2237-06-25 - Strength Training

Abigail and Jonas hit the gym. Conversation about recent and not so recent events happens.

Date: 2237-06-25

Location: Gym, //Vanguard//

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Instead of all the bandages around his head, there's one large bandage on the left side of Jonas' head as he wanders into the gym. With most of his wounds nearly healed, he wanted to try to get in some light exercise to get himself back up to speed after being down for several days.

Abigail, glad of any excuse to get back into the gym, after so many days spent in and around a desk...and sickbay, is only a step or two behind Jonas, carrying both of their bags. "Want to try the elliptical to start? See how you handle some light cardio?" Better than the jarring motion of the treadmill. She pauses, even as she asks, to make sure that the thing is actually free, "I need some time on it myself. I've been on light duty so long, I swear I'm starting to waddle." One thing ground missions are good for...burning calories.

Reaching over to poke Abigail in the side, Jonas grins. "You said you had the birth control handled." he points out teasingly when she mentions waddling, quick to move for the promised swat. "It's not all my fault you've been on the sideline, love. You should really get back out there again."

Abigail, knowing she can't reach with just her hand, snaps a towel in Jonas' direction, before she starts off towards the one free elliptical, hanging his towel there, before she takes up a nearby treadmill. Unless Jonas, she did not have her brainmeats and other sundry damaged recently, "I never said it was all your fault, but I need to be here, at least for a little while. And it's not like there's any dearth of paperwork that needs doing. Lord knows the rest of the gang try to avoid it like the plague."

The pop of the towel makes Jonas jump playfully as he moves towards the elliptical, setting it low so he can get used to it without making the blood rush to his brains too fast. "I know you wanted to be near your brother. I was trying to lighten it up a little." he glances down for a moment as he starts to walk. "With Razor and Aubrey down.. could really use another Viper pilot. Might be a good time to push that paperwork through."

Abigail, to her credit, just starts the treadmill and goes, rather than trying to work herself up to a faster pace. Might as well torture yourself from the start than ease yourself into punishment. "I know you were, and if there were paperwork to push through, I would do it, but I don't even know where his head is at right now, or if Picon would even approve his transfer. He's too valuable a source of intelligence."

Intelligence that he frakked up royally. "How much, really? The Colonel said the camp would be moved..." Jonas trails off, concentrating on his walking instead of trying to talk for the moment, though she can see the subtle tenseness in his frame.

"Addison was shot down over six months ago, he only let himself be captured three months ago." That's firmly what Abigail believes and might even be the truth, though Addison has yet to confirm it, "That's a long time to be living behind enemy lines, watching them, learning what they're doing and how, finding places where they're weak and might be vulnerable. And as Addison said, the camps are always moving. It's the same thing we were doing when we were on mission. Trying to find out their strengths and weaknesses." Abigail keeps up a steady pace, not too fast, not too slow, just enough to raise her heart rate and keep it up.

"Fair enough." Jonas agrees as he continues to walk. "Though like you said, three months down, his info's a little dated - and there's resistance that just came up that might be helpful as well." He's trying to find reasons to keep Addison, after all, as he starts to pick up the pace a little. "Should have known that damn transport was a trap."

"I'm sure there is more undated information than what he has, but it's not up to me whether or not he stays. He still belongs to Picon. Not to me, or to the Vanguard. You know I actually asked if they would let us have Reynolds (the spec ops medic who was their guide on the recon mission) on special detail, back before all of this. I got a flat out 'not on your life'." Abigail reaches forward quickening the pace, a sure sign of frustration, "The thing with Picon...is we're not fighting a war down there. Not really. Up to this point, we've mostly been fighting their soldiers, the ones built to fight us. But it was every single cylon that turned against us. Everything from Bob the Barber to Nanny-Away."

"Have we even made contact with any type of organized military?" Jonas asks finally. "I mean, so far, it's all been resistance missions. Where's the Picon Navy at in all of this? Does it even exist?" he knows it does - he hopes it does, but it's lack of show except in a few cases, it has yet to show.

"By my calculations, using what forces they have left to try to hold the areas of Picon that are still under Colonial control. And trying not to lose more people than they already have. This isn't Aquaria, but it isn't far from it. And nobody's holding out their arms to take in all of the civilians down there, so we have to do what we can to win them back their colony."

