2237-06-28 - We'll Be There Between 0900 and 2300

The Timber Wolves go to do some on-site tech support in the Picon asteroid belt.

Date: 2237-06-28

Location: Asteroid belt around Picon

Related Scenes: None

Plot: Operation: Cat and Mouse

Scene Number: 803

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Midnight according to the Vanguard's ship computer, and a late night mission is underway. Across the Picon system, past its primary planet and into the neighboring asteroid belt, a network of communication relays exist to ricochet signal around, increasing the speed deeper space transmissions. Often times, relays go down -- either due to malfunction or signal interference, but there are contingencies of course. There are not enough contingencies in place, however, for when an enemy starts systematically sabotaging the relays.

As the flight of Vipers and the Raptor jump just outside the ring of asteroids, DRADIS is already set up to indicate where the relays should be. No Cylon targets to be seen, but DRADIS is not going to have the easiest time with so much floating around to interrupt the signal. The mission is to locate the three damaged relays, get the team to the asteroid, and cover the team while handling the repairs.

Eva, thankfully, has had more than her fair share of working within the asteroid belts around the Picon system. So she's note terribly uncomfortable with the terrain, and knows enough to be wary of monsters lurking in the shadows. Or cylons. Same thing, right? "Jigger, how you holding up over there?" She's closest to him, as she maneuvers up to watch the field from a higher altitude.

Alain is definitely much of a morning person than an evening one, which might account for a slightly less than usual chipperness to the viper pilot. Still, there's an inevitability about being in the cockpit, his Gemenese music cranked, that sees Jigger perk up. "Doing great, Cherry," she calls, with a thumbs up through his cockpit that she might not be close enough to see. "Alright, Nova. In and out, clean as you like. No crashing any buses, y'hear? You're supposed to rescue us." He's taken up a position behind and to the left of the raptor, with a hopefully clear view of what lies ahead.

Abigail will be pissed later to find out that Jonas did an EVA mission without her. Sitting in the back of Nova's raptor, he has his tech kit with him and only a pistol for a sidearm as he taps his fingers like a drum on top of the tool box. Already decked out in the standard EVA garb, he's only waiting for the sign to seal up and prepare to join the small squad of Marines with him that will be working on the repairs to the relay.

Oddly enough, Van has more time in the Picon asteroid belt in a Colonial Viper than a Picon one, over the last few CAP and fighter sweep missions. He works his hands on throttle and stick, trying to shake the tingles there and in his feet. His Viper is inverted in comparison to the Raptor, mirroring Alain on the other side of it to give himself a wide field of view 'below' the larger ship. He keeps quiet for now, relatively subdued, concentrating on his flying rather than chatter -- anything to take his attention off the headache and tingling fingers that come with his current stage of nicotine withdrawal.

"Considering I gotta boat load'a marines... I doubt they want me crashin' either. But unless they've left toasters floatin' around wit' rocket launchers, I'd say I'm in th' clear." Since those seem to be all that can land a solid hit on her birds. But then, who knows with the Cylon forces these days. Nova's flying towards the front of the formation for a rarity. But then, she's the payload... as it were. Delivering the technician and rest of the marine crew to the relay in question. The thrusters kick in as they near the asteroids, slowing their approach to angle into position.

Isolde is in Astraea's backseat, and its a bit of a tight fit with the small squad of Marines. She is squinting hard at DRADIS, perturbed by the lack of actual contacts beyond the downloaded information. She taps away at her keyboards a few times, and she comes over on the comms, "Flight, Pi. I'm not picking up any bandits. We should be okay. Looks like the first relay target is just on the otherside of Asteroid Target P-85." She glances up to Nova. "Already got a course set for you."

ENS Jeremiah "Hotshot" Bento was one of the Viper pilots tapped for this escort and protect mission, having no qualms with going on an ops that has them flying through rocks, big and small. He is in formation with the rest of the Colonial flight, his eyes looking towards the broken down commuication relay. "If the Cylons decided to put some toasters on rocks, it'll be a nice turkey shoot for us." He says rather confidently, a smile can be heard through the comms.

Eva moves, still cautiously. She doesn't trust the silence, the lack of contact, "I have a bad feeling about all of this. It's just too quiet. Between the cylons and the pirates there should be something out here." But that's just her paranoid opinion, "With some of the asteroids out here, Hotshot, I wouldn't be surprised. You could park a cruiser in some of them."

