2237-06-27 - Mothertongue

Bami and Obaia get a chance to talk in their own language for a change.

Date: 2237-06-27

Location: Mess Hall

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Scene Number: 1168

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Away from the crowd at the lounge, Bami sneaks to the mess for something to drink along with a sandwich. Maybe a sandwich. The long at present appears rather long, and he's only able to groan in displeasure at the sigh. "Frak," he grumbles, and moves over to the table full of drinks to be had. He grabs a large cup of water, and as he looks for a place to settle down he catches sight of the medic. He gives a fervant way to where he's at, and begins moving over to her.

Obaia's face lights up when she sees the ECO. She's found a recently vacated table and has set a pair of sandwiches and her ginger ale (stolen from the lounge) down. Because frak lines. She swallows her bite of sandwich and waves him over. "<<Please tell me you speak more Scorpian than just whatever your grandmother used to yell at you,>>" she says in Scorpian when he gets closer. "<<Because I am getting sick and tired of sounding like an idiot child when I try and speak in Standard.>>"

Bami plops himself down in a seat, and takes a sip of his water as Obaia speaks. He coughs, avoiding to quick a swallow of water as he lets out a chuckle. "<<Yes, I do. Also, it was Grandfather Sajjha that did the yelling. I never met Grandmother Zoljha. I grew up with both in my ear. Parents kept it alive in the household, their parents before them, and I imagine you get the picture. This is actually the first time I've said this much in Scorpian since basic, now that I think about it."

"<<Oh gods, me, too. I mean, with the not speaking this much Scorpian since basic. I had embarrassingly basic Standard when I started basic and it was /hell/.>>" Obaia gestures with half a sandwich. "<<Almost no one speaks Standard back home. I'm the wild jungle girl they all warned you about.>>" The delivery is deadpan, though there's a twinkle to her eye. She takes a bite of her sandwich.

Bami idly shrugs while taking another sip of water. "<<Can't say that's completely true. It's the ones in the city most of my family and clan hated. We're, the Osanyin that is, essentially subjugated by the Afolayan. They keep most of the clans their safe with their guns and boats, and we get to live away from all the violence. We just have to pay out a certain percent of our crop yields as payment. It honestly wasn't too bad outside of the occasional threat of losing a finger or getting a lashing if you were short.>>"

"<<Most of the battles the Tilimsan, my clan, have to fight are to prevent exactly that,>>" Obaia replies pointedly. "<<Different clans keep trying to come in and roll us and we show them why that's not going to happen.>>" Her grin is fierce and proud.

Her pride gets a another chuckle out of the ECO as he sets his cup down on the table. "<<The Afolayan didn't do much takeover. They won that fight against us and God knows how many Clans generations ago. So, tell me something, Obaia. If you don't mind, that is. You happen to be a stitch-witch?>>" He clears his throught, a bashful smile briefly flashed. "<<If that doesn't mean much, it's what Grandfather used to call Grandmother. She was a doctor for much of her life.>>"

"<<I like that one!>>" Obaia crows, hitting the table with her hand and leaning back. "<<I'm a medic with the Marines, yup. And...>>" A stray thought catches her attention and she stops mid-sentence. "<<Speaking of witches... help me with something. That Abigail. Is she really a witch?>>" She looks deadly serious.

Bami's brow quirks at the question, and he keeps any laughter at bay for now. <<"No, she's not. She could blow us up, but that'd purely be regular explosives. Painful, but not magical. Why do you ask?>>" His own question comes with a slight tilt of his head in birdlike fashion. "<<Do you believe in magic, or as she told you something crazy?>>"

"<<This guy in my village cursed my neighbor and all of his kids died. I don't know if I believe or not, but I know you don't frak around with witches,>>" Obaia replies, shaking her head and reaching for her ginger ale. She takes a sip through a straw. "<<Yesterday in sickbay, she was talking really fast and said something about being a wizard and I wasn't going to take any chances. Thanks for clearing that up. She must think I'm a bitch.>>"

