2237-07-01 - Peasant Lunch

Lyn brings Aldrich lunch in sick bay the day after his head injury, and they have a long talk. **(Warning, Adult situations discussed!)**

Date: 2237-07-01

Location: Sickbay -- Vanguard

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Lyn makes her way to Sickbay with a covered tray carried in both hands. Something smells delicious under it. Clearly she made whatever it is herself. She pauses at the threshold and looks in, trying to spot where they've stuck Aldrich for his overnight nap. They tend to do that when you get hit in the head, she should know.

After being seen by the docs, Aldrich now sports a bandage on his face that covers one eye, leaving the other free to see with, at least. His left arm is in a sling for now, but that's probably just to stop him from accidentally popping any stitches. Although he does indeed have a bed, he is not asleep. In fact, he's just climbing out of bed when Lyn arrives (has he even been cleared to get up?) so he must be feeling okay, at least.

"Slow down, Al, did the doc clear you to get up yet?" Lyn asks, giving him a smile and then a furrow of her brow in concern at the bandage covering his eye. "I brought you some real food. Made it myself," she announces, setting it on the swing out tray for his bed. She whisks the cloth off the tray and reveals fresh baked bread, cheese, apple slices and French onion soup. "Mom called it a peasant lunch, but it was one of my absolute favorites as a kid," she explains.

Aldrich glances over, a little surprised when Lyn speaks up. "I was just going to find one of them..." he explains, because that's totally how things work. Still, when she explains that she's got food, he settles back down again. He actually looks like he might have a bit of an appetite, even. "Oh wow. That smells amazing... You didn't have to do that, though. That must have been a lot of trouble."

"I felt like baking," Lyn admits, because her boyfriend got shot in the head, again. "And once I had the bread in the oven I realized I could make a nice lunch for us while I waited." She smiles again and brushes fingers over the unbandaged side of his face. "How are you feeling? Is your eye ok?" she asks. She's in her off-duty tans, even wearing the over-shirt as a concession to how damn cold Sickbay always is.

Aldrich catches her fingers, so he can hold her hand. "The shot they gave me when they sewed me up is starting to wear off," he admits, "So it's a bit sore." Probably an understatement. "My eye's fine. Apparently, I got really lucky. Gonna have quite a scar though, I'd imagine." He smiles tightly.

Lyn grins when he catches her fingers to hold her hand and she tilts her head a little bit. "Well, we can have matching scars." She pushes her own hair aside with her free hand and lo, there are a pair of criss-crossing scars on her forehead from her dual headwounds a while back. She chuckles and hands him a napkin, and a spoon, and shoves his little bowl of French onion his way. "I used yesterday's leftover bread from the mess for the crouton, the cheese may or may not be the right kind. They don't label it really well in there," she confesses.

Aldrich chuckles and gives her fingers a little kiss before letting them go. "Yours are cute," he points out. "I have a feeling mine is.... not going to be." Still, he accepts the soup when it's passed over, and digs in with the spoon. Yep, definitely has an appetite. "Mm." He has to swallow before he can comment on the taste, but that doesn't stop him from making an approving noise, in the meantime. "This is excellent. Whatever you used, it's perfect."

"Haven't you heard the old adage, chicks dig scars?" Lyn quips at him. "Seriously though, I have plenty more scars, and not all of them are cute, Al. I find them rather dignified. They represent surviving a struggle. They have meaning, and each one has a story," she says softly. She digs into her own, and makes a similar sound. "Yep, good guess on my part." She breaks the bread off into chunks, because they won't let her whip out her combat knife in sickbay, go figure.

Aldrich snorts slightly, pausing between bites to comment, "I think the only thing this represents is that I have very poor timing. Or perhaps very bad luck. Either way..." Still, he's smirking so at least he's not letting it get him /too/ down. "Hopefully it won't keep me out too long. I've been thinking I should still go to the gym. Do what I can, you know?"

"Or the firing range. Might be a little easier on your body til you heal up a bit," Lyn says, between bites of this and that and spoonfuls of soup. "Not sure I can teach you to duck too well. I mean, I am singularly bad at it myself. Though I seem to be getting better. Either your prayers are working or I'm adapting to dodging robots instead of humans."

Aldrich shakes his head, "Need both hands for the firing range," he points out. "But my legs work fine." He pauses in his dinner to shoot her a fond little smile. "Maybe you're adapting... or maybe my prayers are working," he points out. He reaches to snag a bit of the bread, so he can dip it in the soup.

"True, but it's not bad to learn to shoot one-handed either. Cylons aren't always going to be kind enough to walk across a bridge during detonation. There may be times where we're stuck out there, injured, and still need to defend ourselves," Lyn says with a small smile. She seems to be truly enjoying this little taste of home. "My brother picked the bunk next to yours. Gods help us both."

Aldrich nods a little. "Oh. Well, I guess that's a good point," he agrees, and clears his throat a little. "I'll go to the shooting range, then..." He pauses then, halfway through breaking off a piece of his bread, with a faintly concerned sort of look. "Should I be worried about that?"

