2237-06-29 - Pyramid and Animatronics

Tavo tortures himself over the Kobol Cup, Dundonnell, Obaia, Astraea, and Katja all agree that animatronics are creepy.

Date: 2237-06-29

Location: Crew Lounge, Cutter //Vanguard//

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Tavo probably shouldn't be tormenting himself, but he's watching the last game of the Kobol Cup again. For the third time. He sits forward in his chair, elbows leaning on his thighs, and scowls up at the screen, remote in hand. When the Aerilon Threshers make a particularly neat pass around shifting Scorpian Stingers players and get an easy goal, he grunts in disgust, pauses the game, and sits back, tossing the remote onto the tabletop.

Dundonnell had recently been reassigned to the Vanguard but not at once available for active duty. He's been catching up on the last of his training to go from a rifleman to heavy weapons Gunner. Now that's come to an end, he has finally been allowed to come on board the ship he's actually going to be serving on. The Corporal has dropped off his C-bag in the berthings and claimed a bunk. Now he's walking around the ship learning it's orientation and looking around. Dun steps over the hatch seal and into the Crew Lounge to look around. He's got a folded up papers in hand that has the layout of each deck. He glances at it, then at the screen, "Kick their asses, Threshers!"

Freshly off CAP and out of the showers, Astraea must be going into an off day. It's easy to tell with the Raptor pilot because she takes her hair out of the tight twists and braids it has to go into for fitting underneath her helmet. Thus, it's a sort of poofy, curly halo of natural hair around her head wth just a hint of 'damp' to it still as she makes her way into the lounge. Her BDUs settle low on her hips, dual tanks a bit gathered at the waist band and revealing dusky skin now and again. It leaves both the pockmarks of shrapnel scars and her Scorpian tattoos both on display. The woman has her sketchbook tucked under an arm; pencils in hand. Her other hand clutches a couple sandwiches filched from the mess. Dark eyes quickly go to the screen as she meanders in teeth bared a bit when she sees what game is on. She's drawn to the self-same couch that Tavo occupies, tucking her small frame into the corner of it. "Can't believe yer torturin' yerself wit' this garbage."

Curled up on a nearby couch, her arm in a sling, Obaia Tilimsani's eyes flutter open. She seems to have fallen asleep while reading a book, which has fallen on the floor. She shoots a look over to the people watching the Pyramid game. "The Threshers are suck. So much." She mostly says this because it was a whoop about the Threshers that woke her up, but she does have a streak of pride for anything Scorpian. She reaches down with her good arm to pick the book up.

Tavo looks over at Dundonnell, "Bite me." It's more grumpy than angry, really. Something seems familiar about the other Marine, and he frowns in slow thought, then shrugs a sort of apology before he looks back to Astraea as she settles in, "Because it's funny to see how hard Eshfield frakked Scorpia by enlisting." Not really fair, considering that two others did and the war is a lot more important than pyramid, but... Tavo shrugs again, "Plus, it's pyramid. Even bad pyramid's better than none." A glance back to Obaia, and a grudging, "And Thorne's pretty badass for going back in with a busted eye."

Dundonnell smirks as he looks at the sleepy Obaia, "If that's so, then why did they kick the Stingers in the nuts so badly, hmm?" Yes, the big black Corporal's Aerilon accent doesn't give him away at all, no! (insert sarcasm here) Tavo gets a wider grin out of him and then 'Squish' clacks his teeth together a few times in mock bites. "I'd rather find a pretty gal than get a taste of you, thanks. Long time no see, Tavo." Dundonnell rests his large hands on the back of the couch, taking in details of the various people here.

Speaking of someone who joined up instead of going pro like she ought of, Katja Madsen is a newcomer, though probably only the diehard fans of pyramid would know about her. She went to uni on a scholarship and was a favored pick in her day till she joined the Aquarian military seemingly out of the blue. The pilot strolls in from the hatch and glances Obaia's way as she makes her way to take up a chair, one opposite the match that is, so she can sneak a peek as she opens up her book.

"Because something something sports," comes Obaia's reply, in her thick, lilting accent. She says it with such confidence that it might take a second to realize she just was being a sassy jerk. She stretches a bit, accidentally moving in such a way that a sharp spike of pain shoots up her arm. She settles back down, exhaling slowly. "I shall be on this ship less than a week and already I get shot," she complains. "There were giant animals."

