2237-06-30 - All In The Family

Lyn's little brother, Jackson, arrives to his new assignment with the Wolves, and finds two familiar faces and a few new ones.

Date: 2237-06-30

Location: Berthings -- Vanguard

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Lyn actually got a decent night's sleep last night. She's finally off her crazy long-range recon Arborfield mission sleep schedule of 3-4 hours when you can. She was tired enough that not even the animatronic horrors they ran into in the Havison sewers could keep her awake. She's currently sitting at one of the tables in the berthings, with her feet propped on the chair across from hers, tilted back and reading some old mystery novel that has been dogear bookmarked so many times it looks like it's twice as big as it actually is. She's in her off duty tans, with her hair slightly damp, having showered recently.

Jackson checked a couple of times and now, confident in his choice, he whisks the curtains aside on Lyn's bunk. A wide grin finds its way to his mouth, mirrored by the skin around his eyes. "Surprise."

The rack is empty, since Lyn is sitting a ways down from her rack. She does notice someone approaching her bunk though, and her eyes widen when she recognizes that profile, so like her own. She closes the book, sets it down silently, and being as silent as her callsign, creeps up behind the man staring at her empty bunk. He might recognize the ice axes hanging on the back of the rack's wall, and the coffee mug emblazoned with the logo of Arctic Station Thula on a shelf. He may also just see the shadow moving behind him so he isn't totally surprised when she gently slaps him upside the back of the head like Dad always did to them both. "Jackson Arda, what in Hades are you doing on the Vanguard!?" she hollers, half shocked, half joyous to see her baby brother.

Did someone say SUPPLIES? The hatch to the bunkhouse opens and Kyle Costello comes through with two small boxes in her arms. In PT workout shorts and sneakers, with a black workout tank dual-toned with the hint of a dark, gray sports bra beneath, she shoulders through and hobbled the packages until she can pull the hatch closed behind her. Humming a tune, Kyle is bouncy today, hurrying past the Arda clan towards her center aisle bunk.

Jackson lifts his hand to rub at the back of his head. "Ow." He says in the sort of tone that is more of a complaint than an actual expression of pain. "I thought they were supposed to suppress those violent tendencies." He turns enough to face Lyn, offering a short nod to Kyle as she shoulders her way through. He turns his attention back to Lyn and then gives her a quick smile. "I heard you were collecting battle scars. Seemed like I should do something about it."

Lyn throws her arms around her (big) little brother and hugs him fiercely. "Frak, Jax, you got called up to the Wolves? You realize what we do is dangerous as Hades right?" She asks, pulling back to squint and look at him. "You look relatively unscathed. Have you been stationed on a beach somewhere while I've been eating missiles and bullets out there?" she asks with a grin. She calls over to Kyle, "Costello! My baby brother is here!"

"Baby Brother?! He's like ten feet tall, hangasec..." Kyle tiptoess to shove her boxes onto her bunk and then emitters around the corner. Head bowed, she's midway through correcting her ponytail when she stops to look from face to face. "Oh, wow. You two totally look like wondertwins." Kyle laughs and thrusts a hand to Jackson. "Kyle Costello. Your big sis keeps me in one piece. Be proud of her."

Jackson lets his arm rest around Lyn's shoulder as she retreats from the spontaneous hugging. When asked if he realises its dangerous he grins and when asked if he's been stationed on a beach somewhere he chuckles. "Nothing but Sand and Surf as far as the eye could see." As Kyle starts talking he turns his attention to her, reaching out to shake her hand when hers is offered. "Wondertwins huh?" he looks at his sister briefly and then back to Kyle. "Are you sure she's protecting you and not attracting the bullets in the first place?"

"I'll have you know I managed the last mission to not take a single bullet, despite wrestling with a Cylon AI Alligator pizza place mascot, underwater," Lyn crows, settling into her brother's half hug and thumping him on the chest with a fist. "I think the Chaplain has been praying his ass off, because I've been dodging bullets with style lately." She chuckles. Then she gets a bit more serious. "For real though? You're a Timberwolf now?" she asks. "Does Mom know?" Mom, the geophysicist, is on Libran with other Aquarian refugees.