"Can't see anything but rocks, rocks and more rocks from back here," Jigger replies to Nova, sounding amused. "So I think you're good. Heck, Hotshot, if you're bored enough, you could shoot rocks, but don't expect to back you up with confirming any rock kills." Unlike Eva, he seems at ease, tossing back in her direction: "Space is big, Cherry. Besides, if they've fraked up the comms here, no need for them to stay and guard it." Right?!

"Just let me know when we're there. You know those gamers, they get all flustered when they can't get back to their Rise to Duty Endless Warfare within five seconds of their internet going down." Jonas offers, which draws a few looks from the Marines, because dammit, they miss that game. So does Jonas, admittedly.

Isolde rolls Gunnery: Good Success (7 7 6 4 3 2 1)
Van rolls Gunnery: Success (8 7 5 5 5 5 2 2 2 2)
Astraea rolls Gunnery: Success (7 6 5 3 2 2 1 1)
Eva rolls Gunnery: Good Success (8 7 7 6 5 5 4 2 1 1)
Kell rolls Gunnery: Success (8 6 5 3 2 2 1 1 1)
Alain rolls Gunnery: Good Success (8 7 7 6 5 4 4 3 2 1)
Salvae rolls Gunnery: Good Success (7 7 6 5 5 5 2 2 2 1)

"You had to say it, Cherry." A hint of humor touches Van's voice when he finally speaks up, teasing the senior pilot, It could have been a nice, quiet flight, but you had to say it was too quiet. He nudges his thrusters to sweep around a slow-tumbling chunk of rock the size of his Viper, and then again to drop back into loose formation behind the Raptor and 'below' it.

"You had to say it, Cherry." A hint of humor touches Van's voice when he finally speaks up, teasing the senior pilot, "It could have been a nice, quiet flight, but you had to say it was too quiet." He nudges his thrusters to sweep around a slow-tumbling chunk of rock the size of his Viper, and then again to drop back into loose formation behind the Raptor and 'below' it.

There's a low chirp -- almost like a hiccup. For the vaguest moment, it seems like there was something there, but then gone again. Several moments later, there's another chirp, but almost on the opposite side of the readout, and then its gone again.

It's Cherry and Jigger that actually notice the third chirp, this time just behind an asteroid almost parallel to their entry point, behind a large rolling peanut of an asteroid. But again, the chirp doesn't resound and DRADIS can't seem to pinpoint the actual disruption.

"Well, iff'n any of them rocks come flyin' after me, Jigger- I'm holdin' it against ya," Nova chimes in. As Pi weighs in, she listens. "Copy that. Adjustin' course." The thrusters kick in, the Raptor leaning at an angle to start clearing through the belt and the outlying chunks of rock and mineral towards the selected one hosting the relay in need of repairs. She notes the chirp, but to her; well, it's just DRADIS being DRADIS. The Scorpian pilot just hums some top 40 tune to herself -- off comms, so lucky marines and Isolde -- as she goes along.

Looking at the asteroids floating about around them, Hotshot can only shake his head, "I'll blast the rocks that get too close, and if they're small enough. Otherwise I'm not messing with them, definitely will only pick on someone or something my own size." His attention is too focused on what's going on outside the canopy so he doesn't pick up any chirps or disturbances on DRADIS.

"Anyone else getting artifact on their DRADIS? I keep getting a random signal, a contact that keeps ghosting on me." Eva, operating on instinct, moves to try to get a better angle on where the blip might be, so that she can get a visual on the airspace and not just trust to her instrumentation, "I'm going fishing." Just to let them know why she's moving out of formation.

"Flight, you seeing any weirdness on DRADIS? I swear for a second I saw something flash up back behind us, but..." Jigger trails off. "Frak, I think Cherry's paranoia's getting to me." He taps the screen in his cockpit a few times, frowning intensely at it. "You saw it too?" he shakes his head, flipping a few switches as he steers his viper after her. "On your six, Cherry."

Van glances down at his DRADIS as it chirps at him, frowning a moment and then shaking it off. He's had enough issues with his birds that... except Eva saw it too, and reports it. Van shifts in his seat, "Cherry, Milkman, we'll watch for any suckers you sweep up." Goosing his throttle a little, he noses up into the position that Cherry occupied at the front of the formation, "Pi, can you confirm any DRADIS contact?"

Jonas taps his fingers on the toolbox in time to Astraea's singing, waiting for them to be dropped off so they can start their work, as he glances up at the comms he's picking up on his own radio. "Got an issue, Pi?"

