2237-07-01 - Bad Pyramid May Not Be Better Than No Pyramid

A group of pilots and marines talking and watching a bad college pyramid game.

Date: 2237-07-01

Location: Crew Lounge, Cutter //Vanguard//

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Scene Number: 1181

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"Hey, you speak Standard way better than I speak Scorpian," Calliope says to Obaia. "I mean, I don't speak Scorpian at all. The best I ever did with another language was Leonese, but even there I'm still kind of...'where's the bathroom?' level of communication." Grin. "And 'don't frak with me.' But they still seemed to understand 'frak' OK on other worlds. It is kind of like talking with your tongue tied in knots, but it's a pretty language. I picked up a little of it when my liner was flying tours between Caprica and Leonis on the regular."

Eva laughs, the sound good natured, as she listens to Obaia's story, "Obaia, as long as you know 'don't frak with me,' seriously, you're golden." She lifts a hand, indicating Calliope, she communicates the same sentiment, "You're doing a fantastic job. You know, even now, I can't say words properly if they have the letter Z, in them? We don't have that sound in Celtan, and I've never been able to master it."

"No, uh," Alain makes a rueful face, before he adds, "Just trying to pick up a few Scorpian words here and there. You say it so fast, though." He nods in agreement with the opinion that Obaia's standard is good, sipping on his tea.

Obaia turns to Alain, confident he won't actually understand, and says slowly, "<<You have a cute butt.>>" She bats her eyes. "It mean 'nice to meet you'." She sips her ginger ale.

"I'll teach ya Scorpian iff'n ya teach me Gemenese," Astraea offers sidelong to Alain. She closes the book again; too many people to get any good reading in. Especially from a history book. So, she swaps it out on the table nearby with her tea. There's a glance towards Obaia at the woman's words and there might actually be a bit of a tic in the pilot's cheek.

Eva, for her part, knows neither Scorpian nor Leonese, and needs more water. But damned if she's going to use those crutches, so she just tries to lever herself up to her feet, holding on to the bar to suppport her weight and help her to scoot over in the direction of the drinks table. That shouldn't bee too hard, right? She starts to edge her way over there, trying to both not move her torso, and not put too much weight on her leg, "Both sensible, useful languages."

Calliope's flicks a look between Astraea and Obaia. But she doesn't speak any Scorpian, so she doesn't appreciate that one. She glugs some more on her coffee, looking more clear-eyed now. "I don't think I've ever heard anyone speak Gemenese. Except, like, the 'repent your sins or die' prophets who used to yell at on street corners in Caprica City. And I did not exactly talk to them long enough to pick up any of it." She's standing by the coffee machine, in an off-duty t-shirt and trousers, looking recently rolled out of bed. Head tilts at Eva. "Need a hand with something, Cherry?"

Alain's brow furrows in concentration, as he tries to echo Obaia. "<< You cute butter? >>" He beams. "That doesn't seem so complicated. You have to say it slow though so I can get the intonation right, I think." Draining his glass, he grins at Obaia. "And yeah, Nova, that sounds like a deal. No one really speaks Gemenese much anymore -- certainly not outside Gemenon -- it's mostly for texts. But it'd be nice to use it again." He slants a glance to Eva, starts to push himself up as if to help her, then settles back down when Calliope offers.

As he enters the lounge Bami's gaze scans left and right for a brief moment. He's in his off-duties, and seems to be wearing just one of his tanks. The other is in one hand while a deck of cards is in the other. <<Hello!>> he calls out to Obaia in their native language, and then to the others he offers a smile. "Hello, folks. I'm not interrupting anything important am I? Sounds like something on Gemenon, and I'd love to hear about the place."

Obaia pushes off the couch. "I think I need to check my laundry," she says reluctantly. She grins at Bami. "<<I was frakking with Alain in Scorpian. He thinks 'you have a cute butt' means 'nice to meet you' and I want to keep it that way.>>" She blows a little kiss with her good hand to the folks assembled, then picks up her ginger ale, draining it and carrying it with her.

"Well, iff'n yer sharin' some of yer books with me anyhow, might be nice ta read th' ones in Gemenese," Astraea points out to Alain with a bit of a grin. "Either way, I'm happy ta teach ya, even if ya just help me learn ta read yers." She lifts her tea, draining what's left in the mug. There's a glance own into it, then over to the drink cart that Eva is heading towards; debating a refill of her own. She watches Obaia go, shaking her head slightly before gathering her legs up on the sofa to fill the space the medic has left- even if it means butting her toes right up against Jigger's hip. "Meteor," she calls back to Bami. "Ya missed a clean flight t'day. Least on my part. Cherry decided ta take all th'fire, I think. Came back wit' nary a scratch on my bird."

Eva waves away the offer, though the smile she offers is kindly, "No, honestly, I'm fine. It's just a flesh wound, and I need to keep moving or else it's going to be hell to try to do rehab on this leg." With the help of the bar, and a few backs of chairs...and also shoulders, with or without the owners prior knowledge or consent, Eva makes it to the water, "Think they'll notice if I just take a jug?" At Astraea's comment, Eva lifts an arm in a 'victory' salute.