Mom? Prayers? Kyle's brows lift as her fingers squeeze and shake Jackson's, then retreat to rest with her other hand at the small of her back. Witness to their sibling banter, Kyle flashes her teeth and shakes her head. "Nah, she takes good care of us, BabyBro. Write to your mom about how your sister saves lives and fights pizza robots." Kyle cackles; queue whimsical sigh. "So, Lyn, what's this guy's job? Please tell me he's newly enlisted so we can shove him in a locker or tape him to a ceiling," Kyle winks to the two of them. "I haven't been part of a proper orientation party, yet."

"Nah." Jackson claims with enough of a grin that it would be almost impossible not to catch onto the fact he's lying. "I wanted to come visit so I clubbed one of your raptor crewmen over the head and came in on his codes. Was real lucky to catch one who's clothes fit. Woulda been awkward trying to squeeze into the uniform of someone who was five foot nothing." He gives an amused smile to Kyle and then asks Lyn in about the same tone he used in his earlier lie "Does she know you've been wrestling Cylon Pizzas?" Looking back at Kyle, his own hand having simply dropped back to his side once it was released, he smirks. "I've been well and truly hazed already. Don't listen if anyone ever tells you that elves aren't scary."

"Unfortunately, Kyle, he's been in almost as long as I have. We both enlisted in the Aquarian militia as soon as we turned 18. Our dad was commander of Arctic Station Thula, and we were born there. Last I heard, this here Raptor Pilot who specialized in aerial maneuvers designed to make scientists puke their guts up, was a Lieutenant in the CF. I am not saluting you, Jax. Unless Colonel Ryan is standing behind me." She smiles at Jackson. "No, I haven't been in touch much. I was going through something, but I'll let her know I'm ok and you're here." She barks out a laugh at the elf comment, then clears her throat. "Uh, speaking of elves, I guess I should tell you, Jonas is here too. We're not on the best terms but I'm trying to give him his spae."

"Oh, frak, I gotta salute your brother?" PSSH. Kyle clicks her tongue and narrows an eye. She takes a step back and lifts a sneaker onto the rung of a ladder. "You guys are gonna have to show me pics for the station and the old times, one of these days. I didn't get off of Caprica much until this whole multicolonial initiative thing," Kyle grins venomously. "You know, now that everyone has access to top rate Capricans."

"You're familiar with mountains, snow and cramped bases right?" Jackson asks Kyle, looking pointedly around the surroundings before looking at her. "Its not all that different." He shrugs, leaving his arm around Lyn in a half-hug as he makes the gesture. "Expect you'll treat me just like you do all the other pilots. Can't say it matters much to me. Long as you don't go telling me how to fly." He looks to Lyn and gives her a slow, serious nod. "Alright. How hard are you treating him?"

Lyn's smile fades a little at Kyle's request. "We didn't get much off Aquaria during the evacuation. It all happened so fast, there was just no time. I have a shot of Jax and I with Jonas and Dad; I think Mom took the shot. That's about all I got out other than the clothes on my back and the coffee mug I'd left in Jackson's Raptor. He got a lot of people out when the call came to abandon Thula." She grimaces at Jackson for a moment. "Don't ask. Fences are slow to mend, and there's probably more I can do but I haven't been up to it yet. Soon though. I'm in a better place lately, and moving on."

"No, no I really don't," Kyle replies in her turn. One sneaker lifts up onto a rung and, mid-conversation, Kyle begins her pre-workout stretching. Leg outstretched, she slowly begins to lower her chest to wrap an arm around it. "I'm from Cap City so I know trains, beaches, cramped apartments. All of you further rim people got crazy things I've never seen before, like weather, grass, trees..." Then again, Kyle's colony still belongs to humanity. "So, I'm being serious, here. I'd love to see the places I never got to see, more so from the perspective of my friends who were actually there."

