2237-06-22 - Check Up

Cate checks up on Jonas.

Date: 2237-06-22

Location: Sickbay, //Vanguard//

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"Youuuuuuuuuu'rrrrre despisable." comes the voice from the vid screen, where a cartoon Fox is putting out his tail and snorting at a cartoon Cat. But the rest of the words are in Leonese, as Jonas is settled back on the bed, watching it in the original language, because really, it's the best way to enjoy a movie. Sipping from his ice water, he's at least lucid and awake for the moment, but doesn't have any company.

Cate is making the rounds checking on everyone, and now it's Jonas' turn. The screen gets a perplexed look as she walks in. "Hey," she greets. Then another glance at the screen. "Is that Leonese?"

"Oui." Jonas offers with a small grin. "Figured someone from Virgon would know the accent at least." Reaching for the remote to mute the vid. "How're you, Rhodes?" he asks, "Decided to take your place as bullet magnet."

"I'm from Hibernia," Cate points out with a little smile, because that's an important distinction in her mind. "Seen enough moustache-twisting Leonese villains on TV though. And yeah, I saw. Think you're rivaling Court, though, for the prize on 'most frakked up after a single mission'. How're you feeling?"

"Like I'm challenging Court for most frakked up after a mission." Jonas admits with a little laugh. "But nothing bad enough to send me off ship." he shrugs a little. "I've seen it from both sides. It's pretty interesting how Hibernia, Virgon, and Leonis all view each other." he comments. "I'm from Aquaria.. just like studying languages."

"Yeah, you'll be out of here soon enough, don't worry," Cate offers a kind smile. She hooks up a blood pressure cuff and whatnot to the machine by his bed to check his vitals. "So how do you think they all view each other?" she wonders idly.

"Clear that Virgon and Leonis don't like each other. Hibernia.. well, I wonder, since you're from there." Jonas glances towards Cate idly. "Hibernia's issues with Virgon are pretty well documented. But do you hold Leonis in more disdain, or something else?" he asks curiously, since it seems to be a good safe topic of conversation.

Cate shrugs. "Don't really have a particularly strong opinion of them, personally. Roths is really the first Leonese person I've met, and I don't know her too well." Cate smirks a little as she jots down the vital sign readings on a clipboard. "Actually I looked into joining the Foreign Legion when I wanted to join up."

That draws a lift of his brow beneath his bandaged forehead as Jonas considers her. "Why didn't you?" he asks finally, interested in the story.

"Impatience, I guess," Cate says with a rueful frown. "They had a pretty tough fitness test and I wasn't in the greatest shape when I got off Picon. And I didn't speak a lick of Leonese. Not a deal-breaker for them but... going somewhere I didn't speak the language was a little daunting." She tucks the clipboard against her check and asks, "You need any more morpha or are you doing all right?"

"Leonese is.. pretty easy if you remember that it holds the same roots as the standard. Now.. Gemenese, that's a pain." Jonas offers as he leans back. "Been trying to use it sparingly, don't want to get hooked." He's heard stories of morpha addiction, and he's trying not to do it himself. "If you want to learn some basic things, I can help with that."

"Good to know, thanks. You speak Gemenese too?" That surprises her a little. Cate smiles patiently. "You should let yourself have enough to be comfortable - well, as comfortable as you can. You'll heal faster and be better off in the long run. It's pretty uncommon for someone to get hooked on just a few days of meds after surgery. Unless of course you have a past history of addiction."

"Nope, no history. Guess I just worry." Jonas offers quietly. "Yeah. Know a bit of a few languages." he comments with a small shrug of his shoulders as he's thoughtful for a moment. "Willing to do a trade - you help me with some medical training, it's been a while since I've had a refresher or gotten updated on new techniques.. and I can help you with a language?"

"Well it's your choice but honestly I wouldn't worry about it too much. Let yourself recover. Anything else you need?" Cate peers at his ice chip cup to make sure it's not nearly empty. The offer gets a little smile. "You don't have to bribe me. Actually I've been doing some training for the chaplain. And Price was interested too. We can all meet up sometime, run some drills."

There's a little frown at that as he looks down. "Probably not the best idea, Rhodes.. the Chaplain don't like me much." he admits quietly, as Jonas considers his hand. "Probably because he likes my ex."

Cate arches her eyebrows a little. "The Chaplain likes everybody, Ingvar," she points out mildly. "And anyway. It's not like I'm setting you guys up on a date. It's first aid training."

"Don't say I didn't warn you, Rhodes. But I'll do it." Jonas finally agrees as he finishes off the ice water and considers her. There's a long pause, then a shrug. "But yeah, not interested in dating him." he says dryly. "Have my girl already."

Cate fetches a pitcher from another table and refills his cup. "Al's not the sort of guy to let his friendships get in the way of his job," she says with a mild frown. "But anyway, when you're both back on duty we can work something out." She nods to the last bit. "Pretty amazing that you guys got her brother back." Though there's a solemn edge to her voice when she says it.

"It was a lot of breaks and coincidences coming together at once. The one person that probably deserves it most is the one.. we didn't recover." Jonas admits. "Because it was his sacrifice that allowed us to recover the others." he manages. "But that's probably frakked to hell now after the other night with what happened."

Cate's brow knits a bit in confusion. "I don't know what you're talking about."

"It's nothing." Jonas waves it off. He leans back on the bed. It's been brought up enough times, he's not about to go spreading it about. "Thanks for the check up." he offers finally. "And the offer to help."

That response does little to ease her confusion, but Cate shrugs it off with a little frown. "Okay." She puts the pitcher down on the table and says, "Holler if you need anything else."

"Thanks, Cate, I appreciate it." Jonas offers a weak smile, and a wave, before offering up in Gemenese, "<<Have a safe journey.>>" And with that, he returns his attention to the vid and his cartoons.


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