"I know, Gale.. frustrated, is all." Jonas slows his walk for a moment. "Wasn't trying to put down your colony. You have a lot more to handle than Aquaria ever did." he admits finally. "I'm pissed that it all went sideways, and I'm the walking proof of that now, is all, honey. I'm sorry."

Abigail hits the switch, to stop the treadmill, walking it down in silence, before she stops, resting her hands on the bars, "I'm frustrated too, Jonas. And Picon only has more to handle because the cylons didn't carpet bomb Picon into submission like they did on Aquaria. if they can come at Aquaria like this, you'd probably still be down there fighting." A shake of her head, as she looks over at the blonde man, "Is it an Aquarian thing, to constantly try to accept blame for something that wasn't your fault? Or did you just spend too much time in Arda's pocket, Jonas?"

That brings Jonas to a halt. "Frak that." he grouses as he looks over at her. "I'm trying to just parse it all in my own damn head, honey. Nothing to do with her or Aquaria. I did what I was ordered and it went sideways. Doesn't mean I can't be pissed off about it." Which is more than a guilty conscious. He's bottling, so he doesn't punch someone.

"Of course you can be pissed off. You have every right, but we can't focus on what went wrong anymore. As you said, there's resistance down there, and even if the Vanguard isn't going down there, that doesn't mean that they're going to abandoned completely. Colonel Ryan would never allows that. What we have to do now, is think about how we're going to succeed on the next mission and the one after that. And the one after that." Abigail doesn't pick back up on the treadmill, instead, walking over to the salmon ladder, the newest and still mostly unused piece of equipment in the gym.

Jonas doesn't pick up walking again, because he's moving to be your spotter, just in case. And well, who wouldn't want to watch her work the salmon ladder? "For now, I'm concentrating on getting back to fighting fit so I can actually go out on missions again."

"So am I." Abigail is not a fitness freak, but she expects a certain level of workedoutedness (that's a word, really) in herself to be able to be able to do her job. Between the weight of the gear and ordinance she carries, to being able to work under PSI much greater than surface level during deep sea salvage, an extra application of effort, a certain level of fitness is required, and she works hard to maintain that. A frown, as she hops up, grabbing the bar and pulling it out and down as she drops back to the ground. Someone decided to leave it too high. Or perhaps, really, at normal man height.

"So, you want me to spot you, or is this something you want to try to do on your own?" Jonas asks, watching her for a moment as he shrugs a little, trying to stretch out. "I can't invite you to my pity party, I'll just have to cancel it. I just wish we had some direction on what we're doing, other than help the resistance, support the Navy. I guess I'm just antsy, sweetheart."

"You can if you like, but I don't need it." Abigail reaches up, needing only to get up on tiptoes to set the bar into the first rung of the ladder. She takes a moment, flexing her fingers, settling her weight, centering herself, before she grabs the bar and pulls herself up. It's a single fluid motion, in stages from there. The ladder, really, isn't about brute strength, so much as it is about knowing how to move and pivot your body, getting just the right momentum, and vertical displacement to propel yourself upward. Arms and core and back.

"Maybe I just want your company for a bit." Jonas says with a small smile as he watches her for a moment as she starts on her way up the ladder. "Anyway. Sorry. Didn't mean to have the moment, Abigail." he finally says, considering exactly where things are in his head at the moment.

Abigail makes no reply, as she works her way up to the top of the ladder, pausing once she gets to the top to catch her breath, body swinging idly for a moment, "I'm not going anywhere, Jonas. Also, I don't think that command really knows, exactly, what we're doing, or where we're needed. The whole area is a hotzone." Abigail, once again silent, begins working her way back down, the act of arresting her downward momentum almost as difficult as the upward motion. Once she gets to the last rung, she releases, dropping back down to the mat.

"Not bad." Jonas grins. "Could almost time it with a sundial." He's teasing her clearly as he considers her words. "Yeah. Just was hoping to help Picon out a little more than I feel like I have been as of late." he smirks. "You know, walking bullet magnet."

"I'm out of practice." Abigail rubs at her shoulders, her upper arms, easing some of the tension there, as she looks over at Jonas, "We've only just arrived. I have a feeling we're going to be in operations around here for a while. I think we're all going to be feeling the opposite before too long. That we wished we didn't need to give so much, to free the colony from the cylons. At any rate, I saw the duty roster, we're heading back down in a couple of cycles. Dropping off some marines to help pushback in East Kearney."