Tavo gives Obaia a nod as he slips into the lounge as she's leaving. He raises his brows at Astraea's comment to Bami, then nods to each of them as well. The big man keeps quiet as he moves around toward the nearest of the screens, glancing up at it, considering, and then turning away, looking to get a gauge on the conversation.

There's a little furrow of brow from Alain as he hears his name in amongst a smattering of Scorpian that he can't understand -- except that phrase again, repeated. He glances from Obaia to Bami, curiously, lifting fingers by way of farewell to the departing medic. "Oh, not about Gemenon," he says to Bami, "Just an exchanging of uh, languages. Forgive my abysmal Scorpian." He straightens a little, perhaps because of Astraea's stretch, or maybe it's the topic at hand. "Heard we were able to punch through some comms after?"

Calliope clears out of Eva's way with a little nod, so she has full room to finnagle the drinking table. She moves to flop down in a comfortable chair, where she can relax while she glugs her coffee. A glance up at Bami and Gustavo, both of whom are given a quick nod and smile. Her attention focuses on the Pyramid game on the vid screen. Or tries to. The action isn't exactly gripping, so half her ear remains on the others in the room.

Obaia's words elicit a chuckle from Bami that he tries to hastily stifle with a cough. He then turns to Alain, brow quirked. "That was you, yeah? I thought it was something on vid at first," he says while turning his gaze toward the screen for a moment. "But, if you're exchanging stuff from back home I'd be willing to trade a keepsake or two of my own for something from another colony. I'm still hoping to give my sister some things if I ever get leave." Then to Astraea he turns, brow slightly furrowing. "That doesn't sound like the greatest of trades, but at least it means you're keeping your promise. I think."

Tapping her finger against the side of her empty mug, Astraea dips her head in a nod. "Uh-huh. Well, more a relay jam, but got it good. They had a number of Raiders, Heavies too, out there guardin' it. Took 'em out." She's been ignoring the game herself. Not even top-tier schools, for frak's sake. Likely someone put it on feeling homesick and got called away suddenly and no one's bothered to replace it yet. She lifts her chin slightly, shoulders rising and falling in a shrug. "Everyone made it back an' Cherry's-" she looks over towards the redhead, "doin' alright, I think. Gonna bake her a cake later. I'm jes' glad I'm not buildin' up a reputation fer myself." She was starting to worry, after all.

Gustavo looks down to Calliope, returning the nod, then glances back over his shoulder to the game, "Waller's gameplans are boring as frak, aren't they?" Waller would be the coach of one of the Libran colleges, who's been coaching since the Lords of Kobol walked among men. Shaking his head, he looks away once more, finally finding a quiet 'in' to the conversation at hand, "Any chance we get a little less jamming and some better wireless reception is all good, as far as I'm concerned."

Eva will just grab the jug. Who's going to argue with her? She's got Captain's bars and a crutch that doubles as a melee weapon. If she can stay up long enough. She grabs the jug and starts back towards where she left the crutch in question, this time not needing to excuse herself quite to often, as all of the people who didn't see her coming before, have all leaned forward so she can use the back of their couch. Who said chivalry was dead?

Having been assigned primarily to SAR and supply drops, Rothschild has not been on the Vanguard for more than a few hours at a time in the last three days. So, when she saunters into the crew lounge, she looks almost relieved to take a few moments to sink into a chair and just be for a while. Her hair is still wet from the head and she is dressed in her off-duties -- khakis and layered tanks. She spots the gathering near the vid, and adjusts her strides toward the group. She catches some bits of the conversation as she slips closer. Rather than commenting, the Leonese woman just gently upnods to the group.

Scratching at his cheek a moment, Alain grins at Bami. "I'm sure I can find something that might suit. If not, get something sent on. Does she favor any of the Gods in particular?" He leans forward to set his empty mug on the table, straightening in his seat. "That's the important thing. Making it back." He catches himself, and grimaces, obviously thinking of Razor. With an exhale, he pushes to his feet, collecting his empty mug and moving to deposit it neatly with the other dirty cups, eyeing Eva's progress with a carefulness that suggests he might be ready to leap in and snatch that jug should she let it go.

Calliope spends a good two minutes trying to become interested in the game, before her attention abandons it completely. A nod of forlorn agreement to Gustavo. "No joke. And he's never going to retire. Frak, maybe these players will be suiting up for the pros next year, with so many of the able-bodied athletes in the league enlisting. I mean, we need all the help we can get but..." Sad gesture to the screen. "...does not bode well for the entertainment we're going to be getting out here." Quick nod offered to Rothschild, as the woman enters. Her expression sombers, at Alain's side-ways mention of Razor, and she mutters soft, "So say we all."

"Good," Bami responds to Astraea as he tosses his second tank over his shoulder. Then his gaze shoots back to Alain. "Well-" He lets that drag off into momentary silence until he starts rubbing at the back of his neck. "Well, we, my clan and me that is, don't really believe in the Gods. We know about 'em, and read on 'em too. It just kinda sorta ends there for us, though." He lifts both hands then and flashes a smile. "No offence."