Alain rolls Alertness: Good Success (8 8 7 5 4 3 1)
Eva rolls Alertness: Success (8 7 5 4 3 3 1 1)

"Cherry, Hotshot, negative on the blips on my end." Jeremiah says as he remains with the Raptor and Marines, not straying from the formation to investigate. His mood of joking around has dimmed though, just in case the blips prove to be an actual threat instead of just quirks in the system or some sort of natural occurances playing with their sensors.

Socks watches with wary eyes as the two vipers go out to investigate Peanut. The bizarre chirping coming off of it reeks of a cylon trap. He pulls his viper out just a little bit, keeping an eye on the flight's six, in case the Peanut is a distraction to give their sixes to a cylong flight wanting to jump in behind them.

Pi is frowning at her own DRADIS. It takes her a few moments to make sense of what she's seeing, but it's almost too late. Within moments of her eyes widening, and she reaching for the comms, there's a burst of Raiders sweeping up from behind the rolling peanut asteroid. They had been ghosting -- an ghosting really well -- but Jigger catches sight of them in time. Three cut toward Cherry and Jigger, and the other two go spiraling out into view, bursting toward another asteroid that is awful close to the Raptor's destination.

"Flight," Pi's voice comes over the comms as she glances toward Jonas. "I got more ghosting blips near cee-oh P-83 and P-34. I think they know we are here."

"Want someone on the rear KEW while you ECM?" Jonas asks. Since it seems that landing won't be as an option at the moment, glancing towards Isolde and the back of Nova's head to wait for orders.

"Come out, come out, whatever you are," Jigger half-mutters, even if audibly, to himself, alternating his attention between DRADIS, the sky in front of him, and Cherry's viper. As he's glancing back past one of the rocks, a glint catches his eye. "Frak! Contact, contact! I count five contacts, repeat five-zero."

"I thought I heard somethin'," Astraea notes, pausing in her singing to chime in. "But ain't seen nothin' else." She doesn't break from her flying in. She's got marines to drop off. The woman continues in... until the Raiders fully hit her DRADIS. She swears under her breath then, tightening up on the throttle. "Hol' onta somethin' fellas," she calls back to her passengers. "We got company. I'll try ta get y'all in nice an' safe, but we gotta make sure these frakkers ain't on our tail first."

"Copy that, moving to engage!" Socks reports in as the cylon raiders reveal themselves. He flips his viper over and punches it, dodging through the asteroid field. "One's broken off headed for HO-9, intercepting!"

"Scratch that, Two broken off!"

Eva catches sight, just a hair after Jigger, but she doesn't allow that lapse to end up in bad judgment, and she immediately moves to intercept, Jigger having already called out the contact, "Moving to engage, protect that raptor. We still need to complete the mission."

"Hotshot, Milkman. Let's keep these two off Nova. Nova, watch your six in case this is just the first wave, we'll stick close to you." As he speaks, Van pushes his Viper 'up' to get the Raptor a clearer view of the incoming Raiders, and to give himself a slight angle to shoot 'down' on the incoming as they close.

Jeremiah was a little slow to react as his Viper was facing the other way but he brings it about quickly as hostiles are called out, "Milkman, Hotshot, got it! Will stick with the Raptor and Marines." Seems like Hotshot will not be leaving the imaginary protective bubble.

Salvae attacks Cylon4 with Kew and HITS! Impaired wound to Wing.
Eva attacks Cylon1 with Kew and HITS! Flesh Wound wound to Nose.
Van passes.
Isolde passes.
Hotshot passes.
Cylon3 attacks Salvae with Kew but Salvae EVADES!
Cylon2 attacks Alain with Kew but Alain EVADES!
Astraea passes.
Alain attacks Cylon2 with Kew and HITS! Incapacitated wound to Body. (Reduced by ARMOR)
Cylon4 passes.
Cylon5 passes.
Cylon1 attacks Eva with Kew but Eva EVADES!
// Cylon2 has been KO'd!//

From another region of ghosting blips, two Heavies abruptly come onto DRADIS. They are moving hot, streaking almost fearlessly through the asteroids with quick dips and swerves, and right for the Raptor. Even while one of the initial Raiders veers and smashes right into an asteroid with a glorious flash of light, the others continue without hesitation.