This gets a brief peal of laughter from Bami. "<<She may have been speaking her own language and joking. I don't think she's that bad, really. I'd imagine they'd look at us the same way if I told them we were practicing a spell for the Cylons' next overlarge assault. Although, my Clan never really believed much in magic or the Gods,>>" he says while lowering his voice when mentioning the major belief. "<<We're much more, what's the word?>>" He stops to rub at the back of his neck with his free hand while holding his cup with the other. "<<Spiritual. A guy from Tauron called it animism, whatever that means. That everything and everyone has their own piece of creation in them, no matter how small, and we're all a part of a great thing. Almost like a being greater than the whole, but needs them the smaller pieces of itself to function. Kinda like blood in the body.>>" He stops then, mouth set into a line. "<<This is usually the part when folks call me a hick.>>"

Obaia looks genuinely embarrassed. "<<And this is the part where you should call me a hick. People from Picon and Caprica, they talk so fast that I have a hard time keeping up. All I heard was wizard, and...">> She screws up her face, looking up at the ceiling. Her short curls sway. "<<Aaaanyway,>>" she continues, stretching a little, "<<My clan believes in the Gods, but they're... not the only things out there. They're big, but part of something bigger.>>"

"<<I got used to it when I had to make trips out to Argentum every now and again. That was the joy of learning how to fly. Occasionaly,I may have taken a few detours just to enjoy being the air a bit longer,>>" Bami admits with a reassuring smile. He looks bashful after saying that "<<I wouldn't be too concerned what others think about what you believed. I came to terms that most folks just don't and won't understand it ages ago. Honestly, and I know it's funny, I didn't see a chapel devoted to the twelve until basic on Caprica.>>"

<<"Flying makes me nauseated. I always have to wear one of those stupid patches when I'm on a Raptor or else I end up repainting the interior,">> Obaia admits sheepishly. "<<I understand the beauty and appeal of flying intellectually and I wish it was something I could stomach -- pun intended -- but..." She bares her teeth and shudders.

Bami's lifting his cup to his lift to continue drinking, looking at Obaia over the rim. When the cup comes down he grins, and gives an understanding nod. "<<That reminds me of my little sister. She hates flying, and only ever went on trips when she had to. In my case, though, I'm not a pilot. At least not for the Colonial Forces. I'm an ECO since I scored better for shooting things down than flying.>>"

"<<That's sort of more interesting that driving,>>" Obaia offers, draining her ginger ale, wriggling the straw around in the can to try and get out the last drops. "<<I shoot a rifle and wrap people in duct tape until the real doctors can see them. All ground-pounder, here.>>"

Bami shrugs idly, brow's slightly lifted. "<<That ain't a thing to be ashamed of. Sounds like you're a combat medic, and that duct tape you're talking about saves lives too. I can name at least three marines since I got here that owe their lives to a combat medic out in the field. A real doctor usually just have the operating room if I ain't mistaken. You gotta patch folks up with those damned Cylons shooting at ya.>>"

Obaia raises a dark eyebrow. "<<Who said I was ashamed?>>" she asks, a slow grin spreading across her face. "<<I'm frakking amazing. I also love self-deprecating humor, because if I don't make fun of me, no one will.>>" Girl's got some swagger. She digs in to her second sandwich. "<<Thanks for humoring me and talking in Scorpian. I finally feel human for once and not like I'm constantly fighting to keep up.>>"

Bami nods, and lets out a soft chuckle. He rubs at the back of his neck as he admits, "<<Was not expecting that, but more power to ya. I can't say I got much humor in me that doesn't relate to the farm. And was it really that difficult for you? I just got used to saying it to myself in my head a lot during and after basic. We got another of us on here, too. A Raptor pilot named Nova. A short thing you couldn't miss if you wanted to.>>" He gives Obaia a bit of scrutiny then. "<<Shorter than you even.>>"

"<<I'm still learning Standard and I want to be taken seriously, but everything comes out stupid. I try to learn a new word every day. I'll get better at it. I have to.>>" Obaia raises her eyebrows in acknowledgement of the other Scorpian. "<<You calling me short, beanpole?>>" she teases halfheartedly. Munch on the sandwich. "<<I take it Nova's her callsign? What's yours?>>

"<<Hey!>>"" Bami reponds. "<<I'm not that skinny,>>" he argues back despite the opposite being very much true. "<<But she's Nova, yeah. I'm Meteor. What's yours by the way? I don't think I caught it in the lounge, and I know some folks have a preference and alla that.>>"

"<<Meteor? Niiiiiice,>>" Obaia drawls, bobbing her head appreciatively. "<<I've never gotten a nickname. Down at the base on Caprica, people called me Obie, which I guess is easier for them, but not my favorite thing. I don't mind it. But it sounds like an old man's name.>>" She looks him over. "<<You're skinny. I'm skinny. My Aunt Besa probably took all of the weight we don't have. But damn, can she cook.>>"