"Even if you don't believe, stories can be wonderful tools, and useful in giving you insight into other cultures. I don't believe either," Eva offers, as she manages to set the jug down on the countertop and retrieve her crutches, "But I still will never say no, if Alain has a story to share." Eva sets the crutches into position, before she moves to retrieve the water, a smile offered as she catches sight of Alain's concerned look, "I'm fine, Jigs...think I'm going to go see a man about a dog." or just get the heck back to her bunk so she can take this damned truss off. Being this cinched is just cruel and unusual punishment.

As Alain stands, Astraea's gaze follows him and there's a vaguely questioning arch of brow- until she tracks him and spots Eva with that jug. The woman rolls her eyes a bit, but doesn't comment. No fighting with the Captain... nor injured lady on drugs, apparently. Instead, she shifts and rotates to get to her own feet. "I think I'm gonna see 'bout securin' some time wit' an oven in th' galley," Nova declares. She gathers up the Leonese history tome she's got and drops off her own mug. "Mebbe get that cake goin'." There's a brief smile for folks before she stars towards the hatch. There's a glance, sidelong, towards Eva and she looks towards Jigger, cocking her head a bit in the redhead's direction. Indicating she'll follow along and make sure she makes it back alright first.

Tavo glances over to Rothschild as she saunters in, nodding slightly to her and then looking back to Calliope, "Enlisting, or like the C-Bucs and the Panthers," two teams totally wiped out at the Colonial Fair. "And if these kids do get drafted early, they'll be bringing Waller's boring-ass style to the pros, I bet." The big man doesn't sound angry or anything, just... disappointed. He glances back to his fellow gunner for a moment, then cuts his eyes back to the larger conversation, nodding at Eva's point about religion.

Rothschild settles into the group just as Nova and Cherry look to be departing. She offers a smile to the pair, though the mention of the oven gets a wry smile. "If you offer the chefs their own cake, I'm sure they'll oblige you." Then she turns her focus back to the vid, trying to make sense of the game beyond the score. Her gaze slips over toward Tavo in passing, and then back to the vid.

"Not everyone does," Alain allows after a pause, seeming undaunted by Bami's response despite his background. "Doesn't mean they don't believe in them. I'll find a few things that might suit," he assures the ECO, with a nod. He gives Eva a wry sort of look. "Don't fall in, Cherry," is his not-very-helpful parting words, flashing a grin to Astraea as she notes the raptor pilot's look.

Calliope shrugs to Bami. "I mean, I don't know if I believe believe, either. So, I mean, you aren't alone or anything. But I do like to sit in chapel sometimes. The view is pretty and, yeah, the stories are cool to think about." Little nod to Eva. "Even if I don't really know what to make of the gods." She makes "Mmm" sound as Astraea departs. "Let me know if cake exists, Nova! I will totally pay you back with booze or whatever the next time we get some leave."

Slow and steady wins a number of races, in Eva's experience, and it wins this one as well, as she heads for the exit, offering a 'Night' to all and sundry, before she climbs her way over the lip of the hatch and heads down along the corridor towards the berthings. At least the water comes in handy, on her many stops along the route.

Bami nods as Alain and Calliope responds. "Good to know!" he exclaims while dropping his hands. "Two of the clans near ours were pretty staunch in their own beliefs, and big on Ares. My sister was always fond for Artemis, but I think that's only because she enjoyed all the hunting."

"Might have something else to trade the cooks too," Tavo adds to Rothschild's suggestion, then turns back toward the screen showing the collegiate game, leaning back against the arm of the sofa facing it, "Up here, the gods seem pretty far away. Down in the dirt, with bullets all around you, they seem a whole lot closer. At least for me."

"Mm." Rothschild keeps her eyes on the vid. "I believe." The woman then looks slightly toward the others around the table before she offers a small shrug of her shoulder. "Personally, though... I'm not sure how often their ears are on prayers and offerings, or if they truly care about our small mortal wishes." She winces slightly when one player barrels straight through another in order to get to the next neutral zone on the court, but then her gaze shifts back toward the others around the table.

"Ares always called to me, as well," Alain admits to Bami as he moves back near the group, leaning against the couch rather than sitting. "It's why I ended up enlisting, rather than staying in the priesthood." He nods towards Calliope in agreement: "The Chapel is peaceful, a good place to think. I often try and get in time there before a mission. Helps clear my head, I found." After a moment of consideration, he says to Bami, "There's this book I remember reading, a long time ago. It was a collection of stories about Artemis and some of her great hunts. I could try and track down a version in standard for your sister?" After a moment, he murmurs to Rothschild, "What sort of life would we have if we were given everything we wanted, anytime we wanted it? Even a parent must, some time, allow their children to find their own way, make their own future."

Calliope makes an "Ugh" sound at an especially inept Pyramid play, and hoists herself up from her chair. "I should shower. And get ready to be on duty. Later." With that, off she goes.

