Eva works slowly, carefully, wrists, palms, fingers, one, and then the other, "No, I wouldn't be okay with it." Even if they've never bothered to 'define the relationship' to put into words what they are and aren't to each other, they know how they feel, and the certain...boundaries that creates, "I don't know that we're going to get away from the fight any time soon. I think something like that tournament may end up being the only respite we have from this fight."

"You know I wouldn't actually do that. I have no interest in her ass, or anyone else's. Just yours." Finn replies with a more serious face this time. Then he nods at her and sighs, "Yeah, I guess. Scheduling is hard with all these jumps we're doing and the constant patrols. We need to just get it done though. You're right. People need the release." And punching people is a release.

Eva's laughter is, for a wonder, bright, and merry, "There are a great many things I don't know, Finn, but that? That, I know." Eva has never doubted Finn's fidelity, nor has he ever given her reason to, "Why don't we just start putting up some notices, pick a date and see who shows up?" Eva releases Finn's hands, moving to slide behind him, before she picks back up again.

"Alright, we'll do some notices. Get the word out. Set it up for a few weeks from now. Then rig it so I win." Finn grins just a touch at that idea. "Should be good." And then he adds, "We need to loop in the Colonel. Make sure medical is available, that people who fight aren't on duty the next day. Broken hands make for crappy trigger fingers."

Eva considers, clearly able to work to two completely different purposes, her hands seemingly under their own direction, "That would be cheating, Finn O'Day, and you would never cheat." An answering grin, "So leave that part to me." And a touch more seriously, "That's a good idea. I'll see if I can run it by him, talk to sickbay. Maybe make participation contingent on not having duty for eat least eight, maybe twelve hours after the end of the match."

A nod is offered by Finn and he flexes his hand under the pressure of her massage. "As long as I win, I can't complain." he continues musing with a mild smirk on his features, "If we can arrange for the duty times, I think we'll get better turn out."

Eva pauses, resting her own hands for a moment, before she begins again, "Well, what if we arrange for duty times, have anyone who can't make it catch one of us, give us some idea of alternate times that might work. Run one see the response, tweak it from there."

Finn hummms quietly and draws Eva in close to him, taking in a deep breath, "Yeah...I think that'll work. Can't see the Colonel having an issue with it if we can arrange it so's we don't mess up the duty rosters. We'll need to set up some rules too."

Eva, as she's drawn in, once again slips her arms around Finn's waist, comfortable, comforted, and, for the time being, as they make their plans, it's enough, "I think he might appreciate something that will improve the morale of the unit, especially given the shift in operations just recently." The canceling of the operation on the Cape.

"Improved morale, eh? If you wanted to do that, we should be doing a bachelor auction or something." If only they had rich people and poor people on the Vanguard, instead of just a lot of pretty people. "But, I'm sure getting your nose broken will do the same thing."

Eva, hearing Finn's comment, seems to be giving the idea serious though, "That's not a bad idea. I mean, of course we wouldn't charge people money, but work chits, things like that? Each chit is a certain amount of 'money' so the more they offer the higher the 'bid.' That means I'll need to step up my game to win your bid, but..."

A shrug comes from Finn at that, "Could be good. Not everyone wants to fight. Or knows how all that well. Plenty of folk on the ship who could use a date..." he throws up air quotes with his one free hand. "Give em a chance to go out, have a nice night. Pretend we aren't surrounded by death."

"Even if we didn't do an auction, could just as easily do a social mixer. I mean, we don't have much room, but a little something people could come to, let down their hair." Eva tilts her head, expression amused, "But you know what this means, right? if you go up on auction, you need to fix the auction." And then, a laugh, "Actually no, because that sounds mental."

"Why do I have to go up on auction?" Finn replies, brow quirked, "I'm taken. Auction off the single people. That way they can enjoy it." He takes her hand and brings it to his lips, kissing the back of it lightly. "I'll just do the fighting part."

Eva's smile is a quirk of her lips, as she studies Finn's face, "You don't, but I thought I should give you the option. Just in case." The kiss to the back of her hand, reminiscent of their first kiss, trapped in the middle of what Eva not so affectionately thinks of as 'death island', deepens her smile, "What this is, between us, Finn, we've never decided on what it is, never talked about limits, or boundaries, we've never needed to. But I also don't want to assume that you can't do something, if you want to."

Finn watches her smile and offers her a quick grin, and a nod, "I get what you are gettin' at, but I'm not interested in options. Just you. Still, I think the auctions a good idea." He smiles just a touch and leans into get her a quick kiss, "And now, I think it's time we go to sleep. We've got an early strategy meeting with the viper pilots."

Eva returns the kiss, sliding back further into the bunk. The quilt squares gets pushed up onto the shelf, Eva reaching for the actual quilt, the one with Finn's Aerilonese colours, "Nor am I. Just you." The quilt she throws over, holding it up, "I'll even share 'best quilt' with you. If you promise not to remind me of how early that meeting is in the morning." And a final, "Pull the curtain?"

Finn gets under the quilt and pulls the curtain without another word. It's time for sleep.


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