Socks manages to score a hit on his target, blasting a hole through one of the wings, but the sturdy raider keeps flying. Fortune is with them as it pulls away from the raptor, and begins targeting the nearest Picon-born viper. "Milkyman, ya got one teeing you up!" he warns, just in case Van didn't notice. He manages to dodge the attack of another raider, "As do I it seems," he mutters, keeping the corner of his eye on that one as he chases down his target before it can get too close to the raptor.

Eva manages to get in a glancing blow, but that raider is just a slippery beast. Thankfully, so is she, and she avoids any damage in returns, moving back in to attempt to finish off her target, before she worries about the other incoming cylons.

Alain pushes his viper forward to intercept one of the nearer raiders, hopefully distracting it from going after the raptor. The cylon's shot lances past his cockpit as he lines up a shot, aimed squarely at the body. KEW fire rips through the other ship, to Jigger's familiar whooping call. He spots one of the raiders on Sock's trail, and follows him in, only belatedly spotting the two new contacts on DRADIS with a low curse.

"Milkman copies, Socks." Van does his best to interpose a tumbling Asteroid between himself and the incoming Raider, his eyes widening and his fingers giving a little twitch on the stick as he spots the Heavies, "Heavy Raiders incoming, 53 carom 68. Watch yourself, Nova! Milkman targeting the lead Heavy."

"Pi, let.. god.. I don't know his frakkin' callsign.. tell your boyfriend he has one of his ass, bring him around and I'll try to clear him off!" Jonas calls out inside the Raptor as he powers up the rear KEW. "Yeah. Point and shoot, I can do this."

Frak, Heavies have crashed the party! Jeremiah had initially angled his Viper towards the Raider that was headed their way but with the appeance of the larger threats, he wheels his fighter around with Van and increases speed. He is attempting, probably like Van, to intercept the Heavy Raider before it reaches the Raptor they are supposed to be protecting.

"Copy that, Milkman," Nova offers, flipping the switches for her talons. She can pilot and target at the same time. She's shown that skill plenty. Other than the two Raptors she's lost to ground based missiles, the woman's come back barely scratched from dog-fights. "Targetin'..." she checks the markings on DRADIS, "H14 now." The Raptor's thrusters kick in a bit harder and the marines -- save Jonas -- are likely holding on just all that harder. Few of them have ever been in a dogfight, surely. In and out of a hotzone on the ground, sure, but juking around in space? Perhaps not so much.

Pi can't help herself as she comes on the comms, announcing, "Boyfriend, you have one on your tail." She smirks over at Jonas. "Milkman... for future reference." Then she is back to her own console, and she twists her head slightly. "Flight, advise... both Heavies and H12 are in my sights."

Isolde tries to suppress Heavy1 with Ecm but FAILS.
Isolde tries to suppress Heavy2 with Ecm but FAILS.
Isolde suppresses Cylon5 with Ecm and succeeds.
Salvae attacks Cylon4 with Kew and HITS! Impaired wound to Body.
Van attacks Heavy1 with Kew and HITS! Impaired wound to Body.
Eva attacks Cylon1 with Kew and HITS! Graze wound to Body. (Reduced by ARMOR)
Cylon3 attacks Salvae with Kew and HITS! Flesh Wound wound to Body. (Reduced by ARMOR)
Astraea attacks Heavy1 with Talons and HITS! Graze wound to Wing. (Reduced by ARMOR)
Jonas attacks Cylon5 with Kew and HITS! Flesh Wound wound to Body. (Reduced by ARMOR)
Heavy1 attacks Astraea with Missile and HITS! Incapacitated wound to Body. (Reduced by ARMOR)
Cylon4 attacks Van with Kew but Van EVADES!
Alain attacks Cylon3 with Kew and HITS! Impaired wound to Body.
Hotshot attacks Heavy1 with Kew and HITS! Incapacitated wound to Cockpit.
CREW HIT! attacks Heavy1 with Shrapnel and HITS! Flesh Wound wound to Chest.
Cylon1 attacks Eva with Kew but Eva EVADES!
Heavy2 tries to distract Astraea but FAILS.
Cylon5 attacks Hotshot with Kew but MISSES!
// Cylon4 has been KO'd!//
// Heavy1 has been KO'd!//

"Right, milkman. What, he got caught pulling the pipe?" Jonas asks, then shakes his head. "Nevermind, don't answer." After all, she's girlfriend's BFF. And well, there's a Raider to shoot at. Standing up in his seat, he presses down the triggers, firing away the whole time, going, "Get some! Get some! GET SOME!" Yeah, okay, a little too much like a video game.