"Weather? Cold, comfortable, cold. Take your pick. Even summer required a jacket, during Summerfest." Jonas is speaking up behind the group as he approaches his bunk, snapping a bubble with the side of his mouth. He has his comm pack and a map. "Mission briefing planetside in six hours." he offers, before noticing Jackson and lifts his head in a nod towards the kid that could have been his brother. "Leonerd.." that would be his own little sister, Leonie, "...is running around here someplace. You two may end up flying again soon."

"I'm sure we can come up with something." Jackson tells Kyle as she goes through a set of pre-workout stretches. "Just isn't something I've given any thought to yet." He removes his arm from about Lyn's shoulder and sets his shoulder against the nearby bunk instead, his body angled so that he can readily see both Lyn and Kyle. He shifts a little as Jonas comes in, listening to everything about home and Leonerd before moving. When he does move its to straighten and take a step towards Jonas so he can offer a friendly handshake. "Hope so. It will be real good to see her again. Its real good to see you Jonas."

"Jonas," Lyn greets calmly, with even a tiny flicker of a smile, and a nod in regards to the briefing. Never a dull moment for the Marines. "Jackson is a wolf now. Gods help us all. Or at least whoever his ECOs are." Because Jax was kind of a stunt flier on Aquaria, who gleefully made scientists barf their guts up on a regular basis. "You might want to check your bunk before sleeping, he remembers the elf," she adds with a chuckle. She watches the two interact and gives Kyle a small look to indicate this could go well or poorly.

Kyle lifts her head from her knee to look towards Jonas with a soft gasp. Is that wishful disbelief in her hazel eyes? "Serious?" Kyle huffs and bats her forehead against her leg. "...I just got a catalog shipment, too. Frak. Okay." Grunting, Kyle peels her ankle off of the ladder's rung and creeps an eye towards Lyn. The tiny nod is short, if not knowing. "Speaking of checking bunks..." Kyle races past Jonas with mild shoulder-to-shoulder bonking and comes back with a boxcutter and two boxes. "Pre-Saturnalia for me before I go get muddy. Gotta try this shit on before gear check. Send it back if it looks wrong, know what I mean?"

Accepting the hand warmly, Jonas pulls Jackon in for a brief bro-hug, a slap on his back with an empty hand. No note, see? "Yeah. Well, ain't really had time to go chasing after pranks lately." he says with a small smirk, he admission bringing a good natured shrug. "Going back down to Havison." There's a return bonk against Kyle's shoulder, though it's more of his upper arm, as the tall Marine does still have a height advantage. "At least someone is still shopping around here." There's a smirk at that. After releasing Jackson's hand, Jonas goes to drop onto his bunk for a moment before reaching over to turn down the radio from it's usual white noise. "By the way, Lyn?" is said casually as he leans over to look for his pack of gum. "Gale says you got nice lips."

Aldrich wanders into the Berthings. He's usually gone from dawn to dusk, but apparently today is the exception. He looks a little surprised to see a crowd as he comes in, but he gives a reserved sort of smile and wave to the room in general, and then a slightly more familiar smile toward Lyn. "And who's this Gale person?" he wonders, as he heads toward his own bunk.

Jackson slaps Jonas' back in return. He looks to Kyle as Jonas talks to her and then back to Lyn. Asking his own question at almost exactly the same time as Aldrich. "Who's Gale?"

"Oh God, Kyle, you didn't mail order clothes, did you? They never send the right stuff. Never. Like it'll be 12 sizes too big or too small or the wrong color or material or," Lyn gestures etcetera and so forth, and has clearly had terrible experiences with it. Probably why she tends to stick to the regulation issued stuff. She barks out a laugh at the lips comment. "Well, I didn't want the mission lead to drown on my watch so I shared my air. What can I say? She has nice lips too," she offers. "Pretty sure we both needed to be dipped in bleach after going into that water though. I'm expecting to grow another head or something in the next few weeks," she mutters. Her face lights up when Aldrich walks in. Something that her face hasn't done in a long time. "Hey Al, come meet my little brother. Lieutenant Jackson Arda, Raptor Pilot, meet Lieutenant Jay-Gee Aldrich Kavanagh, the Wolves' Chaplain and all around fantastic human being." She lets Jonas answer the Gale query.