"Funny. Ya gotta strange..." Astraea can't quite find the word, shakes her head: "it ain't funny. Can't imagine how frakked th' bets were back home this year." She kicks off her sneakers, tucking one leg up underneath her. Gustavo may take up a fair bit of the sofa, but at barely a speck over five-foot, the woman doesn't take up much space. She tucks her pencils up in her hair. Behind her ear, truly, but the hair catches them for the most part. Maybe they won't even fall out! The sketchbook is wedged in between the arm of the sofa and her hip. All so she can start unwrapping her sandwiches. "Ey, Dee-Dubya," she greets Katja, glancing the other pilot's way. When Obaia complains, she looks the other woman's way and shudders faintly. "Ain't been here long m'self an' already lost two ships. They weren't kiddin' when they warned me 'bout bein' on th' front of th' front lines."

"Shit man, back from Galactica, right. Dun... Dun-something. Dundonald?" Tavo straightens up a bit, offering out a hand to the other man. "Would've been a damned different story with Eshfield, de la Cruz, and Sacres. Wouldn't have been playing that jackass Ganas, for starters." He gives Obaia and Astraea a broad shrug, "Maybe not so funny. Funny like how you want to watch a wreck." Katja too gets a faint glimmer of recognition, but a lot further buried than Dundonnell, and he merely offers a nod of greeting, "Point of the spear. But at least we're just breaking Cylons, not hurting people." Apparently, he hasn't heard about the pirates.

"Giant animals?" The Jarhead Corporal looks to Obaia and lifts a brow, though Tavo draws his attention back. "Yeah, from the Galactica. Dundonell. Most people call me 'Squish'. Finished Gunnery training, Staff so I'm all yours." The hand is accepted. Dun has a firm grip but doesn't try pansy ass hand crushing games. "Probably right about the game." Lots Dun hasn't heard about yet.

"Hey Nova," Katja mumbles back to Atraea in return, her attention caught briefly by Tavo when she spots him. "I've been here I think a month now and I still haven't gotten a scratch," she says with a shrug. "But you're a Marine?" Maybe she could just tell. Katja's hooded eyes aren't very telling. "What do giant animals have to do with getting shot?" She keeps looking back towards the game, but doesn't make any comment on it. Her book remains open but ignored.

Obaia gives an enthusiastic nod. "Giant animals. Someone explained they once sang with the pizza?" She wrinkles her nose, not quite sure herself as to what the frak was going on. "They held guns and knives. I shoot a giant raccoon." She presses her lips together, intelligent eyes visibly frustrated at her lack of fluency. She waves one-handed. "Obaia Tilimsani. Some Marines start calling me Tili, which is nice. Nicer than Obie." Katja gets a nod of confirmation. "I am a medic. Marine medic."

"...fer th' most part," Astraea answers Gustavo, regarding the breaking Cylons, in a low voice. She shudders a bit, to herself, but focuses again on her sandwich. The first of two is unwrapped and she begins eating. She's largely not looking at the game; she's seen it, got annoyed. She's done with Pyramid for the season. Maybe until the war is over. There's a look over to Obaia as the woman introduces herself and she gets a long look. "Tilimsani... That's from... th'... shit, region on Scorpia, yeh? Can't remember where, 'xactly." She takes a bite of her sandwich as she waits.

Tavo clasps Dundonnell's hand briefly, but for such a big man, it's a very mild grasp. "We've got a good group of gunners with the Wolves, Squish. And don't worry about rank when we're off duty. Least not unless you start mouthing off." The last is said with a bit of a crooked grin. He listens to the talk of giant animals, although his brows rise slightly at Astraea's words, a bit of tension settling into his shoulders at that, and the mention of regions and clans and the like in regards to Scorpia. "Wherever we came from, we're Timber Wolves now. And having a medic around is always good." Glancing back to the rocket jocks, he adds, "Same with top cover and evac."

"Tili's a good name. Easy to remember and suits you." Dundonnell looks back to Tavo and listens, then twists his mouth into a half grin, "Oh, I /never/ mouth off." Did his nose just grow? Maybe. "He's right. We give each other playful shit but we're all family here, now." Until they aren't. A nod about medical being good stuff, "Pleased ta meetcha, Tili."

"Katja Madsen. Pilot. Vipers," though that doesn't mean Katja hasn't had her share of Raptor time. "I'm not quite sure what you're saying, but it sounds horrible or amazing. Both make great stories," she says with a smile, revealing that slight gap between her two front teeth. "What's wrong with Obie?" she wonders aloud back at the medic before nodding. Her accent is clearly hailing from somewhere on Aquaria. She's been on Sagittaron, and while it isn't Scorpia, she's used to keeping her mouth shut about differences between people or people groups. She gives Tavo an upnod in return for his props for the Air contingent of the Timber Wolves.