Tavo nods to Rothschild, "Yeah. Pretty much that." And then he stops, frowning just a bit and shifting in his lean against the couch, "Doesn't stop anyone from praying though." The bulling over of the pyramid player gets a disdainful grunt from Tavo as well, and he nods to Calliope, "Makes me feel dirty too."

"That'd be pretty frakking great, Alain. I know she'd appreciate it, too." Bami's smiling a mile wide then. He sobers some, and lets out short cough to clear his throat. "The only times I've ever went to chapel was when I needed to nap, and everywhere else was too noisy. It's always been the one guaranteed place I could find actual peace and quiet since joining the CF."

Rothschild quirks a brow slightly to Alain, and her smile lifts ever so lightly. "Mmhmm. I would be married to Johan Marius, " a famous Tauron Jazz musician from several decades ago, "and, hmm... perhaps have several different horses, and became a famous singer, and would have done other outrageous things I dreamed for in my youth." Then she looks nods gently to Calliope as she leaves, offering a farewell before she looks back at the vid, though she does start to chuckle at Bami's own words. "I'm sure Kavanagh doesn't mind you taking a nap there."

"You got it, Meteor," Alain says, with a smile. "We all find peace in different ways. I doubt the Gods would mind," he says, of the idea of napping in the Chapel. "If you snore, though..." he could be teasing, hard to tell. Straightening, he grins at Rothschild. "Jazz, huh? Not so bad a life, that would've been. Anyway, going to grab some chow. See you all later." He barely glances at the game, exhibiting little interest, instead nodding towards the group as he steps towards the exit.

Tavo can't help glancing over to Rothschild at her list of dreams, and he grunts in amusement, adding, "My damned clan would have stopped trying to push everyone around, and I would've been left in peace to win the Stingers five or six Kobol Cups in a row." He chuckles at Alain's warning, nodding, "You might end up with something rude drawn on your face if you snore."

After a moment's thought, Tavo adds, "Oh, yeah. And Nell and Sella."

"Oh frak!" Bami damn near shouts when Gustavo says that. "I thought I knew you, but I figured it was just one of those things I figured was nothing. Ya know, like thinking folks look a lot. My brothers and me were //huge/ fans of yours back home." He clears his throat, third time must a charm as he tries to play it cool. "I mean, um, it's a shame the war ruined that along with everything else."

"You have a fan," Rothschild says, her warm altos deeply-seeped in amusement. Then she nods to Bami. "Tavo is going to be very bashful here, but he is definitely quite impressive. I actually went back and watched a few of his earlier games when we were on Scorpia. I never really got into Pyramid, but I'm starting to see the appeal." She then lets Tavo blush and be shy, if she's called it.

Obaia returns from her laundry run, snuggled into a fresh-from-the dryer standard-issue hooded sweatshirt. She looks around. "Where did everyone go?" she asks, her thick accent making 'everyone' a four-syllable word. She sees folks milling about a couch and not actually sitting on it, which is very silly, so after grabbing a ginger ale, she heads over, climbing over the back of the couch to settle down comfortably.

Yeah, Tavo's shoulders actually narrow slightly when Bami recognizes him, for all that he grins a little. It's not quite a blush, but there's something very unassuming about his body language. He rolls off the couch a little, offering out his hand, "Gustavo Delgado. Tavo. Thanks." He glances over to Rothschild, blinking at her compliment, and yes, he does blush then. "You mean I'm making a pyramid fan of the Praetorian? Seems like even Eshfield," until recently the captain of the Stingers, "couldn't do that." He glances down a minute, then looks back to Bami, "Yeah. It was clan bullshit that pulled me away from the game. What else?" Shrugging a little at Obaia, he looks up to the screen again, grimacing as another player gets run the frak over, "Sometimes bad pyramid isn't better than no pyramid at all." He's still watching though.

"Cherry looked sick or drunk. I couldn't really tell," which speaks to Bami's medical expertise. "Nova took her out. Jigger just went off to eat. Soundbite went off, but not really sure where." Obaia's only gotten an askance glance from the ECO until he turns his attention back to Gustavo. "Yeah, that's always the sad shit of home. It works for some, but I'd sooner end it if I could. Which is probably why I'm not much of a politician nor in much of a position to even return to my own clan."

"Eshfield kept trying to seduce me with Pyramid." Rothschild starts to laugh with her words. "I could not even get weak in the knees for that." Then she flashes a wry smile to the bounding medic, and she nods her head slightly toward Bami's assessment. Then she gestures to Bami and Tavo. "I'm personally just watching a bit of fandom unfold here, nevermind me." The Praetorian does seem quite amused. She does turn a bit to regard Obaia. "You're a new face. I'm Eudora Rothschild." She holds out a hand for the woman.

"I think this is the opposite of what you say yesterday, Tavo. Or was this someone else?" Tili wrinkles her nose in thought, popping open her ginger ale and swirling it a bit to let some of the carbonation out. "Cherry was probably crazy on her morpha. She needs to rest." She looks over at Rothschild, accepting the hand and shaking it firmly. "Obaia Tilimsani. The Marines call me Tili, and I like this, but call me as you like," she says by way of greeting. It's warm and genuine. If she's supposed to recognize the names that are being dropped, she shows no indication of it.

