2237-06-29 - Opinions

Jonas and Abigail discuss the previous day's mission.

Date: 2237-06-29

Location: Sickbay, //Vanguard//

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Abigail, most of all, upon her return from the mission, wanted a long, hot, disinfecting soap laced bath. Which she got, because damned if sickbay was going to let her anywhere near the clinic without one. Whatever time might be lost in her care would be better served in protecting the rest of the patients. Once she finally did arrive, she needed to have both the healing bullet wounds checked and cleaned as well as the new bite marks, and the odd bum and scrape and sundry. She's nowhere near bad enough to require her own bed back in the back, so rather, she's in the shared ward in the front, waiting for an IV to finish before she can blow this Popsicle stand.

"Hey." that would be Jonas, who after the shower took a different route. He knew that Abigail would most likely be hungry at some point so his second stop was the mess to grab some late rations. Which is what he shows up with a small plate of a large sandwich, a bag of crisps and a small slice of single layer chocolate cake, along with a box of milk. "Brought you some chow." he glances up at the bag. "You don't have too much longer."

Abigail's expression brightens, as she sees Jonas make his way in. She scoots over, so that she can reach the table, bringing it around for him to have something to set everything down on. But just for the moment, she seems more interested in the man himself, reaching to catch a beltloop, once he has his hands free and steals a kiss, before she releases him back into the wild. And something about that tickles Abigail, as she bursts into laughter.

Caught by the loop, Jonas is confused for a moment, which is why he's caught off guard and the kiss is only returned at the last moment before she pulls away and starts to laugh, which does nothing to help his perplexed look. "Gale?" he asks, a small frown touching his features as he tries to puzzle out exactly what is so funny, reaching up to check his face to make sure he doesn't have something stuck on it.

Abigail needs a few minutes, to get herself back under control, before she pulls the table around and peels back the wrapper for the sandwich. Egg salad. Her favourite, despite the fact that what goes into it is not, strictly speaking...either eggs nor mayonnaise. Clearly, she likes to live dangerously. "I just suddenly thought, 'Oh hey, a kiss from Lyn to me, to you." With the sandwich prepped, it's the chips next, and the carton of milk.

Wait, what? That takes a moment to process as he Jonas uhs quietly. "A kiss from Lyn?" The same Lyn that claims that she wanted him to be happy and they snarks every moment later. "What are you talking about?" What did he miss in the short time he was away.

Abigail doesn't look up from her meal. Not because she's trying to avoid Jonas' eyes, but because she's frakking hungry, yo. The chips she spills out onto the paper of her sandwich. Because nobody wants oily chip hands from digging into the bag, and tucks in, "When that mad doll pulled me under, its thrashing got us both stuck under the third rail, and then it was dead and I was caught. Lyn was under with me, but she got clear, and she gave me some of her air, to buy me more time to pry the thing off of me." Whether she needed the extra or not doesn't seem to be the point. The point is that Lyn did it.

"Ah. Okay." Well, when it's put like that. Jonas lets it go to address the other thing. "I wish you'd let Cate a look at that guy we found at the first camp. She's a licensed doctor. I get why you did what you did, we were on the move, but.." he shrugs, a frown touching his features for a moment. "I'd wanted a second opinion." he offers up finally.

Abigail looks up, finally, from her sandwich, "No, I don't think you do get why I did what I did. I had two fully qualified combat medics out there. Every combat medic is expected to have a certain level of skill, and that includes the skill of triage. Especially triage. And I need to be able to trust every medic in the field. And I need to treat them with the same level of respect and trust that they know their duties and can discharge them properly. Whatever else Cate might be, outside of being a medic, in the field she is no more or less capable of doing the job required of a medic than anyone else, including Tili. If I had said to Tili, "You know what...I know you know what you're doing, but you know...let's let someone with 'real' medical training to look over your patient, how do you think that would have made her feel? It would have made her feel that I didn't trust in her ability to do her job. How much do you think that would have undermined her confidence and potentially made her less effective in the field the next time? I trusted my medic. If she black tagged him she black tagged him, end of story. I have no doubt that if she had felt that there was something that could have been done for him, she would have done it." Abigail takes another bite of her sandwich, "The only thing that I was briefly concerned about, was whether or not she would be prepared to end his life. And in that case, if she felt that she wasn't, then I would have done it. Because I was the one to tell her to make the call."

"Not my place to argue. Just saying, when it's my turn, make sure you give me a second opinion before you black tag me." Jonas says simply.