"Tilimsan," Obaia offers Astraea. "Village of Tilimsan. Far deep in the jungle. Up the Wosret River." She gestures to Tavo with her chin. "What he says. This." The medic stretches her legs out on the couch, her boots already placed neatly by the side table. "Big /robot/ animals. They say they shall sing in the... the... how do you say, food room? Where the person shall bring you food?" She exhales slowly through her nose. "But the Cylons has them, and they make them fight. We shoot them." She hopes that this explanation is sufficient and not further confounding the issue. She favors Dundonnell with a genuine smile when he says Tili fits her. She explains to Katja, "Obie sounds like it shall be an old man's name. It's ugly."

"Frak me," Astraea answers back to Obaia, "sorry, that's right." She looks embarrassed. "Flew patrol over there a few times since this began. I'm from Argentum Bay. Hyacinth Clan." There's a small, apologetic smile for the other Scorpian. When the woman struggles with the word, she looks thoughtful. "Uh... Dinin' hall? Restaurant? Cafeteria?" She shrugs, finally. "Ain't really sure what ya mean, sorry." She finishes off her sandwich and opts to shove the other in her pocket. The sketchbook is pulled out and propped across her lap, pages flipped through until she finds the one she's looking for. A pencil is pulled out from here hair -- behind her ear -- and she leans over it. "I think Obie sounds fine," she chimes in. "But Tili sounds better, I agree."

Tavo slips into Scorpian just a touch, "<<You prefer Obaia or Tili?>>" He waits a moment for a response, then snorts at Dundonnell, "And I don't have any problem with griping," that's a soldier or marine's sacred right, after all, "just bitching." Glancing back to Katja, he frowns thoughtfully, still thinking through the combination of matured features and the name. To Astraea's attempts to find Obaia's lost word, he adds, "Dining Room. But she probably means those frakking... uh... animatronic things that they have in some of the crappy tourist traps around Celeste." Which should generally place his origins.

Dundonnell hasn't anything to add to the conversation at the moment. He lifts a finger to scratch at the side of his jaw, then unfolds his printouts to look at the layout on this Deck and their orientation from the Crew Lounge, etc. He smirks about griping vs bitching, then refolds his maps and tucks them into a back pocket, "I should go learn my way around. First duty shift coming up and I should get some shut eye before then. I'll see you around soon, Tavo, Tili, everyone." The pilots (officers) being all lumped together with 'everyone'. This Marine needs to go find the important places like the Mess and the Head.

"Den? Kitchen?" Katja chimes after Astraea, perhaps just for the word association. "I think Obie sounds like a cute teddy bear's name," she muses. "I guess neither is all that desirable." She doesn't try to make much sense of the whole robot story. There were robots shaped like animals? They were big. There was shooting and something about Cylons. Her brain breaks it all down and files it away in easier chunks. She leans back in her chair till she's balancing on the back two legs, letting the book flop closed on the table. She lifts a hand to wave to Dundonnell on his way out.

"<<Either one is absolutely fine by me. Thank you for asking,>>" Obaia replies to Tavo in Scorpian. "<<The word I'm looking for is 'restaurant'. These accursed things were singing robots in a pizza restaurant. But I'm going to go back to sounding like an idiot in Standard so they don't think I'm terribly rude.>>" She gives the other people an apologetic tilt of her head, and Dundonnell gets a two-fingered fake-salute as he heads out. She eyes Katja. "If you shall fall, the stitches I give will not be kind," she warns her half-heartedly.

"What things?" Astraea, clearly, has never encountered these herself. The parts of Argentum she grew up on were more for the adult tourist set. Casinos. Bars. Adrenaline-rush outings. Probably brothels. Pizza parlors with animatronic bands were not part of the package. So she just sort of stares at Gustavo as he tries to explain. The pilot shakes her head, looking back to the sketch as she works. Whatever she's working on, she doesn't seem too dissatisfied with it. As Obaia explains in Scorpian, however, Nova's expression brightens as she looks back up suddenly. <<Restaurant, gotcha>> she affirms, nodding. "Restaurant," she provides, in Standard, pointing the medic's way with her pencil. "That's th' word yer lookin' fer."

Tavo nods at the response from Obaia, chuckling a little in sympathy at her complaint. "Yeah." He points to Astraea when she repeats the word that Obaia had been looking for. He nods to Dundonnell on the man's way out, then looks back to the others, "Kids places, or cheesy-ass tourist traps with stupid themes. Had these dumb-ass singing and dancing animatronics. Didn't know any of them were smart enough to fight. That's nightmare and a half." The look to Katja causes him to chuckle, "Won't do any good. Pilots never learn caution. Only way they keep getting in those flying tylium bombs."