"Good, I'll be cheering you on." Jonas offers with a laugh. "I don't think the Doc's gonna let me go for a few more days yet." he admits as he moves towards the salmon ladder to try to give it a shot. "Have to keep up with you, and believe me, you're a handful to keep up with." There's a short pause, before he glances to her. "Hey?" he asks. "Do your parents know.. you got him back?"

Abigail clears the space below the piece of equipment, moving to retrieve her bottle of water, before she brings it back. She does not bring back Jonas' because, really, it's not like he's afraid of sharing and catching her girl cooties. "I have no idea. Aubrey and I called her Pops, but I'm sure command has made sure to contact my parents." There's a thread there, an undercurrent of anger that Abigail usually manages to keep out of her voice. She's not at the stage of forgiveness yet.

He can hear the quiet undertone in her voice, and Jonas makes it about halfway up the ladder before the pole misses one of the hooks, clattering against it and sending him tumbling to the ground, landing on his ass. It takes him a few moments to recover, sitting on the ground. "Still mad at them." it's not a question, really. "I could understand why."

Abigail, in this instance, would not have been a good spotter, as she would have ended up as a pile under Jonas, but she does drop the bottle, moving to check him, make sure he's still...relatively speaking, in one piece. "The cylons tried to take him away from me, Jonas. That...was bad enough. But they," here she means her parents, "did the same. They left me in the dark...for six months. I was still with the Marines for five of those months, I could have been searching for him. I could have been trying to find him, instead of living with the knowledge, now, that whether it was because I was lied to or not, I still left him alone. I left him alone out there."

Jonas knows about being left alone, there's no argument from him as he turns his attention to her as he starts to try to push himself up as he has enough pride stored away to reach for her hand to ask for her assistance up. "They're still your family, though. As much as your brother is, as much as Aubrey is." he reaches to take her water bottle once on her feet.

Abigail helps Jonas to rise, as much as he helps her, the pair coming up and back to their feet, before Abigail reaches down to retrieve the bar, going back on tiptoes to set it back on the lowest rung, ready for a redo, "Yes, and I love them, I just don't like them very much right now, and so I'm going to do everything that I can to salvage my relationship with them, and right now, that means not talking to them, when I can't predict how I'm going to respond to them."

"Sounds fair. I'm still here for you to talk to." Jonas says with a grin. "Or punch. Or any other number of things you wish to do to me to try to blow off some steam."

Abigail reaches for the water, taking a sip once Jonas' done, and, once again, moving out of his way, "I know that you are, Jonas. It's just...not really about needing someone to talk to. I just need time to make up for lost time, to get myself in order, and work things out with him too. We haven't really had a chance to talk about it. I don't know how much resentment is lurking under there. Not to mention the trauma of everything he went through. I owe him every bit of my attention right now. My parents can fend for themselves."

As can he, but that's left unsaid as Jonas nods. "Of course." he says with a smile. "So, you gonna give me the cliff notes version on how to get on his good side so that you don't have to keep the two of us separate?"

"There is none, Jonas. As far as I can tell, you're not on his bad side. He's already asked about you, and he's happy that I'm happy." Abigail's mood darkens, just a bit, "This isn't a contest, or a competition for my attention or my affection, Jonas. He's my brother. You're my lover. Those are two completely different things. He's also come back from six months in who knows what hell. Don't make this a fight. I'm not a bone for two dogs to go after."

"I wasn't..." Jonas frowns at that with a shake of his head. "Just was hoping you could tell me something that I could find a middle ground on instead of going in blind and dry all, 'hey, I'm the guy in love with your twin, who's your favorite Pyramid team?'." comes the response. There's a frown at even the suggestion that he was suggestion that he was trying to tear her away from her brother.