"I know," Kyle whines back at Lyn, keeping her eyes on Jonas and Jax. "But what are my options? There's no shopping mall on board and seeing as how I ain't got no Gail Walker and everyone's got sumtin' going on around here, I need to prepare to make everyone's," RIP. The boxcutter slashes through tape and out comes plastic bags of clothing. Swimwear, the first box. In two pieces. ulUnlike the regulation boring-suits. "-eyes weep something; tears, sweat, or blood."

"I'll let her know." Jonas smirks a little as he finds his gum to pop in a fresh piece. "Abigail. Sergeant Walker. Gale Walker." he explains - no relation to Gail Walker - finally, since 'who's Gale' is the popular question at the moment. "She's an EOD over in the bunk next to mine. Probably be seeing her soon, since we're all on war footing and sharing the same space." There's a shrug of his shoulders, he's apparently not bothered too much by it. "Frakkin' AI Gators and Coons and shit. Be nice to shoot regular canners in the face."

Aldrich raises an eyebrow slightly and glances toward Lyn as he starts to get a picture of what exactly happened to make Abigail say that Lyn had nice lips. "Now, that part you didn't mention..." he comments, as he changes course to join Lyn. His attention shifts to Jackson as Lyn provides the introduction, though he does go a bit red at Lyn's complements. "Nice to meet you," he offers, and extends his hand for a shake.

"We gotta catch up." Jackson tells Jonas seriously. "But if stuff is happening in six hours." he looks at the others. "I've gotta get some shut eye. Already been up for way to long." He takes a step so that he can return Aldrich's handshake. "Jay-gee Aldrich. Good to meet you." A half step is taken back. "Anyone know which of these is mine?"

"We're not going to a Dino Pizza are we?" Lyn asks Jonas in horror. She is so done with kid's mechanical mascots trying to eat her. She touches Aldrich's arm in a way that seems more familiar than just someone she works with, perhaps dropping her brother a hint. "Swimwear? Are you hoping we get leave somewhere on Picon that isn't full of toasters?" she asks Kyle with an arched brow. She looks to her brother again. "Just find one that doesn't have someone's crap in it and claim it as yours. I'm over there if you want to be as far from your big sister as possible," she quips.

"It's small and fits in the locker easily." Kyle replies quickly to Lyn, looking the bag over. "And not just no, but hell no. I'm talking leave somewhere safe, maybe. Not sure. I need sun." Kyle drops the bag back into the box, then throws a sheet of bubble wrap towards Aldrich. "Hey, Chaplain. Jackson? Jonas? Lyn?" Kyle grabs her cardboard box and turns for her bunk. "Gotta get ready for work. I'll be around here for a little longer, just holler out if my name comes up."

Eyeing the two piecer that Kyle got, Jonas smirks a little. "What, not gonna come back and model for us?" he asks before he rolls his eyes a little. "Sure thing, I'll holler - if not, see you dirtside tonight if you come on down." There's a glance to Lyn. "Nope. Bridgehed needs to be held and then blown when the evacuation is complete. Trying to stop the advance."

Jackson gives a vague nod and starts looking around for a bunk, finally settling on one that really isnt that far from Lyn's afterall.

"And I'd take O-Top, Jackson." Jonas offers helpfully to the other Arda. "Plenty of roommates you might find friendly."

Aldrich shakes his head a little as the bunk claiming question gets sorted out, and he touches Lyn's hand on his arm, just a momentary gesture before he heads back to his own bunk to get his gym clothes. "We're going to have to get a dead one of those bots and let you beat it back to Hades," he remarks, with amusement. "Maybe then you can stop being creeped out..."

Lyn lets out a relieved breath at that. "Good, because if I never see an Ally Gator again, it will be too soon," she admits. She watches her brother go claim a bunk kitty corner from hers and eye rolls after he closes his curtain. "Great, I'm gonna get shot with a water gun in the middle of the night, I just know it," she mutters. She snorts at Aldrich with a smile. "We can hang it up like the heavy bag in the Gym, give all of us some therapy time with it."