Then when the Raptor is hit and hit hard, Jonas uhms. "...turbulence?" he asks lamely, but he's already moving towards the fire control panel to start to work on what repairs he can make. Shooting Raiders may be fun, but you know, more fun to actually have a Raptor that isn't scrap metal.

"Pi, Milkman, I'll deal with it la -- " Van cuts off then, calling out, "Nova, Break! Break!" It's likely too late, however, as the missile has already been launched. The Picon pilot sprays the Heavy down with KEW rounds, chewing up armor and loosing minor secondary explosions, then spins his Viper on its axis and fires off his engines to counter his inertia, aiming for the second Heavy as the first comes apart under the combined attack, "Hotshot, let's deal with the second Heavy before it can line up another missile. Cherry, Milkman, we could use a hand back here."

"You're all clear, Milkyman," Socks reports as his target disappears in a ball of fire, he nearly screams as a barrage of bullets ricochet off the hull of his viper. He shakes his head and takes a slow breath, banking and coming around Peanut to acquire a new target, "Targeting heavy," he calls out, grimacing as he sees it attacking the raider.

"Frak me." That comes, not over the comms, thankfully, but only into Eva's own helmet, as she still can't seem to get a good bead on the cylon that is tangling with her. They both seem to be doing the worst sort of line dance, tumbling and spinning as they try to finish each other off.

It is almost too fast the way the Cylons just launch themselves, flying wild against the dangerous terrain. Another Raider takes several hard hits, and veers only to slam into another Raider that had also been blasted by the Raptor's KEWs.

Isolde growls as she can't quite get all of her targets weakened enough, though does blink when two blip off her screen. She starts searching DRADIS. "Nova, we're about in sight of the first relay on P-85. You should see it. According to the Picons, it will look..." She sweeps her notes. "Like a horse-tail?"

And indeed it does -- a craggy flourish in space, nestled between rolling asteroids that does look like the tail of a sprinting horse. A good quarter kilometer of it is covered in manmade technology with the relay station at the center.

Normally, the alarms that go off in Astraea's cockpit are piddly ones. Things she can just shut off and go about her business. However, no only can she not shut these particular alarms off... but she's also having a bit of a hard time with the maneuvering of the bird itself. Well, frak. It's hit hard enough to send them careening towards a particularly large asteroid and it takes her a moment of grappling with the stick to get them back on track. She does silence a few of those annoying bells ringing in her ears, but there's still plenty of lights flashing at her in anger for her indiscretions. Any of her occupants who may speak Scorpian, well... it's colorful. "Pi, make sure everyone's strapped in back there! We get hit again, I dunno that I'll be able ta keep us..." Well, she doesn't finish that. They may have to combat land on a godsdamned asteroid. She's never done that before.

"I see it," she notes, through her teeth, to Isolde. aiming for the relay.

Alain's stuck in a tight dogfight with one of the raiders, managing to strike at the other ship's body. "C'mon, c'mon," he's muttering within the cockpit, just as he catches a streak of a missile heading towards the raptor. "Frak!" There's a tightness in his voice, but otherwise steady. "Need to kill these, quick!"

"Right, milkman. What, he got caught pulling the pipe?" Jonas asks, then shakes his head. "Nevermind, don't answer." After all, she's girlfriend's BFF. And well, there's a Raider to shoot at. Standing up in his seat, he presses down the triggers, firing away the whole time, going, "Get some! Get some! GET SOME!" Yeah, okay, a little too much like a video game. The hit from the missile rattles the Raptor, and he grunts. "Frak..." he mutters, and snorts at Astraea's language. "<<You think?!>>" he calls out to her in Scorpian.

Hotshot appears to be true to his namesake as his head-on pass against one of the Heavy Raider is brutally successful. His twin autocannons roar to life and a burst of rounds punches through the canopy of the Cylon craft, more or less decapitating it. However, the missile was already fired off by the bogey and Jeremiah can only helplessly look on as it slams into their Raptor. Gritting his teeth, he inverts his Viper and goes into a tight half loop, chasing after the second Heavy Raider with Van, "Milkman, Hotshot, I'm with you. Let's frak this canner up!"

