2237-06-30 - Fun and Profit

Two combat engineers discuss plans for murder and mayhem. Actually, just mayhem.

Date: 2237-06-30

Location: Supply, //Vanguard//

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Once the team was back aboard the ship, the wounded and rescued Picons turned over to their relevant commands, the wounded Wolves treated and then, most of them, caught and released back into the wilds, Abigail made her way back to the supply storage room where the engineers work on their equipment and loadouts. And part of that, is also training. So there's a monitor, as well as a reader for the discs that store information from their helmet cameras. And that's where Abigail is right now, working on setting up the footage from Gage's camera.

"Hey. Brought a couple of beers, if we're technically off duty." Jonas offers as he stands at the entrance. "Well, three beers, I was expecting your new friend here as well." he comments before he moves in further, a light touch to Abigail's shoulder before he sets down the drinks. "Figured we could toast a job well done."

Gage's habit of using up his free time by running -- either on the treadmills or occasionally up and down through the decks -- is kind of a wash by dint of his wounded leg, not to mention his chest. After his treatment and thorough, 'take it easy and check back in back later', speech by the doctors, the engineer makes his way up towards the tool shop, using crutches to ease any weight on his leg. He's not stealthy, by any means, and doesn't try to be, groaning in exceptional exaggeration as he manoeuvers himself down onto a stool, resting his crutches against a bench. He's missed the offer of beers, so instead, just asks: "Trying to see if I should've zigged instead of zagged, Walker?"

"Not at all, Tomak." She pauses, taking one of the beers, hand taking Jonas' for a moment, before she carries a second over towards Gage, "Jonas has been shadowing me when we're in the field, and I thought we might look at your footage, while I work on rebuilding our kit, and you can walk us through how you selected your placement for the charges." Despite the fact that they both do demolitions, on Gage is the civil engineer. Building, construction, all that sort of thing, is really his bailiwick.

Giving Abigail's hand a quick squeeze, Jonas snorts a little. "She just wants to see how often you peeked at her ass." he comments as he cracks open the beer to sit back. "At least we'll have some time to set up for them next time." There's a nebulous shrug of his shoulders. "Those vehicles were pretty damn light."

Gage isn't blind, so of course he notes the not-so-subtle exchanges of touches by the other two. "You want a room?" he asks, kind of blandly, his gesture adding, this room? to the question. Either the offer is unserious or he's just waiting for a response before he bothers moving, since he seems well-settled on his stool. He waves off the offer of a beer, observing, "That tiny medic kind of scared me," he says, with the smallest twitch of lips. He grunts at Abigail's words, gives Jonas an eyeball of assessment. "Thought you were the comms expert. Looking to branch out?" He gestures towards the camera, as if to invite Jonas to inspect it.

"Oh, no, we have bunks. We'll get back there eventually, I expect. Work to do now." Abigail carries her beer as well as Gage's, over to where the supplies are kept, pulling out a key that opens the gate and starts to pull down the crates of shaped charges. "Also, I don't care how often anyone looks at my ass, if they even do. The only time I cared about people looking was when there was a paycheck attached." She starts sorting, and rebuilding the two crates that will be back out when she and Gage head back down.

"Before you came up, Abigail was one of the few active engineers we had. So I'd tag along to help with her demolitions stuff. Helps to cross train. I'm helping her with comms stuff on the side, so it's a trade off." Jonas shrugs his shoulders. "When we're not frakking each other in our bunks." Because she seems to be keen with pointing that out. "But if it's an issue for me to sit and watch, I can always duck out - and you mean the new medic girl? You know Scorpian? It's her native tongue."

"Ought to pick a couple of the savvy Picons and train 'em up, too," Gage adds, not the first time he's voiced such a thing. "They know the city far better than us -- where it'd come in handy." He scrubs a hand over his close-shaved heard. "Didn't say there was a problem. A lot of isn't hands on, though, it's here," he taps his head. "Weight distribution and tensile strength of different materials. Breaking points. Weak points." He considers. "I suppose we could blow up a few buildings as practice?" he eyeballs Abigail, like she might allow that. "Failing that, plenty of things I can give you to read. Most of all, helps to know how to put things together, to know how best to take 'em apart." He gives a shake of his head. "Tauran."

"I've actually been considering that, if I'm completely honest, Tomak." Abigail moves from the charges to the detonators, pulling those down once she's put back the cases in the cage, "There are areas of the cities we still hold that will never be structurally sound. They will need to be demoed, before they can be rebuilt. Too many of these soldiers have never had the experience we have in actually doing the things they've been taught in training. If we can train them in the field, under controlled conditions, it might go a long way towards improving their skills and confidence. That's the part of doing this work no book can teach you."

If Gage looks surprised by Abigail's agreement, well, perhaps that's because he's not used to his half-flippant comments being taken seriously. He even straightens up on his stool, although he winces briefly and touches a light hand to his chest before he says, "Nothing like being able to demonstrate a load-bearing detonation verses a badly placed one, or the ability of different materials to withstand explosions. Theory into practice would help a lot."

Abigail lifts her head, as she hears the intercom sound, and Jonas gets called away. She offers a farewell, before she returns to work, carefully storing the detonators, as she considers, not seeming to notice the surprise, or perhaps, thinking better of mentioning it. Apparently, she's all about practical work experience, "You know, if you wanted to grab some of the bomb vests and make yourself a net to sit in, I'm fine with that. Helps to take a load off. "Yes, exactly that. You can tell someone what something looks like all day...but until they feel it, smell it, taste it...it's just not the same. Especially when there are just so many variables that seem so minuscule on paper, but when you see them in the field, they're massive."