"Yes," is the simple answer from Lyn. She smiles though. "But if you weren't worried about it, you'd be deranged. The trick is accepting it could happen, then doing everything you can to be prepared if it does." She plucks up an apple wedge. "Practice leads to confidence in your ability, and when you have that, adapting to a situation becomes reflex." She pops the wedge into her mouth and chews.

Aldrich blinks a few times, looking confused, but then smiles a little. "Oh, I meant worried about your brother. The Cylons are... Well, obviously that's something to be worried about."

Lyn laughs at that. "Oh, I don't think so. Just if we ah, ever get to the point of sharing a bunk now and then, deciding if we want to be in the one across from him where he may SEE, or the one next to him where he may HEAR, could be troublesome." She grins. "Or we could always just find a hidey hole somewhere else." She looks to see if there is any blushing at that.

Aldrich blinks rapidly at that, his brows start to go up, and then he winces a little. "Ah..." Apparently that pulls at the stitches, but he clears his throat and manages to get past it. "I um. That is. Er. I'm not a. Public sort of. You know. Sorry..." Oh no she broke him.

Lyn chuckles and leans forward to whisper to him. "I'm kidding, Al. I have no desire to have the multitudes listening to us. I already found a couple places around the ship for privacy if it comes to that. No rush of course," she notes. Then she pauses. "Well not that you have to move at a snail's pace either. Not like I'm a blushing virgin or anything." She sits up to look at him. "Are you all right?"

"You already...?" Al doesn't seem to know how to respond to that, and when she goes on to correct herself, the back and forth doesn't seem to help with that. He blinks and shakes his head a little when she finally asks if he's all right, and he clears his throat a little. "Yes, I'm fine. Sorry." After a pause, he adds, "Do me a favor and don't let Mikolas hear any of this. He'll never shut up."

"Well I wasn't looking for places for THAT in particular. I had to stash my baking supplies. Do you know what would happen if anyone found the chocolate chips? The sprinkles? The cake flour?" Lyn asks, with a mock horrified look. She gentles that into a smile though. "You aren't ah, adverse to, um, you know, are you?" she asks. Because it has been a couple years now and well, she's only human.

Aldrich shakes his head a little, but he still look a little embarrassed. "I'm... not, no. It would be pretty silly to... you know, date, if..." He waves his spoon, and then reaches for one of the apple slices to eat.

Lyn lets out a relieved breath at that. "Oh good. I'm not adverse either. But again, not in a rush. Though at the rate you get shot, it may never happen," she teases with a grin, and pops a piece of cheese into her mouth.

Aldrich is busy eating his apple, so it takes him a moment to respond to that. When he does, it's with a self-conscious sort of smile. "Well, that should give me an incentive to duck faster, shouldn't it?"

"It should indeed. It really should," Lyn intones with faux dramatics as she leans in to give him the eye for emphasis. "So, what do they teach on Gemenon about Aphrodite and the like?" she asks mischievously.

Aldrich chuckles a little at that, and stirs a spoon around in the soup. "I expect the same thing they teach in all the rest of the colonies. Aphrodite is one of the more...simple of the gods, in her way."

"I suppose so," Lyn says with a chuckle. "I'm just glad we can actually talk about these things and still have a sense of humor about it. It's refreshingly adult. I'm not used to that," she jokes. "And it's good to hear you laugh."

Aldrich smiles and glances up toward Lyn, skeptically. "I think most military people /talk/ about these things. Not necessarily like an adult, though..."

"Definitely not like an adult," Lyn agrees. "I've always been a fan of directness and honesty in my conversations. Thus why I'm still a sergeant with 17 years in." Because brass tend to dislike that.

Aldrich smiles a little and shakes his head. "I think directness can be... dangerous in some senses," he admits, gently, but then adds, "But when it comes to these sorts of thing, there's every reason to be honest and no reason not to be. You'll have to forgive me, though. I'm a bit out of... er. Practice."

"You and me both," Lyn murmurs. She gestures at herself, "Not since before Aquaria fell." Yikes.

Aldrich smiles a little, and doesn't volunteer any information about how long it's been for him. Instead, he just answers, "It's easy to forget how to talk about these things. But I think... we'll manage, somehow."

"We don't always have to talk though. I certainly don't mind spontaneity either. I just like being able to talk when we feel the need," Lyn explains, blushing a little bit.

Aldrich nods a little, and offers a small but genuine smile. "We can talk whenever you need to," he promises. "Or... not, if you don't..."

Lyn lets out a relieved breath. "Good. Thank you, for being so open to," she gestures, "all this. I know neither of us were here looking for a relationship. But I'm really glad we found each other."

Aldrich sets his bowl aside, along with anything else that might be in the way, and reaches over to put a hand on Lyn's arm. "Thank you for the soup," he teases, with a sparkle in the one visible eye. "And for...everything."

Lyn leans in to, very gently, kiss him, so as not to make his ouches hurt. "Thank you too."