Aldrich chuckles faintly and tosses his sweats over his shoulder, before wandering back toward Lyn. "Isn't there some colony where there's a children's game involving hanging things from the ceiling and beating them with sticks?" he wonders, amused. "We can just line you up and you can take turns with the baseball bat until it falls apart..."

Lyn laughs warmly at that. "Probably somewhere on Scorpia. It sounds like they'd do that," violent folks those. She sits down on her bunk and pats the space beside her for him to settle as well. "I can't believe Jax is here. I'm taking that as a good sign from the gods. Family on board, and friends, and you. Things are going to get better for the Wolves."

Aldrich chuckles and accepts the invitation to join Lyn, settling on the edge of the bunk. "I'm really happy for you," he replies, and tentatively reaches over to take her hand.

Lyn curls her hand in his, entwining their fingers and smiling ear to ear. "Jax is a great pilot. Bit of a party dude though. It was his way of battling the boredom that was Arctic Station Thula." She gestures to the coffee mug with the station's logo emblazoned on it, one of the few things she has left from there. "Not sure Mom is going to be too thrilled that both of us are on the special ops team. She knows the risks."

Aldrich nods a little. "Well, we have our share of those among the Wolves," he points out. "I'm sure he'll fit right in..." The last bit is met with a sympathetic little frown, and he squeezes her hand. "We'll just have to make sure we keep you both safe, won't we?"

"I'm more worried about keeping YOU safe in the field. Are you going down to Havison with us tonight?" Lyn asks, with a concerned furrow in her brow.

Aldrich snorts faintly. "Let the gods worry about me..." he recommends, gently. "Yes, I am. I guess they figured I'm healed up enough to get back to real missions. The troops could use a morale boost, I think."

"They definitely could. Just promise me you won't take unnecessary risks. We need to keep up your training now that you're healed up enough to go back out there," Lyn says softly. "I just found you, I'm sure as Hades not going to lose you."

"I never take unnecessary risks," Aldrich claims, gently. "That's your shtick. Which I don't exactly approve of, but I do understand." He smiles, glances to the side, then back to Lyn.

Lyn chuckles softly and tucks her legs up under her on the bunk. "It's a Search and Rescue mindset I guess. When your primary job is to risk your life, to save the life of others, risk is built into your mental makeup. How is medic training going for you?"

Aldrich shifts a little, turning a little more to face Lyn. "It was on pause while my head heals, but we're getting back into it, now. I already had some basic training, and some experience in the field, so not much is really coming as a surprise. It's... nice, knowing what to do for the living, too." Since before, his only use in a combat situation was tending to the dead.

"A mission can never have too many people with medical skill," Lyn agrees. "And we can work on some tactics and such, stuff that isn't the basic mechanics of combat, I know you know how to fire a gun and such."

Aldrich nods a little, and gives a little smirk. "Chaplains do have to go through basic training. At least, on Leonis they do," he explains. "Some people seem to have some confusion about that..."

Lyn brushes her fingertips through his bangs lightly, watching how they feather naturally. Why do guys get the hair that does that, while women have to suffer for it? "Yeah, assumptions seem to be what this rag tag mix of colonial soldiers have in excess. But we can only work to change them, right?" She glances at her pillows a moment, then back at him. "I was going to take a nap before the mission. Care to join me, or does duty call?" She just invited him for a cuddle nap?

Aldrich chuckles a little, captures the hair-brushing fingers, and then leans over to give her a kiss on the forehead. "I'll leave you to nap in peace," he replies. "I need to get that workout in. Like you said, I need to get back to my training, now that I'm healed up. But rest well."

She looks ever so slightly disappointed, but the kiss to her forehead seems to temper it. "All right, I'll see you in a few hours," Lyn says softly, with a gentle smile, before she embarks on a trip to dreamland.

Aldrich climbs off the bunk to let Lyn lay down, and answers, "I'll see you tonight." And then he's off to the gym. Or probably to change into sweats and /then/ to the gym.


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