The reaction from the ECO to Tavo's bitching about clan politics relaxes a little tension from the big man's shoulders, and he nods, "About how I feel too." Snorting at Rothschild, he nods, "Of course he was. Sad when someone can't let go of their glory days." At least he says that with a chuckling grin, proving that maybe he's willing to accept that he's talking about himself too. Nodding to Obaia finally, he shrugs, "I forgot how shit Coach Waller's gameplans was. Pretty sure it's the equivalent of a 7-second middle-school screw. You getting your rest, Obaia? You were pretty out of it last night."

Bami shoots a glare over in Rothschild's direction, but he's about as threatening as dog chasing a butterfly. He crosses his arms then, and looks back over to Tavo. "Tilli reminds me of my uncle, although I don't think you can do the same amount of drinking he really did. Well, ya probably could, but I don't think that's so good for a doc. Sounds like your coach may've been drinking too. It'd at least explain a few things about the dumb luck every now and again."

Rothschild is warmed by Bami's glare, but then her focus is entirely on Obaia. She accepts the handshake with her own firm return, and she nods. "Tili, then. Most call me Roths." Or the Praetorian if anyone recognizes her from the CF Recruitment Posters, but she'll thank you very much if you don't mention it. Then she resumes her contented listening of the conversation about Pyramid.

Obaia mouths 'seven-second middle-school screw', parsing the concept and raising her eyebrows, amused. "My rest is fine. The mission yesterday was tiresome. Tiring? I was tired," she explains. She barks a laugh, almost spilling her ginger ale. "I remind you of your /uncle/? You tell all girls such nice things, Bami?" She reaches over to gently punch him in the arm. "Roths." She has trouble with the -ths sound, but she manages to get it out.

"<<Seven-second middle-school screw,>>" Tavo translates to Scorpian, flashing a momentary grin, then swapping back to something everyone present can understand, "Uncomfortable, unpleasant, and unsatisfying." He sighs as another hopelessly-direct attack plays out on the screen, "I just wish it wasn't so damned effective, so he'd be fired." He nods at Obaia's explanation, "You can also go for Praety if it works better." See, Roths, he didn't totally out you, but... by his little grin, he figures the questions are coming.

Bami's gaze goes wide-eyed again for a moment as he looks back over to Rothschild. "Oh frak," he flatly mumbles as his expression goes neutrel. The starstruck Scorpian is knocked out of it by the punch by Obaia, and it leaves him with a mocking frown. "The ladies back home always said I was a charmer. I got the scars to prove it too." Then back to Gustavo his attention goes, head tilting briefly. "It'd take him croaking on the sidelines and a miracle so his spirit didn't somehow come back to keep on coaching."

Rothschild arches a brow slightly at the various tidbits of Scorpian before the Leonese just shakes her head, as if she might be getting pretty used to it. As a Leonese. She does glare a bit at Tavo when he mentions calling her Praety, but she doesn't seem like she's about to punch him or worse. She then looks to Tili. "Are you a Pyramid fan too?" She arches a brow, her own expression amused once more.

"Praety is easier to say," Tili nods, sipping her ginger ale. She winces. Still too bubbly. "Oh, I know your face now. Up on the walls on base?" She grins, but she doesn't start giving her shit. "Happy to know you are a real person," is all the commentary she adds. "Pyramid is okay. I came over because I see the Scorpians," she says with a grin. "Oh, Tavo, if Jigger say <<you have a nice butt>> to you, he think it mean <<nice to meet you>>." She bats her eyes and settles back comfortably on the couch. "Maybe show me the scars some time and I will tell you if you are charm," she retorts to Bami.

Tavo chuckles at Bami's reaction to Rothschild, "I thought she was another pyramid player at first. At least you're doing better than me." Still, he turns a toothy grin over to Rothschild in the face of her glare, even if he does shuffle his feet a little. Obaia's comment about the name causes him to nod and gesture over to the Scorpian woman. See? Easier to say. He nods to Bami's comment on Waller, "Yeah. That'd be more likely if he threw shit like Consome," another college coach. Obaia's commentary on language causes him to laugh aloud, "Well, it's true, so I'll back you."

"I had the same reaction," Bami responds light-heartedly in Standard. <<I imagine he'll pick up on it either way, although it's not the worst greeting to get in the morning.>> There's an idle shrug there as he turns to look over the game. "And Pyramid's great. I miss watching it all the time, but I got a few old vids from back home to catch when I'm not on Alert. I don't miss certain coaches and teams, but I still hope they're doing well enough back home." Obaia's comment gets a chuckle out of the ECO as he briefly looks away from the game. "And, Obie, you're more likely to wonder what I did to get 'em all more than you'd think about charm."