Aldrich accepts the kiss, taking just as much care as she does. Those face gashes are no fun. "I'm sorry for being... difficult," he offers, quietly. "And getting shot."

Lyn draws back and chuckles softly. "Hazard of the job, Al. We can play connect the dots with the scars later. Just get better quick, ok? The Wolves need you for more than just a meatshield." She smiles at him with a glimmer in her eyes.

Aldrich smiles at that, and looks down at his arm to pluck at the bandage. "I'll do my best. At this point, you'd think I'd be an old pro, wouldn't you?"

"Maybe just a veteran. You don't get to be an old pro until your medical file is as fat as mine and Cate's are," Lyn teases. She pulls the over-shirt of her off duties open to show the pair of bandages on her chest. "Took one to the leg too, but they were all really shallow. Just got the glue stitches this time," she notes.

Aldrich smiles a little at that, but the smile fades when she shows off her own battle wounds. "Oh, no... I didn't even realize you'd been hit..." He winces a little, and shakes his head. "At least they were shallow? Does it hurt badly?"

"Flesh wounds, nothing more. I was more sore from wrestling that gator thing than these," Lyn says with a small laugh. "With all the bullets I've had in me, these aren't very bothersome."

Aldrich shakes his head and reaches for her hand to hold. "The fact that you're /used/ to it doesn't make me feel any better." He squeezes her hand. "Someday this will be over and it'll just be a bad memory."

"Some day," Lyn agrees with a squeeze of his hand. "If I didn't think Kovac would catch us and make your life miserable, I'd curl up in that bed with you and nap. But I'm pretty sure I'd be in jail after for killing him so best refrain," she chuckles.

Aldrich chuckles faintly, and then gives a weary sigh. "To be honest, I'm not all that eager for him to find out at all," he admits. "He's... tricky. There's no telling how he'd react."

"What is his issue with you being happy? Is it because you used to date Eli? Why on earth would he be upset about you moving on?" Lyn asks, looking a little confused.

Aldrich shakes his head a little. "No, I don't think he'll be /upset/," he corrects. "Or... I don't know, who knows. He might? He's... Well, anyway. I don't think he'll ever stop giving me a hard time about it, and the longer I can put that off, the better."

"Understood. We'll see if we can avoid him finding out as long as possible. I can always shake him until his brain cells realign if all else fails," Lyn jokes.

Aldrich shakes his head. "Nah, he'd just enjoy it," he warns, but he isn't entirely unamused.

"Would Eli keep him in check if informed?" Lyn asks. "Or would be make things worse?" Her brow furrows a little bit. It's not like she's 19 and trying to hide fooling around from her parents at Arctic Station Thula anymore.

Aldrich snorts faintly. "Eli is not going to care. He'll just think it's adorable," he answers. "Besides, it's none of Eli's business, either. It's not a big deal. I don't mean to make it seem that way."

"I just don't like the idea of Kovac giving you trouble because of me," Lyn says softly. She grimaces, then smirks. "Maybe I can bribe him to cut you some slack with more baked goods."

Aldrich smiles at Lyn, with a sudden amusement. "Lyn... He's going to give me trouble either way. I'm more worried about him giving /you/ trouble. Or following us around, that sort of thing. He's going to bug /me/ no matter what."

"Oh, I think he knows better than to give me trouble," Lyn says with a chuckle. "Fox Force Four has my back, afterall. You mess with one recon girl, you mess with them all, and that is baaaaad news," she whispers, conspiratorially, with a glimmer in her eye.

Aldrich shakes his head, with a glimmer in his eye. "Do not underestimate Mikolas Kovac's capacity for courting trouble. Particularly trouble from attractive females. He may be married, but it doesn't mean he won't enjoy the attention."

Lyn laughs at that. "Maybe he could get that from Kyle, don't know her that well, but Charlie is solidly take, despite protesting she isn't, and Erin likes the ladies only. So He is shit out of luck with recon."

Aldrich shakes his head a little. "He's married, remember? He doesn't care if it /goes/ anywhere. He just likes the attention," he explains. He's starting to look a little weary, in spite of his earlier insistence that he's feeling fine.

"Well, we'll jump off that bridge when we get to it then. Don't you worry about me. I can take some teasing and annoyance. I lived in a tiny arctic military base with my entire family for over 30 years," Lyn points out, with a tone of wisdom in her words. "And you look like eating has put you into sleep mode, Al. I think you should nap in here til the docs clear you. I'll go get Cookie's platter and such back to the galley before he skins me alive. See you later?" She gathers up their lunch items and leans over to kiss him lightly again, so as not to cause more injury.

Aldrich rouses a little when she calls attention to his weariness, and gives a self-conscious little smile. "Sorry..." He reaches up to brush her cheek at the kiss, then leans back into the bed. "I think I might take you up on that. Thank you..."

"Sleep well," Lyn murmurs, with a smile that shows just how sweet she is on the injured Chaplain, then she departs.


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