Salvae attacks Heavy2 with Kew and HITS! Incapacitated wound to Body. (Reduced by ARMOR)
Hotshot attacks Heavy2 with Kew and HITS! Flesh Wound wound to Body. (Reduced by ARMOR)
Isolde suppresses Cylon5 with Ecm and succeeds.
Isolde suppresses Heavy2 with Ecm and succeeds.
Cylon5 attacks Hotshot with Kew but Hotshot EVADES EASILY!
Cylon3 attacks Alain with Kew but Alain EVADES EASILY!
Alain attacks Cylon3 with Kew and HITS! Impaired wound to Body. (Reduced by ARMOR)
Van attacks Heavy2 with Kew and HITS! Flesh Wound wound to Body. (Reduced by ARMOR)
Heavy2 attacks Astraea with Kew but Astraea EVADES!
Eva attacks Cylon1 with Kew and HITS! Incapacitated wound to Body.
Cylon1 attacks Eva with Kew but MISSES!
Astraea attacks Heavy2 with Talons and HITS! Impaired wound to Body.
Jonas attacks Cylon5 with Kew and HITS! Incapacitated wound to Controls. (Reduced by ARMOR)
// Cylon1 has been KO'd!//

Nearly standing on the controls, Jonas is raking the Raider behind them with ever bullet he can throw at them in an attempt to prove that a Marine can do this, really. Plus, it would be really confusing on the kill board, which will be just as much fun as he continuse to fire away.

Eva just manages to avoid a hit on her tail, working hard to get in a good angle to take another shot. And then it's just the rain of debris down on her canopy as she flies through the space where the cylon she was battling with was, her voice crisp on the comms, "Splash one. I'm heading your way, Nova."

The Raider facing off against Eva goes barreling toward her, but the straight-on hit to its body sends it veering into the belt with a trail of debris in its wake. The Heavy is focused on the Raptor, sending blasts of KEW fire at the bird before it zips past Astraea with an angled veer.

Socks pulls in behind the heavy raider and blasts away with the rest of the wing. Chunks of hull explode off of its airframe, some bounce off of his viper. "Heavy's a frakkin tank!" He complains as he continues his attack to finish it off.

"Keep ducking, Nova, almost there!" Jigger calls out, as he easily evades the raider fire now that he's focused on the viper in turn. More KEW fire lances the body of the raider, earning a sharp exhale of breath. "C'mon, toaster." And, as he sees Cherry take down her kill, adds, "Throw a little fire my friend's way would you, Cherry?"

THis time, Hotshot isn't as lucky as his autocannon rounds impacts the main armored hull of the Heavy Raider, which seems to shake off the shots without issues. Gritting his teeth, Jeremiah climbs his Viper up before inverting and diving back down on the larger target, trying to maintain distance instead of moving into point blank range where he may end up being hit by friendly fire.

Eva says, "Oh, Jigger, you know I am always happy to dance."

"Socks, Pi, Milkman. Belatedly, thanks." Apparently, Van thinks that Isolde is at the Raptor's turret. He rolls around a tumbling asteroid, "Copy, Hotshot. I'll follow you in." Coming out on the other side of the asteroid, he opens up a clear line toward the Heavy Raider, boosting forward with a twitch of his left hand on the throttle. By the time he follows Socks and Hotshot in their attack runs, the Heavy is already rolling to Evade, and he stitches heavy rounds across its underbelly before he blazes past it. "Cherry, Milkman, glad to hear it."

"We're nearin' th' target, flight," Nova calls out, managing to avoid the fire from the other heavy. She gets off a solid shot on it, though it doesn't go down. "I'll help wit' that one ya got," she notes back to Jonas, adjusting the aim on her Talons. "Cherry, Nova. Anythin's appreciated at th' moment. We're not doin' too great over here." No, indeed. She's got control of the craft, but there's still plenty of alarms going off. No more singing for Astraea at the moment.

"Right. I'll open, you flip us!" Jonas calls out, "Like that move with the ship that was surrounded and did that whole death blossom thing." Blowing a bubble, he pops the gum in his mouth, ready to switch out to depart the ship with the other Marines when they're landed.