"Mmhmm. I get that from time to time," Rothschild says this with a deep chuckle. "But no. Quite a real person. It took me quite a bit of nudging to even get reassigned to a combat unit. I'm sure they were more than happy to keep me on tour to help recruit, but I'm more than happy to be back in the thick of it." She flicks a glance to Tavo. "You know, I have been practicing some Scorpian, after we went rum hunting. I think I can safely ask where the bathroom is and how much is that without sounding like a total Leonese idiot." Which is, of course, the default setting most Scopians have of Leonese. She looks toward Bami at his response, and she just grins a bit. "Social combat is about as dangerous as real combat, hm?"

"If I am ever close enough to see your scars and you are not my patient, then your charm already wins," Obaia says with a sly grin. She tries her ginger ale again. It's drinkable now. Suddenly, the genial Pyramid match on the screen stops being so genial. A punch is thrown, then another, and then suddenly there's an all-out brawl on the court. The medic hoots. "I /love/ Pyramid now!"

Tavo's eyebrows rise at Rothschild's mention of learning Scorpian, and he digs a flash out of the back pocket of his khakis, offering it out to the other Scorpians first, "Dry Harbor." A particularly caramel-y small batch Scorpian rum. Looking back to Rothschild, he teases, "You sure that ain't what you sound like?" A little chuckle shows that it really is teasing, and then he nods at her last question, "At least where women are concerned." Obaia's grinning words draw a real laugh from the big man, "Yup." The laughter fades at the brawl on the screen, however, and he groans, shaking his head in disappointment.

Obaia gets a raise of Bami's brow for a brief moment, and only surprises him fruther when her own lttiel bit of bloodlust comes out. "Okay then." He looks over to Rothschild, smiling for a beat. "If it helps most of the folks I heard talking about you didn't say anything bad. Not necessarily nice or in pleasant company, but it wasn't technically mean."

"Well, I don't know, but I'm certainly not testing my pronounciation right here." Rothschild starts to laugh and then she glances over toward Bami, and she starts to shake her head. "Mm. High compliments then." Then she starts to grin lightly. She then leans back into her chair once more, looking up at the screen once more. She arches a brow at the aftermath of the tussel. "Now I see the difference between college and pros."
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"Before, the ball just bounce around and too many people are on a small... fence? Court." Obaia finds the right word! "At least now, something happen." She's trying. Even with the other Scorpians around, the girl from the remote village still feels like a fish out of water. She tries real hard not to show it though, accepting the flask gratefully and taking a swig. She nods in distinct approval. "Very nice."

Tavo just barely resists a comment on the sort of compliments that Bami has likely heard for the Praetorian of Trenoir, "Got three Scorpians around to correct it." He chuckles it off, shaking his head slightly, "And it sounds like low compliments to me." Okay, so he couldn't resist, not after Rothschild got into the description business to me. Still, he nods at her comment on the difference in pyramid levels, "We're all young and dumb in college. All too happy to clear the benches." He gestures for Obaia to pass the flask around to the others if they're interested, "You want to learn some time, just let me know, Obaia. I'm always happy to bring someone else," he gestures to Rothschild then, "into the cult of pyramid."

"Gustavo has about the gist of it," Bami says with a reassuring smile. "Kinda!" He moves aside for now to get himself a bottle of water. He returns to the sights of the game, and then plops down on the couch. He looks back up to Gustavo and notes, "There's always room in the cult of pyramid. Just don't get too close to the altar, or you might get run over."

Rothschild accepts the flask once it makes it her way, and she takes a swallow from it. Then she starts to laugh at the comments from Bami and Tavo, and she snorts delicately. A good Leonese noble snort. "Well, I'll even accept those compliments." She doesn't even sound the tiniest perturbed. She then moves the flask along to the next taker. Then she looks over toward the vid. "You should play with Tavo. He wants to make a team onboard. For pick-up games. I'll happily score-keep."

Obaia passes the flask to whoever reaches out their little grabby hands for it. "I think Pyramid would be better to play than to watch," she decides. "Maybe I would like watch more if I knew how to play?" She turns to Bami with a smirk. "I understand your words, but I think the... how you say, compare thing to another? It's bullshit." She looks over to Rothschild. "You shall play, too. If I play, you can."

Tavo shrugs a little helplessly at Bami's confirmation, "They always miss the mark." When the flask comes back, he takes a sip and then caps it and tucks it away again. A slightly wary cast comes to his eyes at Rothschild's suggestions, but he nods to Obaia, "Much better to play. And much more fun to watch if you know what's going on." The suggestion that Rothschild play causes him to shrug a little uncomfortably, "I think she's more about watching than playing, Obaia. It's alright. Having an audience for a game can be nice."

There's a sigh of relief from Bami at Rotshchild's response, and he sags into his seat. "It's not bullshit," he responds to Obaia while keeping his gaze on the game, but he does give her a playful jab of his own now. <<There's always room for more fans of the game, but don't get too close to the action. You'll get ran over,>> he points out to the smaller Scorpian. "Me, though? I'm not much of a player. I will gladly watch and cheer on."