"Hey I didn't call you Obie," Katja says while raising her hands up, feeting hooked around the back legs of her chair. She looks somewhat confused at medic's reaction, but decides not to push her for inquiry. When the conversation trails along in Scorpian, she just sort of tunes out, letting her chair fall back to the ground as she opens her book again. "Restaurant, right," she mumbles as she tries to find her place. "And he's right," Katja points her thumb at Tavo...kind of. "My callsign is Deathwish," as if that should be enough proof Tavo needs.

"I never hear of such things before, but others say that it is for children?" Obaia's dark eyes widen, clearly perplexed. When Tavo gives a better explanation, she points with her good hand. "Yes! Just this! I think the children shall all cry at such things. I do not understand." She looks over at Katja, amused. "The back lean," she says. "But you say your callsign is Deathwish. I understand it now."

"Wish I could argue wit' ya there," Astraea offers, glancing sidelong at Tavo, "But m'birds seem ta have become a missile-magnet lately." She makes a bit of a face with it, looking back down at her notebook. For Obaia's explanation, there's a sage sort of nod. "I'd prob'ly cry too, hearin' this. I don't want no robots singin' ta me nor any kids. Doesn't sound fun in any sense of th' word. What sorta twisted person ever came up wit' that? What happened ta just havin' kids play an' all?" She's just putting pencil back to page when someone comes up -- an Ensign from another wing on board -- leaning down to say something to her. The woman sighs, shaking her head. "I did not leave somethin' off m'post flight checklist an' that tech knows it." She gets up, a pencil falling from her hair in the process. The jig snatches it up, grumbling as she gathers her things. "I swear ta Apollo, ya get blown up twice an' suddenly yer enemy number one..." She doesn't even do more than sort of wave behind her and toss Tavo her remaining sandwich on her way out.

"Leonese," that's Tavo's opinion as to who might invent crazy animatronic critters to put in children's restaurants. It was probably a Caprican though. "Try parking behind something next time," is Tavo's mostly-teasing response to Astraea's griping, "Pilots always forget about cover." Still, he chuckles, then shrugs, offering a little wave that is aborted when the sandwich is tossed his way. Instead, the Raptor pilot gets a sandwich salute, and Tavo starts picking through it to check what's inside. Evidently, he meets his approval, because he takes a big bite -- and that's when inspiration hits, and his eyes widen a little, turning back to Katja. "Mad-fen." It's hard to talk around a mouthful of sandwich, so he chews and swallows, "Madsen. Aquarian. Class of what... '26?" Secondary school, then. "Figured you might give Eshfield a run for his money as the top recruit that year."

"Oh. That? I got all my falling out when I was a kid," Katja says with a little smirk, somewhat subdued. She carries her expressions more in her eyes. "You know you're the first person who actually got it? Most people just balk and stare at me and ask what's it for like it must be horrible to have it as a callsign." She rolls her eyes and turns the page, glancing over towards Astraea when she gets up. Her gaze flicks over towards Tavo when he mentions the Leonese. "Got a scholarship...decided to go the uni route, play college ball," though it's not like that isn't known. "We should play some time. I'm always on the court," at varying times. "I prefer dodging to cover."

"Picon seems too... too... serious. Yes. Too serious to make these animals. I blame Caprica." But, then again, Obaia generally blames Caprica. "You say this, but you also shall get into a Viper and fly at these speed... maybe you are not done falling."

"Yeah, maybe Caprica. Seems too twisted though." Then again, they made the Cylons. Tavo considers, then shrugs and nods to Katja, "Gustavo Delgado. I did too. Went to university. Then the Army." His shoulders tighten in slightly, a big man's way of seeming just a little smaller, "Dodging's harder when you're my size." Not that a Viper isn't even bigger. "A nice big rock or fallen tree does me fine. Stops rounds a whole lot better than air does."

Books back on her lap, Obaia's eyelids begin to droop. Seems like she's still got some morpha in her system. She drifts off. She's real cute.

"Maybe, maybe not," Katja shrugs. "But if we always banked on what could happen, then I'd never get to say I'm done falling." She looks back to Tavo and nods. "Right. I remember you. I mean, not off the field," because there was really no time spent real time with him. "I can imagine. Unfortunately we don't have many fallen trees in space...or air. Unless you count my air supply," she teases lightly.