Van attacks Heavy2 with Kew and HITS! Incapacitated wound to Nose.
Salvae attacks Heavy2 with Kew and HITS! Flesh Wound wound to Body. (Reduced by ARMOR)
Eva attacks Cylon3 with Kew and HITS! Impaired wound to Body. (Reduced by ARMOR)
Hotshot attacks Heavy2 with Kew and HITS! Graze wound to Body. (Reduced by ARMOR)
Alain attacks Cylon3 with Kew and HITS! Incapacitated wound to Cockpit.
CREW HIT! attacks Cylon3 with Shrapnel and HITS! Incapacitated wound to Head.
CREW HIT! attacks Cylon3 with Shrapnel and HITS! Impaired wound to Right Arm.
CREW HIT! attacks Cylon3 with Shrapnel and HITS! Impaired wound to Chest.
Jonas attacks Cylon5 with Kew and HITS! Flesh Wound wound to Nose. (Reduced by ARMOR)
Isolde tries to suppress Cylon5 with Ecm but FAILS.
Isolde suppresses Heavy2 with Ecm and succeeds.
Cylon5 attacks Astraea with Kew but Astraea EVADES!
Cylon3 attacks Alain with Kew but MISSES!
Astraea attacks Cylon5 with Talons and HITS! Graze wound to Wing. (Reduced by ARMOR)
Heavy2 attacks Van with Missile but Van EVADES!
// Cylon3 has been KO'd!//
// Cylon5 has been KO'd!//
// Heavy2 has been KO'd!//

Once he's done opening fire, Jonas lets go of the KEW controls as he's moving to unstrap in preparation of their landing. "Ready when you touch down, Nova. Marines, up, prepare to move out!"

With three vipers on its tail, the heavy raider has no chance, especially after all of the damage it had taken. Socks continues with his assualt, though the raider's armour absorbs most of the damage, he grins as the raider's cockpit explodes. "Nice shootin, Wolves! AROOOOOO!" he howls, pleased to see the skies are all clear for the moment.

As Eva manages to help Jigger clear his cylon dance partner, she comes back around, looking for the next target, which never comes, or rather, not immediately, as the rest of the flight clears the air. "We need to close formation. We still have repairs that need to be made, and that now includes that raptor."

Thankfully, Alain's next shot rips right through the cockpit of his toaster 'friend', moments after Eva's shot hits, tearing the raider into pieces. Jigger's whoop is confirmation enough of the kill, giving a satisfied glance at DRADIS. "Nova, sky's looking clear. Coming in high to keep an eye out for more party-crashers," he says, as he angles his viper in nearer the raptor, scanning the skies and DRADIS alternately.

Van flickers his thruster, flipping his viper end-for-end as he blows past the Heavy. He finds himself nearly nose-to-nose with the big beast, and his eyes widen within his armor. His KEW rounds punch straight into the big beast's nose, and then he rolls his Viper away from the incoming missile, ducking aside within his cockpit as if that would help him dart away from the missile more quickly. He breathes out a sigh of relief as he flashes past and detonates against an asteroid a kilometer away. "Flight, Milkman, Heavies are down. Nova, Pi, how's that bird holding up?"

And the sky does seem clear save for the constant rolling of asteroids as they continue their languish orbit around the Picon sun. The relay is dark save for a single red beacon light. The relay looks dull even as the horse-tail asteroid catches a bit of sun.

"We're keepin' t'gether," Astraea reports as she switches over to landing thrusters, angling in towards the android with the relay. Landing on a smaller, moving target isn't easy to begin with... and while heavily damaged? Well, it takes some talent and doing. But Nova's not a bad pilot. At all. She holds tight to the controls, focusing. "Warn me if anythin' pops up, Pi, so I can get us outta here. An' make sure everyone stays th' frak in their seats until we're touched down." Last thing she needs is people breaking bones because they had to take off in a hurry due to more incoming raders.

Hotshot's autocannons on the second Heavy Raider seems rather ineffective but luckily his wingmates are able to take it down. Releasing a sigh of relief, Jeremiah checks his DRADIS which isn't entirely useful with all the asteroids and now deris littering the area. Returning to a protective patrol pattern around the relay and damaged Raptor, Hotshot keeps an eye on the surroundings, making sure no more surprises come around the float rocks.

"Uh, well." Pi starts to explain, but Nova manages to say it far better than she could. She's already wondering if she has to start ducttaping bits and pieces, but. Then Pi nods to Nova. "I'm on it." She quirks a smile toward Jonas then. "Hey... did you get that kill back there? Man... I can already count the number of pilots who are gonna hate that."

Eva pulls in closer, as she sees Nova move in to land. That raptor is going to need a lot of babying, not just the relay, to repair and make it flyable back to the Vanguard. That amoutn of damage...FTL might not even be viable. "Nova, we'll try to keep you clear. How's your FTL?"