Abigail once again sets down her sandwich, "No, it isn't your place to argue, but you're doing it anyway, Jonas. And that's a problem. Because I need to know that when I'm out in the field, if I'm in charge, then you're going to treat me like I'm in charge. And that you're going to treat me like any other soldier. Because when I'm here, yes, I am a soldier, and I am also a lover, and a friend and all of the other things that I am. But when I'm out there, I can't be all of those things. I can't treat you any differently than I would treat anyone else. I owe them that level of respect. And I sure as hell don't want you treating me any differently, and that includes taking unnecessary risks because you think you need to protect me."

"I didn't treat you any differently last night, Abigail." Jonas frowns a little, realizing the direction that they're going in and finally holds up his hands in defeat, before moving to rise to his feet. "You're right." he finally offers up. "Get to feeling better soon." With that, he's turning to head out rather than fight.

Abigail tilts her head, studying Jonas as he moves to depart. "If you say so, Jonas, then I believe you. I just need to be clear about which Walker you're going to see out in the field." She actually hasn't changed or raised the tone of her voice since they started speaking. She didn't sound upset before, nor does she now, "I'm sure I'll be free from sickbay soon. If you want to leave, that's on you. I would rather that you stayed."

"I didn't question you out there. As I said in here, if I have a problem, I won't bring it up in the middle of the field. I thought I would bring it up here, but I didn't do this to have a fight with you. Just speaking my own concern. But I listened out there and I followed." Jonas responds, before waiting for the medic to clear her.

Abigail opens her mouth, looking prepared to say something which might end up being unfortunate, and then closes it again. She finishes her chips, and milk, while the medic comes over to remove her IV and stick a band-aid over the plug of cotton. Not even a cool band-air...just...flesh-coloured. F this sickbay. "And I listened to you in turn and gave you my reasoning. Clearly, we don't agree. So I expect that when we run missions when you are in charge, and I'm not, that things will be done very differently, and I'm alright with that." Abigail gathers up her trash, as she slides down from the bed, moving to discard it on her way out, "I never liked that gator."

"At least your parents didn't name you after her?" Jonas offers unhelpfully, probably pretty sure of a half a dozen things that Abigail would say that would pretty much be a closer. "Did they use to take you there as a child or something?"

"I'm not sure about that, that's a pretty old chain. Probably from back when they were both as young as we are now. And we were a surprise. The two of us, I mean. So having two names to think of instead of one must have been a shock, so I'm not leaving outside of the realm of possibility. At least they had the forethought to think of similar sounding names. Abigail and Addison. Addy and Abby. We used to joke that if they wanted to call us both at the same time, they could save time and just use Abbison." She turns, heading down along the hall, heading back towards supply, to check on the recovered ordinance, "Yeah, but I just hated that she looked so cheap. I mean, that stupid blonde wig and the halter top? Ugh."

"I dunno, you probably look pretty damn hot in a halter top. Or well. No top." Jonas offers as he walks along with her, before considering where they're heading. "Hopefully what we recovered, we can use to help out, if there are Cylons advancing on Havison."

"I look fantastic in a halter top. Or no top. But I'm not a anthropomorphic alligator with perpetual bedhead and questionable morals. You should have seen the way the raccoon would always look at her in the commercials." She nods, as she turns and takes the stairs down, "That's the goal. we need to reuse and repurpose everything that we can. We can't afford to be wasteful, because that means leaving things around for the cylons to find. But I do think that we need to start thinking about other methods the cylons might be using to infiltrate the cities. Imagine the amount of damage they would have done, if their plan had succeeded. This is a guerrilla war, not just on our side, but on their too, we need to start thinking around corners."

"Yeah. Picked up on that when we hit the snipers on Canceron. They're evolving to our tactics, which possibly makes them more dangerous than us now." Jonas admits as he follows after you, reaching to touch your shoulder for a moment. "But this is just starting - and this could be something that can help with the turning of the tides." He's hopeful, after all. "And no, you take great care of your hair in the morning. As far as your morals go..." he smirks a little. "You did admit to making out with my ex-girlfriend."

"They're going to keep evolving, the same way that we always have, especially in times of war. It's not realistic to think that they'll remain static, just because they are machines. Hell, they're starting to experiment with melding flesh and mechanical parts, which, as far as I know, is not anything that we did before the uprising. So they are changing in ways that we can't possibly imagine." Abigail ducks in, as she pushes open the hatch to the part of the armory where they keep the ordinance and other large munitions, "Yes. Yes, I did. She's got nice lips too."


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