"<<My mother's the same, really. I even learned how to cook from her and grandfater, and fattened up a few other folks at boot. It never really worked to me, but mother always said my worry keeps me skinny.>>" He shrugs and casts his gaze to the near empty cup of water, betraying the dislike over his lack of muscle. "<<Anyway, it's not too nice. I got it because I read my diagnostics wrong on reentry, and caught fire when the bird went down.>>" He even lifts a hand that goes diagonally down as he whistles until he splays his fingers with a mouthed explosion.

Obaia winces sympathetically. "<<How hot did it get in that Raptor. Was it still on fire when you landed? But, you know...>>" She thinks about it for a moment. "<<It is potentially embarrassing, but also badass. Yeah, no big deal, you're flying the seventy-ton plane that's also on fire.>>" She leans back, miming holding a steering wheel one handed, resting her other elbow casually on the back of her chair.

Bami covers his mouth stifle the laugh at her mimicry, and just shakes his head. "<<Hot enough that I realized I don't wanna die, and to slow down asap. It's why I get why they're called buses, but it ain't so slow when you're effectively going at ramming speed towards an ocean. Ya know, you're the first person I've met that found some kinda positive in it. Honestly, I always thought about it as something I to acknowledge as me fraking up, and to just not put myself in that situation again. So I triple check everything on any ship I'm on now.>>" He lets out a nervous chuckle at that. "<<So, the word a day thing. Astraea and I could likely help you with it. She's from Argentum, and they're for Basic over most stuff. I got to learn it early too. As for me, it's just great to actually have conversations in our language: standard be damned.>>"

"<<Every weird thing that happens or every time you frak up is an opportunity to gain a cool story. It's allllll in how you tell it,>>" Obaia opines, resting her elbows on the table. "<<I'd love the help, honestly. I know my Standard is bad. It's better than it was and I'm getting better every day, but not learning it as a kid really put me behind. I was first in basic two years ago and I sort of learned it on the fly, so I can swear quite fluently. And I'd be happy to talk with you in Scorpian whenever you'd like. You seem to be pleasant company. For a pilot, that is.>>" She winks. With her plate empty, she looks at her ginger ale. "<<Getting another drink. You want anything?>>" She picks up her plate to drop it off on the way.

<<"Learning it on the fly ain't too bad, really," Bami points out with a shrug. "<<It's how I learned almost everything that isn't tech, a ship, or farming. I'm technically learning about Picon on the fly. It wouldn't be too bad if it weren't for the fraking Cylons.>>" The wink catches him a bit off guard, and leave him blinking. "<<I think I'm good with my water,>>" or what's left of it. "<<And I'd make some kinda comment about you being a stitch-witch, but you might be the lady saving my life when I go groundside.>>"

"<<Maybe I am a witch,>>" Obaia says. She gets up, goes around the side of the table, and wiggles her fingers, as if casting a spell. She heads over, drops off her plate, and grabs a cup of water, herself. She comes back over, but she doesn't sit back down. "<<I just realized the time,>>" she says, taking a long drink. "<<I said I'd help unbox supplies and stock med kits before I hit my rack tonight. Thank you for the company and conversation in a language I can actually speak,>>" she says with a geniuine smile.

Bami flashes a faux look of fear when she departs, and leans back in his seat. Upon her return he was going to open his mouth to say something, but shuts it for now. The ECO returns the smile with one of his own, and then nods. "<<Don't worry about it. It's a pleasure on my end of things too since it's great to have one more person from back home. Was nice meeting you today, Obie.>>"

Obaia raises an eyebrow curiously. "<<What were you about to say?>>" she asks. Clearly Obaia is not one for beating around the bush, due likely in part to the fact that the ECO just called her 'Obie'.

Bami's gaze was going forward until the question came. She pulls his attention back up to her as he flashes another smile. "<<Trust me, it's nothing. You've got supplies to attend to, and I need to debate if I wanna play some triad tonight.>>"

At that, Obaia lets the topic go as if it never even came up. "<<I guess it all depends on how much money you have and how good the other players are,>>" she says, unhelpfully. She drains her cup, pushing off of the wall. "And then we shall go back to the world of sounding as a moron," she says in Standard, with an easy shrug.


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