"Alright, alright." Rothschild holds up both hands. "I'll play. But, I'll probably still put the ball through the opposing team's hoop." She glances at Tavo at his words, and she protests gently, "I'll play, Tavo." Then she starts to haul herself up, pressing both hands into the table as she does. "Alright, I haven't seen my berth in a good twelve hours, so I'm going to go snog my pillow and then go to sleep."

Obaia waves to the Leonese woman. "It was nice to meet you," she says genuinely. She settles back with the rest of her can of ginger ale, watching the game more intently, studying it. "You think I am too small to play? I think not," she says confidently. When she starts to head out, she switches to Scorpian. "<<Oh gods, does this mean I can talk like a person without being rude now? Yesssssssssssss.>>" She looks visibly relieved, the warmth from the rum starting to settle in. If the flask is offereda around again, she'll steal another swig.

<<I don't know why you feel like less of a persron for talking their language. If I had my way they'd all know Scorpian by now, but I also really shouldn't have my way,>> the ECO points out <> Bami shrugs then, and lifts a hand to turn away the flask. <<No drinking for me. I can't really handle it.>>

Another Jarhead steps in through the hatch and glances around. Dundonnell knows at least two of them and starts to head over, "Do I smell rum?" So of course the big gunner heads for Obaia and Gustavo, "You seen Gage? He do'n all right?" There he stops to loom over Obaia from behind and eye her glass, "There any more of that?"

"You don't have to," there's a momentary pause before Tavo finishes, "Roths. Sleep well." He gestures toward Obaia, "You just have to be..." and as Rothschild departs, he too switches to Scorpian, "<<...dodgy. Get in under them.>>" Dundonnell's call to rum causes Tavo to chuckle and dig into his back pocket again, holding out flask of near-caramel rum to Dundonnell, "Obaia, Dundonnell." Glancing over to Bami, he arches a brow, "I don't know that I caught your name."

"<<I can never get my words out right and it's frustrating. I feel... almost like a different person when I'm speaking in Standard. One who never knows what's going on, entirely. And I /hate/ that feeling. I'm sure it'll get better as my Standard improves, but it's a pain in the ass right now.>>" The medic lays it all out, with sweeping gestures. Interestingly, she never uses those sorts of gestures when speaking in Standard. She switches back to Standard when Dundonnell comes to block out the sun. "Ask Tavo. Belongs to him," she says, gesturing with the flask. She pours a little bit into her ginger ale and offers it up. "And Gage will be fine. Clean wounds, easy to work on." She grins when Tavo makes the introductions. "I know Squish. He can sit with us, but maybe he break the couch?" she teases.

Rothschild is heading out just as Dundonnell is heading in, and she offers the man a simple nod as she departs.

"Tavo, you da man, bro." Dun glances after the one called 'Roths' who is departing, then he opens the flask and smells it, then tastes of it. "Oh sweet mother, yes. Black rum. Not bad at all." Another drink and then he'll hand it back to Tavo, it only being a flask and he not having a glass to pour any into. He folds his arms across his chest and leans a hip against the back of the couch, "I don't need to sit. I can loooom better from up here. Good 'bout Gage. How ya do'n, Obaia?"

<<Bamidele,>> Bami notes while rising to his feet. <<Meteor for callsign, and Bami for short. I'm fine with just about anything, really.>> He dusts off his backside, and takes one last look at the game before making his exit of the lounge. <<Was really nice meeting you, Gustavo, and seeing you again, Obie.>> He then gives Dundonnel a quick wave and a smile then, and heads out of the door.

Tavo nods to Obaia's description, "<<About how I felt learning Scorpian.>>" So he learned Standard first, apparently. "<<It does get better.>>" Switching back to Standard, he snorts, "If I didn't break it, I doubt he will." He nods to Bami at the introduction, gesturing to Dundonnell to pass it along, "Good to meet you." Looking back to the Aerilon, he takes back the flask and tucks it away, "Real Scorpian rum. Small-batch, local." He looks back up to the collegiate pyramid game on the screen in front of him, where the brawl has been cleared away and two players have been ejected, and he grunts in disgust, shaking his head.

"Not been much to Scorpia. I hear the women are hawt, the booze is hawt, and the weather is hawt. But maybe a bit too much jungle for me. I like wide open land where I can see for miles and miles all around. A good horse, a fine rifle, and a fresh breath of wind in my face." Dundonnell gives Bami a nod as that fella heads on out as well. Then Squish lifts an arm and sniffs under it to check and see if his deodorant bombed, and that's why people decided to exfil as soon as he arrived. Nope, still fresh as a daisy. Or at least a Black Eyed Susan.

The description of the Aerilon's ideal terrain draws a snort from Tavo, "Hell no. Cover. I want to be able to put something solid between me and incoming." Still, he shrugs it off, leaning back on the couch's arm a little, "But yeah. The rest of what you heard is right. Don't forget 'the heads are hawt' too."

"Horses are hellbeasts," Tili pipes up. "And I will confirm -- I am a Scorpian woman, and I am hot. Or, as you say, 'hawwwwwwt'." She grins, unlacing her boots and leaving them by the side of the couch, curling them up underneath her.