"I wish I could tell you something too, Jonas." Abigail frowns, setting down the water bottle, arms folding across her chest, "I know who Addison used to be. Smart, fearless, loved to skydive, and cliff jump. He used to give lessons, at the shop. He loves math. Went to college on an ROTC scholarship. Economics. He used to do all the books for the shop. Fell in love with flying out of the blue, I think. Went right to flight school after he graduated. We've never been stationed together, so I don't know much about what he's been doing the last ten years, just what he's told me in his letters, or when we've been home at the same time." Abigail's hands tighten, until she's almost hugging herself, "Sometimes, I look at him...and he's the Addison I've known all my life. And then...sometimes, I look at him, and I don't know who's living behind his eyes."

"He's still your brother - behind whatever happened to him." Jonas steps in, his arms settling around her tightly, pulling her in. She's not alone. She'll never be alone for as long as she allows. "You're hopefully going to be stationed together again soon, and you can work on those ties that only a brother and sister have."

Abigail doesn't stop hugging herself, doesn't return Jonas' hug right away. "Is he, Jonas, really? I hope to the gods that he is. Not even for me, you know? But for him. I want him to be well, to be right with himself." Finally, slowly, she unfolds her arms, settling them around Jonas' waist. "A front row seat to see one or the other of us die." Because that's the flip side of the coin of being stationed together.

"No more than being on the stage when one of us dies." Jonas says quietly, feeling the arms around him as he draws in a breath. "Baby, I'm here. No matter what else. I'm here." he promises quietly, reaching up to play his fingers and brushes a lock over her ear. "And you know - you do a pretty good job at making me happy too."

"Which is precisely why it's probably a terrible idea that we have anything to do with each other. But I work with explosives of my own free will. Clearly, I've never let a terrible idea stop me yet." Abigail remains still, cheek pressed to Jonas' chest, short enough that she's just over the sound of his heart, "I do the best that I can. I know it isn't always enough."

"Too late, you've made me explode plenty of times. I'm hooked." Jonas replies as he leans down to kiss the crown of her head. "We're both full of terrible ideas. You've met one of mine already." he comments dryly and pulls her closer. "It's all either of us can do. The best we can with what we have to make it work in a world gone mad where the appliances we took for granted are now trying to kill us."

Abigail, at the double entendre, gives Jonas a pinch on the side. Although, as spare as he is, there's not much on him to pinch, "I don't think that, Jonas." She gives another hug, before she pulls away, "You know I don't think that. Whatever she might think, I don't hate her, and I don't think your relationship with her was a mistake. I just think that she needs something that you can't provide anymore, even if you wanted to. Whatever's eating her is bigger than the ending of your relationship. I just hope she can find what she needs to heal, the same I wish it for Addison." A smile, as she moves away, pointing up to the ladder, "Going to give it another go?"

There's a playful 'ow' at the pinch, and a little smack of her arm as Jonas considers the ladder. "Not until I get in some more strength training." he responds, and shakes his head. "She's the past, you're the present and future. I'm past it." he responds as he considers her for the longest of moments and then pulls you up into an affectionate kiss, lifting you off the ground slightly, before setting you down again. That should say everything he needs to know about how they are.

"Lightweight." But that's said with affection, before Abigail finds herself picked up, "I never said that you weren't. But she's still a human being in pain. I can have compassion for her, as I would for anyone who's been broken down by life." The kiss she accepts, returns, before she comes back to her feet, "Well, strength training it is. What's up next?"

"If I told her I felt sorry for her or pity her, she'd totally turn it around and then the next thing you know, she'll convince the whole ship I was the most abusive and neglectful man ever." Jonas rolls his eyes at that as he considers her words for a moment. "Dunno. Probably shouldn't push it too hard, so I don't get all the blood into my head and make me pass out."

Abigail nods, considering, reaching down to retrieve the bottle, before she heads over to one of the strength training stations. The ones with the rubber bandy stretchy things. "That's why I said that I can still sympathize, while realizing that neither you or I are the right people to help her." She gets into position, "Alright then, we'll start slow and easy."

"Slow and easy." Jonas responds as he starts to work on regaining his strength, but not before settling his hand into hers. "I love you." It's offered quietly, affectionately, but simply put. She's there for him. He's there for her. It's how it's supposed to work.

Abigail squeezes Jonas' hand, a smile doing as much as it can, to wipe away the worries and concerns that never seem to be far from her anymore, "I love you too, Jonas." Just as quiet, just as honest, "But I'll love you more once you give me twenty reps." She releases his hand, moving to a position where she can watch his form and spot as he needs, "Let's go."


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