2237-06-26 - Back to Three

The three amigos; back together again.

Date: 2237-06-26

Location: Sickbay, //Vanguard//

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It's been a good long while, since Abigail's seen the inside of sickbay. Actually, that's a lie. It really, really hasn't. She was just in here, in the clinic, getting some bullet wounds, one in her right bicep, one in the left shoulder, tended to and also some compression bandages for some cracked ribs...look, just all the things, okay? Nevermind, doesn't matter. What does matter, is that she's back again, with company and all, and heading towards where Aubrey's been put up, "Bree, are you in there?" Because empty beds are no fun.

"Same as I have been for the last three, excruciatingly boring days," Aubrey mutters back. She's already been through every surf magazine Jigger dropped off from her bunk, and her entire word search book, and shuffled every pack of Triad cards she owns a hundred times. Her hair is bound into two braids, which makes her look a little younger than she is, as does the lack of makeup, because they wouldn't let that get smuggled in. She is at least wearing the nightshirt Abby smuggled her, rather than one of those terrible hospital gowns. Her right leg is elevated on a few pillows to help reduce the swelling across her thigh, which is heavily bandaged. Once that damned swelling goes down, she can start hobbling about on crutches.

They've been in sickbay, and Addison would probably have traded them for that compared to the continual debriefing with people he's undertaken. Debriefing with intelligence, with Picon, with the CF, then repeating and debriefing with someone else yet again. All he's done is talk, eaten, slept, and talked more. It's only this small break he's found that got him to convince Abby to bring him down to Sickbay. So when his sister walks towards Aubrey's bunk, Addison is right behind her, peeking over her shoulder.

And really, at a good six inches taller than she is, in his bare feet, it's not so much peeking, as just using her as a convenient bit of movable scenery to mostly hide behind. They're both dressed casually, mostly, Abigail in her sweats, the better to be treated in, and Addison in duty-greens. Look, she got him what she could get him okay? A flash of a smile though, as Abigail pull back the curtain, poking her head through, just enough to let Addison poke his head through too, above hers, if he chooses, "I come bearing gifts."

Aubrey looks up, still pouting about being stuck in bed, "It better be a damned good gift, Abby!" she declares. Then the curtain is drawn back and she sees Addison behind his sister. "Flyboy!" she hollers, shocked and surprised and a moment later, trying not to cry. She holds her arms out to him and beckons. "Give your little sis some sugar."

Addison smiles, as best he can considering he's looking at Aubrey laying in a bed but he goes over, leaning over to give her a gentle hug, tentative of the injuries. "Hey there. Look at you, crashed and burned again? What is this, your prom date all over?" He asks it with a chuckle, managing to straighten. Addison looks better, having gotten to eat and rest in the days since he's returned but still rough, edgey, glancing around as if ready to be attacked by the bum's rush out of forced habit.

"Have I ever given you a shit gift? Don't answer that." A flash of a smile, as Addison comes into view, and Abigail reaches out, a light brush of her fingertips across the back of Addison's hand as he moves to Aubrey's bed. But she doesn't invade the reunion. Aubrey deserves this moment. And her own chance to welcome Addison back home, and into the family. Instead, she moves to try to steal a second chair from one of the empty beds and bring it over, along with the table that has water and that evil, evil apple juice.

"Frakkin missile from a heavy raider. Right to the damned cockpit," Aubrey grouses. "Still took out the light I was chasing before I went down. I landed my bird, despite it being a hot mess. It was the stupid tree that jumped out and hit me that put me in here, more or less," she announces with a grin. "Actually, I've been lucky so far. This is my first visit to Sickbay where I wasn't the one bringing gifts." She wipes at her eyes, stupid tears of joy at seeing him back with his sister, where he belongs. "I'm glad they found you. My dad is real glad too. He'll probably be sending you a care package so be on the lookout for it." She looks between the two, holding out one hand for each of them. "I haven't seen the two of you in one place together in a long time. It's nice."

"Almost half a decade." Addison says softly to Aubrey, looking up as Abby brings back the chair and he moves to take the second one, sitting next to the bed so he can see the other of the trio managing a smile. "If only it were under a better circumstance. Not sickbay or recovery time. But I'll take it, no matter the situation."

Abigail will set up her seat right next to Addison's, so that Aubrey need not divide her attention between them, fingers curling around the other woman's, the seat close enough that she can touch shoulders with her brother. A circle of three. "Not since you graduated from college." That would be Aubrey, not Addison, "Or was it just after I transferred to the Marines?" A shake of her head, "I've been in here more often than Bree has, so this is likely to be a one-time deal."