Gage makes a noise, "You putting me to work like a minute," or hours, whatever, "After I got my ass struck by a rocket?" He makes another sound, one that might be one of amusement. "You got all the makings of an officer about you, Walker." He pushes up from his stool with what might be an exaggerated groan, moving over to find a vest, bringing it back towards his stool with a set of tools to work on it with. Despite his concentration on his task at hand, it doesn't take him long to agree: "Flubbed a few blows in my day. Usually because I was being told to do it quickly. Aint ever something you should do ''quickly''," is his opinion.

"Sure, why not? Like you said, this is all in your head, right? Seems to me, like you're going to be on your back for the next little while. Especially if you keep listening to Tili...so maybe going over possible scenarios in your head and working out some plans for how to accomplish them might go a long way towards helping you pass the time before you can get back out in the field. And then, as she sees Tomak get the vest and actually start working on it, she bursts out laughing, "Frak me. No, I meant grab a few and make yourself a nest to lean back in. It's the closest thing we've got to padding in the place. I tried to get them to let me move a recliner in here, but they said no."

"This kind of relaxes me more," Gage replies without looking up from the vest, blandly enough that it's impossible to tell if he's being serious or not. He makes a little noise, of what might be disgust. "If I get stuck in this tin-can without fresh air for more than a couple of weeks straight, there's going to be a bigger problem than my health," he says, with a grimace. "Aint ever spent so much time on a ship as on this stint." And judging by the tension in his posture, he likes it not at all. A beat after she says she got shot down regarding a recliner, he adds in his bland tones, "I tried to get a dog on board, and I got an earful from an NCO. It's like they don't want us to have any fun in this war."

"Oh, Tomak, I just knew we were going to get along," Abigail offers, as she finishes with the detonators and starts with the final bits and bobs of wiring. Ah, the joys of minutia. "I seriously doubt that you'll be stuck here that long. We just don't have the manpower to allow that. You saw some of the troops tonight, some of them are still healing...myself included. You'll be back out in a week, tops, I can almost guarantee it." A sympathetic look, "I remember when i first transferred to the Marines, I kept waking up every morning wondering where the sun had gone." And then, "Well, no fun, but we get to blow shit up."

There's a fleeting grin from Gage, who doesn't otherwise look up from his work. He gives a slight nod -- acknowledgement of her advice about sickbay-time. "Doesn't seem like there's too many bodies to spare," he agrees. "Did you join up before or after the uprising?" he asks, finally flicking a glance in her direction. "Occasionally, anyway," he amends, to her indication of blowing things up.

Abigail works slowly, carefully, measuring and cutting everything down to just the right side, "Oh, long before. I'm from Picon, as you know, and we still have a water Navy, and a Coast Guard. That was where I started. Lateral transferred to the Marines to become a Marine Diver, learned to do EOD and salvage, on top of the rescue which is the bread and butter of the Coast Guard. That was about five years ago, so I've been in ten now. I was with the ICJPK on Sag, when they called me for the Wolves."

"Figured, with the accent and all," Gage allows, nodding as he absorbs that information. Apparently the 'before' or 'after' means enough to him to ask, as he bends his head to work carefully and precisely, checking wiring. "Water isn't really my thing. Not that I really like the jungles any better. Or ships, for that matter." Apparently it's easier for him to pick out what he doesn't like than what he does. "Was ICJPK as... people seem to get on relatively well here," he says, carefully. Meaning, different colonies, undoubtedly.

"I was born and raised on the water. Well, not the cold awful water up here. Biscayne Bay, where I'm from, is a tropical paradise. Sun, surfing, drinks with pineapples and coconut." There's humour in her voice, as she speaks. She's not lying, but she also seems to be taking the piss at the stereotypes of Picon and where she's from, "What was it like where you did like this? You're from Tauron, yeah? You cityside or countryside?" And a thoughtful pause, "I think we've been fortunate. I have a feeling that we've all been screened to be as compatible with other colonies as possible. Some of it might be luck...but I also things we were selected as people they thought would be least likely to kill each other off before the cylons could."

A grunt from Gage, and he says, "Get us deployed to a tropical paradise warzone and I might just change my mind about water," is his flippant opinion on the matter. There's a long pause after she asks about him, like he's weighing up what to say. Finally: "City-side. Owned a construction company, before." Which is apparently about the extend of his sharing of personal history, judging by the fact he shifts onto the other topic: "Hm. Maybe. Probably a good thing there's barely any Gemenese."

"Well, if I had known you wanted to be deployed to the south of Picon, Tomak, I would have pushed harder for it." Not that she really could have changed anything, "But next time we're near water and it's safe, maybe on leave, I'll see what I can do about bringing you around to the waterbaby thing." A nod, as she considers what little he shared, "I can see why you took so well to being a combat engineer. It must have been a hell of a step up in getting yourself up to speed on the work." A snort, as she finally finishes with the two kits, "Only one, no, two that I know of. One of them is nothing at all like you would expect. Or rather...he's all of the good you wish they put out there. The other...likes to think and act as though he's different, but I don't think he is." A grin, as she comes to her feet, locking everything away, "Let's get out of here. I know a great place to lie back and do nothing for a good long while."

There's another grunt, more expressive this time. "Might take a pass on that I think, Walker," is Gage's thoughts. "My luck, this place almost certainly has cylon-sharks, and they'll be the death of me." He finishes his work, inspecting it with a pleased, if fleeting grin, before he levers himself to place it carefully away on the rack. His brow goes up, and there's a beat before he agrees, "Could probably use some R&R," he concedes, collecting his crutches before he gestures for her to lead the way. Hopefully she's not in a hurry.


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