Once the Raptor is down and the door is open, Jonas shrugs his shoulders. "No idea. Think Nova got in the last shot. But it's a team for a Raptor, right?" he asks before he's waiting for the door as he moves towards the relay to check it out to try to find an access panel to get open so that he can start his work.

Socks forms up in a patrol pattern around the raptor as it swoops in to conduct the repairs. He keeps an eye on it, worried that its condition is too far gone, but witnessing the skilled maneuvers that take bus in, he nods his head and turns his attention to the skies.

Jonas rolls Technician+2: Great Success (8 7 7 7 7 6 5 5 4 4 3 1)

There's nothing worse than waiting, especially if nothing happens. It's probably why Alain starts absently drumming within his cockpit, while his eyes flicker back and forth, staying alert for any contacts while they babysit the raptor and its cargo.

"Fer th' moment... I'm as jumpless as yer asses," Nova calls back to the Viper pilots. The Raptor finally touches down, though it's a rough landing with a lo of groans and a number of lost pieces and parts. Nothing that disables it from being space-worthy, but good thing everyone has to keep their flight- and EVA suits on all the same. Astraea nearly holds her breath as she waits for the work to be done; eyes on DRADIS.

Van nods inside his cockpit at Nova and Pi's responses. He cuts low over the relay and the Raptor, slowing to nearly a stop to drift by the exterior of the bird and scope the damage out from above. "Nova, Milkman. Pay no mind to the Viper overhead. I'm not seeing anything leaking, but the Chief certainly isn't going to be happy about this. Be sure to blame it on us."

"We're not leaking, you're leaking!" A childish return from Pi, but at least she's grinning the whole while. She shakes her head, clearing her throat to seriously remark, "I'll put the call in. We might need some assist?"

Once Jonas has the relay open, he frowns. Reaching up to tap his comm unit, he reports, "Flight, Theta Niner-Four. This is a pain in the ass. The Cylons definitely voided the warranty." he mutters as he starts to work on the small station, kneeling down next to it on a knee as he opens the tool-kit. "The repeater is shot to shit. I can get it back on line, but it'll only be as reliable as Sagittarian soldier in a Virgon brothel." he mutters to himself as he works. "I'm making a mental list of repair parts, but we'll definitely have to come back out here to make better repairs."

"Just blame it on the toasters, that works for everything -- not like they can argue with that," Jigger says with a bare grin, while his eyes continue to rove for contacts.

"Should just boobie trap it, so when the toasters come back to prank us, they blow up," Socks says.

Jonas rolls Technician: Great Success (8 8 7 7 6 5 5 3 2 2)

"Might be good t'let th'Vanguard know jes' in case," Astraea notes to Isolde. "They can have a crew waitin' fer us in case we run int' trouble on th' way back." She sits on the ready to take off as soon as Jonas and his team are done. The woman takes a slow breath, listening to the comms. She glances up through the canopy as Van does his flyby. "'Ey, it ain't another goner... They oughta be happy." She's two-for-two on that count. At least this one's mostly intact. "Least I ain't breakin' Jigger's record."

"A record I am proud of," Jigger replies, kind of blithely, amused.

Van gives a brief, palm-out salute to Nova as he drifts past, then boosts his Viper up and away from the Raptor to give the Marines more room to work on the relay 'below' him. "Nova, Milkman. I'd say you go with Jigger's advice, like you said, he's the expert." There's a pause, and he responds via the wireless, "Pi, Milkman. Am not are too?" He sounds a little confused, but certainly amused.

Eva, for her part, will just continue to sweep, watching the skies, as the raptor and her crew, for the time being, seem to be able to take care of themselves. And really, short of touching down herself, there's nothing she can do to help with the repairs.

It takes Jonas a good fifteen minutes, but finally, there's a loud squelch of static as the relay comes back online proper. "...and we have tone." he offers before closing up the panel and makes sure all of his tools are accounted for and not left in the relay are on the ground before he starts head back towards the Raptor with the other Marines to board up. "Ready to go home."

There's a sense of quiet that falls over the asteroids, almost in opposite of the pings of communications that now collect and rebound out into deep space. As the marines pile back in, most seem a bit thankful for the lack of actual action -- from their perspective. It will take the Vanguard jumping back in to collect them all, including Astraea's limping Raptor. There's more work to be had here, but the team today got it started.

Now, hopefully, increased communications may mean more assistance can come as distress calls continue to come in.


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