"You're still painfully hot," Bree quips, because morpha is fun like that. "Your mom and dad were really talented at making good looking kids," she notes to the pair, leaning back against her pillows and giving the evil apple juice an evil eye. "Ugh I can't believe I haven't seen you in so long and I look like this. I promise, I'm not usually a greasy-haired, makeup-less pile of bandages!" Hey he was her first crush, being unfancied in his adult presence is embarrassing. "I blame you, Abby," she says with a laugh that makes her wince just a little. Shrapnel to the belly is a bitch.

Addison snorts softly and shakes his head. "I look like a starved child we used to see in those videos that asked for donations of money. Besides, we've all known each other long enough to not have to worry about appearances." He reaches out and gives Aubrey's arm a pat. "And it's ok, I blame Abby too, it was always easiest." He glances over at his sister, raising an eyebrow in silent challenge.

"Well, I do have a modeling career to think about. If I stopped being hot, your Pops would never book me again." Abigail rises, moving to the table. She pours two cups of water, and jams a bendy straw into the foil top of the apple juice, "Pick your poison, Bree." A sniff, as she finds herself blamed for everything, "Of course I took the blame. I'm the best out of the three of us at getting out of punishment. And you aren't nearly that bad, Addison."

"You're gonna stay here with us, right? With the Wolves?" Aubrey asks, with hope in her eyes and a crease of worry marring her brow. She's already lost her mother, she is afraid of losing more family. He may not know that Alice died at Hyperion when she'd brought her class to the Colonial Fair. She quickly chooses the water because the apple juice is foul when not ice cold.

Addison is grinning at Abby until he hears the question. His eyes look over at Aubrey and his expression drops some, frowning. "It hasn't really come up. I suspect that Picon will want me back. I'm not part of the Colonial Forces." He explains. "I was shot down before it was even established."

Abigail hands over the glass of water to Aubrey, before she offers the other to Addison, if he wants it, "None of us were part of the Colonial Forces until we either asked to volunteer, or our home militaries 'volunteered' us. I mean, hell, we only got uniforms, what, Bree, a few weeks ago? Up to that point, we were all still wearing our own dress. Made for quite a mishmash. Technically, we're all still members of our home militaries. This is just sort of, a...special detail."

"You haven't even gotten to fly with me though," Aubrey whines. "It's your fault I decided to be a pilot, you know," she adds pointedly. She looks to Abigail, as if his sister could magically make him part of the Wolves. "And yeah, I was only with the Picon forces for a few months before the CF snapped me up. I bought tripped over my own jaw when I got here and found Abby."

Addison chuckles, a bit awkwardly in the way he has when trying to get out of a roughly cornered type situation. "I..." He pauses then, glancing to Abby moreso in that moment. "It's a conversation we can have when I get cleared, how about that?"

Abigail nods, meeting her brother's eyes, before moving over to reclaim her seat, still holding the water in her off right hand, so Addison can take it. Her strong left reaches out, slipping into his, interlacing fingers, sharing her strength, and her certainty. That's always been their way, "Yes, I don't think any decisions are going to be made until Addison's been cleared by medical. Until then, we get to enjoy having him here."

"All right. I should be out of here tomorrow, but I'll be grounded for a little while still, and on crutches. We need to make popcorn and watch bad movies in the lounge," Aubrey insists with a sleepy smile. "Now I should probably get some beauty sleep. Because I know I look like a hot mess right now. I'm glad you're here, Addi. I really am." She smiles at the twins, memorizing the mental picture of them together again.

Standing up, knowing the drug tired look well, Addison chuckles softly and leans over, giving Aubrey a gentle kiss on the forehead and soothing her hair back some. "I'm glad I'm here too." Reaching down, he soothes the hair again before nodding to Abby for her to lead them out.

Just for one brief moment, as the twins rise as one, they look, just as Aubrey would remember them, before the war and all of the horrors that came after. Like two halves of a single whole, moving, talking, existing as one thing, made out of two things. And then, reality, and the slightly off-kilter dissonance that time and pain have wrought on them. But Abigail's smile is still warm, "Rest, Bree," as she too leans down to kiss, this time Aubrey's cheek, "We'll come and see you again soon." And then, they slip out, for the moment, still hand in hand.


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