Tavo grunts softly, "Good to be remembered." He sounds as amused as anything else. "And yeah. I imagine. I'll keep my feet on the ground whenever I can, thanks. I like having cover around to soak incoming rounds." He hauls himself up out of his seat as Obaia drifts off, plucking up the remote to shut off the screen and then stepping over to make sure that the books aren't going to slide off the medic's lap. Only then does he turn back toward Katja, his voice a little hushed as he asks, "What made you join up then? Pay certainly ain't as good as trying to go pro."

Katja looks over to Obaia when Tavo does too. "Yeah, who doesn't." She smiles slightly and then watches as Tavo takes care of the books. She naturally matches his volume in return, "Well, I thought about it. I mean I still do drills, but I wanted to do something more exciting," aka dangerous. "Initially. I worked with the ICJPK on Sagittaron to get more action, grew up a little. Then everything," she tilts her hand and crashes it into an invisible something. "Why'd you join up?"

Tavo shakes his head in amused disbelief at Katja's story. "I thought that's what extreme sports were for." He should have expected the return question, and he glances down a moment, shuffling his feet a little, "They wanted me to join the clan militia. I figured I had a better chance of not having to hurt anyone if I joined the Army." Yes, the Army, not the Marine Corps, despite his khaki uniform and CMC insignia. "Got myself shuffled over to the ICJPK too, but they sent me back to Scorpia. Just my luck."

"Well, yeah, but I don't get as many Gs doing extreme sports," Katja says with a little chuckle. "Ah. Army? Oh. I was with Aquarian military on a permanent basis, but..." Well they are no more, one of the orphaned/reclaimed from that group it seems. "Well, I'm kind of glad to be back on a ship again. Get into the fight against the Cylons more. So you ended up on Scorpia, but how did you end up with the Timber Wolves? Or was that why you got sent to Scorpia?"

"Yup. Soldier, not some pansy-ass Marine." There's a big grin on Tavo's face when he says that, so apparently he's teasing any Marines in earshot. "Transferred to the Cee-Em-Cee to try to get away from the dickery in the Army. Tired of being used to push people around, figured I'd get a chance to break some more toasters. Dockyard security to the Galactica to the Vanguard."

Katja looks around for a moment at Tavo's comment, but it's more a gesture than her really trying to spy any Marines that might or might not give a crap. "Dickery in the Army?" She begins to lean her chair back again. "Damn. That's some serious trajectory. So what happened with the Army?" She doesn't seem so invested in the question that she'd be disappointed if he refrained from answering.

"Scorpian Army's just a bigger militia, under the control of whichever clan's got control of the government at the time." Tavo snorts, "Don't get me wrong, I like a whole lot of Scorpian people, but Scorpians? All of us? We're dumbasses. You know there are some assholes in my clan who are still worried about expanding? With the toasters stomping around. You joined up because you figured the Cee-Eff would be your best chance of getting back over Aquaria?"

"Well I was stationed over Sagittaron and yeah there was still stupid shit going on there too," Katja presses her lips together, kind of unimpressed. "So it doesn't surprise me...That makes sense though. Seems like a better focus. Why fight amongst ourselves?" It might be 'easier' for an Aquarian to see the wisdom in that statement, if only to bolster oneself. Katja shrugs, eyes drifting slightly. "My military doesn't exist anymore. I don't know what happened to my family. And I wasn't even there when it happened. I don't know if the CF will ever take me back to Aquaria, but I can fight, so I'm here. Let's just say I'm pretty inspired to kick some canner tail over any human any day."

Tavo shrugs broadly, "If we're gonna win, we're going to have to go back to Aquaria at some point." That may be comforting or not comforting at all. Tavo really seems to just be stating what he sees as a truth. "But yeah. I'm with you on that. No interest in hurting people. Just breaking some chrome." Stretching slowly, the big man grunts thoughtfully, "I should get moving. I've got a shift in twenty. But yeah, if you want to throw down, let me know. Been thinking about trying to set up a one-on-one league. Easier than teams with duty schedules. But I'm jonesing for some team play."

"True. At some point," Katja acknowledges briefly, but lets the topic roll on. "Sure thing. Could be interesting to do a tourney or something too, though I'd be up for a league too. Maybe two on two if there were enough people?" she suggests. Then she lifts a hand to wave before he turns on his way out. "Yeah, I'll let you know next time I'm heading to the court, if I see you around."

"Plenty of people, but everyone's on different schedules or laid up in sickbay or on a mission." Tavo shrugs again, "I'm over in M, top-bunk." Then he lifts a hand in farewell, "Good hunting." And then he's headed for the hatch.


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