Dundonnell grynz, "Hell man, there's plenty of cover if you know how to use the land. It's all the rest of them assholes who don't know, won't find it." He bares his teeth, "Even open plains can be deceptive." A brow is lifted, "Heads? You got hot seats for toilets?" A huffed breath for Obaia, "Horses are not hellbeasts. But they can be a pile o' panic if a person doesn't have enough sense to know when ta ditch'm." Squish chuckles and he drawls it out, accentuating his Aerilon twang lots more than usual, "Haaawwwwttt, baby. I need my shades to stand in your radiance." He pats himself down, finds them and slip'm on, cool as a cucumber.

Tavo gestures to Obaia at her claim, chuckling as he does, then nods at Dundonnell, "Everybody knows how to work their home. And yeah, hotheads. Like, getting frakked off over everything." Still, he adds, "But you can keep the horses to yourself I'm with Obaia on this one. Almost as bad as a Raptor."

Obaia laughs at Squish's swagger, pointing to an open spot on the couch. "Sit. You cause... how do you call when a moon blocks the sun?" She wrinkles her nose. "You know what I mean. And Raptors make me want to puke, but I can't take too much medicine because it make me tired."

A shrug from the Corporal, "They have their uses, same as Raptors. Useful for haul'n our asses at need." Obaia's comment gets Dundonnel to smoothly lift a big hand to mime smoothing awesome hair back that he doesn't have, "I know, the shadow I cast is impressive." A flash of white teeth, then he removes the shades and tucks them into his pocket as he comes around the couch. He'll take a seat though hopefully he won't squish anybody doing it. "Raptors and puking. Duly noted."

"Yeah. Some of the Recon nuts sleep on the way down. Me, I'm wondering when the damned thing is going to fall out of the sky." Tavo gripes, "Soldiers are supposed to walk to the fight. Or ride a truck at worst." Not that any of them are soldiers (anymore in Tavo's case) since they're Marines. He nods to Dundonnell, then supplies for Obaia, "Eclipse." Looking back to the other big man, he adds, "I think she's saying you make a better door than a window."

Obaia shifts a bit when Dundonnell sits down to make room. "Better door than window. I like this." She files it away for later. "Certain, everything has a purpose. I do not have to /enjoy/ these things."

"I can totally sleep on a raptor." Not a problem for Dundonnell. As long as there aren't any spiders on board. A nod to Tavo, "She can change my handle to Eclipse. That works." He grins and relaxes, leaning back. "You ever watch anything besides Pyramid?"

Tavo nods to Obaia, grinning a little, "It's a good one." His second nod is agreement with her description of things you have to just deal with. The question from Dundonnell draws his eyes back up to the screen, "Sometimes. I caught Drop Zone 3 and Air Raid last week, and White Heat the week before." One of these things is not like the other. The first two are action movies, the last one is a Leonese Court Drama.

"I don't like real horsen, but I like /movies/ with horsen. We shall watch one of those next time?" Tili stretches out a bit, resting one leg on Squish's knee. "You make good furniture."

The action movies get an appreciative nod from Dundonnell but he doesn't know what the third one might have been. He lifts his hands up to clasp them behind his head, relaxing in tanks, tags and BDU's. Obaia's leg moved to drap over his lap is fine, he doesn't care. "Movies are good when I want to chill. Otherwise I spend my down time work'n out in the gym. Need ta stay in practice, especially with my hand ta hand." Squish moves a hand then to slap himself on the chest, "See? Bullet didn't really hurt me." Ouch. "Anyway, I should go hit the gym for a bit, shower 'n Mess 'fore I hit the rack."

"Horses," Tavo corrects gently. The sprawl draws a chuckle, and he nods, "Big guys usually do. If they don't freak out." Looking back to the Aerilonian, he adds, "Well yeah. Gym's a must for any gunner. Most of the Marines, in fact. If you box, you might look up Roths for a spar. I go more for mixed, 'cause I don't like the idea of punching a Cylon." Still, he nods to the other man as he announces that he's heading out, looking warily back to the screen and shaking his head, "Screw that crappy-ass game. I'll find some other way to relax."

"And I have more laundries. I wait too long to wash and then I shall wash it all at once," Obaia admits, stretching lazily. She shifts to get her boots back on. "Tavo, smoke some plant. You know the plant. That one."

"Roths for a spar. That gal who left when I came in? Sweet." Dundonnell grins, "I'm a MMA man myself, but I /can/ box some. Knifework's useful too." Squish would help Obaia to gently move her leg but she's already ahead of him so he stands. Then a glance between the two of them, "Plant?" No, maybe he shouldn't ask, "Nevermind. Catch you two later." Dun heads on out to he can still get his ass to workout in the gym before he wastes too much of his off duty time before sleep.

Tavo shakes his head at Obaia's suggestion, "Never partook. Would've screwed up my scholarship, and I just never got in the habit." He nods to Dundonnell, "She boxes some." He gives the other big man a little flick of the fingers like a salute, then shrugs to Obaia, "Probably go shoot some hoops. Or maybe I'll just sleep." And he joins the exodus as well.


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